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Main Southlands download, Patch 2 and quickfix is all you need.

There is a dedicated installation assistance thread on our discord which includes a guide on how to install. If you are having any problems please join our discord and follow the instructions in the first post.


Also we have an installation guide here:


This version includes all content of previous versions, including dungeons and freelancer


This release is Warsword Conquest: Southlands Edition and is a full complete download, please delete your old warsword folder and copy the new one into the modules folder.

Greetings Warsword fans,

A new version of Warsword Conquest has arrived with the focus on the Southlands and bringing as much action down south as you will find in the north. This version brings lots of new models by Crypticguy and Kraggrim and new music by Javi Robles to enhance your experience.

Undead Pirates

The Pirate Kingdom was destroyed by the Skaven years ago but now Luthor Harkon has resurrected them and has taken over the western part of the Lizardman Kingdom, while settling new locations further north from which to launch an immediate invasion of the Nippon Colonies. Their roster returns, but deader, and with the addition of bloated corpses and topped out with the extremely deadly depth guards. Zombie pirate ogres decimate their enemies from behind the lines.

Kraggrim has added hair and beards to the skeleton character creation and you can differentiate between Tomb King and Undead Pirate Skeleton in character creation. If you learn the 'lore of undeath' in the Undead Pirate Kingdom you will summon their troops.


Lizardmen rejuvenated

Cryptic guy has completely re

done the lizard

men faction from scratch. Remaking all models, armours, weapons and even creating new towns for them. Their territory has been expanded further east with 2 new towns and a few new castles.

Players will now be able to become skinks and learn magic in the lizardmen towns. If the player chooses to be a saurus they can access the 'Temple of Guardians' in any lizardmen town when they have 500 renown.


Magic rebalance

All 3 magic skills now go up to 15. AOE damage spells will now be as powerful at 15 as they where previously at 10. All other kinds of spells will be more powerful than before and have a bigger effect radius.

Companion events

All 28 non generic companions now have 4 events which can happen at any time to develop their story, character or skills/abilities.

New music and UI

Check out the current soundtrack for the mod and portfolio for Javi here..


Javi Robles has created 3 tracks for dungeons including one exclusively for the final room. He has also created new tracks for Dwarves, Empire, Orcs and Lizardmen. Morgul has also created a new user interface for the mod.



More than any other update before, we have been making significant balance changes, big and small, based on feedback from frequent players on our discord. These changes have particular focus on Empire, Chaos, Dwarves and all mounts.

Poisonous change

We have divided poisonous into 'poisonous' and 'venomous' and they will work differently in battle. Poisonous will remain as it is now with performance debuffs which can last for days after being inflicted and a restriction on regaining health on the map.

Venomous attacks will drain health for 5 seconds after receiving the damage (amount drained reduced by constitution skill) and for the rest of the battle all healing effects are only 20% effective and mana generation is greatly reduced. These effects do not continue beyond the battle.

A potion of curing will cure both of these effects (can be taken immediately in battle) and drinking a potion of curing will make the player immune to both poison and venom for a period of time. The higher the player's constitution skill, the longer the immunity will last.

Poisonous troops: Nurgle, Clan Pestilence, bloated corpses.

Venomous troops: Goblin spider archers, hobgoblin sneaky git, skink blowpipe users, witch elves and assassin troops.


