Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War is a total conversion mod for Forces of Corruption which brings the game into the Post-Endor period. The mod features a new era-based story progression system covering the timeline betwen the Battle of Endor and up until the start of the Yuuzhan Vong War. The mod includes hundreds of new planets accross almost 20 Galactic Conquest scenarios, hundreds of units and heroes, new particle and other graphic effects, and several new gameplay mechanics.

Factions in 2.1: (Italics indicate non-playable)

Imperial Remnant, New Republic, Pentastar Alignment, Empire of the Hand, Duskhan League, Hapes Consortium, Warlords

Factions coming in 2.2: (Italics indicate non-playable)

Greater Maldrood, Warlord Zsinj, Eriadu Authority, Corporate Sector Authority, Zero Command, various other minor Imperial splinters.

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As always, if you prefer the video versions of updates, that can be found here:

Soon we'll have a full news post with an overview of 2.3's changes as well as testing information (the betas will be run out of our Discord server here: , though we'll have more specific information when it's time - we also have some extra channels there where we give weekly progress reports and show off some extra goodies) but for today we're finally going to have our look at the hero roster for the Corporate Sector Authority, the new playable faction coming in this version of Imperial Civil War. Making fleshed-out hero rosters is always difficult for more obscure factions, but we feel we've made a decently diverse one for them, and it's possible we'll be able to add in a few more heroes for them in future releases as well. Before we get into the hero breakdown, we're also changing how we handle hero icons a bit. In the past we've tried to use icons from official images, but that means certain heroes don't have an image at all, or we have clashing art styles, etc. Our resident concept artist, Valerie, has therefore started a project to help make all of the art consistent by doing custom portraits for as many heroes as possible, and the CSA will be the first faction to get that treatment, so we've included some of those with this news post today to give an idea of what that will look like.

Captain Angela Krin - Space: Invincible, Resolute
A capable captain who gained her position after the successful enforcement of a quarantine on Endregaad, and the command of operations against a Hutt named Mika Anjiliac Chiera.

Admiral Jona Grumby - Space: Bulwark III, Notropis

A former Imperial captain who had served a long and decorated career in the navy, Grumby was seriously injured at the Battle of Ogoth Tiir against Separatist holdouts and rendered unable to walk, forcing him into an early retirement. Believing he was still a capable commander, Grumby sought a position with the Corporate Sector picket fleet, where he again served with distinction and worked his way to the rank of Admiral.

Baruche Sloane - Space: Victory I, Enforce
A human male fleet commander who commanded a CSA fleet in the seizure of the Kalinda system after Endor.

Orrell Lockerbee - Space: Preybird Squadron (May change)
A longtime veteran of the CSA navy who had served since at least 19 BBY, accompanying Resolute in the enforcement of a quarantine on the planet Endregaad

Karrek Flim - Galactic
A Viceprex within the CSA whose position led to many attempts by other criminal ventures, including the Hutts, and business interests to try to undermine his position.

Fiolla - Galactic
Hart-and-Parn Gorra-Fiolla of Lorrd was a CSA executive who differed from others within the CSA through her idealistic nature. She was briefly involved with Han Solo, and also helped to stop a slavery ring on Bonadan.

Lieutenant Dakka Fasser - Ground: Strikebreaker
An employee of the CSA's security police, or Espos, on the CSA capital of Etti IV

Jor Nieler - Ground: Espo Squad
Basically everything knowna bout him is communicated in the above line.

Odumin - Galactic
A sector manager for the CSA of the Tynnan species. In the humanocentric CSA, Odumin had to develop a separate persona to hid his true identity. Like Fiolla, Odumin was actually quite kind-hearted, which is rare for high-ranking CSA members.

That's it for this news post, hope you're looking forward to playing as the CSA in 2.3, and we'll be back with more news sooner.

CIS Preview Playthrough

CIS Preview Playthrough


For the last couple years I've been doing preview playthroughs of Imperial Civil War as we develop it, and that's starting now with Fall of the Republic...

AI Updates & New Cruel AI Setting

AI Updates & New Cruel AI Setting

News 6 comments

In a game as singleplayer-oriented as Empire at War, having a good AI, which supports the intended gameplay loops of the mod is crucial. Today we’re...

