Halo © Microsoft Corporation. Sins of the Prophets was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Halo. It is not endorsed by Microsoft and does not reflect the views or opinions of Microsoft or anyone officially involved in producing or managing Halo. As such, it does not contribute to the official narrative of the fictional universe, if applicable.
Some Covenant assets graciously shared by HOMEFRONT. Additional miscellaneous assets provided by Covenant at War. Also, visit our Facebook page.
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Update for SoaSE v1.85 compatibility included below as well as relevant changelog!

We are officially releasing version 0.81.2 of Sins of the Prophets to the public! We’ve been working the last few months on ways to increase player immersion and make SOTP a more complete experience, as well as updating content to fit closer with the new Halo: Fleet Battles expansions. We would like to thank everyone for providing feedback, suggestions, and bug reports from the previous iterations of the alpha. We read and discuss every issue and suggestion brought forth and work tirelessly to improve the player’s experience. We're eternally grateful for having such a passionate and helpful fanbase. Our fans are what drives this mod and we have some of the best!

Greetings from the SotP dev team!

Today we are releasing version 0.81 of Sins of the Prophets to the general public!

We’re hoping to improve the immersion of the player by making the experience as seamless as possible, as such we have been updating our content to be more contiguous and fit in with the Halo: Fleet Battles roster. We’ve taken feedback and suggestions from the community and used it to improve wherever possible within the limitations of the engine. We hope these changes make the experience that is SotP a much more enjoyable one. We thank you all, whether you’re new to the mod or have been actively following since the beginning, for your support and your interest in our little Halo project.

There have been many changes to this version of SotP, many of which are to do with new textures, models and UI elements. We were hoping to get the update out before E3 so that we could all enjoy the hype together, as such this update is relatively light compared to previous versions, but it adds some much needed improvements to get us that much closer to version 1.0. While you’re enjoying 0.81, this will give us time to do some more intensive work on future plans for the mod, which includes yet another rebalance of the units.

Notable Changes

  • The Orion-class Assault Carrier has replaced the Phoenix-class Assault Ship as the starter capital of the UNSC.
  • The DSC-class Support Ship, Stalwart-class Light Frigate and ORS-class Heavy Cruiser have had a complete redesign, including a new textures and/or models.
  • The Haven starbase has been removed in anticipation of future developments.
  • The Covenant refinery and hangar defense have had updated models and textures.
  • The Epoch has had slight tweaking to its texture.
  • New UI elements have been added, replacing many of the old placeholders and missing icons.
  • Added DOS-class Supercruiser VO (Voiced by Tyler from Halo Collective).
  • Updated Covenant UI VO (Randy Aguebor).
  • Added several SFX for frigate and capital ship factories.
  • Updated shield impact effects.
  • Updated slipspace charge-up SFX.
  • Minor tweaks and EQ changes on several VOs.

New and Improved


In our effort to utilize the amazing work Spartan Games is doing for 343 in the creation of the tabletop boardgame Halo: Fleet Battles, we’ve added some of their newer designs to our roster. Our 3D artists Malcontent1692 and Sookendestroy have worked in tandem to model and texture these ships to our high standards. The Orion-class Assault Carrier has replaced the Phoenix-class Assault Ship in its role as the colonizing capital ship and their DSC-class Support Ship has replaced our older design and has been updated to better represent HFB’s stats and roles.


We’ve been trying to make the ships in the mod more cohesive, as such we’ve unified the art style of many of the ships. The ORS has had an update to its texture and model, the Epoch has has some minor texture work and the Stalwart has been completely remodeled and retextured to closer resemble the IN Amber Clad from Halo 2 Anniversary, with SotP flair. Over time we’re going to be moving all Covenant ships to the purple standard other than those we and the Homefront team deem to look best in silver.


“The ancients grace us!” as our sound designer I_Am_Sancho, particle artists Cole Protocol and Sgt Toothpaste, and UI artist WyvernZu have been hard at work to beautify the mod. There has been a significant amount of improvement in the UI, almost all placeholders have been replaced and many of the existing content has been modified. The sounds and VO’s of the mod have been gradually improving since the last update. By the way, we are always looking for more voice overs so feel free to apply by contacting I_Am_Sancho! Finally, we’re trying to make the effects in the mod less intrusive and more immersive as such our resident FX artists have been working to improve these issues.

