Dragon Age: Total War is a currently unreleased Dragon Age-themed total conversion mod for Medieval 2 Total War: Kingdoms. The mod features 23 unique factions throughout various locations across the continent of Thedas each featuring unique unit rosters, faction mechanics, scripts, campaign conditions, gameplay styles, characters, and much more. Dragon Age: Total war aims to provide a distinct and meticulously lore-friendly yet highly familiar insight into BioWare's world of Thedas, all while expanding further on the lore of Thedas and exploring areas previously unseen in any form of Dragon Age media.

All rights to Dragon Age belong to EA and it's subsidiary studio, BioWare.

Discord Server (The Magisterium): DATW Discord

(Click on "Read More" for additional details and FAQ)

List of all factions featured in DATW 1.0:

-Tevinter Imperium
-Qunari of Par-Vollen
-Chasind Wilders
-Horde of Urthemiel (Darkspawn)
-Dwarves of Orzammar
-City-State of Kirkwall
-City-State of Starkhaven
-Dwarves of Kal-Sharok
-Kingdom of the Anderfels
-Kingdom of Ferelden
-Empire of Orlais
-Dalish Elves
-Grey Wardens
-Templar Order
-Kingdom of Nevarra
-Principality of Antiva
-Kingdom of Rivain
-Native Tribes of Seheron
-The Venatori
-The Inquisition
-The Red Templars
-Andrastian Chantry (Unplayable/Papal Faction)

Playable factions to be added in Dragon Age: Total War 1.1:

-City-State of Tantervale
-Felicisima Armada
-The Avvar Tribes

Note: Every faction listed above save for the Chantry is fully playable in the campaign and will be available in the first version of the mod unless otherwise noted.

Comprehensive list of units present in version 1.0:

DATW Unit Roster (11/13/23)

Current Team:

-OctaviaNocturnis/Celtic Magister/Octavia of Minrathous (3D Modeling, 2D, VFX, SFX, Writing, Lore, Programming, Environments, Scripting, Planning, Mod Lead)
-Flipdark95 (3D Modeling Assistance, Concept Art)
-SoulGamesInc (Mapping/Campaign Climate Coding)
-Heldazza (3D Architecture) (Inactive)
-Jojo00182 (Tools/Third Party Programming/Debugging Assistance)
-SandalWillsIT (Settlement/Battle Map Assistance)

--------------------Frequently Asked Questions---------------------

Q: What are the start and end dates of the campaigns?

A: The campaign begins in 9:25 Dragon, and ends in 9:99 Dragon. Each year is six turns each in length. The War Against the Elder One campaign is twelve turns per year as opposed to six.

Q: How are the Grey Wardens and the Templar Order currently balanced in the mod?

A: The roster of the Grey Wardens is comprised of strong, elite units which are substantially above the average in quality and capability for their tiers. However, all Grey Warden units save for their militia are likewise much smaller than average. To supplement their lack of numbers, the Grey Wardens are able to build conscription hall structures granting limited access to the rosters of certain allied factions. Should the Grey Wardens choose to turn against their allies, they will lose access to their units.

The Templars similarly possess smaller unit sizes yet stronger overall unit stats, however, the Templars have no access to any allied units outside of mercenaries hired during Exalted Marches. Both the Grey Wardens and the Templar Order begins their campaigns with access to powerful fortresses and economies which will require cautious decisions to grow adequately. Both Grey Warden and Templar generals and units receive bonuses against the likes of darkspawn and mages, respectively.

Q: How will the events, plots and storyline of the Dragon Age games be incorporated? Will there be emergent factions (such as a rebellious Circle of Magi)?

A: In addition to numerous minor scripts, the main campaign of Dragon Age: Total War features scripts for major historical events seen throughout the games such as the Fifth Blight, the Mage-Templar War, the Breach/War Against the Elder One, and many event scripts affecting either a single faction or a small number of factions only, such as the events of the Origins quest "A Paragon of Her Kind", the Qunari attack on Kirkwall, the War of Lions in Orlais, or the renewed Qunari invasion of Tevinter in 9:45 Dragon, merely to name a few.

At present, our only emergent faction tied to any campaign events besides the Inquisition, the Venatori, and the Red Templars is a temporary "Free Marches" faction relating to a mechanic wherein the cities states of the Free Marches will unite against an overwhelming foreign invader. There is to be no independent Rebel Mage faction as a result of the difficulties in balancing such a faction in any satisfactory way, and likewise because the Mage Rebellion never truly became independent.

