Angels Fall First is a vast Lucasian universe creation project, begun as a set of short stories and now encompassing a variety of games, mods and art projects created by an international team.

AFF: Naval Combat Operations (NCO), is a standalone Homeworld 2 modification project that seeks to bring the universe of AFF alive for lovers of strategic, space-based warfare.

AFF: NCO seeks to both rebalance and re-invent the gameplay of Relic's award-winning RTS title. Featuring new units, weapons, and a brand-new, totally original universe, AFF will redefine strategic gameplay.

"The United League of Planets, the greatest peaceful union mankind has ever known, lies in shambles. The once proud coallition of humanity's greatest super-powers now wage bitter war across the cosmos. Now, a devestating war threatens to tear apart all that has become of nearly two centuries of peace.

In grand, imperial fashion the Antarean Empire and its allies seek no less then the utter destruction and domination of the spaceways. Having grown disillusioned with the stagnant pseudo-democracy of the ULP having been disgusted by the League Navy's treatment of so-called "rebel-factions" (The Massacre of Tuatha Rigel, Blood March of Covington), the Antarean Empire seceded from League. This precipitated a split, and eventually dissolution of the ULP as a single entity. As such, the Antareans see themselves as the rightful heirs to supreme galactic power and regard their fellow former League members as guilty by consent, and thus criminals.

Now, the scattered remants of the ULP are now locked in bitter struggle with the Antarean Alliance, the single largest "empire" in all known space. As the massive armadas of the depleted but still sizeable United Space Navy and Antarean Allied Navy grappled at one another, the rest of the galaxy watches with alarm, praying that the winning side will not turn its gaze outward once again. However ten years of war and tragedy have begun to take their toll as new galactic powers begin to emerge along with the discovery of new technologies.

Alliances are formed and broken, conspiracies hatched and foiled, all of this in the shadow of the longest recorded battle in mankind's space-faring history. Both sides have prepared daring and desperate bids to attain victory, but the question is no longer who will come out the winner, but rather how many will die ere the last battle is fought. A famous keeper of past knowledge put it best "In a war on heaven, angels fall first".

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Official Forum Post for download info, pics & more!

Yes ladies and gents, hell has indeed frozen over! AFF: NCO Alpha version 0.8 has finally arrived! Oh, did I mention a name change? AFF: Total Conversion is now AFF: Naval Combat Operations! There are a bevy of changes in store for those brave enough to kick this puppy into the nearest PC!

AFF: NCO Features over 15 new craft, a new resource system, [semi]
working AI, new fx, and music, 0.8 is a whole different kettle of fish from the last release. As always, this is an alpha release. This means that there are alot of things that are potentially broken, crashy, unoptimized and unfinished. I decided to release this build primarily to get the testing under way for the beta, as most of the main art assets have been created. Now on to scripting and fx creation, yar!

Playing this new version is not particularly stable for online play lotsa desych errors when combat gets heavy). Hopefully we'll be able to squash a lot of these as the mod progresses. Also, new ships, fx and updates will trickle in as they get finished from now on, no more year long waits for content (lord willing). I've included some info on the new systems as long as a critical primer for players to get a handle on whats changed, so make sure to check out the official forum post for more detailed information. Enjoy!



Official Image Post:

What's new in 0.8?

- 15 new ships including one "Hero" vessel (INS Morningstar)
- An uncountable number of new/tweaked weapons and fx
- New building/resourcing system
- And a couple themed battle missions (coming soon)

New Ships:

Fuel Depot

Olympiad [Defense "Wall"]
Gemini II [Defense Platform]
Light Platform Controller [Station]
Viper [Fighter]
Heimdall [Destroyer]
Alfazard [Frigate]
Muninn [Light Cruiser]
Tyr [Pocket BB]
Ragnarok [Dreadnought]

Horus [Fighter]
Ti [Corvette]
Vladimir [Frigate]
Khamun [Frigate]
Shu [Frigate]
Everstar [Light Cruiser]
Pride-C [Battlecruiser]
Osiris [Battleship]
Morningstar [Experimental Command]
Naqada [Battle Station]

New Maps:
Deep Space (online Now!)
*Greater Tricholid Wastes (coming Soon!)
*Battle of the Empyrean (Coming Soon!)

AFF Is Alive and Kicking

AFF Is Alive and Kicking

9 years ago News 1 comment

What can I say, its literally been motnhs since we've posted our goings on to the Moddb community. It would take several news posts to summarize...

