Dragon Age: Total War is a Dragon Age-themed total conversion for Medieval 2 Total War: Kingdoms. Featuring 23 distinct factions from BioWare's world of Thedas, each stocked with a unique, fascinating roster and gameplay, as well as familiar insights into characters from the Dragon Age world and more. The end goal of this mod is to create a refreshing new take on the intriguing world of Thedas, previously seen in renown RPGs such as Dragon Age: Origins, or Dragon Age Inquisition. The Dragon Age setting created by BioWare has many more elements to it than seen in the RPG series itself, and thus this mod not only brings to you a Total War version of Dragon Age, but also adds new, fan made lore based on existing source material, and a fleshing out of the unseen areas of Dragon Age lore.

Thus far, extensive work has been done on the 2d and 3d art aspects of the mod, and much programming work as well. We are at the phase where we are ready to take the total conversion to the next level and begin working on a release. We plan on changing nearly every aspect of the game from vanilla Medieval 2 to the appropriate Dragon Age setting.

A detailed unit list can be found here:

DATW Unit Roster 2/19/20

It should be noted that there have been two or three failed attempts in the past to create a Dragon Age: Total War mod, yet with more potential Dragon Age games on the horizon, we aim to finish the job this time.


Our full faction list is the following:

-Tevinter Imperium
-Qunari of Par-Vollen
-Chasind Wilders
-Horde of Urthemiel (Darkspawn)
-Dwarves of Orzammar
-City-State of Kirkwall
-City-State of Starkhaven
-Dwarves of Kal-Sharok
-Kingdom of the Anderfels
-Kingdom of Ferelden
-Empire of Orlais
-Dalish Elf Clans
-Grey Wardens
-Templar Order
-Kingdom of Nevarra
-Principality of Antiva
-Tribal Kingdom of Rivain
-Tribes of Seheron
-The Inquisition
-Andrastian Chantry (Unplayable in Campaign)
-Red Templars

Note: Every faction listed above save for the Chantry is fully playable in the campaign and will be available in the first version of the mod.


-AugustusNocturnis/Celtic Magister/Octavius of Minrathous (3D Modeling Lead, 2D, VFX, SFX Text, Programming, Scripting, Planning, Mod Lead)
-Flipdark95 (3D Modeling, Planning, Mod Co-Lead)
-SoulGamesInc (Mapping, VFX, Map Coding, Planning, Mod Originator, Mod-Co Lead)
-BenSkywalker/Sir Matthias (Scripting, Planning)
-Mark Ulrich (3d Architecture)
-Jojo00182 (Programming, Miscellaneous)

We are still interested in finding experienced 3d modelers, voice actors, and a battle map creator. Additionally, those with campaign and AI scripting skills are also in demand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the Campaign start and end date?

A: The campaign starts in 9:25 Dragon, and ends in 9:99 Dragon, and we plan on having each year be worth 4 turns each.

Q: How will the Grey Wardens and the Templar Order be balanced in the mod?

A: The Grey Wardens have strong, elite units in their roster, and their militia tier is likewise better than average. However, their unit sizes are small, and as a result, the Grey Wardens must choose their enemies carefully. Fighting wars with larger factions could lead to campaign loss. It is also likewise for the Templar Order, except that the Templars have slightly larger unit sizes than the Grey Wardens. Both Wardens and Templars start off with several well-developed fortresses in different parts of the map separate from eachother. The Templar Order and the Grey Wardens also have far slower recruitment rates than most other factions.

Q: How will the events and plots of the Dragon Age games be incorporated? Will there be emergent factions (Such as the Circle of Magi)?

A: There will be several scripts which start at different times during the campaign. For example, there will be a Fifth Blight script that occurs at approximately 9:30 Dragon, giving the darkspawn numerous stacks in the Korcari Wilds just south of Ostagar, as well as transferring their starting faction leader, Urthemiel onto the map at the head of a large stack. Later on in the campaign, there will be scripts for the Qunari Invasion of Kirkwall, the Mage-Templar War, and The Breach once the in-game date reaches the canonical time at which those events occurred. Beyond those scripts, there will be others that cover various plots seen in Dragon Age, such as the Landsmeet, the Divine's Election, or the events of the "Paragon of Her Kind" quest. Do note that too many scripts in a Medieval II campaign will result in an increased risk of crashes, as well as longer end-turn times, and thus it is in our best interests to keep the scripts as few as possible while still following the plotline of the games and allowing for other interesting occurrences.