Q: How are Mages to be balanced, and do they currently function in Dragon Age: Total War?

A: Similar to several other fantasy Medieval: II mods, mages are generally present as very numerically limited units with access to powerful ranged spells yet with relatively poor survivability in prolonged melee. Certain mage units serve as exceptions to the average, chiefly the likes of Arcane Warriors or Battlemagi, which are likewise very powerful in melee combat despite their highly limited numbers. All mages in Dragon Age: Total War are able to switch between two different spells/projectiles, for instance, Tevinter Altus Battlemagi may switch between casting potent fireballs to tear holes in the ranks of their enemies, or conjuring earthquakes which may slow or halt an enemy charge.

Beyond mages on the battlefield, there are numerous mechanics and traits related to mage agents, mage generals and Apostates/Blood Mages (witches) and their influence upon Thedas. Circle of Magi-related settlement buildings are capable of improving mage units and granting special traits and ancillaries only for characters of the Mage class. Destroying Circles of Magi in any settlement will result in increased settlement unrest and, in the cases of some Circles, the spawning of stacks of hostile mage units owned by the rebel/slave faction.

Q: Are the Deep Roads present in Dragon Age: Total War? If so, how are they featured, and how do they impact the campaigns of the darkspawn and dwarven factions?

A: There is a special Deep Roads climate which spans south of Orzammar on the campaign map beneath the Frostback Mountains and south/west of Kal-Sharok beneath the Hunterhorn Mountains. Thanks to the efforts of DATW's mapper, SoulGamesInc, the Deep Roads are rather convincingly represented visually on the map as being underground regions; they are dotted with numerous ruined dwarven thaigs/settlements alongside settlements and fortresses controlled by the darkspawn. The passages in the Deep Roads are often very narrow, making waging war and pushing against enemy factions slower than on the surface. However, the Deep Roads are rich with some of the map's most valuable mining resources, most notably Lyrium.

Q: How does Dragon Age: Total War represent and incorporate the heroes, companions, and notable characters seen throughout the games, lore and surrounding Dragon Age media?

A: The mod includes essentially every notable NPC character and companion to varying degrees of representation. For instance, Alistair Theirin is present as Ferelden's starting, off-map faction heir, spawning in as the new king should his brother, King Cailan perish. Aveline Vallen is exists as a unique general which spawns for the City-State of Kirkwall after 9:31 Dragon. The likes of Zevran and Leliana are highly-skilled starting assassins for the Principality of Antiva or the Inquisition, respectively, and characters which would neither be accurately represented as generals nor agents of any type are typically represented ancillaries granting special bonuses, for example, Morrigan appears as an ancillary to Empress Celene (should the Empress still live) after 9:38 Dragon. In some cases, certain notable characters, such as the Iron Bull, are battle map officers present in unique units.

Q: What does Dragon Age: Total War do with the protagonists of the games if they are at all featured?

A: Similar to several other unique characters, protagonists such as the Hero of Ferelden (as the Warden-Commander), Hawke, and the Inquisitor are unique generals. The Warden-Commander/Hero of Ferelden spawns for the Grey Wardens in the aftermath of the Fifth Blight, Hawke spawns for Kirkwall in the aftermath of the Qunari attack should it be successfully foiled. The Inquisitor is naturally the initial faction leader of the Inquisition. The Warden, Hawke and the Inquisitor are all represented as their default character options in the games unless otherwise altered by a submod.

Q: Are any characters scripted and forced to die at any given point during the campaign?

A: Only under particular circumstances. As an example, King Cailan is not scripted to die, as there is no guarantee that throughout the mod's campaign, Ferelden will always choose Ostagar as the location to challenge the darkspawn horde, or that the exact same events will unfold even so.

However, characters which were noted in the lore to have been slain by an assassin, or felled by a disease, will indeed be scripted to die at the appropriate dates if certain conditions have not been met. Scripted deaths are not unavoidable, as we understand that having no ability to prevent important characters from dying will prove frustrating to some players.

Q: Does Dragon Age Total War have a website or Discord with further information and where additional questions may be asked?

