The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is an epic, open-ended single-player game where you create and play any kind of character you can imagine. Be the noble hero embarking on an epic quest, or an insidious thief rising to leadership of his guild. Be a malevolent sorcerer developing the ultimate spell of destruction, or a reverent healer searching for the cure to a plague. Your actions define your character, and your gameplay changes and evolves in response to your actions. Confront the assassins' guild, and they take out a contract on you. Impress them, and they try to recruit you instead. No two sagas are the same in the world of Morrowind.

Gameplay is further extended with the inclusion of The Elder Scrolls Construction Set (bundled with the game). This powerful tool is being used to create the entire game, and will also allow players to modify and add to Morrowind in any way they see fit. Change character or creature attributes and skills, introduce new weapons or dungeons into the game, or create entire new worlds to explore. Consequently mods for this game are everywhere, ranging in size from mere characters to fully themed packs! So should you ever want to expand on your gaming experience, be sure to scope out just a few of the amature modifications available and in existence!

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Greetings! Today I'm proud to present one of the largest updates for Morrowind Rebirth ever! It's packed to the brim with stuff such as a Red Mountain overhaul, a Ghostgate overhaul, Suran Dock overhaul, bug fixes, balance changes, tweaks and more! Please read the changelog for a more in-depth look to what you can expect from v 3.6. Enjoy!

Getting there..[WIP]

Vanilla Fixes
* Fixed an issue with the topic "Golden Saint", where it's said that Golden Saints are "winged females", which is untrue. Removed "winged".
* Added a fishing pole to Foryn Gilnith's shack, as it's mentioned in dialogue that he's supposed to be a fisher.
* Caravaners (Silt Strider operators) will no longer fall of their platforms.
* The bar in the Eight Plates tavern, Balmora, was floating above the floor.
* Fixed a door in Andasreth which wasn't properly attached to the frame.
* Added 'Recall Ring' to the appropriate leveled-list.
* Fixed 0 locks.

Morrowind Rebirth Fixes
* Fixed an issue with the topic "Chills", where its mentioned that you can contract chills from the beholder, a creature no longer part of MR. Added the disease to the bonelord and bonelord summon.
* Fixed an issue with the topic "water creatures", where it said " Three creatures are commonly encountered in Vvardenfell's coastal and water environments." Changed three to five.
* Fixed an issue with the quest "Roland's Tear", where deleted container references made the quest impossible to complete without using the console.
* When traveling by boat from Gnaar Mok etc to Seyda Neen it will now read "Seyda Neen" instead of "Bitter Coast Region".
* The Treant (unique encounter) should now be more responsive and attack the player on sight.
* Bradasou Rothandus, Black Goblet Suran, will no longer offer trading services.
* Fixed the door to Balmora Temple which wasn't properly attached to the frame.
* Fargoth now has his original face and hair.. not sure what happened here..
* Fixed some UV issues related to the Basin model (thanks to "Greatness7").
* Fixed a trapdoor at Ald Velothi Outpost that wasn't placed correctly.
* Ald Redaynia is no longer reachable by boat, as stated in dialogue.
* Fixed terrain that was partially blocking the entrance to Sudanit Mine.
* Fixed terrain that was partially blocking the entrance to Shallit.
* Moved a rock that was partially blocking the entrance to Aharunartus.
* Removed wind activators from the Deadlands due to sound issues.
* Removed ownership from some containers that had no content.
* Added missing ingredients to the "exotic products" topic.
* Fixed an issue where Blighted Rats were unable to move.
* Fixed some NPCs that didn't wear their assigned armor.
* Some traders will no longer sell broken weapons/armor.
* Fixed a few NPCs that shouldn't offer beds for rent.
* Fixed some containers which weren't set as 'owned'.
* Performance in Balmora should be somewhat better.
* Fixed some small issues in leveled-lists.
* Fixed clipping issues in Tel Branora.
* Fixed pathgrids in Ald'Ruhn.
* Fixed typos.

MGE Screenshot 2016 03 22 09 23

Morrowind Rebirth Changes
* Made it bit harder to use alternative routs into cities which have city gates such as Balmora and Caldera.
* Moved Ebonheart Lighthouse to a more suitable location further south.
* Reworked the farmland area south of Ebonheart.
* A complete overhaul of the Red Mountain [BETA].
* A complete overhaul of the Ghostgate.
* A complete overhaul of Suran Docks.
* Small tweaks and additions.

MGE Screenshot 2016 03 22 15 52

Morrowind Rebirth Additions
* Added "Rift Guardians" to "The Rift", a special undead encounter guarding the 'Crown of Torment'.
* Added sleeping quarters to the Guild of Mages in Caldera.
* Added a cellar to The Black Goblet tavern in Suran.
* Added a new weapon, the Imperial Claymore.
* Added a recreation area to Seyda Outpost.

