this is a sequel to the Gizmotron user-mod for Axis and Allies. featuring new types of weather & terrain. new, larger territory maps in skirmish mode. new experience ranks and bonuses (regiments improve up to 2000 exp points). 100+ special ops, new water-based units like cruisers and submarines (with torpedo attacks). nations included are Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Communist China, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, India (Allied), Indian National Army (Axis), Iran, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Mongolia, Nationalist China, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic (Axis), South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, the United States, Yugsolavia, and the Yugoslav Partisans

more nations and territories available for WW2 mode, see images for details.

new descriptions for rate of fire (recharge time in seconds), travel speed (numbers are used instead of generic descriptions) allow players to more accurately compare in-game performance of units. machine-guns and sub-machine-guns now affect multiple targets based on historical rate of fire (but have lower damage output compared to rifles). attack values for anti-tank weapons and tank cannons are based on historical penetration data at 500 yards.

artillery attack values based on historic shell weights (with an attack bonus against infantry based on shell diameter in millimeters). artillery attack range based on historical maximum range.

new interceptor airfields allow players to use fighters to attack enemy bombers before they can strike friendly buildings. major nations will have multiple types of aircraft and airfields to choose from. certain nations now have the option of recruiting supply drops from airfields instead of using experience points. additionally some nations will have access to unique airborne weapons like atomic bombs, chemical weapons, and napalm from airfields deployed from Aviation HQ Divisions)

most nations will have artillery bunkers which can be packed up, moved, and unpacked at least once. (more than once causes the game to crash. still don't know why). a much more aggressive AI is featured.

the World War 2 map now features 16 different sides (9 Allied, 6 Axis, 1 Neutral).

new stand-alone arrangements of historical music has been added. new songs included for China, Poland, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Norway, and Sweden. these can be played through the map editor by the use of triggers. (haven't figured out how to get the new faction music to loop back on itself. so the new nations use the original theme music for now)

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incomplete test patch. playable nations include Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Communist China, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Nationalist China, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, United States, Yugoslavia.

heavily modified WW2 mode includes 16 factions instead of 5. there are fifteen national factions:
Great Britain
Soviet Union
United States

also included is one generic nation featuring six different types of defensive armies: (Greece, Philippines, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Yugoslavia). many glitches and bugs have been fixed since the previous test patch.

work is still in progress. MG infantry units can now engage aircraft and ground targets all mortars and artillery units revised. artillery range is the historical max range divided by 100. the attack value is determined by the shell weight. historical rates of fire used whenever known revised tank stats. bayonets are only used against infantry 100+ Special Ops many other changes

Beta Patch 2.0 upload delay

Beta Patch 2.0 upload delay

News 3 comments

Although the mod is still not complete, I wanted to put out the current version for testing. a lot of things have transpired in the last year that has...

Eras of War

Eras of War

News 4 comments

thoughts on implementing time-periods on Axis & Allies

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Uncommon Valor AI-patch (quick fix)

Uncommon Valor AI-patch (quick fix)

Patch 1 comment

this patch is designed to make the AI a bit less difficult. it will still be noticeably stronger than in the original game. I've changed the variables...

Uncommon Valor Beta 3 0

Uncommon Valor Beta 3 0

Demo 13 comments

extract this over a clean install of the Axis & Allies game. paste this into your Atari folder to over-write the original data for installation. in the...

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Hang in there you are soo close to finishing it :D

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can't wait. (:

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Gizmotron Creator

finally getting a bit of a break from work. this weekend I was finally able to include the Italian flamethrower tankettes that I've wanted in the game for years. also updated the ITA anti-tank regiment to include anti-tank rifles as well as some anti-tank gun units. there's also a tankette armed with a 20mm anti-tank gun. these were always supposed to be in the mod, but with the other factions it fell through the cracks.

also been tinkering with a new map for Shanghai as a change of pace.

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fixed artillery batteries are shooting clear across the map. Also the AI tends to spam units. The game also crashes after a while in the WWII RTS battles.

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Gizmotron Creator

I gave all of the artillery units much longer ranges (based on historical figures). this was intended to make artillery more in line with it's historical usage and high-light unique national differences in weaponry.

personally, I enjoy it. however, I will include an alternate patch with the next upload that reduces the range of artillery and naval vessels to satisfy people who are used to something more like the original game.

the WW2 random map crashes might be connected to having too many boats on the map bombarding at the same time. when a WW2 game crashes feel free to post a note about which territory it was and which countries were fighting. I'll see what I can figure out from that. thanks for the feedback. the most common crash reason I see is that the game is simply running out of memory. that's going to be hard to fix since that memory limit is probably hard-coded. I can only advise that you save WW2 games often. sorry about that.

I intentionally made the AI much more difficult to defeat and tried to emulate what it would be like fighting other human players. in the original game players could think and deploy circles around the AI. so my solution was to make the AI capable of thinking faster and making more decisions than was humanly possible in the same period of time. this almost makes up for the fact that the AI still tends to favor frontal assaults and battles of attrition.

oh, one more thing, there's an AI patch which reduces the AI's tendency to spam units and make it easier to defeat.

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It was the Philipines and it was after a large mass of enemy troops came out of the fog of war. a patch that gives the vanilla game values for AI might be nice for casual players like my self. Otherwise good work and it's nice to see progress being made on this mod.

