this is a sequel to the Gizmotron user-mod for Axis and Allies. featuring new types of weather & terrain. new, larger territory maps in skirmish mode. new experience ranks and bonuses (regiments improve up to 2000 exp points). 100+ special ops, new water-based units like cruisers and submarines (with torpedo attacks). nations included are Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Communist China, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, India (Allied), Indian National Army (Axis), Iran, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Mongolia, Nationalist China, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic (Axis), South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, the United States, Yugsolavia, and the Yugoslav Partisans more nations and territories available for WW2 mode, see images for details.

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List of Pacific Theater Generals
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Gizmotron Author

with the French generals I've listed here some of them were picked because of their rank and administrative positions. Some of them actually engaged in combat with the Japanese and Thai forces during the war. a handful of them would even play a significant role in the First French-Indochina War.

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I am quite impressed with the amount of love youve put into this
Good job!

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How in depth did you go with each general? I mean do they built specific units more often than others, like flamethrowers, or is it at a higher level?

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the Pacific Theater was badly neglected in the original game. we've gone to great lengths and pains to correct that problem.

this is a list of possible Pacific Theater generals that I've added to the game. not all of these generals actually served in the Pacific, but some of them would have been likely.

since China and Japan were at war from 1937 to 1945 I've put special emphasis on diversifying their rosters.

I included Japanese generals that saw combat against Allied forces in Burma, the Dutch East Indies, France, Mongolia, the Netherlands, the South Pacific Islands, Soviet Union, Thailand, and Vietnam.

each general has a short biography, and as best as I could manage, has an SAI template that matches their historical tactics and strategy.

additionally, I've added more Communist Chinese generals who would become important in the Chinese Civil War.

I've included Nationalist generals who would play significant roles in WW2 and after. I've made it a point to include generals that were not always successful. some of these generals were notorious criminals, military failures, and mercenary drug lords!

one problem with a lot of games is that they tend to focus only on the most brilliant examples of generals from each country. to be sure, I'm trying to emphasize the best people as well, but I'm including the failures to flesh out the game a bit more.

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