OpenRA is a highly moddable RTS game engine for classic Westwood 2D games. In fact Red Alert, Command & Conquer and Dune 2000 are implemented purely as mods on it. Tools are provided that allow you to add new units, maps and tilesets even create your own mod. Have a look at the wiki.

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Built-In Mods

Red Alert

sovietsThe RA mod for OpenRA is a reimagining of Command & Conquer: Red Alert. It is not just a clone of the original but has improved and rebalanced gameplay. The UI is modernised for higher resolutions and better usabiltiy. It has fully working multiplayer support for both internet and local play (via direct connect).

Tiberian Dawn

Tiberian Dawn The CNC mod for OpenRA is a reimagining of the original Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn game. As with Red Alert modern networking and rendering technology is used. Also new features are implemented such as snow terrain, neutral tech buildings and many glitches from the original have been fixed.

Dune 2000

ArrakisThe D2k mod for OpenRA is a reimagining of Dune 2000. A remake of the remake so to speak. It separates itself from the rest of the C&C series in terms of lore, certain game mechanics and file formats, but also shares a lot of technology with it's spiritual successors. Avoid the sandworms and build your base on stable foundations. The spice must flow!

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Release 20180923

News 14 comments

One of the themes in this release is integration: a new player account system bridges your in-game persona with the OpenRA Forum; improvements to the game client and server infrastructure enable a more usable online server list, and a new strategy for Linux packaging allows us provide baseline support for more players while reducing our maintenance burden.

Player badges

Players can add badges to their profile to show their achievements or preferences.

Connecting to your OpenRA forum account allows you to verify your identity to other players without revealing your IP address. You can also choose to display up to five badges, with a selection of default options and custom awards available to choose from. Server hosts can configure private clan or tournament servers based on accounts instead of using passwords.

Other improvements to the in-game UI include a new preset- and custom-color tab on the color chooser, the ability to select in text-fields using the mouse, and returning you to the appropriate sub-menu (instead of the main menu) after leaving a game.

Custom color picker

The color chooser now allows you to save and restore your favorite colors.

The new AppImage package format allows us to provide “upstream” releases that should work on all modern Linux distributions. These self-contained packages do not require installation, and so you can keep multiple versions on your system in order to join servers or watch older replays. AppImages can be integrated into your system (adding launcher shortcuts and version updates) by installing the appimaged daemon. If you prefer traditional packaging systems, we encourage you to try out community-supported packages for your distro.

Tech structure tooltips

Mouse-over a capturable tech structure for a description of what it provides.

Notable gameplay changes in this release include:

  • Significant improvements to rendering performance and unit responsiveness
  • Descriptive tooltips for tech structures
  • Tech structures and walls remain on the battlefield if their owner is defeated
  • Overhauled Chronoshift-return behaviour in Red Alert
  • Disabled Kill Bounties in the Red Alert campaign and default multiplayer configuration
  • Fixes for several crashes and gameplay bugs in release-20180307
  • A collection of community balance changes in Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn

As always, we suggest you read the changelog for more complete information, and head over to the download page to get started with the new release!

The latest Mod SDK releases contain major improvements over the 20180307 release:

  • Support for creating Linux packages (via AppImages)
  • Overhauled tools and documentation for updating mods
  • Improved error detection and messages for common modding mistakes
  • Support for creating mods that extend one of the default OpenRA mods

Our investment in the SDK over the past 18 months is paying dividends with impressive community projects now under development. We would like to highlight the recent release of Shattered Paradise, which gives players a first look at Tiberian Sun on OpenRA, and the impressive progress of the KKnD Remake project.

The KKND project aims to remake KKND 1 and 2 using the OpenRA engine.

IceReaper, classic RTS enthusiast and lead developer of the KKnD remake, has also started a video series that illustrates from first principles how to reverse-engineer the asset formats from an old game (Earth 2140) and build a stand-alone remake using OpenRA. We recommend following this series as it develops if you have some programming experience and would like to learn more about reverse engineering and creating projects using OpenRA.

Playtest 20180825

Playtest 20180825

News 2 comments

We are today releasing a new OpenRA playtest with fixes for various issues reported in playtest-20180729. Thank you to everybody who reported bugs or...