AFF: TC - Back Again...

AFF: TC - Back Again...

10 years ago News 1 comment

Hmmmm, well here we go with yet another comprehensive update on multiple fronts. For those who aren't forum (or even AFF) savvy, a crapload of new...

AFF: TC - PC Gamer and Beyond!

AFF: TC - PC Gamer and Beyond!

10 years ago News 0 comments

We are proud to report that the AFF: TC is firing on all cylinders! This month we have been blessed with a fairly hefty article in PC Gamer UK! Head on...

AFF: TC - New Ships, New Announcements

AFF: TC - New Ships, New Announcements

10 years ago News 0 comments

It has been a long while since we've posted an update for the Moddb community, and its my pleasure to announce that the AFF: TC is anytihng but dead...

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AFF: Naval Combat Operations Alpha Version 0.8

AFF: Naval Combat Operations Alpha Version 0.8

8 years ago Full Version 11 comments

This is the BIG Archive version of Angels Fall First: Naval Combat Operations version 0.8 for Homeworld 2 (v 1.1). If you are unfamiliar with using BIG...

Crowning Day Massacre teaser

Crowning Day Massacre teaser

9 years ago Movies 8 comments

This trailer is a showcase of the skills of our team, presenting brilliantly animated Crowning Day Massacre incident, by our 3D Art Lead, strangelet...

AFF v. 0.4 Installer (1.1 patch req.)

AFF v. 0.4 Installer (1.1 patch req.)

9 years ago Full Version 1 comment

HW2 AFF v. 0.4 installer for those that can't deal with standard procedure. This version has got some installer's bugs fixed. Make sure you...

Angels Fall First version 0.26

10 years ago Full Version 0 comments

Simple and easy Installer for the AFF Homeworld2 Mod . More information available here;

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Raykilla6669 Oct 15 2015 says:

Homeworld 2 : Angels Fall First Mod ( TEST )HD 4K

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dzev Jul 4 2015 says:

It would be very interesting if they will revive this mod for remastered... atleast after Planestorm release.

+2 votes     reply to comment
TankGun Oct 5 2015 replied:

Agreed :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
BigFoot1 Apr 25 2012 says:

I just installed the mod and it is really fantastic, my kinda mod!! Really great ships! Also the maps and backgrounds are really good. The battles are fast and furious, terrific!
Cannot build the Muninn class or the Media class, but when I add them to the start fleet file they show up, so the ships seem fine. Also the Fox class has no texture.
Again, a really great mod thanks for the great work!! Looking forward to the next update..

+1 vote     reply to comment
TriggerHappyMan Dec 17 2011 says:

Hello, I am able to run the mod, but when ever I tried to start a match using AFF Deathmatch, right after loading the game crashes to desktop with no error message. I have Windows 7 (64 bit). Any ideas would be awesome. I would really like to play this. Oh and nice job adding some good music vs the old Homeworld one.

Thanks in advance.

+1 vote     reply to comment
TriggerHappyMan Dec 17 2011 replied:

Make that ANY gamemode* I think it is the maps, as I have the Halo waypoint mod as well and it crashes on any non-homeworld 2 map.

+1 vote     reply to comment
willyTHERAVEGER Apr 20 2012 replied:

hi. most if not all non-official maps cause the game to crash, usually when loading "Universe" on the loading screen.

to fix this. there is one possible thing you can do.
add " -luatrace" with the space and without the quotations to the end of the target box in a Shortcut (Must be a shortcut).
i am not certain if this will work for you

the other thing is if you have the stock version of homeworld2 (1.0) you must update to 1.1
if your game crashes at attempted start up. (Witch it "will" on vista or Win7) you must find a "German" 1.1 crack for the game and use it.
this has been proven to work. don't ask me how but it does

NOTE: i came across a forum with the answer to Homeworld2 1.1 on vista/Win7 and seemed to be the only thing to work.
so to all who have wanted to play HW2 1.1 with any of the newer mods. try this out. even if you despise using cracks

+1 vote     reply to comment
LT~Sagan Mar 25 2012 replied:

do you have any other mods and do they work? you have the 1.1 patch, maybe thats it

+1 vote     reply to comment
Aqpwod Aug 20 2011 says:

4 months without an update. I hope it is still going.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Hell_Diguner Oct 21 2011 replied:

Last I knew, they said they wanted to stop working on this AFF HW2 mod, and instead work on their other AFF mod(s) and game(s)

+1 vote     reply to comment
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