This means trouble


* Rebalanced damage values for all Dai-Katanas, Katanas and Wakizashis.
* Daedric Warhammer value from 9000 to 7500.
* Daedric Claymore value from 7250 to 8000.
* Daedric Dai-Katana value from 7500 to 8500.
* Daedric Katana value from 5750 to 6250.
* Daedric Wakizashi value from 3750 to 4250.
* Daedric Club value from 4250 to 3650.
* Ebony Katana value from 4250 to 4750.
* Ebony Wakizashi value from 3000 to 3500.
* Dwemer Great Axe value from 650 to 750.
* Dwemer Warhammer value from 800 to 725.
* Dwemer Claymore value from 750 to 800.
* Steel Battle Axe value from 125 to 110.
* Orcish Battle Axe value from 450 to 675.
* Orcish Warhammer value from 550 to 750.
* Daedric Crossbow weight from 38 to 34.
* Daedric Dai-katana weight from 44 to 48.
* Daedric Warhammer weight from 64 to 58
* Daedric Club weight from 28 to 32.
* Ebony Shield enchantment capacity from 800 to 750.
* Ebony Towershield enchantment capacity from 1000 to 950.
* Daedric Shield enchantment capacity from 1200 to 1000.
* Daedric Tower Shield enchantment capacity from 1400 to 1200.
* Made changes to enchantment capacity for all staffs:
- Wooden staff 75
- Steel staff 100
- Silver staff 150
- Dreugh staff 175
- Dwemer staff 200
- Glass staff 250
- Ebony staff 300
- Daedric staff 350
* centurion_projectile_dart damage from 5-20 to 5-15.

* Ring of Dahrk Mezalf value from 75 to 2500.
* Amulet of Flesh Made Whole value from 500 to 1775.
* Amulet of Unity value from 1000 to 2250.
* Arobar's Amulet value from 250 to 1225.
* Adusamsi's Ring value from 30 to 250.

* Poisonbloom magnitude from 1-25 to 1-20
* Frostbloom magnitude from 1-25 to 1-20
* Shockbloom magnitude from 1-25 to 1-20
* Firebloom magnitude from 1-25 to 1-20
* Greater Shockball aoe from 10 to 8
* Greater Frostball aoe from 10 to 8
* Greater Fireball aoe from 10 to 8

* Deadroth magica from 160 to 80. This should prevent the Daedroth from casting an endless stream of poison spells.
* Centurion Archers won't appear as early on compared to v 3.5
* Removed regenerate ability from Ash Scorpions.
* Electric Slaughterfish health from 50 to 75.
* Centurion Archer health from 300 to 250.
* Dwarven Spectre health from 65 to 75.
* Swamp Troll health from 180 to 220.
* Swamp Troll speed from 20 to 30.

* Ring of Dahrk Mezalf enchantment:
- Demoralize Creature from 1- 25 to 5-20
- Demoralize Humanoid from 1- 25 to 5-20
- Demoralize Creature duration from 30 to 10.
- Demoralize Humanoid duration from 30 to 10.
- Charge amount from 1000 to 800
* Amulet of Flesh Made Whole enchantment:
- Restore Health from 1-150 to 1-75
- Enchantment cost from 250 to 125.
* Amulet of Unity enchantment:
- Charge amount from 690 to 300
- Enchantment cost from 138 to 100.
* Fury enchantment:
- Drain Skill Heavy Armor from 20 to 15.
- Drain Skill Medium Armor from 20 to 15.
- Drain Skill Light Armor from 20 to 15.
- Drain Skill Unarmored from 20 to 15.
* Widowmaker enchantment:
- Restore Fatigue duration changed from 10 to 5
- Restore Fatugue magnitude from 25-50 to 5-20.
- Fortify Skill Axe from 25-50 to 20-20
Silver Staff of Dawn enchantment:
- Fortify Skill Blunt Weapon duration from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.
- Blind on self duration from 5 to 10.
- Bind on self magnitude from 5-75 to 5-25.
Veloth's Judgement enchantment:
- Fire Damage duration from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.
- Fire Damage magnitude from 4-10 to 5-10.
Greed enchantment
- Drain Attribute Personality magnitude from 5 to 15.


* Practice Dummy health from 3000 to 2500 (reverted from v 3.4).
* Apprentice's Lockpick quality from 0.5 to 0.6.
* Journeyman's Lockpick quality from 0.75 to 0.8.
* Master's Lockpick quality from 1.0 (unchanged).
* Grandmaster's Pick quality from 1.25 to 1.2.
* Secret Master's Lockpick quality from 1.5 to 1.4.
* The Skeleton Key quality from 5.0 to 2.5.

MGE Screenshot 2016 01 15 21 23

* New improved meshes for a large number of misc items such as bottles, cups, plates etc.
* New improved meshes for statics such as overhangs, ropes and railings.
* New improved meshes for a large number of ingredients.

Red Mountain [WIP]

Other changes
* Removed "Dwemer Guardian" from the mod.
* Removed unnecessary textures.
* New readme.

And lots of other misc changes..

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.6

Have fun guys!