Q: How will the Deep Roads work? Will the Dwarves and Darkspawn be able to expand and fight in the Deep Roads?

A: Our mapper Soul has come up with the idea to place the Deep Roads settlements between columns of mountains within a region covered by a special, impenetrable fog of war, which is only cast away when an army, general, or agent begins to move through it. There are entrances into the Deep Roads behind the settlements Kal-Sharok and Orzammar, and these main entrances can only be accessed by the owner of those two settlements. There are also several entrances into the Deep Roads at other points in the map through which factions other than Darkspawn or the Dwarves can enter it. There will also be numerous settlements within the Deep Roads, such as The Dead Trenches or Aeducan Thaig, which will prove to be good early expansion options for Dwarven factions. The Darkspawn faction itself has it's capital in the Deep Roads at The Dead Trenches.

Q: How will Mages be balanced, and how will they work in DATW?

A: As seen in a few other Medieval II mods, mage units in general have powerful ranged attacks, but small unit sizes generally around 10-15 soldiers in a unit. It is thus the same way in Dragon Age Total War. However, some factions will have stronger mages than others. For example, Tevinter Mages will not only have more powerful ranged attacks, but will be almost equally skilled in melee. However, factions with stronger mage units will have weaknesses in other areas. There are also numerous counters for mage units such as archers, light cavalry, and fast moving infantry.

Q: How do you plan to implement or portray heroes and similarly prominent supporting characters, such as player companions from the Dragon Age games?

A: Companions from the games, heroes, or similarly prominent characters will be implemented in a variety of different ways, depending on their roles, status, and background within Dragon Age lore. For example, Alistair will start off the faction heir for Ferelden, and will eventually become Ferelden's faction leader, depending on whether or not the player allows him to during the Landsmeet Script. Other characters such as Leliana will likely be special starting agents with a high subterfuge level, while some supporting characters, such as Fenris will only be seen on the battle map accompanying a general or be present as a general's ancillary. Heroes such as the Hero of Ferelden, and the Champion of Kirkwall are likely to be ancillaries. However, the default human male Inquisitor is of course, the faction leader of the Inquisition faction.

Q: Does Dragon Age Total War have a website or Discord with further information?

A: The link to the mod's Discord channel is in it's description. All developers may also be reached there, and previews not seen on Moddb are shown from time to time. Questions not answered by this FAQ are best asked there.

Q: Is there an established date for an Alpha or Beta release?

A: We are not likely to release an Alpha, and there is no established date for a Beta release. We are currently working to have a mostly complete 1.0 release within a year and a half (from December 2018), depending on how smoothly production continues to go. However, the team is not following any deadlines nor are we working on a schedule. Additional modders on deck however would certainly help get a 1.0 out quicker.

Q: Does this mod accept donations or similar monetary rewards?

A: No.

Q: I am eager to play Dragon Age Total War, and would like to help the modding team in some way to speed up development. Is there anything I can do to assist?

A: If you have modding skills, such as 3D modeling or Medieval II coding, send AugustusNocturnis a private message either on Moddb or join the mod's Discord channel, and detail your skills, experience, and how you would like to help. If you have no such skills, we are still looking for voice actors to fill a variety of roles, and 2D/Text assistants.

Note: New 3D modelers considering joining must have solid experience in working with Medieval 2 mesh and ideally have worked on one or two other Med 2 mods in the past.


BioWare, for the world of Thedas, and Dragon Age series/lore, as well as video games and creative content

-Creative Assembly for Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms

-The Divide and Conquer submod for TATW

-Third Age Total War

-Call of Warhammer: Beginning of the End Times

-Kalla (BOTET Alt-Cut)


-Fourth Age Total War

-Deviant Art and various artists on the internet.

-Jebus/QueenOfGore (BOTET Team)

-Tomdoof (BOTET Team)

-Theodron (DaC Terrain Overhaul)

-Duke .H, Chasind, Dalish, and Grey Warden unit descriptions, Discord server co-management.

-LastArcanni, Some Kirkwall and most Darkspawn unit descriptions.

-TWcenter for tutorials, guides, advice, and tools.

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RSS Articles

2020   Final

Greetings and welcome to our latest anticipated article, this time taking a general (although not exhaustive by any means) glance at Dragon Age: Total War's current progress overall at the end of 2019 and going further into 2020.

