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July through September Modification 2010 Releases.

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The third quarter of 2010 was all about variety, with a large number of mods releasing that have come from a whole heap of older games, not to mention some of the more hotly anticipated mods finally seeing a release. Alien Swarm who you should all remember started out on the UT2004 engine was picked up by Valve and released a very complete and exciting client for free during the quarter another success story was everyone's favorite mod turned Indie game Natural Selection 2 releasing an alpha for anyone who pre-ordered the special edition.

Firearms: Source Firearms: Source has been in the works for a while now, being based on the original Firearms for Half-Life Firearms: Source does the original justice and expands into more modern territory both for gaming and the setting the mod is from. Highly recommended that you check this one out.
Nightmare House 2 Nightmare House 2 is a sequel to the original Nightmare House which aims to scare you in unique and interesting ways, coupled together with high quality assets and art direction with fantastic voice action. Nightmare House 2 is a must play for 2010!
Nehrim: At Fates Edge Nehrim: At Fate's Edge comes from a modding world thats populated with book cover re-skins and elf nude mods. Nehrim is a fantastic example of what talent and ingenuity can create, a brand new world with new well everything including lore and voice acting. A massive exciting and well polished mod. Another must play for 2010!

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medve - - 1,475 comments

lot of AAA mods again. i dont get it why dont they make an indie game. about 30 ppl played killing floor back in the days, now a lot of people play it although its still have laggspikes after a hundred updates.
its a shame almost nobody plays neotokyo or fistful of frags.

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Stry8993 - - 33 comments

I agree. I wouldn't, personally, get down on Killing Floor so much, but I will have to toss you a +1 Vote for the comment on Neo Tokyo. I gave it a good solid go, and loved it. A very versatile, non-run of the mill FPS. Great, solid game. And I do wish more people played it. It needs to be put out there, promoted a bit. GoldenEye Source is great too, but it seems like they get overshadowed by these high budget advertisements from awash trash like the CoD series has become.

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Worldwideweb - - 111 comments

yeah, what happened with neotokyo is a shame, is a really good game, worth to be bought (if they would sell it)....

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FAtalonModdb - - 171 comments

If they actually made a NeoTokyo type indie game I would be that ****.

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Mkilbride - - 2,785 comments

NeoTokyo is currently one of the best Source mods available, even if no one plays it. It's music, design, maps, and general audio is on, and above par with retail games.

The problem is over-saturation on the market, not alot of updates, bad advertising(none), and not alot of people want tactical depth in their FPS these days.

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zeldar - - 167 comments

Give me a break. NeoTokyo isn't at all above or on par with retail games.

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Dr_Gonzo - - 73 comments

Compare it to Blacklight Tango Down, which is quite similar, and it actually makes Neo-Tokyo look better than commercial games.

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jjawinte - - 5,064 comments

There's a good question guys: with such a great project as NeoTokyo, what's truly the root cause of it's rapid fade into obscurity ? It should have easily gathered some solid " staying power ".

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zeldar - - 167 comments

No, it makes NeoTokyo look quite the opposite.

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Savci - - 385 comments

Neotokyo is nothing special - and not even outstanding at that, even if it is really well done :|

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Hackadoll2号 - - 158 comments

fistful of frags is my favorite source mod, its really fun, but only a few servers running it

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Awesome_ninja - - 809 comments

Top 5 mods out of this list:
*Modular Combat
*Nightmare House2
*Sven Co-Op update
That was a great quarter of the year! Can't wait to see what's the last one is =)

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*CyberNinja* - - 330 comments

Cry of Fear? *crosses fingers*

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KingSpoon - - 5 comments

Also released for Freespace 2 this Quarter (and completely ignored for some reason):

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DickBalls - - 105 comments

WOOP! well done nightmare house 2!

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IAspYrI - - 315 comments

Nightmare House 2 FTW

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Neon-Ghost - - 1,605 comments


Just so you know, it's unbalanced and ******. :D

Nehrim and NIghtmare House on the other hand, are win :D

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Dr_Gonzo - - 73 comments

Have you played Firearms recently? Its great now. But I suppose - Not Being Just Like Cod makes it unbalanced.

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Heaney - - 961 comments

I can't believe WiC: Modern Warfare Mod 2 wasn't here... come on, it has hit 3rd in the mod ranks on two separate occasions!

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Markuss2 - - 6 comments

open outcast has some great graphics

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Dr.Sean - - 139 comments

I remember when I could make characters with tactical advantages (read: highly unbalanced) back in the good ol' days of yore on Modular Combat. Then Matthew Dryden get less and less involved, and now it's a broken pile of smoldering ruins. We had some good times, Modular Combat, but I won't be raising my glass in a toast to your greatness anymore. This time I'll be drinking to forget what you've become.

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shelby2b - - 88 comments

Wilson Chronicles is the best mod <3

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