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This is a full fresh install, do not copy it on top of your current Warsword. Please delete old warsword folder and add this is it's place. This version is not game save compatible.

There is a dedicated installation assistance thread on our discord which includes a guide on how to install. If you are having any problems please join our discord and follow the instructions in the first post.


Also we have an installation guide here:


Greetings Warsword fans,

We are pleased to be able to announce the release of 'Warsword Conquest Orc Edition'. This is a full edition and not a patch so please delete your current warsword folder if you have one and install the new one fresh.

This update includes a full overhaul of the orc faction by Diceyjune, including a new skin, new weapons and armour. This update includes a lot of bug fixes and quality of life changes (majority by Kraggrim) which will make a full playthrough of warsword conquest the most enjoyable it has ever been. There has been a focus on faction ai in this update with a view to keeping warring nations within a reasonable distance of each other and to keep campaign ai aggressive, focused and for factions to actively look to keep what they have taken. Please take a look at the changelog below to see what this release has in store.



-Orc visuals completely overhauled and replaced by diceyjune
-New scenes+props for all Nippon locations.
-New post-battle info screen with unit kills etc
-Instant post battle relation gain with relevant lords (without talking)
-New dungeon companion chooser added (can see all party troops now)
-Dungeon option for enemies to be made region-focused
-New dungeon entrance scenes from Morgul
-Couple of new dungeon interior rooms
-New bandit lair scenes by Thorsben
-New/modified town/castle scenes from Morgul/dajimo/kraggrim
-Automatically add rescued troops to garrison after siege
-Sea event Deadeye Isles (scene by Morgul)
-Tournaments now have overhead banners on participants
-Couple of new 2d artworks from whydott
-Enterprise cost estimates added to the list of options
-Marshal -
-New staff for orcs, goblins and beastman.
-New model for the dwarf pickaxe, axe of gotrek, and the body of gotrek.
-New model for the "enchanted shield" of sigmar, used by their generals.
-New model for the high elf mage and Archmage robes.
-New models for the high elf shields of "spearmen" "noble" "dragon prince" and "lothern sea guar"
-New dark elf sorcereer robe, 4 new dark elf shields "scout" "noble" and "dreadlord" and the "spellshield of malekith",
-New models for the dwarven shields of "lord" "ironbreaker" and "rune of iron"
-New banners for the dwarfs and lizardmen.
-New faction icons for dark elves, wood elves and bretonnia.

-background table decoration added to world map
-all missing bridges added to world map
-sylvania terrain decoration by dicey added to world map
-new slayer bodies+ bandannas +face tweaks
-new chaosdwarf long axe model for darklons
-hoteks column new scene by krag
-Boars give bonus to rider's ignore pain


-Long-distance war chance reduced dramatically (and chance to declare war when already embroiled), so should focus on neighbours more.
-Factions/lords should hold territory more instead of always immediately losing it back (eg unlanded lord homes set to the front line where possible + forced to guard new fiefs, large garrisons will send troops to reinforce small ones).
-Defeated factions should clear up much quicker now
-Message spam reduced when independent (“Lord has been defeated” etc)

-dark elf kingdom given ai boost for longer campiagning
-dark elves given higher :information_radius for campaign army cohesion
-dark elf lords given +2 pathfinding,
-reduced time marshal will wait for army to gather before setting out by 6 hours,
--and amount of troops needed (all kingdoms)
-companion relation gain now only on epic battles (500 enemy casualties)
-disabled archer aim fix for now as too inconsistent
-AOE messages now show damage for player castings
-wounded companions can't aid with looting in dungeons
-native items assigned to some faction shops
-orc bow accuracy reduced
-various mages given better armour
-stopped enemy spells causing noise in dungeons (apart from explosions)
-mounted crossbow reloading made faster
-charioteer made chaos players default academy troop instead of herald
-orcs given more ironflesh
-Advanced ignore pain for orcs
-beastman Trollskin armour now regenerates the wearer
-braganza and others given more leadership skill
-increase EXP from AOE magic

