Halo © Microsoft Corporation. Sins of the Prophets was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Halo. It is not endorsed by Microsoft and does not reflect the views or opinions of Microsoft or anyone officially involved in producing or managing Halo. As such, it does not contribute to the official narrative of the fictional universe, if applicable.
Covenant assets graciously shared by HOMEFRONT. Additional miscellaneous assets provided by Covenant at War. Also, visit our Facebook page.
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Sins of the Prophets Alpha v0.75.1 Release Notes

Hello and welcome to Sins of the Prophets v0.75.1! (We've pushed out a quick patch to the mod updating her from 0.75 to 0.75.1, see bottom of article for changelog.)

For those of you who are totally new to SotP, I'll try to quickly explain what she is:

Sins of the Prophets (SotP) is a Halo total conversion mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion v1.82 (SoaSE). The mod replaces nearly all assets from the stock game to create a new game based in the Halo universe. From ships and orbital structures, planets, weapons and other various effects, down to sound effects, voice-overs, and the soundtrack - all replaced with custom content worked on by the Halo community, especially the folks here at Slugfest Studios and our sister mod Homefront, a Homeworld 2 mod that you should check out when you've had your fill of SotP. The game itself is based around spaceship combat and empire building. In our mod you can play as either the UNSC or the Covenant, and many maps contain Insurrectionist elements and well as Forerunner AI and megastructures to conquer or explore.

Our last release was in July of 2014. Shortly after that we realized the mod's base code was from 2008 when the original team had begun work on the mod and it had several crashes and issues we couldn't hunt down. In the last year and four months we've completely rebuilt the mod from the ground up, as well as rebalanced the all units and updated nearly all graphical and audio elements in the mod. v0.75 is a wholly different beast to v0.56.1 and we sincerely hope you enjoy it! The following are some details about the new balance between the factions provided by one of our lead coders Cole Protocol, without going into specific stats so that you might discover it by yourself.

Hi everyone, Cole Protocol here, coder and balancer at SotP, to give you an update on the inner workings of the mod and its balance. Over the last few months, the coders at SotP have been in overdrive getting the balance of the mod at an all time best. Both the UNSC and the Covenant have undergone a complete and total rebalance, and absolutely nothing was left untouched. Next release you will find both factions to feature a refined and diversified playstyle. With that said, lets see some details on what those changes might be!


While the UNSC has kept its core strategy and defensive playstyle from our previous release, it has been revamped into a much more interesting faction. Fleet engagements with the UNSC are now even more focused on alpha striking your opponent; making that first volley count will either make or break your fleet. The UNSC is not nearly as durable as in the current release, and if a ship takes a series of hits it will more than likely be crippled, or entirely destroyed. Your ships will matter now, and losing them will be a hit to both you, and your fleet. While easy to rebuild, you will find the UNSC to now be slower when moving ships around, and more difficult to keep up a coordinated assault. However if you can keep up a coordinated attack, you will find the UNSC to be very effective at overwhelming opponents by sheer attrition.

The Covenant

Where the UNSC kept its traditional values, the Covenant has been made almost unrecognizable in comparison to its former self. Next release you will find the Covenant to be an entirely different faction, now focused on speed, and blitzkrieg like tactics as you overwhelm your opponents in a cloud of plasma, and burnt metal. While the UNSC is doubling down on the alpha strike, the Covenant are now focused on dealing consistent damage during an engagement. If you can keep most of your ships alive after the first volley, you will rend the enemy fleet before they know what happened. Covenant ships are also comparatively much stronger than the UNSC-- A single Covenant capital ship can more than easily pulverize a small UNSC fleet without consequence. Covenant fleets are no longer something you can take down with a single Shiva, their ships are stronger, their weapons more potent, and their speed unrivaled. When moving as a large cluster of ships, only sheer UNSC Alpha damage can hope to stop them.

