A Dragon Age-themed total conversion for Medieval 2 Total War: Kingdoms. Featuring 21 distinct factions from BioWare's world of Thedas, each stocked with a unique and fascinating roster and gameplay, as well as familiar insights into characters from the Dragon Age world and more. The end goal of this mod is to create a unique slant on the intriguing world of Thedas, normally seen in famous RPGs such as Dragon Age: Origins, or Dragon Age Inquisition. The world BioWare has created has many more aspects than shown in the games, and this mod will attempt to portray the unique aspects, cultures, nations, and more of the Dragon Age setting.

Thus far, extensive work has been done on the 2d art aspect of the mod, and much programming work as well. We are at the phase where we are ready to take the total conversion to the next level. We plan on changing nearly every aspect of the game from vanilla Medieval 2 to a Dragon Age setting.

The detailed unit roster can be found here:

DATW Unit Draft (Updated 12/14/18)

It should be noted that there have been two or three attempts in the past to create a Dragon Age: Total War mod. Every attempt has so far failed for varying reasons, however, the community's interest has not waned. So far, this mod has more content to it's name than the previous attempts, and, very soon, will hopefully soon have much more.


Our full faction list is the following:

-Tevinter Imperium
-Qunari of Par-Vollen
-Chasind Wilders
-Horde of Urthemiel
-Dwarves of Orzammar
-City-State of Kirkwall
-City-State of Starkhaven
-Dwarves of Kal-Sharok
-Kingdom of the Anderfels
-Kingdom of Ferelden
-Empire of Orlais
-Dalish Elf Clans
-Grey Wardens
-Templar Order
-Kingdom of Nevarra
-Merchant-Principality of Antiva
-Tribal Kingdom of Rivain
-Tribes of Seheron
-Venatori Order
-The Inquisition
-Andrastian Chantry

-AugustusNocturnis/Celtic Magister/Octavius of Minrathous (3D Modeling Lead, 2D, Text, Programming, Scripting, Planning, Mod Lead)
-Flipdark95 (3D Modeling, Planning, Mod Co-Lead)
-SoulGamesInc (Mapping, Map Coding, Planning, Mod Originator)
-Ckorvus (3D Modeling)
-MrrRandomDude (3D Modeling)
-Jojo00182 (3D Animation/Skeletons)

We are searching extensively for eager additional 3d modelers, a VFX manager, and a battle map creator. Additionally, those with campaign and AI scripting skills are also in demand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the Campaign start and end date?

A: The campaign starts in 9:25 Dragon, and ends in 9:99 Dragon, and we plan on having each year be worth 4 turns each.

Q: How will the Grey Wardens and the Templar Order be balanced in the mod?

A: The Grey Wardens have strong, elite units in their roster, and their militia tier is likewise better than average. However, their unit sizes are small, and as a result, the Grey Wardens must choose their enemies carefully. Fighting wars with larger factions could lead to campaign loss. It is also likewise for the Templar Order, except that the Templars have slightly larger unit sizes than the Grey Wardens. Both Wardens and Templars start off with several well-developed fortresses in different parts of the map seperate from eachother. The Templar Order and the Grey Wardens also have far slower recruitment rates than most other factions.

Q: How will the events and plots of the Dragon Age games be incorporated? Will there be emergent factions (Such as the Circle of Magi)?

A: There will be several scripts which start at different times during the campaign. For example, there will be a Fifth Blight script that occurs at approximately 9:30 Dragon, giving the darkspawn numerous stacks in the Korcari Wilds just south of Ostagar, as well as transferring their starting faction leader, Urthemiel onto the map at the head of a large stack. Later on in the campaign, there will be scripts for the Qunari Invasion of Kirkwall, the Mage-Templar War, and The Breach once the in-game date reaches the canonical time at which those events occured. Beyond those scripts, there will be others that cover various plots seen in Dragon Age, such as the Landsmeet, the Divine's Election, or the events of the "Paragon of Her Kind" quest. Do note that too many scripts in a Medieval II campaign will result in an increased risk of crashes, as well as longer end-turn times, and thus it is in our best interests to keep the scripts as few as possible while still following the plotline of the games and allowing for other interesting occurances.

Q: How will the Deep Roads work? Will the Dwarves and Darkspawn be able to expand and fight in the Deep Roads?

A: Our mapper Soul has come up with the idea to place the Deep Roads settlements between columns of mountains within a region covered by a special, impenetrable fog of war, which is only cast away when an army, general, or agent begins to move through it. There are entrances into the Deep Roads behind the settlements Kal-Sharok and Orzammar, and these main entrances can only be accessed by the owner of those two settlements. There are also several entrances into the Deep Roads at other points in the map through which factions other than Darkspawn or the Dwarves can enter it. There will also be numerous settlements within the Deep Roads, such as The Dead Trenches or Aeducan Thaig, which will prove to be good early expansion options for Dwarven factions. The Darkspawn faction itself has it's capital in the Deep Roads at The Dead Trenches.

Q: How will Mages be balanced, and how will they work in DATW?

A: As seen in a few other Medieval II mods, mage units general have powerful ranged attacks, but small unit sizes generally around 10-15 soldiers in a unit. It is thus the same way in Dragon Age Total War. However, some factions will have stronger mages than others. For example, Tevinter Mages will not only have more powerful ranged attacks, but will be almost equally skilled in melee. However, factions with stronger mage units will have weaknesses in other areas. There are also numerous counters for mage units such as archers, light cavalry, and fast moving infantry.

