March, 2047. A massive nuclear fireball explodes high in the night sky, marking the dramatic beginning to the Third Tiberium War. The infamous Kane has returned to lead the Brotherhood of Nod in a massive global assault on the Global Defense Initiative and the few remaining Blue zones left on the planet. Only you can stop him. The fate of humanity – and the planet – is in your hands.

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Release 7 is a major step for Red Alert history, as it marks the first time that the mod does not feature tiberium! What kind of differences does this have on how the mod plays? you will have to download and find out for yourself!
The brute strength and air power of the Soviets, or the speed, stealth, and intelligence of the Allies, who will be your pick?
The Soviets finally have both a Commando unit (Boris), and a proper artillery unit (V3 launcher), and the addition of drone warfare will have a much greater impact then you might think!
The Allies meanwhile finally have a powerful multi-role aircraft, never mind the fearful additions of both the Mirage tank, and the dreaded Prism tank!

C&C Red Alert History: Release 7

There are more additions that I will leave you to discover for yourselves.

Ore Version 1.0

While the newly implemented Ore system has been tested extensively, you might still run into issues.

  1. When the Ore\Gem field runs low, there might be animation issues because the game engine scales the amount of time spent dropping off and processing Ore, depending on the amount of Ore dropped off.
  2. A Tiberium Wars bug means that upon placing a Refinery, it is possible for miner docking to be bugged for that Refinery, causing the miner to dock in weird positions (including facing the completely wrong direction). Additional refineries may not have the same issue.
  3. If any structure is placed anywhere near an area close to the miner dock end (dropping off Ore) or dock start (the position where the miner turns to reverse into the dock end position), the miner will not dock in the correct position, how far off it will be when docking varies, but it will never dock in the right position.
  4. Mixed Ore\Gem fields (specifically when the fields are placed on top of each other by 'clever' mappers), will probably cause issues with the visual display of Ore or Gems on the Allied miner.

I will work to lessen these issues in the future if possible.

Hints and Tips


  • The APC and Phase transport have a drop modifier. This means that any infantry that exits from them receive a modifier that slows them down for a few seconds. This was done to reduce the frankly boring Engineer+APC opening moves that the Tiberian C&C series are famous for. Also it means that you have a few seconds to react (even if means selling a structure) to the nightmare Phase+Engineer or Phase+Tanya or Phase+Spy combinations.
  • The British Sniper is the Allied garrison clearer (one unit at a time, if it is 3 squads of Conscripts you will be there for a while!).
  • The Spy's 'Bribe' ability is by far the most useful feature (combined with being invisible!), however it is costly to use. To start you off, try rushing the AI on a small map, get your spy close to the AI refinery, and wait for at least a full AI harvester, and use the 'Bribe' ability on it, to claim it for your side!
  • Enemy commando's, other spies... and the Soviet Dog, are unaffected by the 'Bribe' ability!
  • Units and base defences that have a long pre-fire time, will struggle to effectively target a stationary Mirage tank (even while it is firing). It is recommended that you have a stealth detector nearby, to make targeting the Mirage tank easier!


  • Use the Dog to reach far away garrisons, and to deny the enemy neutral Spikes, in the early game.
  • The Hind Transport's Gunship upgrade rockets, do not home in on enemy targets, avoid targetting moving units with it.
  • The Hind Transport Gunship (obviously) reloads in the air!
  • If your Iron Curtain is up, it will attempt to assist a single War miner (whether from an allied Soviet team, or your own), by launching a single vehicle radius Iron Curtain!
  • Do not forget that Repair drones can repair vehicles other then their parent vehicle, this includes any teammate that is allied to you. Regardless of whether they are Soviet or not!

Changes since Release 6:
Release 7 balance changes:

Please use the forums if you want to help improve Red Alert history!

Special thanks to:





Release 7 general changes

Release 7 general changes

C&C: Red Alert History 7 comments

General changes in Red Alert History Release 7. Balance changes to individual units and structures will be done in another post.

Tiberian Sun Rising - We made Top 100! - Its time you saw the Future!

Tiberian Sun Rising - We made Top 100! - Its time you saw the Future!

Tiberian Sun Rising 3 comments

We made the Top 100! Vote for us again to be the Top Unreleased Mod for 2018! Support the Tiberium Transformation of the planet and our species!!! Today...

USA Alpha ver. release

USA Alpha ver. release

Generals 6 comments

Some recent news regarding ongoing work on the mod. 30/12/2018.

Evolutions made it in the top 100 once more

Evolutions made it in the top 100 once more

Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved 1 comment

Evolutions made it in the top 100 for the second time. Like wow I didnt expected that to happen this year.

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NOD Evolution 1.03

NOD Evolution 1.03

NOD Evolution 1.03 Full Version 4 comments

in This New Version fixed new bugs found and improve some performance issues

NOD Evolution 1.02

NOD Evolution 1.02

NOD Evolution 1.03 Full Version

In This Version Added Some Fixes And New Special Powers And I will Do More In The Future Releases.

Generals Universe 0.1.1

Generals Universe 0.1.1

Generals Demo 2 comments

LAN fix for USA alpha. Excludes desynchronization of players in the game.

C&C Red Alert History: Release 7

C&C Red Alert History: Release 7

C&C: Red Alert History Full Version 31 comments

C&C Red history: Release 7. The gold rush is now on!



Predatory Full Version 1 comment

This is a basic mod I made back in 07 when I was just beginning to learn how to edit C&C3;. Not too long after it was finished, I moved to another game...

Tiberium Wars Community Patch B2

Tiberium Wars Community Patch B2

Tiberium Wars Community Map Pack Project Full Version

This version of the map pack for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars includes several bug-fixes, balance changes and some additional maps.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 304)

I need a help with installing mod.

Everyone says after game installation there will be Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars folder in my Documents folder.

But there isn't. The hole folder just don't exist.

I'm using Steam version. How can I fix this problem?

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I wonder what will be more important for Carnius:
A working AI or Bug Hunt.
But whatever you do, Carnius, i already love the Alpha (besides it's bugs^^). Forgotten are just my favorites :D
Amazing work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

What are the editing tools? Tiberium Wars tools for mod editing?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I know it's an old post, and I don't know if I can post links to other websites: but here's the Mod SDK for Tiberium Wars from CNCLabs; I used that and it works fine for me:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

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I'm new to CNC modding, my aim is to create a mod for Kane's Wrath where the corpses of dead infantry units, vehicle wrecks and bulding wrecks would stay for some time after death, let's say for 5 minutes.

Also, I want to somehow remove team colors (you know the red, blue, etc. colors for players/AI) so all the units would be without colors, or make it possible to use the same colors by more players, for example the whole team could have the same color for their units.

Is this possible? Is anyone willing to help me and explain how to do this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Not sure if its still modded the same but,
when i used to mod red alert 1 back in the 90s it was all commanded by a "Rules" file, and the delay after death thing, Objects, men, tanks, etc. is a rule in the script, usually destroyable objects are on a timer & disappear after a certain time period for cludder, lag, etc. as for team colors its as simple as changing a color palette.

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New SAGE Engine Modding discord server for C&C and LODR BFME games:

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Any modders wants to make a Yuri's Revenge Mod in this engine? it would be awesome.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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it was better then cnc 4 and thats for sure :P

Jun 26 2011 by DoommasterAM

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