A: The link to the mod's Discord server is found in the mod's description in this ModDB page just a brief scroll upwards. All active developers may also be contacted there. The Discord server also contains numerous previews which have not been uploaded to ModDB, and it is the most ideal place to follow the progress of the mod's development and release more closely than ModDB allows. We recommend asking any questions not answered by this FAQ in the server's #DATW-General channel.

Q: Is there any established date for an Alpha or Beta release? If not, is there any estimation on when the mod will release?

A: There have never been any plans to release an Alpha or Beta build since the beginning of the mod's development. Our goal remains focused on releasing complete and full versions with all intended content fully implemented and as stable as the engine permits. We can also give no concrete release date, as such things are frequently impossible with mods, however, any full versions will be released when considered sufficiently finished.

Q: Are the developers of Dragon Age: Total War aware of the Engine Overhaul Project? If so, are there any plans to make use of it and incorporate any of it's features?

A: We are fully aware of the Engine Overhaul Project and it's expanded modding capabilities and we have likewise identified many potential optional uses for it. However, for a number of reasons, we do not have any plans to incorporate any EOP features, or have the mod rely on the Engine Overhaul Project at this time. We are strongly considering it's possible use for the updates planned to be added in version 1.1, but version 1.0 will have absolutely no dependence on EOP.

It should be noted that the Engine Overhaul Project is a third party tool supported only by a small team of unpaid developers that currently does not work on every system capable of running Medieval II: Total War and likewise does not guarantee stability whenever used to expand on a mod's features.

Q: Do the developers accept donations for Dragon Age: Total War?

A: No.

Q: I am eager to play Dragon Age Total War, and I would like to help the modding team in some way in order to speed up it's development. Is there any way I can assist?

A: The mod has no need for any additional developers at this time. However, irregular contributors are always welcome to assist us, particularly with voice acting, writing, or even modeling and 2D art. If you are interested in becoming a contributor to the development of DATW in any fashion, please message OctaviaNocturnis (myself) either on ModDB, or send a direct message to my Discord account (Octavia of Minrathous).

However, it goes without saying that anyone who joins our Discord server and participates in healthy discussions as a part of the community also serves to encourage us in our efforts.

Credits (To be further updated):

All credit belongs to EA and it's subsidiary BioWare for the Dragon Age franchise, the world and lore of Thedas, all official Dragon Age titles and all accompanying creative content, concepts and media.

-Creative Assembly for Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms

-The Divide and Conquer submod for TATW

-Third Age Total War

-Call of Warhammer: Beginning of the End Times

-Kalla (BOTET Alt-Cut)


-Fourth Age Total War

-Various Dragon Age fan artists on the internet, DeviantArt, and ArtStation.

-Jebus/QueenOfGore (BOTET Team)

-Tomdoof (BOTET Team)

-Theodron (DaC Terrain Overhaul)

-Duke .H, Chasind, Dalish, and Grey Warden unit descriptions, Weisshaupt/Grey Warden building descriptions, Discord server co-management.

-LastArcanni, Some Kirkwall and most Darkspawn unit descriptions.

-TWcenter for tutorials, guides, advice, and tools.

-Integrated World Terrain Editor for M2TW, created by Makanyane, and Wilddog.

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RSS Articles

Happy Dragon Age Day to all Medieval II players, ModDB watchers, and Dragon Age fans! The Dragon Age: Total War Team (myself in particular) would like to present to all of you the Battle Map environments and climates of Dragon Age: Total War. In this article, we shall preview and explain the design choices behind the mod's twelve diverse and unique climates across Thedas. Do note that the climates, while largely finalized, are still subject to minor tweaks before release, and that the preview images shown are only a fraction of the gorgeous and awe-inspiring, or mysterious and haunting vistas and scenery. Likewise, ambient settlements are still a work in progress and shall be shown separately in the near future.

The first and most common climate is the temperate, grassy, hilly and moderately forested climate of most of Southern and Central Thedas. This climate comprises the bulk of the Free Marches, Ferelden, Nevarra and Orlais. Our primary design goal with this climate was to evoke a familiar landscape similar to the natural environments and levels of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Inquisition along with a great deal of Dragon Age concept art, and likewise terrain and foliage which would serve well for a diverse blanket of regions:

Standard Thedas Climate

(Right-click on the images and click "Open Link in New Tab" to view at full size.)

