The time of Diplomacy is over. The length of the war and differing opinions on what should be done to bring the war to an end has led to a splintering of the groups involved. The controlling powers-that-be have depleted arsenals and seemed to have exhausted all efforts of diplomacy. Trapped in a stalemate, sub-factions have rebelled and broken off the main alignments. Rebellion is upon us.

A full-fledged expansion to the original, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion draws you even deeper into the galactic struggle for supremacy with appealing new factions, terrifyingly cool new ships of all sizes, enhanced lighting and particle effects for increased visual pleasure and all-new victory conditions.

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Stargate Invasion Progress Report August (Week 3)


Continuing our updates, below is a change-log covering our progress since we last posted. Most of the changes are already on the public GD, or will be arriving in the next few hours. Audio files have been uploaded but will be linked tomorrow.

Spotlight Videos

For anyone that wishes to post spotlight videos featuring SGI:
- please mention that this is an early access build and that not everything is as we intend it to be
- since this is an incomplete mod, don't treat the spotlight video as a review. Presenting the work is fine but comments about what should have been included are obviously not since we may already have plans that we haven't stated. Once we are ready, we will let you all know that reviewing is in order.
- before making the video, download and install the mod again from google drive so that you are featuring the latest version.
- check that the file count is correct. Current numbers are: With Google Drive Sync: 7154 files, 11 folders
Without Sync: 7166 files, 11 folders.
Thanks for sticking to the above! Now for our change-log:

Abilities & Research

We have decided to implement a system of exploration and research through Artifacts. Each faction will have its own Research Section specifically unlocked by finding Artifacts (currently located in the Defense tab). These are the changes that have been made so far:

- the Project Arcturus Artifact has been replaced by ZPM Artifact (5% research boost and relevant Research Unlock)
- for the Humans, the ZPM Artifact is required in order to have ZPM Research (in Combat Research) available.
- a new research was added for the Humans that is the same as the Project Arcturus Artefact and is dependent on having first gone through ZPM Research.
- all abilities (ZPM, ZPM Cloaking) for the Human faction that require a ZPM will now also require a ZPM Artifact and the ZPM Research to be enabled.

The idea is to have this ZPM Artifact also affect other factions by providing access to specific research and structures if discovered.

- Abilities for Destiny Class Colony Ship added:

  • Observation
  • Heavy Turret
  • Onboard Stargate

ScreenShot 0

Here are some ideas we have discussed for Artifacts:

- Project Arcturus becomes an Artifact again and unlocks a Starbase version of the Arcturus cannon for every Faction. Cannot be controlled directly. Once dropped into a gravity well, it'll begin firing at any ships nearby effectively making the gravity well into a death trap for all. This could be it's own Artifact again, once found it'll unlock the Starbase which is basically the weapon taken from the planet into orbit and slightly adjusted so it can be used in space. Every Faction could have a slightly different looking support structure around the weapon itself for the model. Additional related research could include research for increased energy weapon damage, rate of fire
- Wraith can unlock a Superweapon or possibly Starbase (temporary name: Orbital Hive Gestation) by finding the ZPM Artifact. This factory grows hives (and possibly other capitals) periodically without the need for any intervention, greatly increasing the capital count without expending resources.
- Asgard Hyperdrives Artifact – unlocks a Wraith passive ability where Hives become phase stabilizers allowing the faction to freely travel between stars where ships are present, also provides research for improving hyperspace speed considerably thereby reducing damage taken during jumps (the Wraith would have the unique disadvantage of slow hyperspace speeds and damage per second taken while in hyperspace, for all ships. However, their ships will not have the per ship upkeep common to all other factions, only a general vanilla infrastructure upkeep but with lower percentages.)
The above is not final and they may change as we move forward.

We welcome suggestions for possible Artifacts or research based on Artifacts both for currently available and potential new ones. Post your ideas in the comments section of this progress report and we will see if they can be incorporated into the new Exploration research sections.


- missing string for Asuran AbilityFrigate Cloak Deactivate was fixed
- Asuran TODO strings were replaced with proper names and descriptions
- fixed the Human Maneuvering Thrusters research strings as they were using the wrong set for Name and Description.
- fixed Name and Description string spillover for the Asgard Hyperdrives Artifact.