Small Tweaks:
-Small boost to lord-recruit chance if deserted/no-fiefs
-Companion-lords can have equipment traded
-Chaos lords/castles should use correct god-troops now
-Dwarf map quest made more user-friendly
-Minister and banker converted to faction’s race
-Orcs given boost to party templates
-Caravans should visit only appropriate factions now
--Prosperity boost based on distance now
-Reduced aggressiveness of sieging lords to stop distraction
-Dungeon reinforcements caused by player-party noise only
-Dwarfs added as dungeon enemies for evil players
-Undead pirates added as dungeon enemies in the new world, other types restricted to different regions.
-Dungeon rewards should be more random now
-Guide added to dungeon options page
-Village defenders faction troops rather than always human
-Added animation to npc vs npc dodge
-Ratling gun now can't fire while moving
-cyrus stocks staffs for death magic
-Elder Hisme Stoutheart converted from general Bernhardt
-bandit hunt mayor-quest dialog extended to patrols, farmers and scouts
--lords blocked from being the target party
-arena /visit melee troops are faction now rather than mixed random
-banner-choosing screen improved and fixed
-Prisoners are now auto-sorted by level post-battle before the party screen appears
-Added option for daily npc party sorting
-Tzeentch flamer fireballes rebalanced with small AOE
-ogre gear removed unique flags so can be looted
-Chaos warriors/knights/chosen get boosts based on God type- Rebalance to some 2 handed weapon speeds
- Daemons now have 5+ ward save, agility boost for khorne daemons and ignore pain boost for nurgle troops
-Rebalance to some dark elf weapons and armour and slight change to dark elf tree.
-Rebalance to some beastmen weapons
-Runic blunderbus now causes reinforcements
-Increase to casting chance for casters in dungeons
-You can now give chaos zealots to humanitarian/cult master as well as farmers
-All orcs get ignore pain and Big Un’s and above give advanced ignore pain
-Gold master staff will now not restrict mana below 33 encumbrance
-AI should use teleport spells only when enemies are close
-Goblin spell ‘night shroud’ is now ‘shroud’ and can be used at any time of day.
-adjusted the female version for all the nippon armours
-adjusted the size of the neck collar on chaos magus armour sets.
-adjusted the face texture for Nakwatcha.
-adjusted the hair for female elves n°3 and n°17
-optimized the prop collisions for all empire props, vampire props and some elven castles

-Tavern changes:
--cultmaster/humanitarians go to evil/good towns only
--faction merchants also do this accordingly
--ransom-brokers, potion sellers etc converted to be proper race/faction
--companions should also go to appropriate factions
--adjusted companion price by player honour, skin, faction and party-members.

-Centers that changed faction were not reinforcing with more troops
-Lords of near-defeated factions were joining incongruous factions
-Besiegers sieging again immediately after taking a centre
-Player-kingdom towns/villages could spawn wrong villagers
-Changing player culture did not change player-faction merchants etc
-Caravans used wrong troop types (can still happen if origin-city recently changed faction).
-Freelancer/champion exp/health/morale bugs
-Game-corruption on new-game improved a bit.
-Banker was standing in prime position in halls
-Empire city music took over any other music that was currently playing
-Conflageration of doom explosion placement bug
-khizaar soul stealer bug
-special_item_wielded causing crashes
-Camp menu faction colour changer didn’t have all factions
-explosive grenade impact weirdness
-Sort player party removed troops above limit
-imprisoned lords had wrong dialog, can't rescue
-Slaanesh lore attribute was bugged
-Skinks were not immune to poison, etc
-Summon shield change/fix
-saurus starting relations
-fix for the Bug event
-plague race checks added to 2 events
-Prisoner lords could join as dungeon companions
-TK and UP merchants wearing boots
-Orion's 6 wounds being given to karl franz
-bloated corpse explosion friendly fire bug, (and made it more efficient)
-player pirate-faction culture bug
-lords re-sieging center immediately after taking it
-beorg killing companions bug
-fixed TK resurrect horses in sieges bug
-particle_system_add_new potential crash fix
-blocked bizarre khizzard pbod horse/pike bug
-globadier explosion fixed and more efficient, now excludes gasmask troops
-willpower was not helping supress demon manifestation during casting
-bandit lairs had various small bugs
-Chaos characters were not in camera frame during conversation
-Reference troop viewer was broken in various ways, now fixed
-kizlev helm leg armour fixed
-fixed deserter recruit error
-bronze armour massive price fixed
-prisoner management skill description updated
-grey wizards given leadership for some spell that needs it to function
-Bugmans ale should now be consumable
-Hammers and spanners should melt properly in runeforge

