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Download Here:

Warsword Conquest Freelancer Edition

This release is Warsword Conquest: Freelancer Edition and is a full complete download, please delete your old warsword folder and copy the new one into the modules folder.

In order for the mod to work properly you must launch it via the wse_loader which is in the WSE folder. If you try and run the wse_loader and it says you are using an incorrect version please rename and backup the original warband exe and put the one in our '1.174 original exe' into the root warband folder. The mod should now load up correctly.

Greetings Warsword fans,

The fall usually brings with it a new Warsword update and we did not want to disappoint you this year so here is the latest full download of the mod with many changes being made under the hood to bring you the best warsword experience yet.

Here are the new features/improvements...


Burspa has laid the smackdown on all of the heavy hitting scripts in the mod and has made many changes to produce an experience both on the world map and in battle which is smooth and stutter free. Changes have also been made to magic effects and also to scene props in towns so that the scenes are as efficient and crash free as possible. We have had countless feedback from testers that this version of the mod has cured all of their FPS ills and that warsword is now one of the smoothest mods around for warband.

Freelancer returns

Many years ago we had to remove freelancer due to incompatibilities with the mod and it was something players have always expressed a wish to see return one day. That day has come as Burspa has reintegrated freelancer with some select changes to make sure that the old issues can no longer arise. Now if you want to join the ranks of your favourite character's army you can.

Champion feature

Have you ever hired Gotrek as a companion and then wondered what it would be like to be him in a battle? Now you can as Burspa has created a champion feature which allows you to step into battle as any of your companions if you so wish.

New Map Icons

Kraggrim has been creating a selection of map icons which match the look of the scenes behind them to increase the quality and immersion of the world map.

Vampire Magic

A new school of magic has been added just for vampires which is more offensive than the necromantic school of undeath with 2 aoe spells but can still summon from dead bodies on the battlefield from the corspses of both allies and enemies.

Generic companion boost

Generic companions now start at level 5 - 10 instead of 1 and are given a boost of randomly selected stats and equipment. Each playthrough they will be different.

Hiring lords

If you are king now you can try and convince lords of your own race (and faction choice if human) to join your kingdom if you have 100 relation and meet the renown, reputation, persuasion and right to rule the requirements. A legendary lord like Teclis or Morathi will have much higher requirements than say Kouran or Grim Burlockson. The generically added ones are easier to persuade.

New Music

Jalrick has added in new music for the character creation screen and we have added in many faction specific music to replace some of the old music.


-New helms for Orc shaman and Rune Priest

- New robes for main 8 magic schools
- Add option to turn off new music in burspa menu
- Tried to fix aspect of the dreadknight (this time's the charm)

- Sumo Warrior and Yokozuna given bigger weapons
- Transformation of Kadon now a summon and does not require hitting an ally.
- Gold magic overhaul
- Melkoth's Mesmerising Miasma now a ranged spell
- Pistol damage nerfed
- Nurgle lore attribute fixed

- Find Companion dialogue added to tavernkeepers
- Random event frequency increased
- Looting OSP fix added for better loot
- Kislev AI made more passive
- Fixed dwarven rune system
- Rune priest given appropriate effects

- Fixed Talbheim and doomship siege scene
- Changes to tournament items to avoid no melee weapon spawns
- Reinforcement waves increased in frequency
- New poison mechanic
- Piercing bolts of burning now only last for one minute
- Fixes to spears and staffspears

- Ice wizards can now buy freezing blast
- Dark elf crossbows damage buffed
- Effect of fear increased by 50%
- Kislev AI made more defensive

- Added Aoe Damage Modifer to burspa menu.
- Added overhead spear animations for one and two handers.
- Added a choice to load in a crash protection castle (basic castle scene) in case of crashing in sieges.
- Changes to how generic music is selected on world map
- Added an escort of 8 maiden adventurers to the caravan
- Increased settra's Charisma 5>25

- Added Custom camera
- Dhar changes and fixes
- Added Burspa menu
- Added war modes (allowing free for all war and team based)
- World map performance optimisations
- Stop troops carrying flaming weapons on back
- Added more merchanise and quality scales with town prosperity
- Added a way to find current location of travelling wizards
- Altered school of light and added effects from Arsakes
- Minor visual changes to magic
- Goblin magic overhaul
- Added Freelancer with warsword alterations
- Added a companion champion mode: talk to companions to fight as them in battle
- Modified war/peace script
- Added new faction specific music when entering factions territory
- Magic battle performance optimisations
- Optimised sounds
- Opitimised texures
- Removed log info on magic missle attacks

- added new female sounds
- various kislev items has been revised and inproved, also added a new armor set for the sons of ursun
- optimized props from You1_buildings which are used all arround the mod, inproving the loading times for some scenes, especially orcs
- Rebalanced araby armor and weight values.
- added a new model for the Hashassin helmet and black leather boots.
- added new models for the the roman helm and skull mask from the amazons.
- added new models to the Halfling goats and hounds, which now actually resemble such animals.
- modified the Vampire head mesh and the pirates bandanas to remove the "clipping" potencial
- added a remake for the Dark elf light armor and their basic helmets.