Wight blade effect no longer works on hero characters
Fixed half health after battle bug
Included fix for endless spawn bug for champion mode
Fixed siege teleportation bug
Bearmen of Urslo buffed
TLD archer aim fix added
Empire halberdiers have proficiency increase, small power strike increase, thrust damage increase to all empire halberds
Wolf kin and wolf brother have proficency increase
Knights of the white wolf given helmets
Massive agility increase for flagellants and given unbreakable
Power strike buff for Helhuntens
Marauder champions and berserkers get proficiency boost
Big proficiency boost for pit kings
Dark Elf executioners given killing blow
Ranged line in VC tree are now all archers
One handed wight blade killing blow reduced to 1 in 8 chance
Agility increase to Counts champion
Slight increase to some bastard weapon speed.
Curing the plague via potion will now give stats back
Gloves added to high tier dwarf infantry
Multiple small stat increases to high level chaos troops
Proficiency boost to marauders
Proficiency boost to daemon princes
Armour increase to saurus.
Proficiency increase to saurus and agility increase to high level saurus.
Javelins added to skink riders
Slight increase to Bretonnian armour
Bastard swords and picks removed from men at arms weapon options.
Slight buff to high level dark elf strength
Reduction in samurai power draw
Undeath staff does not count as shield now for Ryze and Sulekhim
Bug where factions reseige a location they have just taken should be fixed.
Activities menu now available in castles for upgrades and garrison option.
Guildmaster can now buy your cattle direct so long as the herd is close by.
Swing speed of dwarven 2 handed axes increased.
All 3 magic skills increased max to 15
Bironas timewarp radius drastically increased.
Enchanted blades of aiban now increases accuracy of firearms too.
Increased chance of final transmutation being successful
Sir Aristide now has the 'blessing of the lady' regeneration ability.
Death frenzy now buffs damage as it should(instead of speed)
Pestilent breath now triggers more hits
Riding a horse now decreases dodge chance by 30%
Iron skin now offers damage protection instead of ignore pain.
Runes should now work properly in dungeons
Curse of the genie affect doubled
Chaos dwarf arenas fixed
New music for battles, dungeons, undead pirates and dwarven lands by Jalrick
Magic missiles now do bonus damage against shields.
Cult masters and humanitarians will now take villagers from prisoners as well as party.
If you have ignore pain the nurgle lore attribute will go straight to advanced ignore pain.
Skinks now have dodge

New UI

Horned ones are now faster than cold ones.
Magic resistance cost increased.
Dwarves have one handed axes and hammers lengthened
Music track added for last dungeon room
New music for battles and dwarven lands
New weapons for orc boar riders
Fixed issue where runic weapons would not work for dwarf companions
Fixed runic blunderbus
Cost of ships increased
Desert lore fixed and new aoe added.
Mounts rebalanced.
Fixed curse of the horned one spell in plague
Ice guard added to Kislev as retinue troop
Money lost in random events has been capped
Good and economy rebalance for some of the factions

Kislev weaponsmith fixed
Bears made to the right scale
Bolts added to tomb kings
Araby horsemasters given their bows in battle.
Tweaks to VC shield quality among troops and shields added to weaponsmith.
Slight increase to orc archer power draw
Summoned weapons now remain until unequipped
Fire particles should now disappear from flamed weapons when unequipped.
Fixed boon of tzeentch cancellation script
It is now 'z' to brace a spear
Celestial mages now ignore lightning storm event
Fixed an issue where poisoned globes would still poison those who should be immune
Invocation of Nehek increased in mana cost and cooldown time.
Fixed Kislev character creation stats
Split poisonous into venomous and poisonous.
Curing potion will now make you immune to venom and poison for a period of time after drinking (based on constitution)
Due to skink conflict (and that they wear no metal) plague of rust and arcane unforging will not work on goblins and skinks
Ice magic lore attribute now regenerates in battle in snowy terrain as well as the map.
Made changes which should help solve resiege civil war bug

New vampire faces by Kraggrim
Dungeon room fix by Kraggrim
Blunderbus and shotgun range reduced
Mighty blow, damage runes and special weapon effects and some magic effects will now work against mounts
Life, vampire and Qhash lore attributes will only work if an appropriate troop was affected
Qhasyh lore attribute will now stack with any ward save you have up to maximum of 2+
Fixed issue where burning head thinks it failed when it hits
New potion ui (where you place them in inventory now no longer matters)
Magic and potions should now work on the streets scene of sieges
Amber, Jade, desert, vampire, qhaysh, gold, grey, light and orc schools have staffs added
Fixed an issue where you could not remove dungeon companions if you have more than one disabled
Magic users in dungeons restricted
More loot in end chest with main item. Increased difficulty means more items.

Bank associate added so players can access treasury anywhere and also set up one before becoming a lord/king
Many companions stats changed
High persuasion will now reduce the rtr, renown, relation and reputation requirements for lords of your race/faction joining your kingdom

Your riding skill now needs to be 2 levels above your mounts riding difficulty to qualify for guaranteed casting.

Credits for this release

Crypticguy: Many new models including lizardmen and chaos and lizardmen town scene

Jalrick: 7 new music tracks including 3 for dungeons

Kraggrim: undead pirates, scene fixes, map icons and ui tweaks

Marshal: Elven improvements, new scenes and banner tweaks. Model fixes and lizardmen helms.

