Tactical Fleet Simulator (TFS) is a total overhaul with the aim of transforming Homeworld2 into a tactics-oriented strategy game. Initial versions aimed for a more immersive tactical "simulator" orientation, the current version provides a more refined, stable and consistent RTS experience. The latest release represents almost nine years of development and continuous refinement.

TFS revamps the entire pace of the game and its combat aspects while introducing new content, ship classes and unit subclasses, updating the entire ship roster and tech tree in the process. Recurring themes are quasi-modern (circa 20th century) air and naval doctrines modified for three-dimensional movement complete with a proper unit classification system. Grand strategy plays a significant role, but the emphasis is placed on battlefield adaptability simulated by a large amount of assets available to the player. TFS takes a combined arms approach - there are no individual "uber" units as found in most RTS games. Even the largest capital ships will fall prey to opposing forces in short order if not managed correctly and utilized in conjunction with other units.


  • Stable and Fluid Gameplay: The mod has been rigorously field tested to ensure stability for both online and skirmish play, and has been tested to ensure proper unit balancing for PvP multiplayer games. Provided you have adequate PC hardware, the mod will run with a good and consistent frame rate with very little slowdowns over vanilla Homeworld2.
  • Comprehensive Classification System: TFS features a complete and functional classification system for combat units and weapon systems. Familiarity with this system as well as the units under your command is essential to fully grasp the mod.
  • Adapt-or-Die: Split-second decisions and micromanagement adds to the fatigue of simulated tactical decision-making. Battlefield adaptability is essential for success.
  • Dynamic Combat: Every unit has a unique role. Successful mastery of TFS requires that you know what to deploy under specific circumstances - there are no "uber" units, as even the largest of capital ships can be taken down with disturbing ease if not adequately supported by other unit types.
  • Functional Campaign and AI: The mod features a fully functional single player campaign and enhanced AI that takes full advantage of the new ship classes and research upgrade options available.
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Tactical Fleet Simulator v2.9.1 Released!

Version 2.9 has been released and should be available for download on ModDB shortly. This is the first new release for TFS in three years - and it will most likely be the last release of the mod for Homeworld 2 Classic.

Strategic Bombers unleashing their payload FFE-43 Escort Frigate strafing Heavy Cruiser

Tactical Fleet Simulator (v2.9.1)

The major highlights and improvements over v2.8 include:

  • Simplified Designation System
  • The old designation system was bloated and full of redundant details that added little strategic and tactical gameplay value. The new designation system is vastly more simplified, concise, consistent and easier to learn.

  • New Ship Roster
  • The ship roster for both races has been updated, with many old units either modified or outright replaced with new ships.

  • Optimizations for Widescreen Display Resolutions
  • Version 2.9 will display high-resolution UI elements optimized for 16:9 and 16:10 display resolutions. To take advantage of these changes you will have to run the game in one of these resolutions. (*Recommended 1080p or 720p resolution with Vsync and Triple Buffering enabled with FPS limited to 58 frames to reduce input-lag. Recommend using Nvidia graphics cards for best results.)

  • CnlPepper's Shader Mod
  • I have finally implemented this popular shader mod into TFS - while tweaking it to retain support for custom ship badges. (*You should disable shadows in the video settings to prevent artifacts with these shaders!)

  • Adaptive AI
  • The CPU players will take advantage of the many subclasses of ships present in TFS, making them more adaptive and difficult to counter. (*For best results, I recommend playing on a medium-to-large size map.)

(Note: For a more detailed list see the release notes in the download page for v2.9.1)

Moving Forward...

As many of you are undoubtedly aware, the Homeworld Remastered Collection will be released on February 25th. I fully intend to port TFS over to the new game engine and continue its development for the Remastered Collection.

The re-release of Homeworld2 Classic and Homeworld Remastered will use the Steam client - so come join our Steam group for multiplayer:
Tactical Fleet Simulator Steam Group

Seeking New Team Members

We are looking for any type of assistance for the future development of the mod, but specifically we would like to find texturers and 3d artists who can help convert ships and modify textures to suitable formats for the Remastered edition of the game; and for anyone who would be interested in developing new ships for "TFS Remastered". If you are interested in joining the development team, feel free to contact me via PM.

Update Roadmap

Update Roadmap

2 years ago News 3 comments

Two updates for TFS v2.8 are planned, the first of which will involve polishing and the implementation of new ship HODs. The second update will focus...