-lots of scene fixes
-ulric recruit uniform fixed,
-orc lance wrong faction shops fixed,
-altdorf castle interior prop fixed
-fixed awakening of the woods multiplying damage every agent it cycles through
-applied same fix to all other AOEs just to be sure
-changed savage orc map icon to look less wacky
-ogre mercs given more appropriate dialog in taverns
-player faction town reinforcing with wrong troops fixed,
-business in town error fix additional fail-safe,
-skink arena melee missing body+hands fixed
-freelance retire equipment was being equipped/deleted, fixed
-freelance retire relations reworked, exploit removed
-skink gear restrictions bugs fixed
-ignore pain gotrek event blocking fixed, and skill list menu updated to reflect.
-ID error failsafes added in various places (frequent red text bug)
-spy equipment bug fix
-chamberlain village talk bug fix
-dark elf shield name+size fixes
-dungeon companion presentation wounded blocking others fixed
-tourny randoms fixed to use faction disposition rather than player's
-freelancer 2-week leave bug fixed
-al muktars desert dogs faces and horses and name fixed
-orc merchant given some stuff (he was empty)
-dark elf sorceresses given missing swords
-shield of thorns blocked from hurting ranged troops
-dark elf helm fixes
-nurgle school menu fix
-gotrek body fix


14 new arenas, 8 sieges, 4 castle scenes, 3 city scenes and 2 dungeons by Morgul

2 castles and 1 town by Dajimo

New Nippon locations by Gekokujo team



Hope you enjoy the new edition.

Nameless Warrior and the Warsword Team.

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Warsword Conquest Orc Edition 2023

Warsword Conquest Orc Edition 2023

Full Version 10 comments

Please see the announcement article for details about Warsword Conquest Orc Edition

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There is a massive problem with the Tomb kings faction. The area around Suakin and Numas is untraversable and has resulted in most Tomb King lords being stuck and unable to move as they are in this zone. So my game just feels unplayable now.

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Is there a way tone down the smoke effects when using firearms?

They tank my FPS, specially when I have like 50 dwarven mine-sweepers/engineers in my army heh, creates quite the smoke cloud.

I can turn it off in wse2 options (particle systems), but then I stop getting the cool blood squirts when hitting enemies.

This is mostly my fault, since I'm running warband on intel integrated graphics, but I was just wondering if perhaps there's some way to address that.

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would be a great feature, Quest guilds that send you to special dungeons, but not for loot but saving someone, or get a stolen Item back.

House system, where you can own houses, where you even can display your loot, special weapons, or even maybe heads of strong enemies.

Or creating your Evil Layer/Tower/Hideout, if you want to play an evil Mage/Warrior.

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nice update, loving the new orcs, only a little problem so far, I play on 1920X1080
in First and Third Person, the Orc fills up the most of the Screen, even the weapons too.

and if possible change the Arena Equipment for each race, the shields a stuck in the arms of the orcs.

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press -

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

I know, but still alot of blocked view

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can you please, please host a download link somewhere else? I physically cannot download from this website. No matter what I do the absolute max download speed I can get is 10-20 kb/s which means the download link times out and cancels itself before I can ever download it.

Yes, tried making an account. literally created this account to try and download it. Changed all browser settings. tried multiple different browsers. tried EVERY alternate link. checked my internet (can download other things 1 mb/s). Restarted. Cleared cache. enabled Either something is just broken or moddb is throttling the download speed to the point where it is actually impossible to download. I'd love to try this mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

tried again today, now a downloaf won't even start. what a dogshit website

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Hail Comrade, you're diving your download speed with others. Enjoy!

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