A Halo mod for the critically acclaimed Sins of a Solar Empire, that aims to capture the fast paced intensity of the Halo series.

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Report RSS Phoenix-class assault ship/Spirit of Fire redux (view original)
Phoenix-class assault ship/Spirit of Fire redux
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"...of our hero ship system..."

Tell me more, please.

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Idios Creator

*whispers* Soon.

Have patience, Mister Vogel - In due time, all will be revealed.

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Wow i have to say.....i love this! I was among the critics at first and trough that malcontent models and textures are worse then Annihilator 102 ones...i can only say i was so wrong you became so much better over the last year.

Thank you,thank you for your Devotion and free time you put into this. It really Shows of !

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I am happy, this ship is beautiful, an aft I wouldn't mind seeing burn covvie fighters to space dust, those round thingies are finally not just UNSC-standard stickers, it's dark and gritty, brimming with a human-covenant war feel.

This mod sets the global standard for ship-prawnz.
Seriously guys, this is downright brilliant stuff.
You're downright brilliant stuff.

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do you guys have a launch window for the upcoming update or not

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After several weeks of hard work, and painstakingly going over all the references that could be gathered to make this as accurate as possible, I've finally finished our new Spirit of Fire/Phoenix assault ship is finally ready to be revealed! Now as many of our fans know, we already have a Phoenix refit model that was made for us several years ago by Annihilator 102, that was unfortunately replaced in our UNSC capital ship roster to make room for the Orion Assault Carrier.
However, with the imminent beginning of our hero ship system, we have a perfect opportunity to bring back ships that we’ve had to cut, or that can’t fit in the current roster.

Additionally, we wanted to make this brand new, high quality Phoenix with over 3 times the polygon count, and with glorious 4k textures in honor of Halo Wars 2, which our whole team is massively excited for. Many of us never thought that Halo Wars 2 would ever happen, and to see it this close to release and knowing how good the game is shaping up to be, we think having such a fresh asset to help welcome in the return of Captain Cutter and the crew of our favorite colony ship is the best tribute we could possibly give.

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