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some infantry skin on desert map are rainbow, on plain or ice map the skin are normal
italy can deploy airfield without air army
apart from the bayonet there is no real difference between lagunari and infatry section, can you remove the infantry section or made lagunari a little stronger or a tech requirement?
i can build guastatori alpini from industrial hq without alpini tech
i can build mechanized bersaglieri regiment without bersaglieri tech
some technology research are different between skirmish and ww2 mode like tank production
on ww2 i can purchase improved machinegun but i can't research on skirmish
i can build tankette without tankette tech
all the airborne troop when deployerd are red cube and rainbow parachute
alpini sniper infantry need bersaglieri tech ???
since the aplini hq are the heavy infantry can you add a tank as co othewise they are underpowered and second since italy is the only faction who has to pay to deploy heavy infantry, can you add a tech for the other country?
on ww2 all the halftrack can't deploy infantry, on skirmish they deploy infantry
there are 2 infantry mechanize regiment, the difference that one has halftracks, the other has the tankettes
there is no artillery hq
some tanks don't have co image
cruiser tank is the only regiment who ask mechanical reliability
therea aren't any tanks artillery regiment.
the anti tank infantry doesn't have any anti tank gun like the pak 38 or the zis.
i can't build sciatori monte cervino because i can't research sky troops tech
armored scout has halftracks??
naval commando don't have a co image
i can build mine for free
threre is some texture problem with savoia marchetti sparviero and damn is it fast.
the last 3 tank destroyer don't have voice.

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Gizmotron Creator

thanks. I'll get to work on these.

the "Bersaglieri" tech is a stand-in for 'sniper rifles' technology. sniper units, of any sort, still require tech research to deploy. rather than create an alternate name for sniper rifles, I simply left the name as "Bersaglieri".

I'm going to remove the tankette tech from Italy. the tankette was literally the most common form of Italian armored fighting vehicle. it was not unlike their version of the halftrack. seemed unfair from a gameplay perspective-- it would be like forcing every other major nation to do research before employing basic halftrack units.

that's why we have a tankette mechanized infantry and a halftrack mechanized infantry. early in the war, I believe, Italy didn't really use halftracks very often.

Italy has an artillery HQ but it's got the wrong name: "mechanized". I just caught that last week. click on the second Mechanized HQ button and you'll be able to deploy artillery HQs.

the cruiser tank for Italy was a project that never reached production. it ran on a gasoline engine... so 'diesel tech' seemed out of the question. I used mechanical reliability as an alternative to other forms of tech research that Italy doesn't really have. it's lower profile, slowed armor, and other features didn't fit neatly within Italy's other existing techs. on top of that, Italy's tank units have very low health compared to other nations... so I picked a technology that would help them survive a little bit longer. (Italy has some of the lowest health points for tanks in the game. even Japanese tanks are tougher overall)

Italy didn't have a lot of anti-tank gun models ready. most of my readings indicated that Italy didn't even really have anti-tank guns for most of the war.

I've had a lot of trouble with the minefields, to be honest. I'll look into this.

again, thanks for the feedback.

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for the at i found this one "cannone controcarro 47/32 modello 35".

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(TheLastSterling) Italy also never actually had a sniper rifle during the war. Italy had to use its artillery to fire AP rounds due not having AT guns. But, Italy DID develop a very good HEAT Round. Italy as a faction in any game is a challenge due a lot of problems. The only way I can see a competitive Italy is for the faction be able to recruit germans( If RSI) or allied (if Co-belligerent) much like in "flames of war". Though for all of the failures of the Italians, the Italins were good soldiers, they just had bad officers. Rommel was impressed by them.

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Gizmotron Creator

I gave Italy sniper rifles because, honestly, they kinda needed it to not get steam-rolled over by any of the other major factions. and, to be fair, you don't need a high-powered scope to be a sniper.

I had to bend the rules a little bit for Italy... especially since we're giving the United States and Great Britain jet fighters, artillery tanks, and heavy tanks that didn't even see action during the war.
I'll have to double-check our units. I think we might have a decent AT gun model for Italy finally. failing that, I could look at using a reskinned French M1897 75mm gun (which I think the Italians used as an AT weapon with captured French AP rounds)

although Italian infantry is pitifully equipped to deal with tanks they do have options.
1. you could have engineers spam the 90/53 anti tank bunker and combine them with entrenched infantry near cities that are flanked by friendly supply depots
2. invest in large quantities of light and medium artillery. although Italian heavy artillery is very powerful it has a slow rate of fire. it's better to use large volumes of light and medium guns to demoralize enemy armor just as they reach your infantry. just as your infantry are locking horns with the enemy THEN use a group of Italian heavy guns to wipe out enemy regiments. since their big guns only fire once every two to three minutes you've really got to make those barrages count!

3. invest in the large variety of tank destroyers available to Italy and support them with artillery and air strikes. the Semovente 90/53 and the Semovente 105/23 are not very tough but they have powerful guns. the 105/23 actually inflicts 100 points of flame damage by using the Italian HEAT round.

I'll take another look at Italy- I might be able to find a new AT gun model based on what we have. the only ones I'm familiar with are the 47/32 and captured French 1897/75s firing AP rounds.

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