this is a sequel to the Gizmotron user-mod for Axis and Allies. there will be new types of weather, more territory maps in skirmish mod, (larger maps in skirmish mode as well). new experience ranks and bonuses (regiments keep getting bonuses up to 2000 exp points). nearly 100 special ops, new water-based units like cruisers and submarines (with torpedo attacks). nations to be included are Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Communist China, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Nationalist China, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and the United States. more nations available for WW2 mode, see images for details. tentative Alpha-test release date is March 2014, the final version will hopefully be done by November 2014

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2 comments by Gizmotron on Aug 18th, 2014

eras have been done before-- like in Stukoke's excellent World at War Mod.
the big problem was where to put everything and how to organize it. if we were serious about dividing things into era there could be as many as three or four times as many division tents as what we already had! some techs weren't even available early in the war. so we had to think about making multiple copies of each faction... even tech buildings.
the Corps HQ special op presents another complication. which Corps would you use? the op will only summon one actor every time. in Stukoke's mod he had the default special op Corps HQ limited to JUST early war tech. I understand why this was done-- because it penalizes players for losing. but it doesn't really make sense to be playing in the year 1944 in an RMC map and then have to revert to 1938 units because you lost your Corps. this becomes a major disaster in SP campaign games.
another problem is the WW2 Metagame. Stukoke had players spend extra money on late-war armies. this still didn't stop players from buying late war armies as early as 1941. I figured the only way to discourage this was to use stacking tech limitations. one year had to be researched before players could advance to the next year. if advancing one year in tech cost $200 players would have to think hard about whether they wanted those late war units at the risk of having fewer armies. one late-war army could defeat numerous early war armies.
the challenge was how do we add multiple time periods but have it work in both SP campaigns AND in WW2 mode?
the idea I came up with was a "Universal Corps HQ".
the Universal Corps HQ that would recruit era-based Corps HQ trucks. this building would have a year-based techs. players would start with 1938 techs and then have to invest each year in chronological order. it would use the same layout as heavy tanks being required before super-heavy tanks. you couldn't use 1943 units without first researching previous years.
the advantage is that we could leave the tech buildings largely unchanged. we could limit the units available through era-based division tents recruited from era-based Corps HQs. it would be confusing enough to have era-based division tents let alone era-based tech buildings.
it would also require minimal changes to the Metagame. we wouldn't need to add dozens of new period-based armies with different price tags. players could simply purchase the normal armies and know that they were already limited by yearly tech. it also prevents late-war units from being used in the Metagame too far ahead of schedule.
the Universal Corps would become the default special op building. players could summon a new Corps but wouldn't be forced to travel back in time. they would also still be limited to the tech they had previously researched. if they wanted to research their way into the future that would still be an option in RMCs.
the plan was to divide each faction into roughly three eras. (early, middle, and late)
all that being said... we decided that we weren't going to do eras until after we finished the basic version of the mod for the whole war. if we tried to implement it now it would probably push the project back about 6-8 months (at best). it's not just the major nations now. we currently have 20+ nations in this mod. if we do eras it would have to nearly every country.

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kingofhugs Sep 15 2014, 2:48pm says:

Have the dynamics for snipers changed? Could you make them operate similarly to targeted artillery? Being able to fire from afar without taking fire themselves? and be able to target individuals?

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kingofhugs Sep 17 2014, 5:10pm replied:

so have it set as an infantry-only bonus? And by being able to target, I meant similar to how if you place an arty barrage on a specific entity, it'll focus fire that entity. Maybe have the same function for snipers? Where when you click 'attack' and then place it on a entity, they'll focus fire that entity then switch to the overall unit once it's kill.

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kingofhugs Sep 18 2014, 2:48pm replied:

So snipers are, for lack of a better description, becoming obsolete in this mod?

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Gizmotron Creator
Gizmotron Sep 18 2014, 11:32pm replied:

sorry you feel that way-- but I don't think snipers are obsolete.