Unit Spotlight #3 - The Lindwyrm

Unit Spotlight #3 - The Lindwyrm

C&C - Fanwars

In this week's unit spotlight, we present you the Lindwyrm, an interesting artillery unit from the Order of the Baneslayer.

Playtest 20180729 and other news

Playtest 20180729 and other news

News 3 comments

Hot off the presses, we are pleased to announce a new OpenRA playtest series. With your help, we hope to find and squash any lurking issues and produce...

Unit Spotlight #2 - The Prowler

Unit Spotlight #2 - The Prowler

C&C - Fanwars 5 comments

Here's another preview of a Fanwars in-game unit that you will be able to play with very soon! ;)

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Red Alert - Unplugged | v0.32 | Windows

Red Alert - Unplugged | v0.32 | Windows

Red Alert: Unplugged Demo

Patch v0.32 Alpha of the Red Alert - Unplugged standalone mod. The Alpha version represents the core game-play of which will dictate the form of its planned...

Red Alert - Unplugged | v0.32 | MacOS (.zip)

Red Alert - Unplugged | v0.32 | MacOS (.zip)

Red Alert: Unplugged Demo

Patch v0.32 Alpha of the Red Alert - Unplugged standalone mod. The Alpha version represents the core game-play of which will dictate the form of its planned...

Red Alert - Unplugged | v0.32 | Linux (.zip)

Red Alert - Unplugged | v0.32 | Linux (.zip)

Red Alert: Unplugged Demo

Patch v0.32 Alpha of the Red Alert - Unplugged standalone mod. The Alpha version represents the core game-play of which will dictate the form of its planned...

Red Alert - Unplugged | v0.32 | Winportable

Red Alert - Unplugged | v0.32 | Winportable

Red Alert: Unplugged Demo

Patch v0.32 Alpha of the Red Alert - Unplugged standalone mod. The Alpha version represents the core game-play of which will dictate the form of its planned...

Red Alert - Unplugged | v0.31 | Windows

Red Alert - Unplugged | v0.31 | Windows

Red Alert: Unplugged Demo

Patch v0.31 Alpha of the Red Alert - Unplugged standalone mod. The Alpha version represents the core game-play of which will dictate the form of its planned...

Red Alert - Unplugged | v0.31 | MacOS (.zip)

Red Alert - Unplugged | v0.31 | MacOS (.zip)

Red Alert: Unplugged Demo

Patch v0.31 Alpha of the Red Alert - Unplugged standalone mod. The Alpha version represents the core game-play of which will dictate the form of its planned...

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Hello mod developers and everyone else!

This is surprisingly my first post here as I am a HUGE fan of this project. To me, this mod expertly recaptures what the original classics were, but it isn't afraid to explore ideas for making some fine-tune tweaks and necessary changes, whether it be for improved gameplay, fixing balance issues, modernizing the mechanics, etc. I am so very thankful for the hard, dedicated work everyone has put into making this mod a success. This truly deserves any and all of the praises it gets!

I do have some suggestions about the mod, though, especially now that certain subjects were brought up recently by the devs. So, please hang in there for the long read ;)

* Regarding the Hind debate *
Just like others here, consider me one who also feels that its placement with the Allies feels out of place (but I completely understand why it was moved there). So, hear me out, here are my ideas about this:

First, the Hind should be moved back to the Soviets, and then, if OpenRA's engine allows it (which, if I'm not mistaken, it can), let the Hind and Longbow BOTH be equipped with a chaingun (vs infantry only) AND missiles (vs vehicles/structures only). Both crafts in real life do have both weapons, after all, so it makes sense; remember, also, the original RA cinematic intro did feature a Hind shooting missiles.

Then, for giving each helicopter its weaknesses/strengths (while still maintaining that sense of balance), there should be subtle differences in firepower between these two air units. For an example: The Hind was originally chainguns only, so let it deal more damage than the Longbow's newly acquired chaingun; the Longbow was originally missiles only, so let it deal more missile damage than the Hind's. Another example (or in addition to the above): the Hind could have a higher capacity for its chaingun ammo than the Longbow, but the Longbow could have a higher capacity for missiles than the Hind. Differing variables to make for an interesting and balanced gameplay. It might take some effort to get the balance feeling just right, but I do believe with enough tweaking and gameplay tests, it can be accomplished. Again, this is all dependent on if the engine can allow this. What do you guys think about this possibility? Can this work? Of course with the Hind returning to the Soviets, it's possible that further balancing may need to be done for the Yak and Mig to ensure each unit is desirable in their own way.

