OpenRA is a highly moddable RTS game engine for classic Westwood 2D games. In fact Red Alert, Command & Conquer and Dune 2000 are implemented purely as mods on it. Tools are provided that allow you to add new units, maps and tilesets even create your own mod. Have a look at the wiki.

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Built-In Mods

Red Alert

sovietsThe RA mod for OpenRA is a reimagining of Command & Conquer: Red Alert. It is not just a clone of the original but has improved and rebalanced gameplay. The UI is modernised for higher resolutions and better usabiltiy. It has fully working multiplayer support for both internet and local play (via direct connect).

Tiberian Dawn

Tiberian Dawn The CNC mod for OpenRA is a reimagining of the original Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn game. As with Red Alert modern networking and rendering technology is used. Also new features are implemented such as snow terrain, neutral tech buildings and many glitches from the original have been fixed.

Dune 2000

ArrakisThe D2k mod for OpenRA is a reimagining of Dune 2000. A remake of the remake so to speak. It separates itself from the rest of the C&C series in terms of lore, certain game mechanics and file formats, but also shares a lot of technology with it's spiritual successors. Avoid the sandworms and build your base on stable foundations. The spice must flow!

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Release 20161015

News 2 comments

While this cycle has seen relatively little changes to the core game code with just about 28,000 changed lines, the new features and fixes it yields make up for it by being very visible.

The first place you will notice this is the much improved game content installer. It is now able to copy and install game assets from many more installation sources, such as the original release CDs, the First Decade DVDs, installed copies of the Dune 2000 Gruntsmod edition and even the C&C Ultimate Edition from Origin. Additionally, for the first time ever, the content installer will now also automatically install the campaign briefing videos, which means you no longer have to do that manually.

Game content installer

This features comes with one minor down-side: since the new assets are installed into a different place than in previous versions of OpenRA, every player is required to install the game assets again when launching this new version for the first time.

As usual, our quest to complete porting the original campaign missions to OpenRA is ongoing. This time around, there are seven new missions for Tiberian Dawn, and one each for Red Alert and Dune 2000. For Red Alert, there are also three new missions which can be played in both single- and cooperative multiplayer mode and which long-time players may find to be vaguely familiar.

Other new features and fixes include the following:

  • Fixes to a lot of crashes.
  • Fixes to a number of bugs that impacted game servers, such as the infamous “grey ping bug”.
  • New configuration options for customizing mouse scrolling behaviour.
  • New hotkeys for navigating to map edges, and bookmarking positions on the map.
  • New hotkeys for controlling the music player, as well as producing five units at once.
  • Improved aircraft reloading behaviour.

There are many more changes than we are able to mention here, including the usual round of balance changes. Head on over to the Changelog page on our wiki to see the complete list.

Score Screen

Instead of kills and losses the score screen now shows an actual score comprised of the amount of kills as well as other gameplay actions such as capturing and infiltrating buildings, repairing an allies’ units and buildings, and sending them supplies.

Burning trees

Burning trees now provide nice visual effects for flame throwers and nukes.

You can find installers for all supported operating systems on our download page. On that topic, OpenRA now requires .NET 4.5 (Windows) / Mono 3.2 or greater (OS X and Linux). Players using Ubuntu 12.04 or other Linux distributions that include Mono 2.10 can upgrade to a supported version by following the instructions on the Mono site. Windows XP users will need to upgrade to a supported OS.

We hope you will enjoy this newest installment of OpenRA. Have fun!

Playtest 20161001

Playtest 20161001

News 1 comment

We are pleased to release the second playtest of this development cycle!

"Korean War" update

"Korean War" update

OpenRA- Red Alert: World at War 0 comments

General Announcement for significant changes made to OpenRA: Red Alert-World At War. Features: two new countries (North and South Korea).

Playtest 20160904

Playtest 20160904

News 13 comments

Today we’re happy to finally announce the first release candidate for our next OpenRA release. The new playtest contains over 1200 commits by 38 authors...

First release of Tiberian Dawn Xtended

First release of Tiberian Dawn Xtended

Tiberian Dawn Xtended 3 comments

After years of development, C&C remake 'Tiberian Dawn Xtended' sees its first public release as mod for OpenRA.

RSS Related Files
wwi - alpha 0.11

wwi - alpha 0.11

OpenRA - The Great War - WWI - Mod Demo 0 comments

- New version works with OpenRA-Release-20161019 - Resolved crash when submaries attack

wwi - alpha 0.1

wwi - alpha 0.1

OpenRA - The Great War - WWI - Mod Demo 3 comments

First alpha version. Contains two playable factions: Austra & Hungary and Ottoman empire.

Tiberian Dawn Xtended v0.53

Tiberian Dawn Xtended v0.53

Tiberian Dawn Xtended Full Version 2 comments

Update to v0.53. Fixes a few remaining bugs, improves Obelisk laser visuals and tweaks balancing.

Red Alert- World at War 1.4

Red Alert- World at War 1.4

OpenRA- Red Alert: World at War Full Version 4 comments

Fixed a bug where game crashed once Soviets built an airport.

Tiberian Dawn Xtended v0.51

Tiberian Dawn Xtended v0.51

Tiberian Dawn Xtended Full Version 0 comments

Bugfixed version of the first public non-beta release of Tiberian Dawn Xtended. TDX is a remake of C&C for OpenRA with several improvements, tweaked graphics...

Red Alert- World at War 1.3

Red Alert- World at War 1.3

OpenRA- Red Alert: World at War Full Version 2 comments

Changes are in readme. Sorry, have been focusing on other things, so there wasn't an update for a while.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 462)

Hello,can someone say to me how to get back the OpenRA 20140405?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Milanium Creator

It is still available for download via Github.com

Reply Good karma+1 vote

thank you

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Even if the original game is old, it still kicks my *** :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Does anyone else have their mouse disappear on the menu screen? I'm able to fix it by entering the mod selection page and choosing something, but it's a serious pain trying to get the invisible mouse to land on the menu items.

I recall a fix for disappearing mice was mentioned some time ago so I don't know why I keep experience it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Milanium Creator

Sounds like something you should report to Bugs.openra.net with some details on your operating system, graphics driver etc.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I use ORA in window mode due to this bug, I haven't figured how to fix it yet.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Milanium Creator

Try disabling hardware cursors and report your findings to Github.com

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Can someone tell me why the hell I can't find the damn map type for the map editor in the Christmas release? I keep going back to this page: Github.com whenever I try looking it up...

All I can see is MissionSelector, that's it. as far as I can tell there is no flipping way anyone can make a campaign map anymore...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Milanium Creator

MissionSelector is the right choice for campaign maps. It will then only appear in Singleplayer - Missions. You have to edit the mod's mission.yaml though to add it.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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