Before we proceed, the Dragon Age: Total War Team would like to thank all of you who have yet seen this mod's page for continuing to watch, support, and enjoy the work we've done and shown so far, since it must be said that the great and stimulating enthusiasm and interest the Medieval II: Total War community, Dragon Age fans, and Moddb users alike have shown in our mod thus far has compelled most of us as developers to invest even greater amounts of time, passion, effort, and creativity into the development of DATW. To add to our already strong energy, we were honored even further to be listed in the 2019 Editor's Choice article as Moddb's Chief Editor's Most Anticipated mod of the year. I am proud to say truthfully that almost every month since we started in late 2017 has seen this mod make substantial progress in one way or another, be it models, mapping, SFX, 2D, coding, or otherwise. We have taken very few breaks, as we are quite strongly motivated in our goal of making this a mod to be proud of and to enjoy.

Without further adieu, I must first mention that Soul has made excellent progress of late on the campaign map and has only a portion of the Deep Roads, Par Vollen, and Tevinter to work with before his map is essentially complete! Throughout the year, (until the release of 1.0 if all goes well), Soul will be writing articles on the more recent places he has mapped such as Seheron, Antiva/Rivain, the Free Marches, and eventually, the Deep Roads. In conjunction with my settlement models, we have gone back and updated Ferelden since Soul last wrote an article on it in February 2019. Therefore, I present some of the most notable changes, including the strat model settlements made since:

Fereldan Strat Settlements

The only level currently incomplete and not shown is large_castle, which will of course be seen in game, and is likely the level Vigil's Keep, Highever, and Therinfall Redoubt will be set at initially. I would like to extend some credit to TheEliteDwarf (Divide and Conquer), some of whom's strat models for DaC were used as a base for the appearance of the generic Fereldan settlements.




Furthermore, I happily present the strat models for Ostagar, Redcliffe, and Denerim, at Citadel and Huge City respectively.




To top off the section of this article regarding the map, I would like to present my strat model for Skyhold, situated deep in the Frostback Mountains on the border of Ferelden and Orlais, and serving as the starting capital of the Inquisition during their campaign.


Transitioning to unit models and rosters, as some of you may have seen by the recent, and of course, ever-outdated "DATW Unit Roster" document linked in our mod's description, many rosters have or are very close to finishing up, with some already having undergone several revisions to the visual models and textures of the units within. Most recently, the Fereldan roster has been finished with several edits to the models created in previous years.

Ash Warriors


Fereldan Soldiers 2.0

I should clarify once again that Ferelden's roster receives a change to it's visuals in the campaign after the Archdemon Urthemiel has been slain, simulating reforms made to the military by the ruling monarch of Ferelden after the Fifth Blight, and to keep up with DA:I and DA:2's newer Fereldan designs. Otherwise, all Fereldan units before then save for the Ash Warriors use styles from Origins.

Ferelden was not the only faction receive an overhaul to it's models in 2019. The Darkspawn, Tevinter, Venatori, Inquisition, and a few others have changed since the last time you saw them. Going into 2020, the Anderfels roster, which was the first to be worked on, will receive several changes to old models and new units.

Ander Soldiers Reworked

Additionally, as those who have viewed the roster document have likely seen, mercenary units are now being created, such as these fearsome Avvar Raiders hireable in Frostbacks regions by any faction save for the Dalish, Darkspawn, and Qunari.

Avvar Raiders

Last but not least, I present another recent design overhaul I am quite proud of, that being the Inquisition's Foot Soldiers:

Inquisition Foot Soldiers

Currently, the esteemed Flipdark95 is also working on a new helmet for elite Qunari units, namely, the Ataashi Swords, along with a helmet for the Grey Warden Winged Lancers unit.