Morgul: New user interface

Nameless Warrior: Code

La grandmaster for lustria scene props
Hidole555 for text tweaks
Dajimo for great work on finding new scenes.
Akathir for Waldenhof
WFAS and Gekokujo teams for new taverns
Michadr and the Perisno team for Miragliano
barf waterfall prop
TLD team for archer fix
Rubik and Tingyun: Loot fix

We hope you enjoy the new version of the mod.

Nameless Warrior

Warsword Conquest: Dungeons Edition

Warsword Conquest: Dungeons Edition

News 31 comments

This mod is heavily influenced by the tabletop game Warhammer Quest just as it is by Fantasy Battles. We have tried to recreate the Warhammer Quest experience...

Warsword Conquest: Freelancer edition

Warsword Conquest: Freelancer edition

News 42 comments

Almost a year later and Warsword has returned with a lot of changes made under the hood to give you a much smoother and enjoyable experience.

Warsword Conquest WOME Edition Beta Patch 2

Warsword Conquest WOME Edition Beta Patch 2

News 22 comments

This is an early release patch so that players can sample magic in sieges and give us feedback and also help us test out whether our later game fixes...

Warsword Conquest Winds of Magic Edition Beta

Warsword Conquest Winds of Magic Edition Beta

News 99 comments

The beta has been unleased, hunt your foes, and maybe a few bugs

RSS Files
Southlands Quickfix 4.1.21

Southlands Quickfix 4.1.21

Patch 5 comments

Game save compatible quickfix for Southlands Patch 2

WSC Southlands Patch2 1.1.22

WSC Southlands Patch2 1.1.22

Patch 10 comments

New game essential This includes all previous patches after the main Southlands release. 28/8 download and this is all you need to be up to date.

Southland Edition Main Patch *obsolete*

Southland Edition Main Patch *obsolete*

Patch 25 comments

*obsolete* You must start a new game This file and the main Southlands release is all you need to be up to date.

Southlands Quick patch *obsolete*

Southlands Quick patch *obsolete*

Patch 12 comments

New game advisable for some changes to take effect but should not break saves if you continue your game. Due to the 'AI casters not working' bug it is...

Warsword Conquest Southlands Edition

Warsword Conquest Southlands Edition

Full Version 25 comments

Download this main file and the quickpatch. Please read the install information at the top of the latest article carefully.

Quickpatch for Warsword Dungeons

Quickpatch for Warsword Dungeons

Patch 23 comments

Reuploaded 25.12 11:50pm GMT This patch is gamesave compatible with the main dungeons download. This is the fourth version.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 20,601)

Can I recruit general of other kingdoms?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

This is still warband, you can only recruit regular troops, mercs and heroes. If you are ruler your own faction, other lords can join your faction in the same way they do in native.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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Im little dumb, what are the files i should download to install the mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

"Warsword Conquest Southlands Edition" is currently the up-to-date mod. You could play with this alone, but a few things have been changed/fixed in the later patches. Ignore the "obsolete" ones.

2nd one you need would be "WSC Southlands Patch2 1.1.22". There are still some bugs in this one, so you also want to download the

3rd file: "Southlands Quickfix 4.1.21". Both patches/fixes include updated versions of the files that are already existent, so you just drag the contents into the WSC Southlands Module-folder and overwrite everything.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Thanks for the great game and all the support over the years.

Actually there seem to be two bugs with Freelancer. I played as dwarf.

I cant level up to the next rank - stay always on the first. A message says im not strong enough to hold the weapon ... come on, i boosted my attribute points with import/export, i am the goddamn HE-Man White Dwarf ... but my Dwarf commander think i´m not ... maybe he hates cheater :/

And i cant get unconscious ... after my commander lost in battle with all troops i fight a lonely war as dwarf recruit against Grimor. 1 vs 1000. Had no chance without the Gear of the higher ranks. After i get down in fight, i get into the next round ... I think its a bug ... or maybe it is such a stubborn dwarf thing to settle the things.

I hope you can fix this :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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Sorry but this game is unplayable but has good potential. Every time I try to recruit companions it freezes my entire computer, making it unplayable. hopefully you fix this soon.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Does this only happen with tavern companions, when normally the message "XY has joined your party" would display? That would be a bummer, but it wouldn't make the mod unplayable. Or does this happen with regular troops aswell?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

it freezes the game as soon as I recruit someone from a tavern, not regular troops. I really want to play this game but it's difficult without having companions :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

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Perhaps some file that either manages string outputs or parties is corrupted, changed or deleted... Maybe reinstalling the entire mod and the patches will fix this

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