TFS v2.8.3 Update and Mission 3

TFS v2.8.3 Update and Mission 3

2 years ago News 10 comments

Announcing TFS v2.8.3 Updates: Campaign Fixes and Further Refinements

Dedicated Network for TFS on Tunngle

Dedicated Network for TFS on Tunngle

3 years ago News 2 comments

Official Tactical Fleet Simulator (TFS) Lobby in Tunngle VPN Client

Tactical Fleet Simulator Multiplayer

Tactical Fleet Simulator Multiplayer

4 years ago News 0 comments

Tactical Fleet Simulator (TFS) was designed to be played against human opponents in online game matches.

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Tactical Fleet Simulator (v2.9.1)

Tactical Fleet Simulator (v2.9.1)

9 months ago Full Version 6 comments

TFS v2.9.1 Full Release. See the release notes below for more information.

Tactical Fleet Simulator 3G (v2.8.2)

Tactical Fleet Simulator 3G (v2.8.2)

3 years ago Full Version 31 comments

TFS v2.8.2 Full Release. UPDATE: Campaign levels should load properly in this release. To use the new Hiigaran cruisers, use the EB&R Game mode. List...

Tactical Fleet Simulator 3G (v2.7.1)

Tactical Fleet Simulator 3G (v2.7.1)

5 years ago Full Version 5 comments

TFS v2.7.1 Full Release (12/17/10). The updates consist of rebalancing for multiplayer games. Refinements to in-game effects to boost performance, addresses...

Tactical Fleet Simulator 3G (v2.6.3)

Tactical Fleet Simulator 3G (v2.6.3)

5 years ago Full Version 7 comments

TFS v2.6.3 Full Release (7/31/10). Updates, error corrections and refinements over previous release. Patch released (11/5/10).

Tactical Fleet Simulator 3G (v2.6.1)

Tactical Fleet Simulator 3G (v2.6.1)

5 years ago Full Version 6 comments

TFS v2.6.1 Full Release (4/14/10): Windows and Mac compatible, resolves incompatibility with integrated graphics cards and features a fully-functional...

Tactical Fleet Simulator (v2.5.5)

Tactical Fleet Simulator (v2.5.5)

7 years ago Full Version 14 comments

TFS v2.5.5 (1/24/09). If you are using a Macintosh computer, download the TFSv2.5.m version. Changes from v2.5.3 are listed below.

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Child_Services Mar 2 2015 says:

How long until TFS : Remastered? :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
reeboker Mar 1 2015 says:

This mod was my fav of all time. Now it just crashes, shortcut->black screen loading and jumps back to win dunno what can be the problem here, do we need H2 patched to some specific version?

+1 vote     reply to comment
reeboker Mar 1 2015 replied:

Well now I'm completely confused, 2.8.2 doesn't start either, and it was working back in the days...

+1 vote     reply to comment
Terrorclaw Feb 27 2015 says:

Hey, I was trying to figure this out, and I need to check, but Isn't there a way to tell your ships to attack at maximum range? I was just asking because I noticed in Mission one of the campaign, a set of Looong range enemy bombers kept circling and attacking from out of my view range, and not getting close, so there should be a way.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Mar 1 2015 replied:

those would be interdiction bombers, they automatically circle targets (capitals unless upgraded) at near max range. Other bombers get close to fire other weaponry after dropping their long ranged bombs as their payload requires some time to be reloaded. Instead of idling they tend to fire whatever weapons they have left but that brings them to typically short ranges.

as for the question itself, i dont think there's a way to issue a command to have them fire at max range. try micromanagement.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Daemonkiller117 Feb 26 2015 says:

Random question: Would mods like this and other HW2 mods work with the HW2 Classic bit of Homeworld Remastered? I would be interested in finally playing this mod on a decent PC

+1 vote     reply to comment
Battlecry Creator
Battlecry Feb 26 2015 replied:

Yes, TFS will run using Homeworld Classic on Steam. You can install the mod from Steam workshop if you are using the Gearbox/Steam version of the game.

+1 vote   reply to comment
sithpal Feb 25 2015 says:

its been a very long time since i played and i normally only played complex. i installed this mod but i cant tell if its working right or not. i click on the desktop icon and it wouldnt start the game for me. is there any specific thing on the menu screen or something that would tell me its working?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Jerkakame Feb 27 2015 replied:

I had the same problem, I had to move the TFS files to the Data folder.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Battlecry Creator
Battlecry Feb 25 2015 replied:

You would see the TFS menu screen and a big "Tactical Fleet Simulator" logo at the top of it.

It sounds like you didn't create a shortcut to run the mod. Make sure you are running Homeworld 2 with the following command line:

-mod TFSv2.9.big,;TFS_UIMod.big

+1 vote   reply to comment
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