- increased the AI queue weight of research and research structures
- the AI has been modified to reduce the likelihood of retreat


For the Human Faction:

For the Asuran Faction
- Asuran Lagrangian Satellite:
turning rate increased from 0.75 to 1
tactical slot cost reduced to 4, credit cost reduced to 2000
now needs one less combat lab to be researched
a new ability (Lagrangian Sat. ZPM) was created and added. It requires both the base satellite research and its own research in order to be activated. Enables the use of a ZPM, giving an almost instant charge to the capacitor and increasing the firing rate substantially.
base anti matter recharge rate was lowered from 0.5 to 0.3
entity type is now a WeaponDefense instead of ModuleStandard which should help the AI with recognition
- Asuran Hangar Defense was buffed (see Various Fixes further down)

ScreenShot 5

Asuran LagrangianSatellite ZPMAb

Various Fixes

Can no longer select disabled races!

- Asuran Orbital Hangar Defense:
now fires the same drone weapon as the Orbital Drone Platform instead of a vanilla missile weapon.
weapon points added (3 drone weapons in 360 coverage), 1 target in each direction
hangar point added so that fighter/bomber squads will no longer appear out of the system that they are meant to be in.
created and connected a new shield mesh.
- Fixed use fighter attack set to TRUE for 15 frigates, cruisers, and capitals. Most of these were Asuran, also some Human ships like BC304 (which may be changed back if there's no alternative way to add combat movement). It is now set to FALSE and these ships will no longer move back and forth during a fight
- All Lagrangian Beam abilities will now fire as soon as a target is in range, previously it was necessary to take some damage before it would activate. This change should make the weapon do what it was supposed to, target large ships at range.
- replaced Asuran Typhoan cruiser gravity mine ability with Hyperdimensional Explosive Mines that use our model instead of the previous vanilla version.

- Asurans now have a working starbase however it isn't the Asuran model it is the Phase model as a place holder until the Asurans model is finished however they at least have a starbase now.

UI Skin

- New Tau'ri Military research Icons
- Tau'ri Defense Tab new Research Tree background (Exploration) added ready for research tree implementation
- Asuran Defense tab new Research Tree background (Discovery) added ready for new research tree


Shieldimpact FX

We have been given permission to use the ShieldFX file that RC-1290 created. It will be replacing our current setup and will be used as a base for adjustments going forward. Many thanks to RC for sharing the FX file!


Further work on the Traveler Greebles was done. A total of 51 were made so far with an estimated final count of about 150.

Traveller Greebles CL 01


For Asurans

Sound Files that are linked:

  • Destiny Colony Ship
  • Ceres Light Frigate
  • Atropos Heavy Cruiser
  • Atlantis Class Titan
  • Epheus Class Titan
  • Mercury Class Envoy
  • Kreios Class Cruiser
  • Ogen Antifighter Frigate
  • Erinyes Long Range Frigate
  • Colony Seed Ship
  • Gate Satellite
  • Romulus Capital Ship

Join our Steam Group!

Viking_Warrior has created a official steam group where you can meet fellow SGI enthusiasts, suggest ideas to the team, receive technical support or organize play days with your new friends so feel free to join us.

steam icon 19

Join our discord channel!

We have created a discord channel for all Stargate Fans! Come and chat with not only the Stargate Invasions developers, but also Stargate Pegasus Chronicles, Stargate-DOF, Stargate Utopia, Stargate Traits and Stargate Ships developers. Just click on the image below to join.


Patch v1.05 Live and More!

Patch v1.05 Live and More!

Star Trek: Armada 3 5 comments

A small, but anticipated PATCH for TFF v1.0 with many small fixes. Please follow the link included in the write-up for download. We truly hope you'll...

Stargate Invasion Progress Report July (Week 4)

Stargate Invasion Progress Report July (Week 4)

Stargate Invasion 5 comments

Continuing our updates on SGI mod changes. This report also provides a request guide if anyone wishes to make spotlight videos for the current build on...