I increased their range from 10-points to 15 (20 for special units). this, by itself, is a big advantage against every type of infantry regiment this side of mortars and field guns.

snipers already benefit from nearly every major type of infantry upgrade. sure, some of them don't seem glamorous-- but some of them are really handy. USA snipers, after fully upgraded, can resupply 55% faster than non-upgraded units from other countries.

months ago I added snipers to the the "Improved Optics" tech. this gives them a 10-point increase in detection range, a 5-point increase in attack range, and a 10% increase in control range (the range at which they react to the enemy).

in the original A&A game snipers were the undisputed kings of infantry. now they have to be used as part of a larger integrated force using lots of different types of units.

if any one change has spelled the death knell for sniper supremacy it would have to be the new mortar and artillery attacks and ranges.

but even now, snipers can be used effectively. using a six regiment sniper rush is perfect for crushing enemy mortar regiments. by combining four snipers with two AT infantry you can smash enemy field gun regiments quickly.

the old tactic of rushing an enemy base with three divisions worth of snipers just isn't going to cut it in the Uncommon Valor mod.

it's worth pointing out that historically snipers have done very well in defensive positions. once snipers started moving forward during offensive operations they lost most of their value. I'll use snipers for stealing cities, and defending against attacking regiments, but I don't generally use them for launching big offensives. if I can combine them with mechs, armor, and support them with artillery then yeah-- but I don't send in snipers to attack something without back up and support from other types of regiments.

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kingofhugs Sep 19 2014, 10:00am replied:

True that, but it is hard to judge a mod from the text that's put up on the forums. That's one of the things I'm looking forward to playing with when the full version is released. :)

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Gizmotron Creator
Gizmotron Sep 17 2014, 10:24pm replied:

yeah, but that's what mortar infantry and field guns are for.

the game allows you to target specific combat units within an enemy regiment for attack. it's not perfect-- but it's already an option.

so far as I know, after years of experimenting on the game, the kind of target prioritization you're talking about isn't allowed with the existing game mechanics. targets include aircraft, buildings, commanding officers, infantry, vehicles, tanks, and water. you can't mix and match targets-- the game simply won't allow it for anything apart from special ops with multiple components.

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Gizmotron Creator
Gizmotron Sep 17 2014, 12:48am replied:

I felt like snipers were over-powered in the original game. now that I've made MG and mortar units deadlier vs infantry it seemed reasonable to give snipers a longer 'reach'.

the problem with giving snipers a special attack bonus against commanding officers (aka 'captains') is that it makes them too powerful against division tents, armored cars, and tank CO units. you could see snipers laying waste to halftrack and armored car regiments. I saw an example where a single sniper regiment could destroy a Panzer IV CO tank in less than half the time it would take a regular heavy infantry regiment to do the same job. it doesn't really make sense in terms of game-play.

we can't add new types of targets without some really awful side-effects. so for now snipers will have to remain basically unchanged.

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kingofhugs Sep 13 2014, 12:02pm replied:

What about aircraft that are designed solely for strafing enemy units? I know that the Germans found a way to attached a 37mm cannon to Stukas and the HE111 for the purpose of AT and AM.

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Gizmotron Creator
Gizmotron Sep 13 2014, 1:22pm replied:

I wasn't real happy with the Bordkannon tests I did with the Stuka. I found that bombs were more effective at taking out enemy vehicles. cannons only worked on a single target-- and better results were obtained against enemy regiments with bombs.

I also tried out the Ju-88 P-1. but the lag time between an attack, circling around, and attacking again made them very ineffective. cannons can only effect one target at a time. usually after one target suffered some damage they'd run to friendly supply and start healing again before any serious damage could take place.

the Mosquito Mk.XVIII is the only cannon-armed aircraft in the game. it has a 6-pounder 57mm gun with an AP attack of 80 points. this is the same as the Tempest armed with four 20-mm cannons with 80 points of AP damage. the big difference is that the Mossie XVIII cannon has a 250-point bonus against vehicles. it just wasn't enough to really dent enemy regiments. so I added 5-inch rockets and four .303 machine guns as well. the variant Mosquito works because it has multiple forms of attack-- but the heavy cannons just didn't work out as well as I thought they would.

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Gizmotron Creator
Gizmotron Sep 11 2014, 8:29pm replied:

there's really only one aspect of aircraft that we haven't changed yet. and that would be damage resistance. I would be willing to add "Air Combat Training" for a bonus of 10% resistance to gunfire damage and 5% resistance to AP damage.

the old fighter bombers were based on the misconception that only bombers could be assigned to the bomber "attack' position. now that we have dive bomber models most of those dive bombing fighters won't exist anymore.

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