Scale Chart

We've taken the liberty of updating the scale chart to include the new and improved ships and reflect the current rosters. Thanks to the efforts of ElijahBl and WyvernZu it looks better than ever! Clicking the image above will take you to Eli's deviantArt page where you can download an 8K version of the chart. The chart is also included in the download for 0.81.1 of the mod.


The mod can be downloaded from the link below. Please spread the word about this release and help us reach out to those in the Halo community who might want to play an experience like this, but don't yet know about the work we're doing!

Sins of the Prophets Alpha v.0.81.2 (SoaSE v1.85)

We’re Recruiting!

Looking to help out the mod? Looking for a way to gain valuable experience and have your name on a highly acclaimed project? We at Sins of the Prophets are always looking for capable, creative and talented people to help out and join the team. If you can code, model, create effects, voice act, concept or have any number of other skills, we’re looking for you! Contact us at any of the links below for more details and should you be interested apply today! However, if you’re just looking to playtest the mod the only sure way to get that coveted position is to be active on our forum and submit clear and detailed bug reports following public releases!

Social media


A big thanks goes out to Sookendestroy for helping me throw this article together. Have fun in SotP version 0.81!

0.81.1 Changelog (SoaSE v1.84 Compatibility Update)

  • Updated mod to be Sins 1.84 compliant.
  • Added DRP model.
  • Nerfed DSC weapons.
  • Fixed bug with DSC spawning fighters.
  • Added new SMAC muzzle sound.
  • Updated DSC textures.
  • Fixed a number of broken unit pictures.

0.81.2 Changelog (SoaSE v1.85 Compatibility Update + Balancing)

  • Necessary compatibility changes to work in SoaSE 1.85
  • Sahara cloak now lasts 10 minutes, where 1 anti-matter(AM) = 1 minute of cloak (cloak ends when the Sahara is down to 5 AM)
  • Sahara's AM regen has been changed and is slower compared to old rate
  • Sahara's laser now is useful to light cov/unsc frigates and fighters
  • HORNET mine activation radius increased to 1000 from 200. They are now deployed over a larger area than before. Ability cooldown was decreased to 30 from 90 and mine laying count was increased to 7 from 5. Increased mine clearing radius to accommodate the new HORNET activation range.
  • Changed Paris armor type to match Halberd/Eion and fixed CRS armor type.
  • Minor Covenant patrol ships XP set to zero.
  • Re-added Haven starbase renamed as the CDA-class.
Sins of the Prophets Alpha v.0.80.1 is live!

Sins of the Prophets Alpha v.0.80.1 is live!

News 66 comments

Today we are releasing version 0.80 of Sins of the Prophets for public consumption! First, we'd like to thank everyone for providing feedback and bug...

Covenant Defenses - The Patrol Station

Covenant Defenses - The Patrol Station

News 30 comments

In this update, we discuss an upcoming feature for the Covenant: The Patrol Station.

What's ahead for Sins of the Prophets in 2016

What's ahead for Sins of the Prophets in 2016

News 40 comments

Today we're going to discuss with you the immediate future plans the team is working on for the mod and where we hope to go in 2016.

Sins of the Prophets Rebellion Alpha v0.75.1 Released

Sins of the Prophets Rebellion Alpha v0.75.1 Released

News 35 comments

Our last release was in July of 2014. Shortly after that we realized the mod's base code was from 2008 when the original team had begun work on the mod...

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Sins of the Prophets Alpha v.0.81.2 (SoaSE v1.85)

Sins of the Prophets Alpha v.0.81.2 (SoaSE v1.85)

Demo 50 comments

Prior to installation, have Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion (SoaSE:R for future reference) installed. If you have played Sins of the Prophets before...

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So giving the game a try, picked the first small map. The Flood crushed me in about 30 minutes. I couldnt stop them. I tried again and played a single AI, again half hour and crushed. im not bad at other mods (SOA2, Stars, INT, STA3, SOTF, SGU) for this game, usually i got enough fund to send the other pirates, or i cna play defensively enough to hold them off till i can go offensive. So what am i missing here? Before anyone starts poking at me, (noob, rookie, etc..) im a disabled vet, these games help me keep my mind focused, and pull me out of reality on bad days.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

you wanna pick a map that's got "no flood" in it's name. the flood are unforgiving and generally played against when you have a team of players with you

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

So I've been playing your mod for around a week now and I feel like I am in a place for some more constructive feedback.
It's all positive still though!