Qunari Helm

DTW   Grey Warden Talon Helmet

To top off our recent preview of models, I present the battle map model for Her Radiance Empress Celene Valmont I. While she can swing a sword if she must, she is no true warrior at heart, the fighting she leaves to her loyal Chevalier-champion when possible, yet the mere battlefield presence of the Empress clad in elegant silverite plate, replete with the colors of House Valmont will inspire the soldiers of Orlais to great feats in battle, and fill the enemies of the Empire with both dread and awe (Note, her strat map character model's attire will differ):



Finally, the Dragon Age: Total War Team has begun working on Battle Map settlements and environments alike, some of which can be viewed in recent previews both on the Discord and in our images gallery on Moddb. BNSMark, lead developer of the renown Bear Force II mod for Mount & Blade Warband, joined us early in 2019 and has recently been working on Dwarven and Qunari settlement structures, while Flipdark has been cranking out new arrow tower and gatehouse models for Fereldan settlements (These models are still very WIP, but already looking great):



Ferelden   City Gate and Wall

At this time we are eager to recruit new 3D modelers with a passion for modeling to our team to assist us in creating assets for battle map settlements. The task of creating so many unique models to at least cover all generic settlement maps is quite daunting, yet with the help of those skilled, almost anything is possible. No technical knowledge of IWTE or Medieval II itself is required. Additionally, we would be honored to receive the help of any and all experienced Battle Map Modders from the Medieval II TW modding community, by joining our team, you are not only working on a mod which has been extremely interesting to develop thus far, but you are expanding your horizons greatly by helping us flesh out and define a Dark Fantasy setting with truly staggering creative potential.

To conclude our little status update, we are currently looking at a release date within Q4 of 2020, provided development continues at the current pace throughout the year, and without setting deadlines for the team. With additional talented modders on board, and of course, continued enthusiasm and support from Moddb's wonderful community however, we can achieve our goals even quicker with ever improving quality. 2019 saw Dragon Age: Total War make almost unprecedented progress, and 2020 is thus far looking to be a great year as we eagerly look towards the future of Dragon Age itself.

That is all for today. Maker (or the Old Gods, or the Creators) watch over you. Our great thanks for reading! Make sure to stay tuned for future updates, and remember to join DATW's Discord server for exclusive previews and commentary:

The Magisterium (DATW Discord Server)


-The Dragon Age: Total War Developer Team

Map Preview: Anderfels

Map Preview: Anderfels

News 3 comments

Welcome to the Anderfels, birthplace of the Grey Wardens and site of their headquarters, Weisshaupt Fortress. In Peace, Vigilance. In Death, Sacrifice...

Faction Preview: Orlesian Empire

Faction Preview: Orlesian Empire

News 8 comments

An early look at the roster, background information and playstyle of the Orlesian Empire faction in Dragon Age Total War.

Map Preview: Orlais

Map Preview: Orlais

News 6 comments

We're back with a first look at The Orlesian Empire, while always subject to improvements here and there, we're proud to show off the maps progress.

Map Preview: Ferelden

Map Preview: Ferelden

News 9 comments

A first look at Dragon Age: Total Wars kingdom of Ferelden in more or less a finished state, while always subject to improvements, we're proud to show...

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Hope you guys are doing well both with the mod and your health.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
AugustusNocturnis Creator

From the sound of it, everyone on the team is doing well, myself included. We're still making good progress and may have another map preview article coming out soon.

Reply Good karma+4 votes

this is amazing mod thank you for doing this mod for dragon age i was waiting for long time about dragon age it's looks amazing <3

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

It looks amazing! The settlement details matches the geography from the rpg, excellent touch

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

C A N T W A I T ! ! !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I'm wondering, where retinues and traits are concerned. Will there be special ones like important figures or titles like in Stainless Steel where an occupied settlement will give a noble title retinue, but where DATW is concerned perhaps retinue titles such as Banns, Teyrns, etc.? As for traits, will famous or non-randomly generated family members and generals have unique traits say for Loghain having a special biography trait or some trait to boost his stats like "The Hero of River Dane"? And where Loghain's Civil War is concerned will we see his right hand woman Ser Cauthrien as a general? And if not as a retinue? Any plans for either? Just curious is all, my anticipation for this mod is growing ever more.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
AugustusNocturnis Creator

All planned along with much more if not already implemented code-wise. Even Tevinter, Orlais, and the Anderfels for example have lordship titles coded in at the moment, such as "Praetor of Vyrantium", "Duke of Val Firmin", "Margrave of Nordbotten", etc. You will also of course see unique generals with the appropriate traits and ancs. Ser Cauthrien is currently an ancillary that boosts command, movement speed, and public order.

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I wan't the AI very aggressive when the blight expands i wan't burn earth an sack cities plz burn land show as no mercy.

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Hope we see some Hurlock ALphas mixed among the Hurlock units

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