Final Fantasy VII is a console role-playing game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix), and the seventh installment in the Final Fantasy video game series. It was released in 1997 and is the first numbered Final Fantasy game for the Sony PlayStation video game console and Microsoft Windows-based personal computers; it is also the first to use 3D computer graphics featuring fully rendered characters on pre-rendered backgrounds. The game's story centers on a group of adventurers as they battle a powerful mega corporation called "Shinra", which is draining the life of the planet to use as an energy source. As the story progresses, conflicts escalate and the world's safety becomes the central concern.

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EDITED 2016-07/15- new vital information about installing FF7 before moding the game.

EDITED 2016-07/16- WINRAR couldn't extract the victory animation-file due to a long name -has been fixed!

Scarlet MOD 3 0 Header 1

Due to an unforseen BUG with the RAR-download- i just realized that the Scarlet Animation-file couldn't be extracted! Download has been updated on MODDB! It should work now.

First of all, you need to have Final Fantasy VII installed as a full installation.

Create a new folder named "games" like this C:\Games and install FF7 in this folder with the result being C:\Games\ff7, as proplems can occur if it's installed in program files.

It doesn't matter what version you use - but i didn't use the steam version. And i would prefer to use the Ebay-version for installation, and then the ordinary 1998 version when playing the game if you own the discs.

After you have the full installation of Final Fantasy VII for PC installed, you then need to backup the data-folder to a secure location. When you have made the backup you are ready to download Tifa's Bootleg MOD.

It isn't necessary for my mod to work, but you wouldn't want chibi models interacting with my Scarlet-model now, would you? Also, Tifa's Bootleg offers alot of great changes like better music, better models for all the other characters in the game, new HD-quality backgrounds and much much more.

Info for downloading the very BIG mod of Tifa's Bootleg:

To be used with Tifa's Bootleg MOD for best immersion- find at

With Tifa's Bootleg up and running you are now ready to install my Scarlet-mod:

You need a program called unlgp to be able to unrar lgp-archives (FF7- gamefiles), or to be able to repack them again.

Download UNLGP.

Learn how to use it through it's readme-file and then do the following to install my addons.

1. Back up your "char.lgp" found in your FF7/data/field folder. Then unpack it using UNLGP and rename that folder "char". You can unrar an lgp-archive by doubleclicking on the lgp-file after you have installed the program unlgp. Put all the field-model files in your new "char"-folder. These includes Scarlet 5 years old, Scarlet 10 years old, Scarlet with flowers, Scarlet finished field model, Scarlet in dress files and Evil Aerith who replaces Scarlet as an npc. Just copy and paste all the files including the texture-files into your char-folder.
You should create a new lgp-file. You can do this easy by clicking on "swift" at the same time while you are right-clicking on the folder. Click on "create lgp" as it will be such an option. The file will then be created and you should wait until it finishes. Make sure the file is named char.lgp. Now, if you start your game you will have the field models.

2. The AVATAR. Go to your FF7 base folder in FF7/data/Menu and then doubleclick on your menu_us-lgp file. Back up your original lgp-file. Then add the new Avatar picture file, .png file-format. Do the same process as before and create your new menu_us.lgp-file. Wolla, now you have Scarlet as an avatar.

Alternative option: I just want to say this if you have Tifa's Bootleg installed, don't use the LGP-method for installing Scarlet's Avatar. Just drop the .png-file in your FF7/Mods/Bootleg/Menu folder- and click "ok" on overwriting the old file.

3. The battle model. Go to your FF7/data/battle folder. Repeat the same process as before by adding the battle model-files to the newly created battle-folder, repack the folder into an lgp-file and make sure it is named battle.lgp, make a backup of the original file as before before doing this. Start the game and Aerith has been replaced by Scarlet of the Shinra in battle.

4. For the animation files, remember to not add folders and only the files!

If you do all these steps you will have a fully working Scarlet-mod- This is the finished version V3.0 of my Scarlet MOD!

Use UNLGP to unrar your FF7 lgp-files, add the new content into the new folder (make sure to not add folders and only the files) and create your new lgp-file and name it char for field models, battle for battle models and menu for avatars.