Q: How do you plan to implement or portray heroes and similarly prominent supporting characters, such as player companions from the Dragon Age games?

A: Companions from the games, heroes, or similarly prominent characters will be implemented in a variety of different ways, depending on their roles, status, and background within Dragon Age lore. For example, Alistair will start off the faction heir for Ferelden, and will eventually become Ferelden's faction leader, depending on whether or not the player allows him to during the Landsmeet Script. Other characters such as Leliana will likely be special starting agents with a high subterfuge level, while some supporting characters, such as Fenris will only be seen on the battle map accompanying a general or be present as a general's anciliary. Heroes such as the Hero of Ferelden, and the Champion of Kirkwall are likely to be ancilliaries. However, the default human male Inquisitor is of course, the faction leader of the Inquisition faction.

Q: Does Dragon Age Total War have a website or Discord with further information?

A: The link to the mod's Discord channel is in it's description. All developers may also be reached there, and previews not seen on Moddb are shown from time to time. Questions not answered by this FAQ are best asked there.

Q: Is there an established date for an Alpha or Beta release?

A: We are not likely to release an Alpha, and there is no established date for a Beta release. We are currently working to have a mostly complete Beta release within a year and a half, depending on how smoothly production continues to go. However, the team is not following any deadlines nor are we working on a schedule.

Q: Does this mod accept donations or similar monetary rewards?

A: No.

Q: I am eager to play Dragon Age Total War, and would like to help the modding team in some way to speed up development. Is there anything I can do to assist?

A: If you have modding skills, such as 3D modeling or Medieval II coding, send AugustusNocturnis a private message either on Moddb or join the mod's Discord channel, and detail your skills, experience, and how you would like to help. If you have no such skills, we are still looking for voice actors to fill a variety of roles, and 2D/Text assistants.


BioWare, for the world of Thedas, and Dragon Age series/lore, as well as video games and creative content

-Creative Assembly for Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms

-The Divide and Conquer submod for TATW

-Third Age Total War

-Call of Warhammer: Beginning of the End Times

-Kalla (BOTET Alt-Cut)

-Cedric37 for basic UI pages

-Fourth Age Total War

-Deviant art and various artists on the internet.

-Duke .H, Chasind, Dalish, and Grey Warden unit descriptions, Discord server co-management.

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I WAS THINKIN: AYY THIS MOD GOTTA BE PRETTY DEAD BY NOW. I WAS WRONG. Never been this happy about being wrong in my life

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I love all the Dragon age games, not only have I played the game once but like 4-5 times, just to see how the story changes. It's one of the games I played to most and now I see you are making this mod and that's mind-blowing!

I saw your images of your models and is really nice! And I hope there will be a campaign as well. If something like this goes all the way, I think this can be the mod of the year 2019.

I seen a lot of great mods go to a end with no release, so I really hope you will not stop working on this mod. But that's totaly up to you, just want to say keep up the great work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
AugustusNocturnis Creator

Of course there's a campaign! We in fact plan for multiple campaigns eventually.

We pretty much have everyone we need on the team (though a battle map maker, voice actors, and maybe an additional modeler would come in handy), so the risk of getting stuck in development hell or the mod dying is pretty low :-)

Reply Good karma+4 votes

That's great news! Best one I hear so far this year ;)

I will follow and see how your progress goes and keep in mind, use the time you need, don't rush it. Everyone should know that mods take time and patience.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Will the Grey Wardens have elven and dwarven members, or are all the models human? What about female soldiers and commanders, agents and retinue?

Will certain factions be hordes? I imagine that the Dalish, Chasind, Avvar, Darkspawn and a few other factions should be able to form hordes.

Do the Dalish have settlements?

Will the Grey Wardens have agents like the imam in vanilla that will be able to call on "Exalted Marches" against Darkspawn? And will the AI actually be lore-friendly? While silly and fun, it would be odd to see the Grey Wardens allying with the Darkspawn against the Anderfels, or Tevinter and the Qun allying to attack Ferelden.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
AugustusNocturnis Creator

Due to how the game engine's animations and skeleton systems work, it's not possible to have Dwarves in the same units humans and Elves are in. Grey Warden mages will have human females in the ranks, and archery units will likely have Elves of both genders later on. Basic melee units are all human males. Agents and commanders cannot be randomized enough to have opposite genders unfortunately, and of course, there is a variety of Grey Warden ancillaries/retinue.

Darkspawn can currently go horde if all of their settlements are taken same with the Chasind. The Avvars are not currently in the mod since we're not certain if the map can accurately fit them.

The Dalish start out with scattered settlements in various parts of Thedas, mostly hidden away from human nations.

Currently no faction is using the Jihad mechanic. Possibly this is something that will be implemented somewhere in later patches. AI behavior and diplomatic tendencies and relationships are all taken care of in a manner accordant to the lore.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Looking forward to playing as Rivian or the Free Marches maybe Kirkwall

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Voted for this mod i am so excited! Oh and a recommendation maybe the templars or Chantry should get access to the Knight enchanters to make up for lack of mages it would fit in with lore i would think anyways thank you to the team for what's going to be im sure an amazing mod and good luck :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

So after looking through this fantastic mod(can't wait for release).... when are my noble c * c c sleeves (elves) gonna enter the mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
AugustusNocturnis Creator

Already some Dalish Elf models are ready, they just need a little refinement and then they can be shown. :-)

Reply Good karma+3 votes

When we can expect a ready MOD to the great game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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