The FOJ Community mod for Flatout2(patched to 1.2)is now uploaded & ready for download, it contains 3 parts that make up the full mod.New routes using same tracks,30 reversed tracks, carpack 1 which contains cars to fill up spots 46-90,new loading screens,new scripting to add more features , more online tournament presets and of course new game modes added in. This is an excellent addition to the stock game that you must try out.

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Another week goes by time for the Modcast Crew to fill you in on a weeks worth of modding!

Posted by Henley on Nov 26th, 2008

This last week has been busy with quite the list of mods to go over. So have a listen and see if anything takes your fancy!



So that's it for this week modders, but don't fear we will be back next week with more mods and goss for you all to enjoy! Don't forget to send your modding/gaming questions to and we will answer the questions on the show!

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Herr_Alien Nov 26 2008 says:

@Henley: you do need to re-compile the binaries for each OS. One possible exception is 64 bit Windows, which can run 32 bit applications; but again, you can re-compile the code for 64 bit Windows too.

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Henley Author
Henley Nov 26 2008 replied:

I see thanks for letting me know :D

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Herr_Alien Nov 26 2008 replied:

No problem; I am facing this multi-platform issue for Project 'Savior': a Mac user would also like to use the patch ... but since "I'm a PC", I can't provide him a Mac version.
But I'd end up ranting about the Mac OS being available only for Mac users, and so on, and that would not be nice, so I'll stop now.

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lodle Nov 26 2008 replied:

im sure if you ask some mac users would gladly help out.

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NSWMaps Nov 27 2008 replied:

I'm a Mac user, and the reason for the two different compiles is due to the advanced shaders used in the mod. These shaders serve only to hinder the games performance in OS X, so a different compile was made to streamline the release for Mac Users.

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ImHorny Nov 26 2008 says:

hmm.. World of Padman 1.2(the actual version) does not include Capture the lolly and this is where the CTF mod comes in. It makes CTF possible in 1.2.
2.0 will come later this year(
But im surprised that you have never heard of WoP xP

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Henley Author
Henley Nov 26 2008 replied:

I've heard of it, never played it.

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T-Mckenney Nov 26 2008 says:

Yes actually you do have to compile them differently, but it has to be done on my end :P

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infinitysend Nov 26 2008 says:

Hey guys thanks so much for talking about Final Act. I assure you the game is extremely fun once you play it!

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wake[of]thebunt Nov 27 2008 says:

nice work as always, i enjoy hearing aussies being heard around the internets! ryan's hot also dw

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stenchy Nov 27 2008 replied:

Uh, thanks?

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lodle Nov 30 2008 replied:

He is a Perth boy ryan. :P

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razorb Nov 27 2008 says:

heh keep it up guys :) i actually listen to alot of gaming podcasts while i am at work... and ive gotta say this is one of my faves :) are they going to stay weekly ?

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Henley Author
Henley Nov 27 2008 replied:

yeah they are going to stay weekly

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lutoma Nov 28 2008 says:

Yay World of Padman CTF is in the List ;)

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dissonance Nov 28 2008 says:

laughed so hard at the L4D thing

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BrotherLaz Nov 29 2008 says:

Their coverage of Median XL sounded like 'Uh yeah, it does stuff and... does more stuff... I guess it also adds new items and new skills and oh yeah... I hope it's not too hard'. Seems like some people were not Diablo fans. :D

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Henley Author
Henley Nov 29 2008 replied:

Are you kidding? I love Diablo.

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QuadX Dec 16 2008 says:

Hey guys, listening to the modcast I noticed a doom 2 mod was featured.... I noticed one of the guys said "I have not seen a doom 2 release in a long time" which is actually untrue. While that may be true for MODDB, it's not true for the doom 2 community. There's shitloads of doom 2 content over the years.... Though I bet ysomeone is going to respond saying that yes, you were talking about on moddb, but I just wanted to point that out.

I thought it was interesting how you guys were talking about mods caring mainly about the graphics aspect, and I totally agree with you guys about how it shouldn't be about that. I've been saying that for a long time, and it goes for new modern games too. While graphics are always a plus, they don't make the game, at least IN MY OPINION. I would argue that gameplay and innovation and whatnot are much more important, that is why I still love old games. I like old games, in fact I still will play doom from time to time (though I admit not in its original state.) By the way, not sure what happened, but I went to check the Half-life DS page and it is apparently removed, unfortunately. I wanted to see what it was about; and yeah, I agree with whoever was saying in the modcast that it through them off with it being called DS. I had the same reaction, thinking that it was for Nintendo DS.

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QuadX Dec 16 2008 says:

Speaking of the nintendo ds, and I know this isn't really related... But I remember there being some sort of game for the nintendo ds being made (homebrew ?) that was like some sort of zombie type game and it peaked my interest. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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awkook Jul 22 2009 says:

you should put times for when you talk about each mod

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