Legacy of the Vong

Legacy of the Vong

News 14 comments

In today's update, we're going to be talking about extragalactic invaders, Solo Sith Lords, and the structure of future support for Thrawn's Revenge mods...

2.3 Preview: Imperial Remnant Playthrough

2.3 Preview: Imperial Remnant Playthrough

News 1 comment

We're approaching the end of the 2.3 development cycle, so today I've launched what's likely to be the last preview LP before at least the beta starts...

RSS Files
2.2.5 Polish Translation

2.2.5 Polish Translation

Patch 1 comment

A community-provided Polish text file for Imperial Civil War 2.2.5

Imperial Civil War 2.2.5 (Full Mod)

Imperial Civil War 2.2.5 (Full Mod)

Full Version 111 comments

Conquer the galaxy in the aftermath of the Battle of Endor as any of 8 playable factions, with an era-based progression system- the fledgling New Republic...

Outdated: Imperial Civil War 2.15

Outdated: Imperial Civil War 2.15

Full Version 31 comments

This download includes everything you need for ICW 2.1, including the 2.15 patch and some fixes for compatibility to Empire at War's restored online...

Unit Selection Freeze Fixer (Utility) V2

Unit Selection Freeze Fixer (Utility) V2

Script 77 comments

This program fixes save games which have been affected by FoC's unit selection bug.

Outdated: Imperial Civil War 2.1

Outdated: Imperial Civil War 2.1

Full Version 99 comments

Conquer the galaxy in a more accessible format for Steam users!

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Tell me if the Russian text?

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You guys are doing awesome! Couple of suggestions for 2.3:
- Empire's End Campaign has 6 glitched planets in the top left that keep crashing GC. They are the ones that spawn with no units. I can't complete the gc until they are deleted/fixed.
- Home one type vessel needs to be buffed greatly. An MC80B for instance should not be more powerful than a home one, or have more hardpoints than a home one type. In comparison to a star destroyer which takes up 6 slots, has more hard points, and outputs more damage, getting a home one type over an MC80B is just a ripoff. If Ackbar in his can survive a SUPER star destroyer, then any home one should hold it's own against a normal star destroyer.

Seriously though, great job with the game! I don't know how you managed the raids mechanic but I LOVE IT! Space battles are epic, and ground battles are entertaining as well. Looking forward to 2.3!

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I have a problem withe the installation, it is the first time i install the mod
The .bat file opens the command window and stops working

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Да как тут качать?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

go to files and download latest version.

Идёшь во вкладку "files" и качаешь последнюю версию.

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I got the GOG version, and the thing crashes badly. I can't hardly get passed week 40. Any ideas? I couldn't hardly install it any better if I tried.

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So the Vong mechanic is really happening?

That sounds like an excellent way to revitalize endgame content (where usually once you've taken over 50-75% of the map there is no challenge left.)

I just hope they are extremely powerful, to really make it more difficult.

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Are you going to redo the texture for the super star destroyer? The lights are distinctly blue.

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.Corey. Creator

eventually the whole model and skin will be redone, however we have a ton of work and a small number of artists.

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Great mod and with in it makes the game much more appealing and the fact that this game follows after the events of the battle of endor, makes this mod feel like a full expansion to the game as this mod is at times fells more or less like one. To me the mod seems to have put better effort into there work man then the actually developers at times. Many new factions tons of new units and a lot of new worlds, while not every planet from the original game are here it makes up for with at least 50 more…

Dec 18 2010 by fFoxfire


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Dec 13 2018

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Dec 5 2018

Sep 23 2018

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Sep 21 2018

Updated Secutor image - Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War mod for Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption

Sep 17 2018

Patch notes for the upcoming 2.2.5 version, and a preview of multiplayer galactic conquest.

Jun 23 2018

To celebrate our 12th anniversary, Corey (and hopefully some other devs if they're free) will be looking back at 1.…

Jun 9 2018

Check out an early video of Fall of the Republic and read about the initial hero roster for the Confederacy in our…

Jun 8 2018

Talking about common problems and getting them fixed.

May 7 2018

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