Gameplay issues - Lighting effects and such. I have an exceptionally good computer, I used to use it for graphics work and is top of the line, but even I have had a few laggy moments in the game. Mind you, that is late game with all the AI slots full and all with capped fleets. I imagine that would be worse for someone with not as good a computer.

(THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT) The Flood - Early game, the flood were an awesome introductory adversary, and when I first came across a carrier form I was super cautious about the flood spores in tow. However, I quickly learnt that they didn't really pose too much of a threat, and the flood carrier forms were the most dangerous flood hurdle.
Mid to late game, the flood aren't very difficult to deal with.
I think the Flood need a big step up to make them into the galaxy threatening parasite that they should be.
There should be a greater probability/risk of the flood spores infecting your ships or planets. But not in a mindlessly ravenous way that spreads faster than you can keep up with.
I'd love fighting the flood with them being a frightening empire unto themselves that threaten every faction in more than just a harassing manner.

The Forerunner faction - First encounter was against sentinels at a portal, was super hyped for what more of them I might come across. But unfortunately they were the most I came across for the Forerunners, and the rest were just UNSC class vessels. Not that was bad, I still enjoy the little challenges of it, but fighting Sentinels got my hopes up.

I think I saw an image of the Mantles Approach?
The Didact, or Warrior-Servants, would make a great "pirate style" faction, similar to the flood. But one that attacks less often and less randomly, but when they do are absolutely devastating.

Maps - I have only played on one map so far against all the AI with one set to Ally. But I selected a multi-star map, as I always tend to do. I enjoy the feeling of scale that multi-star maps give.
Are there any Halo dedicated maps? Linked to the story? I saw an image of the Ark, and was wondering if that were in a map I skimmed past?
I'm certainly enjoying it still... But it would be awesome to have a map that roughly follows the ingame story.

AI difficulty - More just a direct question than a review, is "Reclaimer" the most difficult setting? I selected two AI as Mythic, two as Legendary, and the rest as heroic, being unsure if Reclaimer was either easy or hard.

My overall rating - 8/10
I NEVER rate anything 10/10 almost no matter what.
And I haven't rated this 9 simply because I know it is still a work in progress and things are still being tweaked and added.
You've done an amazing job on this mod and it feels like a great immersive Halo experience. Even the main menu feels like something from a genuine Halo game.

PS. Do you guys have a Patreon or something? Not sure if that would infringe on terms of service and conduct and such... If it didn't though, I'd chip in.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

First off thank you guys making this mod as enjoyable as it has been. I know it takes a lot of time and effort but you guys are doing a phenomenal job.
The game play is running smoothly and such but when ever im playing the covenant and i have a HUGE amount of ships the lighting effects disappear. Like lance blast, plasma torpedoes and such. Is that normal? Is there a way to fix it, or does it have something to do with the fact the game just cant produce enough effects to keep up?

Again thank you guys for all your hard work and i look forward to the next release.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

for someone new to downloading mods for sin of a solar empire your read me is useless as **** but the mod is great

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

TIL step-by-step instructions are hard.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I would like to congratulate all of the folks behind this mod hugely!

Loading up this game and the first sight of the main menu I felt like I was opening up a genuine Halo game, the feel of this is perfect!
Then loading into the game for my first play attempt as the UNSC and it was the Halo space strategy game I've always dreamt of playing.
No it was not without its minor flaws, but still instantly lovable.

It would be incredible if it had a real Halo Universe map with all of the ingame locations.

But all up: I LOVE IT!
You guys have delivered what feels like a genuine Halo experience.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi guys! I had this mod in since the first version came out, but I don't have the game updated to 1.85. I have it at 1.82, will the mod still work? Or do I have to get 1.85?..In case i needed to, If someone has the update for 1.85 and can share it, I'll be more than happy. Cuz well, I couldn't afford the to buy the game so I managed to get it by other means just to play this mod long time ago with the Alpha version 0.75.1. Things you do just to play this awesome mod Keep this Mega AWESOME work! ^_^

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

The staff do not support pirating, if that's what you're saying.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It works if you buy it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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