We've had to throw out a quick patch to 0.75 updating her to 0.75.1

v0.75.1 Changelog:

  • Confusion over how to build UNSC starbases corrected. (Through Phoenix colony ship.)
  • Flood icons corrected.
  • Covenant AI improved.
  • Misc. UI fixes
  • Removed UNSC Structures on Covenant map starts.

You can download the mod here:

Sins of the Prophets Rebellion Alpha v0.75.1

ConorChaos took a look at the mod! See below:
Sins of the Prophets Dev Q&A April 2015

Sins of the Prophets Dev Q&A April 2015

7 months ago News 16 comments

In this news update we answer the best questions posted by the community. We address concerns about balance, research, art assets, as well as the future...

Sins of the Prophets Update 02.16.15

Sins of the Prophets Update 02.16.15

9 months ago News 47 comments

With the recent images and video of the UNSC Infinity, Mantle's Approach, and the various iterations of our fancy new UI, fervor over the next release...

Sound Department Update

Sound Department Update

11 months ago News 13 comments

Here is a nice preview of some of the things that the SotP Sound Department is working on. The Covenant is getting a UI overhaul thanks to I'mNotJamesEarlJones...

Sins of the Prophets Update 11.17.14

Sins of the Prophets Update 11.17.14

1 year ago News 26 comments

After watching the debacle that was the buggy release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, it is with a sincere feeling of irony that I write this update...

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Sins of the Prophets Rebellion Alpha v0.75.1

Sins of the Prophets Rebellion Alpha v0.75.1

1 month ago Demo 90 comments

FOR REBELLION ONLY - 23 October 2015 See readme.txt inside the download for installation instructions, info, and links to various resources for the mod...

SotP Galaxy Forge Map Editor v.0.56.1

SotP Galaxy Forge Map Editor v.0.56.1

9 months ago Mapping Tool 21 comments

Fully equipped Galaxy Forge (Rebellion only) ready to make maps for Sins of the Prophets v.0.56.1, including custom planet icons and links to tutorials...

Sins of the Prophets Rebellion Alpha v.0.56.1

Sins of the Prophets Rebellion Alpha v.0.56.1

1 year ago Demo 225 comments

FOR REBELLION ONLY - 20 July 2014 See Installation Instructions and Info.txt inside the download for installation instructions, info, and links to various...

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Vilinius Nov 3 2015 says:

lol forerunner would be pretty OP. but balance was never their strongsuit. maybe just make all their ships like 200 cap and call it a day

0 votes     reply to comment
Captain_agigabyte Nov 10 2015 replied:

There are plans to balance it, young padawan.

0 votes     reply to comment
Starfishprime Nov 3 2015 says:

Stardock took out a new game ashes of singularity hopefully when the alpha is done you guys can make a halo universe mod on it ?

+1 vote     reply to comment
LordCrab77 Nov 2 2015 says:

Ahh t'is been awhile, Your soundtrack is the best i heard in some time and the intro was simple but one i really did quite enjoy.

Nonetheless i do have a few qualms that might need to be addressed and all revolve around one certain UNSC platform, The little bundle of joy known as SMAC.

First of the issues is the how AI approach to both using and attacking SMACs, By approach i mean quite literally- One of my asteroids with 6 of these platforms had a kill-count of 3 OSS and 2 CAS + Supporting fleets in total, The issue being that AI attack SMACs directly and due to the platforms ROF and Damage only 4-7 of them in a cluster is enough to completely eliminate the threat of invasion by any AI.

