We are the masterminds behind Twisted Insurrection, a standalone mod based on the Command & Conquer™ Tiberian Sun™ engine.

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Twisted Insurrection

Twisted Insurrection

Real Time Strategy

Twisted Insurrection is a critically acclaimed, standalone modification based on the Command & Conquer™ Tiberian Sun™ engine. It features a complete...


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when gdi 16TH misson will come and nod 16TH misson to be fixed i played the entire game and is butiful but in the update with globotech will be fixed issuses with factions in diffrent missons against globotech like in the misson: "great escape" or gdi misson isolation sometimes i saw: -cyborg reapers [NOD]
-altilery [NOD]
-laser buggy[NOD]
-grenadier [GDI]
and this forced me to make those missons in older versions oh and i tink you shold make a nod update because NOD SAMS are slow and GDI anti-air towers have railgun far more powerful than NOD and altilertys shold have more range like the bememoth to be able to destory them or give NOD another troop(s) and GDI goliath tanks are extrme powerful because they have so much damage and nod only have the scorpion tank witch only kills it hard and NOD incendiators are not effective vs 3 troops and they can kill him and while GDI sniper has a far more range than those troops the sniper can kill them and i suggest that you shold increase the nob incendiator range and ik that the infector exist but he will not change extremely much and howtizer is extremely weak if a goliath tank attacks it will need 2 shots and if the enemy has a army of troops and if you want them t only attack:-troop(s),-air(s),-vihicle(s) and GDI upgraded vulcan tower deals much damage same as a sactterpack i tink the laser tower shold reseave a buff or a upgrade or add a new structure because the upgraded vulcan tower can destory armys of tens of troops and while we discuss abaut def structures the GDI upgraded RPG cannon can fire up to 4 rockets whith high damage the obelisk can only hit once evry 1-2 sec and i have only 1 Q can you add globotech in the game?

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Love all ^_^

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I am so Impressed and Have all 8 of my office computers running this perfectly with all the new school and old school PC games having time of there life just like back in the day. AMAZING how you have simple and easily brought back LAN partys for strategy gamers. We at Silver Eye Studios. LOVE YALL

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