Feel FREE to make the models better and do whatever you want with them. I would be happy though if you tried to have the original look if going to change it, and don't forget crediting me :P.

Version 3.0 changes:

1. New ass and new size of body for the Scarlet flower model, Scarlet in Dress model and the ordinary Scarlet field model. The models are now using the same ass-part as the battle-model- also, they do have the proper size of Scarlets body.

2. New walking and running animations for the Scarlet field model and the Scarlet in dress model.

3. New victory animation for Scarlet in battle!

Even though the animations doesn't seem like much, they took alot of time and effort to finish- as i used Kimera 97 and had to create each frame manually. The victory animation had like 44 frames which had to be multiplied for each bodypart (28 i think), and i had to add each frame manually for each of the 28 bodyparts. Also the running and walking animations had like 18 and 29 frames each.
Alot of work for a rather short victory animation alone.

This is a complete overhaul of the character of Aerith Gainsborough- as it replaces all of her models with Scarlet of the Shinra. It also changes the haircolor of Aerit's mom Ifalna to blonde- to better represent her being Scarlet's biological mom in the story now.

Scarlet MOD version 1.1 Let's Play:

Scarlet MOD Version 2.0 NEW Battle MODEL show off:

Scarlet MOD Version 3.0 NEW Animations and Body Sizes show off:

Disc One beta demo planned

Disc One beta demo planned

Final Fantasy 7 - Rebirth Edition 3 comments

Rebirth is very much alive - in fact, I'm planning a late April / early May Disc One beta release for PSX. This demo will include new equipment, materia...

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Scarlet MOD V 3.0. New Scarlet Victory Animation!

Scarlet MOD V 3.0. New Scarlet Victory Animation!

Final Fantasy VII: Scarlet overhaul MOD V 3.0. Full Version

You need a program called unlgp to be able to unrar lgp-archives (FF7- gamefiles), or to be able to repack them again. Download UNLGP. Learn how to use...

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough Set

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough Set


A Collection of Walkthroughs for Final Fantasy VII.




Additional Installation Information for Final Fantasy VII. FYI: You do not need this if you have the 2012 PC Release of this game.

Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Guides 17 comments

It's been a years When a lot of fans requested a remake of Final Fantasy VII - Game. Since I had a little knowledge about 3ds I tried to mod this game...

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Mod

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Mod

Patch 12 comments

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Mod will modify your Final Fantasy VII v1.0.5 Windows (digital) download version, replacing character models...

Final Fantasy VII - UltraHD Fan Made Remake Mod

Final Fantasy VII - UltraHD Fan Made Remake Mod

Full Version 73 comments

This Remake mod is exclusive to all FF7 Fans requesting for a remake and it is absolutely free. My objective is; To enhanced the original game with the...

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You guys ever tried FFVII Advent Children ReMod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I did just download Final Fantasy VII PC remake and found you cant
play it offline also has it new environment hires textures only - no
way recommendable! Better find the original PSX ROM elsewhere.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

can't play offline? pffff
i always play it offline, what is your problem that make you can't playy it offline?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

God, if Square would remake this with their White Engine I would **** bricks!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

EPIC..... Final Fantasy VII, the true unforgettable rpg

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

recall having the timer saying like 99999 lol what a game!

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

i like rpg game like this , very adventure.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

If they remake the game. I think they should incorporate some real time battle maybe even God Of War/Bushido Blade/Colosseum:RTF battle mechanics. I think that would deeper immerse the player in the experience. I'd also like to see the option to leave that out. So if you want to experience the game without straying to much from the original you can have turn based battle as well. I definitely DO NOT want to see the break away to battle screen crap like in the original. I mean even Chrono Trigger had the battles converged in the game play. Without the "Step, step, fight" battle system.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

a remake of this for PS 3 might come due to many FF7 fans wants this game recreated :) according to square enix atleast, if it now will come, this will be one of the best PS 3 games or best game in the world ever :P hope they just wont screw up the orginal battle system they have on FF7, the FF12 and other FF sucks :|

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

FFVII, I remember buying it the day it came out for PS1, and buying it from toys r' us. lol

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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