Then we come to the AI's usage of the SMACS themselves.. Oooh boy-
I tried the Earth map, And not long through mid way through the game every single planet had 15 or more SMACS clustered about that completely made any direct attack useless, You cannot swarm them because of the sufficient ROF to drop anything or at least severely reduce its numbers to near nothing, The damage is more then enough for 3 or more shots to render a CAS into a smear and the OSS reduced to a whimper. Now then we move to the counter of the SMAC that i soon incorporated into my fleet in greater numbers (Carrier and Cruiser)

Problem is often SMACS could completely resist bombers and fighters to a degree with Repair available, The SnipeCruiser fared little better and while it DID out-range SMACs the orbital commands range bonus made that quite less of an issue, Said cruisers often accidentally slow'd down into range or occasionally get picked off by a second SMAC that had its icon hid by a building. (The AI love that trick)

This led to the end point, being my fleet sitting at the corner of a system with over half of its capitals replaced with DDS or Cruisers, Slowly inching forward and finally after 20 Minutes of my fleet in system i finally managed to rid the majority enough to get to Earth under my leash and Bomb the remainders-

However, I soon found out that Every-single-planet had fore mentioned SMAC numbers.

This got really sad fast, This led to my fleet sitting around planet edges waiting for the Cruisers and bombers to finally get the SMAC's down to managable levels and each time taking around 20 Minutes apiece, And then to speed this process i ended up replacing most of my fleet with DDS and Cruisers (Neither of which are the best for ship-to-ship combat in large numbers, glad the UNSC was mostly interested in sending Halcyons and lone infinities) and still taking quite some time after managing Cruisers lost to SMAC fire and the occasional DDS.

The whole fiasco took me 4 Hours to deal with (They had a habit of recolonizing lost plants and putting SMACS on them so ended up having to put a Starbase on everything)

And this was against AI, Had a player been in command all he'd have to do is sit a Valiant with its range bonus around and a ton of Stalwarts near each cluster of SMACs, Need i say more?

TL:DR SMACS kick puppies and practically force you to make your entire fleet composition of Cruisers and Carriers then loaf around each planet for 20 Mins is not what'd i consider fun- mayhap a nerf to ROF to balance them a tad.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Captain_agigabyte Nov 10 2015 replied:

Nerfing ROF isn't going to happen. They used to be far to easily destroyed by a group of 4-5 CRS.

0 votes     reply to comment
ShadowODST Nov 4 2015 replied:

To be quite honest, from what I know of the Devs motives to make this mod near 100% book accurate in the universe, SMACs were often clustered together in groups for the sole purpose that they were a MAJOR threat in number. It is also for that reason why you see SMACs in Halo 2 clustered in groups, and why the Covenant ships sent in strike teams to destroy them on the inside, and had the fleet hold back. Hopefully that answers your qualms as to why the AI cluster SMACS or as to why they are so overpowered in numbers. Just how the cannon was set, and that is exactly what the Devs strived to do. Make things accurate.

0 votes     reply to comment
martox Nov 4 2015 replied:

But there comes a point where you have to choose between game play and cannon. IMO game play should always take priority over cannon so when it comes to how OP the SMACs are they need to be nerfed some or an anti structure frigate maybe both will be good

0 votes     reply to comment
Palpatine1 Nov 4 2015 replied:

This is all true, but even Earth's 300 SMACs weren't enough to deter the Covenant from attacking. That's the problem with the mod right now, the Covenant AI won't even try to attack planets if they have enough SMACs. It makes things pretty boring once it happens.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Palpatine1 Nov 2 2015 replied:

I agree with this. Playing as UNSC all you have to do to make a planet immune to basically any attack is build a couple Anchor stations, an orbital command post, and 40-50 SMACs. The AI won't even attempt to attack it no matter how powerful a fleet it has and even if it did it would get slaughtered. I think the UNSC defenses need nerfed in some way or you can just turtle your way to victory against almost any kind of attack. The AI should feel confident enough to at least attempt an attack or things get boring pretty quickly.

+1 vote     reply to comment
martox Nov 3 2015 replied:

The devs probably need to add an anti structure frigate to help the AI counter the SMACs

0 votes     reply to comment
LordCrab77 Nov 3 2015 replied:

Boarding pods and Antimatter bombs anyone?

+1 vote     reply to comment
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