[NEWS] Rebirth Texture Overhaul: The Bitter Coast

[NEWS] Rebirth Texture Overhaul: The Bitter Coast

Morrowind Rebirth 3.6 6 comments

Hey guys! I hope you're well, and that you're enjoying v 3.5. Today I'm happy to introduce new textures for the Bitter Coast region. The textures were...

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.5

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.5

Morrowind Rebirth 3.6 6 comments

New month and a new update! Version 3.5 include balance changes, bugfixes and some small additions.. but above all, toilets! I also want to wish you all...

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.4

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.4

Morrowind Rebirth 3.6 10 comments

Hey my friends! It's time for another update, v 3.4! As you can see down below there's a lot of stuff in this update. Feel free to share the news on other...

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.3

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.3

Morrowind Rebirth 3.6 3 comments

Thursday - release day! Time for another patch boys and girls. Down below you can view the changes in v 3.3. Enjoy!

Hammerfell Isles of Strik v2.0 (Beta)

Hammerfell Isles of Strik v2.0 (Beta)

Full Version 3 comments

Return to the magical Isles of Stirk, which is the second mod (Beta Release) of this expanding island. With over 25 Galleon Ships to explore, New INN...



Enchanted_Houses_of_Seyda_Neen_UPDATE Full Version 7 comments

This is an update. It has been completely clean with the "Enchanted Editor" by Farren Hayden. Deleted many cells that did not belong. You will need 7zip...

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.6 Hotfix

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.6 Hotfix

Morrowind Rebirth 3.6 Patch 2 comments

This is a patch. Download the full version, then overwrite the esp with the one included in this package.

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.6

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.6

Morrowind Rebirth 3.6 Full Version 0 comments

Greetings! Today I'm proud to present one of the largest updates for Morrowind Rebirth ever! It's packed to the brim with stuff such as a Red Mountain...

Chronicles of Seyda Neen v4.56 (GE)

Chronicles of Seyda Neen v4.56 (GE)

Full Version 6 comments

(Graphic Enhanced!) Now the village of Seyda Neen can be seen in it's true civilized glory! 3 New Galleon Ships in Dock! 4 New Inns with interiors! New...

Chronicles Immersive Chargen v2.24

Chronicles Immersive Chargen v2.24

Full Version 1 comment

(Old File) In this release, Chronicles Immersive Chargen v2.4 (Alpha Release) of this expanding city mod that seeks to give the player a new experience...

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Am I the only person who noticed that this game is listed as a First Person Shooter while all the other Elder Scrolls games are listed as RPGs?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Morrowind is a full RPG, but was listed under First Person Shooter when it was released in 2002?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

is this compatible with saved games? (un modded)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Yes... un modded save games should work with Rebirth. Going from one version build to another, may cause doubling in NPC's. But you can always use Wrye Bash!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

morrowind will always be better than oblivion and skyrim for me. i just enjoyed the story and world more.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+9 votes

Morrowind has always held more promise, with more mods, moddler resources, and more potential for improvement. I never cared that much for the Nerevarine Prophecy. But loved the variety in architecture, landscapes, and plants.

Oblivion was a very smooth game, very polished, and complete world. I had a hard time deciding what to add to the game outside of a small house, castle, or alternate beginning. Oblivion was very generic, offering the same buildings, ruins, and interiors over and over again. It wasn't until MorrOblivion and other mods that the new buildings were offered in the game. If fact, the game should be called Cyrodiil instead of Oblivion, and there should only be one gate instead of ten.

Skyrim offered a huge leap in graphics, offered the same smooth game play, finished world. I had to upgrade from XP to Win7 though, just to enjoy the game. The same with Fallout 3, which played very clunky on XP but enjoyable on Win7. Fallout Vegas was a much better game that the Fallout 3. Back to Skyrim, I really disliked the transition from exterior world to interior buildings, and felt like the black square behind the door was annoying. But overall, Skyrim has great game play, smooth graphics, and a very polished finished world.

Elder Scrolls Online, I felt cheated with the graphics. If they had used the Morrowind Engine with a Graphic Replacer... the game would have looked much better. Or if they had used the Oblivion or Skyrim Engine ... it would have had a more polished look. I enjoyed discovering the world of Tamriel, and all the different styles in architecture. But found the begining mission from Daggerfall to Betony, (or the Orc's version of it) very forced and heavy handed. I was hoping for more open ended, free travel, straight from the start of the game. And not be railroaded down a certain path until I reached a high level to free travel.

I haven't played Fallout 4 yet, but I'm guess I have to upgrade my computer from Win7 to Win10 with a better graphic's card. Just to enjoy the game. I havn't heard how it plays on older computers.


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

True, but Oblivion was at least a close second to it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Same here buddy! :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Hey im fairly new to modding so srry for the n00b comment but how do I install this mod once it is finished?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

put it in the data files

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Place the mod files in your Data Files folder in the Morrowind directory by default C:/Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Morrowind/Data Files ... and then once you click the icon on desktop, click Data Files, and make sure Morrowind Rebirth v2.7 is checked. Then hit Play!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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one of the best role-playing game ever. i thing is better than Oblivion... ;)

Nov 20 2010 by infernoth

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