Now, as for the Soviets having airfield units and the Allies not, I'm actually just fine with that. There are multiple things that the Allies have which the Soviets do not have, and vice versa. With that said, though (and this is me just thinking out loud), what if the Allies did also have access to an Airfield? I'd think that only one jet would be plenty; just enable the jet to have an anti-infantry nose cannon AND anti-vehicle missiles, which will basically balance out the Soviet's Yak and Mig. For the role, the Warthog would make perfect sense (I know it's in TD, but it could function well here too - just as there were originally other units ported over to RA from TD) Again, just thinking out loud with this, but I'd be curious to hear what other people might have to say of it.

* Regarding the Kill Bounties *
I personally am okay with this. In my opinion, it's a nice, extra feature to have for players during MP, as an OPTION if they wish to have it; depending on the map, I believe there are even necessary times for having this. So, I wouldn't remove it from RA. For those who are less in favor of it, perhaps it would be best and feel less invasive for RA (and other mods) if it weren't as the default, but rather, you'd have to check the box in the options tab? Simple change. By the way, the mod for TD (and Dune 2000?) used to have this feature, I believe, but it's currently not available - I'd say bring it back, for the same reasons it be available for RA.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Other thoughts while I am here sharing...

* The APC moved to the Soviets *
I don't think the American-made M113 APC should be with the Soviets. It's not as unsettling as the Hind being moved to the Allies, but, still, for the same reason, it feels a bit off. My suggestion about this is: Since creating a new vehicle can be a welcomed idea (when necessary and appropriate, such as the useful and fitting Mobile Flak), let the Soviets have another new vehicle for transporting infantry, which, I believe, should be based off of the BTR-60, and then move the M113 APC back to the Allies where it should be. I think I read somewhere of somebody else making a similar suggestion as this, so it's good to know I'm not the only one who thinks this.

Then, since the Allies and Soviets will each have their own type of APC with differing appearances, how about call the Soviet variant "Light APC" and either leave the Allied APC as just "APC" or rename it as "Medium APC" (personally, I'd lean more towards the latter)? Just like there is a "Light Tank", "Medium Tank", and "Heavy Tank".

And, since the Soviets do not have an air transport (they should never have the American-made Chinook, btw), should this BTR-60 unit have a unique ability about it? Could/should it be able to also traverse in water just like the real-life vehicle can?

And/or, with the Hind (hopefully) back to the Soviets, and since these can be used for transporting personnel in real life, should it be allowed to transport a single infantry or 5?

And/or, what about possibly enabling the Soviet's new Mobile Flak unit to carry a single infantry (just like the Allied Ranger now can)? Therefore, if the Hind and Mobile Flak BOTH were allowed to carry some infantry, perhaps then a new Soviet APC wouldn't be necessary; the original APC should still go back to the Allies, though.

Well, that's everything I got for now, and it's probably more than enough food for thought, anyhow :)

Thank you for reading, and thank you for this awesome project!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Why have the mods no original tech tree and new units?
I would like if i can play these with original trees in skirmish, especially Tiberian Dawn (back in the day, it has no skirmish). But Turret and Machine Gun Tower for Nod? What? Please add Vanilla Versions of the games like the original

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
pchote Creator

We don't have the manpower to maintain these as official projects, but there is a RA Classic mod that aims to provide this for Red Alert: Github.com

I am not aware of any similar projects for Tiberian Dawn, but we provide all the tools you or someone else would need to start one using the Mod SDK.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

This should be on steam :O

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is there a nice guide showing how to get mods working out? It was simple, now it is a bit complicated

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Milanium Creator
Milanium Reply Good karma+1 vote

get patreon and charge one dollar for each release!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Milanium Creator

There is Salt.bountysource.com if you want to help cover the fees for hosting the servers.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Edit: I found the Github page haha, whoops. Might be handy if you just had a tutorial article here on ModDB that links straight too it :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Milanium Creator
Milanium Reply Good karma+2 votes
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