We arrive secondly at the Ancient Forest climate. This climate covers some of the largest, deepest and peril-fraught forests in Thedas, stretching across the Tirashan, Brecilian, Arlathan and Planasene Forests along with the Arbor Wilds. These forests were likewise once the woodland refuges of the Ancient Elves, dotted with ruins from the time of Arlathan, woods which are likewise frequently passed through and used as sanctuary by Dalish Elf Clans, who frequently view the forests as sacred Elven ground to be defended from trespassers through arrows and blood if need be. The visual goal for this environment was to encapsulate the vibe of a mystifying and beautiful yet haunting and labyrinthine forest, with inspiration borrowed primarily from the Brecilian Forest of DA:O, and the Emerald Graves and Arbor Wilds of DA:I:

Ancient Elven Forest

Following behind the preview of the Ancient Forests is the environment Frostback Mountains. Ever-dotted in frigid winter snow and ice, and rife with rugged and treacherous terrain, the Frostbacks are easily one of the most challenging biomes of Thedas to wage war in. Few soldiers find themselves prepared to deal with the harsh and unforgiving mountain passes and peaks, and many are certain to find death, be they caught in the midst of a relentless blizzard, thrown from the cliffs, snatched within the jaws of a High Dragon, or impaled upon the cold steel of their hated foes. Our inspiration for the Frostbacks came, as one might expect, from both the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest in Origins and the many times in which we see the Frostbacks in their frozen and majestic glory in Inquisition:

Frostback Mountains

Fourthly, we come to the climate of the Western Approach of Orlais. The Western Approach was once a luscious and vibrant woodland until the advent of the Second Blight over eight hundred years prior to the Dragon Age. The coming of the Darkspawn tainted and ruined the once plentiful and healthy land, the Taint turning the land itself sick, until the grasslands, the forests, the lakes and the teeming flora perished, leaving behind nothing more than an environmental corpse, the harsh and agonizing desert. Yet the wastes of the Western Approach still boast a flicker of life unlike the Anderfels, and the Approach is frequently of interest to those scholars throughout Thedas fascinated by the unique plant and animal life now living here. Naturally, we sought to match Dragon Age: Total War's Western Approach up with it's appearance in DA:I:

Generic Deserts

Following in the wake of the Western Approach, we come to the darkly mysterious and rather bleak climate of the Tevinter Imperium. Tevinter is a land torn and marred by over two-thousand years of war and strife. From Darinius' conquests and the birth of the Imperium, to the Blights, the Exalted March of Andraste and the Tevinter-Qunari War. The Veil is fragile in Tevinter and unnatural, magical phenomena frequently influences the likes of storms and murky fog. Our inspiration for Tevinter's climate comes exclusively from official BioWare concept art:


We would be loathe to visit Tevinter without likewise paying a visit to the nearby and perhaps even more heavily war-torn Island of Seheron. Seheron is a rather peculiar case, quite easily one of the most dangerous climates in Thedas, covered immensely in dense and treacherous jungles filled with poisonous flora, nevermind vicious, exotic and terribly savage wildlife which would tear a man to shreds or fill his veins with lethal venoms. This is to say nothing of the grim and bloody battles which constantly rage for control of the island between the Qunari, the Imperium and natives of Seheron. Perhaps the most haunting and mysterious of all things about Seheron is the fact that the island is almost perpetually covered in a thick fog, a fog spoken of in the tales of the Fog Dancers to be part of a powerful ancient curse. Very little official concept art exists for Seheron, and thus our inspiration for this environment is largely drawn from lore and Dragon Age game dialogue:


Yet to say Seheron is the only tropical climate in Thedas would be mistaken, for the regions of Par Vollen, Rivain, and the lesser islands of the Boeric Ocean are likewise covered in dense jungles or rolling tropical grasslands. While not quite as treacherous as the jungles of Seheron, these lands are fraught with plenty of their own risks. Within the jungles of Par Vollen, strange creatures known only to the Qunari prowl, and likewise within the jungles, grasslands, and coasts of Rivain, exotic beasts are hunted by the likes of the Lords of Fortune. Both Rivain and Par Vollen suffer from frequent and often violent storms along the coasts and further inland during the harsher seasons of the year. No official concept art exists for the environments of Rivain and Par Vollen, and thus our inspiration comes primarily from fan art, lore and our own interpretations:

Northern Thedas Tropical

South of Rivain and it's humid tropical and sub-tropical climates is the often scenic and wonder-evoking dry temperate climate of Antiva. Despite the natural beauty of the Antivan forests, drylands and grasslands along the coasts and further inland, danger, treachery and a well-sharpened dagger potentially lurks behind every tree. The highways and trade routes are infested with bandits seeking to profit from plunder, the coasts beset by frequent raider and pirate activity, and even the serene forests are often passed through by hardened and bitter Dalish Elves who have no qualms about killing another of the "shemlen" for their gold. Idyllic beauty and death stride hand-in-hand in Antiva, a land where blood and lives are cheap. As no official concept art yet exists for the climate of Antiva, we have borrowed influence from fan art and our own ideas:


Just west of Antiva and south of the Tevinter heartlands lies the dreaded and haunted Silent Plains. The Silent Plains are a blighted wasteland, long devoid of any abundance of life. One of the largest and most terrible and costly of battles in the entire history of Thedas was once fought upon the Silent Plains, wherein the combined armies of the Tevinter Imperium, ancient Rivain, the Anderfels and the Ciriane peoples (the ancient ancestors of Orlais) were rallied by the Grey Wardens to destroy Dumat and to end the centuries-long nightmare of the First Blight. Almost every nation in Thedas has shed the blood of it's soldiers at least once upon the desolate Silent Plains, and this most unfortunately shows in the immensely fragile Veil. The Silent Plains are frequently stalked by the likes of stray Demons, convoluting both the planning and the execution of any battle to be fought upon the Plains. No official concept art exists for the Silent Plains, yet we borrowed influence partially from a fan mod for Dragon Age: Origins known as "Emissary", a short Origins mini-campaign I can certainly recommend:

Silent Plains

Alas, the Silent Plains are far from being the only Blighted Wasteland in Northern Thedas. To the northwest lies the even more feared and grim Anderfels, a land so desolate that in many parts of the wastes, not even corpses will decay there. For over a thousand years, the people of the Anderfels have struggled to survive not only against relentless Darkspawn assaults, but against the immense and almost impossible harshness of the desert itself. Blowing sandstorms are enough to fill the lungs of one caught unprepared with enough blighted grains of sand to kill, and the raw heat, or even the horrible chill of the nights will reap a terrible toll upon the will of any traveler or army to continue venturing through these Maker-forsaken lands. However, the brutality of the Ander climate has shaped a nation of men and women strong enough to rightfully be some of the most hardened and feared in Thedas and has also made the Anderfels the home of the Grey Wardens. No army of mortal men has ever dared to fully invade the poverty-stricken Anderfels since the ancient Tevinter Imperium. If the unforgiving land and it's hordes of Darkspawn alone do nothing to dissuade a potential invader, then the sheer, indomitable determination of the Royal Army of the Anderfels shall be brought to bear. Our inspiration for the environments of the Anderfels comes from a handful of official concept art and lore:


Venturing southwards beyond the far southern reaches of Ferelden, we come upon the swampy and heavily-forested Korcari Wilds, frigid, savage, haunted and forever accursed. The Wilds are home to countless vicious flora and fauna, and have never been explored in their entirety by any civilized nation, for exploration of the labyrinthine Wilds is all but impossible. Even the ancient Imperium at the height of it's power dared not to venture further south beyond the fortress of Ostagar, for almost no Magister, no matter how ambitious, powerful, maddened, or steeled by sheer hatred and magic-fueled malice would risk their Legions in a campaign within the swamps against the Chasind natives, hardened by a life of desperate survival. And beyond the Wilds lies the Uncharted Wastes, a frozen wasteland even the Chasind often dread. Our visual basis for the Wilds comes from a combination of the Korcari Wilds as seen in Origins, concept art related to the Wilds, and the Fallow Mire as presented in Inquisition:

Korcari Wilds

Last, yet certainly not least, we leave the surface behind for the Deep Roads, once the pride of the ancient Dwarven Empire, the beating heart of it's trade and flourishing culture, until the Darkspawn came, bringing down the horror, ruin and death of the First Blight upon the Dwarves, as Thaig after Thaig was lost. Eventually, the Kingdom of Orzammar sealed the Deep Roads almost entirely, and it has remained the nesting grounds of the Darkspawn ever since, whom are driven by the call of the Old Gods to seek out one of their number to be awakened and tainted into an Archdemon. Despite this, the Dwarves have made many attempts to reclaim lost Thaigs and glories within the Deep Roads, aided occasionally in the battles against the Darkspawn by the Grey Wardens. The Deep Roads themselves are a living world beneath the earth, teeming with life, tainted or not, lost treasures, ruins, resources and most importantly, the precious veins of lyrium. Dragon Age: Total War's Deep Roads environment has lighting which varies depending on the "time of day" for the sake of visual diversity, so that fighting in no part of the Deep Roads feels the exact same.