Star Wars: Ascendancy 1.1 Open Beta Begins & Community Match

Star Wars: Ascendancy 1.1 Open Beta Begins & Community Match

Star Wars: Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy 3 comments

We have finally entered the last stretch of the 1.1 development cycle for Ascendancy and begun the beta process!

Stargate Invasion Progress Report July (Week 1)

Stargate Invasion Progress Report July (Week 1)

Stargate Invasion 9 comments

This post presents new ship designs for the Travellers and also includes a change log of recent updates to Stargate Invasion.

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STA3: The Final Frontier - v1.05 PATCH

STA3: The Final Frontier - v1.05 PATCH

Star Trek: Armada 3 Patch 7 comments

A small PATCH for TFF v1.0. Please find within the folder: A copy of STA3: The Final Frontier v1.05 changes, a ready-made enabledmods.txt, and a readme...

Stars 3.34.1

Stars 3.34.1

Stars Full Version 10 comments

IDEA: more realistic universe VERSION: 3.34.1 COMPATIBLE: Rebellion 1.9 FIX: Air Defense won't kill new owner fighters

Ascension 1.3

Ascension 1.3

Celestial Ascension Patch 1 comment

Decent sized update for this i think, contains quite a few bug fixes and changes for performance reasons. More to come.

SinsModManager v2

SinsModManager v2

Sins of the Fallen Installer Tool 2 comments

Some tools should be simple. The Sins Mod Manager aims to be just that. THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY THE COPYRIGHT HOLDERS AND CONTRIBUTORS "AS IS" AND...

RebellionFR - Source Code

RebellionFR - Source Code

French Translation / Traduction Française Source Code

Source de installeur fonctionnant avec Inno Setup + Fichier Traduit (Dans sous dossier "Fichiers") + Fichiers VO jusqu'à la version utilisée ici pour...

Sins Dark Reavers Mod v1.4.11 (for Rebellion 1.90)

Sins Dark Reavers Mod v1.4.11 (for Rebellion 1.90)

Sins Dark Reavers Mod Full Version 1 comment

Update which adds custom titan model for DkR faction, and custom voices for all DkR ships.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 242)

Love the Mod, but Can u add just one thing that the planets sholud be in orbits around Sun rather that just being scattered, and if Possible if they may revolve around the sun, Poeple will die for it...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Unfortunately it can't be done. Sins maps are coded to have the planets be stationary and scattered.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi there can somebody help me... So I am new to this modding thing so just practiced it on the Dawn of the reapers mod. Did some tinkering to some of the values of the ships and it worked then I decided to put some of the existing skill on the game to some of the capital ship and it still worked after that I decide to make adjustments to the skills and make new ones based on already ingame skills and then when I open the game in Dev.exe it said *stringSrc == _T('"') and if I try to skip or break a bunch of other errors started to pop out, so decided to undo my changes to the skills and delete the new ones but still shows *stringSrc == _T('"') when I open. So decided to start anew deleted the folder of DOTR the reinstalled it with new one but it still pops out *stringSrc == _T('"'). What should I do? Please someone help...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This is not the place for that sort of help. Go to the modding forum for Sins of a Solar Empire (they have an official one). That said, sounds like you missed an entry in the strings file. Editing existing skills is one thing, but creating new ones means creating new entries in the requisite files.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Thank you so much for replying. I will look at the strings file again and ask in the modding forums if anything else goes wrong

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is the Iron Engine, the engine I presume this game is running on, written in C? Either C++ or C#? I'm interested in helping another Mod that I heard lost their programmer.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi, I gotta ask, how do u colonize planets moons? (IF ITS POSSIBLE) cuz I finished research that says I can colonize moons but I have no idea how

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


I have no idea how many of you are interested in massive graphic upgrades but if you are ^_^ Version 0.5.5 going to be released march 20th.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I think a Sins mod dedicated to just the Clone Wars era in Star Wars would be great, as there are mods for the Galactic Civil War and after that time (New Republic e.t.c.).

There is Sins of a Galactic Empire but, it has all 3 eras (Clone wars, Galactic Civil War and post Original movies(Legends)).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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