Plus many more little tweaks not mentioned here.

Credits for this version (full credits link in download readme)

Burspa for his incredible endeavour at optimising the mod on both the world map and in battles. For readding freelancer and creating the 'champion' feature where you can play as your companions. New menu in camp menu which includes new war and peace states and a modifier for AOE damage strength. He also added new music throughout the mod and a custom camera as well as other improvements throughout the mod.

Marshal_157 for new models for High Elves and Dark Elves as well as other models throughout the factions and countless optimisation for models and scenes to help loading time and in game performance.

Kraggrim for new icons on the world map and new helm models.

Roman/Arsakes for wizard robe models.

Bogmir for animation fix.

Tingyun and Rubik for looting fix.

Arsakes for Hysh effect and models khamukkamu for camera osp leonion for hotkey prisoners

Javi Robles- for mainmenu music.

Music: antti martikainen Anttimartikainen.com for music ben sound Bensound.com for music darren curtis Youtube.com for music Music by Emily - RollForFantasy.com Music: Soviet March by Shane Ivers - Silvermansound.com When Good Prevails by Jay Man - OurMusicBox The Legion by Alexander Nakarada Title: Drums of Fury Composer: Alexander Hoff Youtube Channel: Goo.gl The Army of Minotaur by Makai Symphony The Warlock (Ikit Claw Theme - Warhammer Fan-made Music) Composed by Tyler Cunningham Tylercunningham.bandcamp.com Death Valley- Anton Shilo Music Link: Youtu.be Till the Last Breath- Anton Shilo Music Link: Youtu.be Battle Song - Anton Shilo Music Link: Youtu.be Hirokazu Akiyama Hmix.net

Hope you enjoy your playthrough.

Nameless Warrior

Warsword Conquest WOME Edition Beta Patch 2

Warsword Conquest WOME Edition Beta Patch 2

News 21 comments

This is an early release patch so that players can sample magic in sieges and give us feedback and also help us test out whether our later game fixes...

Warsword Conquest Winds of Magic Edition Beta

Warsword Conquest Winds of Magic Edition Beta

News 97 comments

The beta has been unleased, hunt your foes, and maybe a few bugs

Old World New Beginnings

Old World New Beginnings

News 40 comments

Latest update from the warsword team. Release date: Q3 2018

Dwarves always have the last laugh

Dwarves always have the last laugh

News 53 comments

Latest progress and new feature report for the upcoming release of warsword conquest

RSS Files
Warsword Conquest Freelancer Edition

Warsword Conquest Freelancer Edition

Full Version 33 comments

This is the only download you need at this moment in time. Please read the install information at the top of the latest article carefully.

Warsword Conquest War Peace Fix

Warsword Conquest War Peace Fix

Patch 103 comments

This is a full install, please follow instructions given in the description. *This download is obsolete*

Warsword Conquest Hotfix 1.11.19

Warsword Conquest Hotfix 1.11.19

Patch 29 comments

This is a hotfix to deal with some of the issues which have arisen since launch of the new beta. *This download is obsolete* New game required

hotfix for quests

hotfix for quests

Patch 9 comments

A quick hotfix to fix the broken quests. No new game required. *This download is obsolete*

Warsword Conquest WOME Beta Patch 27z

Warsword Conquest WOME Beta Patch 27z

Full Version 16 comments

This is beta patch 2 for Warsword Conquest WOME edition. Please see article for more information. *This download is obsolete*



Patch 137 comments

This is the first patch after the release of the Beta *This download is obsolete*

Comments  (0 - 10 of 20,187)

Many welcome features in this update, but the mod is less stable than ever for me. Crashes and screen tearing.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

First time downloading this mod. Are there any other mods required for it? battlefields are just covered in angular white shapes, as if some texture or mesh is missing. There may be other issues but this one is distracting enough. Hopefully either the creators or other players can help me, because i'm really excited about this mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The amount of effort in this mod is top tier! keep up the amazing work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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WSE does not accept my serial key and the generator for talesworld does not work so i can't play

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Does anybody else has the problem that makes the log invisible? I'm running the game with the WSE_loader...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I never played this mod because Warhammer Fantasy was such a unknown thing for me.

Been playing TW:Warhammer for 2 years, I just replayed Warband, and after a full Prophesy of Pendor playthrough, and seeing this huge new update, I think I'm ready.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

cannot run the wse loader
"could not find mb_warband.exe"
i use steam version and already follow all instructions

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

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Dont run the one in windows folder, run the one just in the wse folder

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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Amazing mod. Has a really interesting setting and all the factions are just awesome. Hands down, the best mod I have ever installed for Mount & Blade.

Oct 23 2011 by jobels

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