It is worth noting that the Battle Map camera does not clip with the "ceiling" in our Deep Roads environment, making the experience of fighting a battle beneath the surface both immersive and genuine.

The Deep Roads

That concludes our preview and our description of Dragon Age: Total War's Battle Map environments. We look forward to releasing another article within the coming months diving into great detail regarding the mod's campaigns and the fully finished and polished map, and should all continue to go well in development, the mod's 1.0 is not too far out. Do not hesitate to join our Discord to ask questions, view Discord-exclusive previews, follow progress more closely and engage with our intriguing and friendly community!

Map Preview: Tevinter

Map Preview: Tevinter

News 6 comments

In ancient times, the Tevinter Imperium was unrivaled and its borders crossed the entire continent. In modern times, Tevinter is a shadow of its former...

Map Preview: Nevarra

Map Preview: Nevarra

News 7 comments

Welcome to the Nevarra, home to the Pentaghast and Markham families - with a rich history of Dragonslayers and Death Mages among the nations lore.

New Year 2020 Status Update

New Year 2020 Status Update

News 10 comments

A glance at 2019 in retrospect, and 2020 in prospect, roughly detailing Dragon Age: Total War's current progress, our plans going further into the new...

Map Preview: Anderfels

Map Preview: Anderfels

News 3 comments

Welcome to the Anderfels, birthplace of the Grey Wardens and site of their headquarters, Weisshaupt Fortress. In Peace, Vigilance. In Death, Sacrifice...

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Azraelon - - 69 comments

Soon brothers....

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OctaviaNocturnis Creator
OctaviaNocturnis - - 1,013 comments

The mod's Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ) found by scrolling down after clicking on "Read More" in the page's description has recently been updated. Numerous major questions and answers were further clarified and given additional detail, and several other frequently-asked questions have also been addressed.

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InigosFriend - - 26 comments

Will the release of Dragon Age 4 effect the development of this mod in any way? Not that I expect anything, I'm just wondering. Also, thank you for your great work so far.

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OctaviaNocturnis Creator
OctaviaNocturnis - - 1,013 comments

I appreciate it; as mentioned in various comments below, the goal remains releasing 1.0 before Dragon Age: Dreadwolf releases (or is estimated to release), so not quite. Any new events, factions and lore introduced by Dreadwolf would predominantly feature in version 1.2, depending on how precisely Dreadwolf is received and how well it ultimately ties into the rest of Dragon Age.

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InigosFriend - - 26 comments

TY for the reply. MB for asking already answered question. Looking forward to what 1.0 delivers!

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NKGalahad - - 138 comments

Any News about The Progress of this Mod? When can we Hope for an Alpha version or Beta Version of this mod, we all know it takes time, but its been going around for like 6 years, I am patient but not all of us love playing Lotr Mod or any other, Love all the stuff that we can see & enjoy so far, anyway Varric is Asking for some more Ale..

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OctaviaNocturnis Creator
OctaviaNocturnis - - 1,013 comments

As our FAQ states, we've never had any plans to release an incomplete alpha or beta build of the mod. Our goal remains the presentation of a completed version for our first release. With that said, the mod is currently well beyond it's alpha stage and is in the middle part of it's beta stage at present with progress continuing at a steady pace.

As has been mentioned in the mod's Discord server, which I would recommend joining if you are interested in following DATW's progress on a regular basis, my "deadline" is to release 1.0 before Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is scheduled to be released.

As somewhat of a correction, the mod has also only been in focused and fully-fledged development since 2019-2020 at the earliest. Six years ago would have been 2017.

Finally, it's Oghren who requires all of the ale the world can give to him...

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NKGalahad - - 138 comments

All Good, just courious about it progress & will Wait for 1.0 Anouncement & Relesse then thx!

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Guest - - 688,772 comments

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GeneralMacek - - 5 comments

I stumbled upon this mod only recently after finding your Loghain unit picture on Google. Now I wish to see it released and highly successful.

For Ferelden!

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