Contra is a freeware modification for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour real-time strategy game. It's a big project started in 2004. It adds many new units as well as numerous new upgrades, new general's powers and buildings. It also adds new sounds, maps, bug fixes, enhanced graphics, and other effects, as well as three new generals.


  • Introduced Ranking system, in which that certain buildings and units can only be built when a certain general's rank is achieved. Players get awarded for their combat efficiency.
  • 3 New Generals - USA Cybernetic, China Flame and GLA Assault.
  • A.I. is greatly enhanced.
  • Introduction of "Super Units". The limit is 1 per player (like hero units). Super units require 5th rank. Each general has a unique super unit.
  • Neutral Tech Structures reappear after a while after they are destroyed.
  • Deep variety of gameplay tactics and strategies.
  • Wide choice of units, buildings, special powers and upgrades.
  • New graphics and sounds.
  • All 12 generals were made as diverse as possible. The gameplay for each general is unique.
  • Simplified micro management (since Contra 008).
  • Each faction speaks its own language (since Contra 008).
  • Increased stability in multiplayer games (since Contra 008).

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Available versions for download:

009 BETA - ModDB
008 FINAL - ModDB
008 BETA 2 - ModDB
008 BETA - ModDB
007 - ModDB Revora
006 - ModDB FileFront
005 - ModDB FileFront
004 - ModDB FileFront
003 - ModDB FileFront
002 - ModDB FileFront


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USA Generals:

Air Force - Malcolm "Ace" Granger

Air Force general depends on speed and precision. He requires skillful
control and is heavy on micro management. While being a powerful general
the skill and experience required makes him difficult for many
beginners to play.

Laser - "Pinpoint" Townes

Laser is a versatile general strong in call situations. He is flexible and has
units to fill every combat role. As a result he has no weaknesses other
than being a specialist at nothing.

Super Weapon - Alexis Alexander

Advantage of this general is easy micro and very simple strategy. Almost the same
vs all enemies - build up around enemy until he dies. However, you
should not ignore other abilities.

Cybernetic - Algrin "A.I." Ironhand

The generic feature of this general is his mobility, which allows to move
an entire army very fast and create numerical superiority at desired
areas of the battlefield. His basic strategy is unstoppable maneuvering
along enemy base perimeter. If he finds a weak point in defense, he
moves there instantly and destroys the most significant targets.

China Generals:

Nuke - Tsing Shi Tao

Nuke General must rely on aggression to defend his base. He has no defenses
to hide behind while you wait for your nukes to load. The absence of
defense structures forces the player to be more active and aggressive.
Use your units to carry out counterattacks for defense and support your
main attack with super weapons.

Infantry - "Anvil" Shin Fai

Infantry is a volatile general given to decisive victories or defeats in the
early game. As expected, he relies on masses of infantry in the early
game, later reinforced by more infantry. In the late game he gains
powerful artillery strikes supported by the same infantry.

Tank - Ta Hun Kwai

His strategy is easy to understand, but not as easy to implement:
build more tanks and attack. But everything has its details.

Flame - Huang Lin Bao

He has the same strategy as tank general, but another means for its
implementation and another battle tactics. His vehicles are not as
armoured as tank general's ones, so he has to use artillery and
different tactics and tricks, instead of forcing his way through.

GLA Generals:

Toxin - Dr. Thrax

Toxin General specializes in area attacks and damage over time. He is
especially effective vs mobbed units and hordes. If well played, you
will find all of your positions unapproachable for the fields of acid
and poison.

Demolition - Rodall "Demo" Juhziz

He is a versatile and powerful general with demanding micro management needs.
Since almost all units are disposable, you must use them with care,
directing almost all kamikazes manually. The more assiduously you play -
the more complex it becomes for enemy to defend from your endless flows
of kamikazes. If you play properly, you can defeat any other general.

Stealth - Prince Kassad

While at a glance his units are weak and poorly suited of combat, Stealth
General is a deceptively powerful general using infiltration and
surprise to his advantage. He has long range sniper units capable of
attacking with impunity against units lacking stealth detection. He is a
challenging general to play, but has a strong reward for the effort given.

Assault - Mahmud al Huchum

Assault is a flexible general with flexible units. He requires low micro
management and is well suited for most players. While having
no spectacular abilities he also has no weaknesses.

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RSS Articles

Hello dear friends!

As usual we are bringing you some insight into our progress. It would be a shame if Summer would go without some new fancy update right!? So, without much intro, let's get to it.

USA Super Weapon general got long awaited and expected tank unit, Centurion tank!


Centurion is energy depending, rank 1 tank, which needs to be purchased through general's powers. This means, if you want him, you will need to spend one science point. Centurion consumes 2 energy points, and without energy he is shut down. His special hovering locomotor allows him to drive over water and cliffs. Fires energy shots which cannot be deviated by ecm. Centurion is good to deal vs. any rank 1 tank, but also, with upgrades at rank 3, he can improve his armor, and weapon. But, while improving weapon, he will need even more energy, specifically he will need 3 energy points in total to be online. So, be careful, this is a tricky unit. Standing near Ion Plant will give him additional +50% damage bonus, because he will consume energy directly from Ion Plant.

centurion bonus

Depending on your enemy, you will be able to choose whether you go standard with defenses, or you purchase this fancy tank. Mostly recommended vs. generals who do not rely too much on infantry.

Demo general's Ratel


Ratel is a fine piece of technology designed for Demo general, available at rank 3. His main weapon can pierce through any rank 1 unit and deal significant damage to stronger units, for example Emperors. But, his main role is his secondary weapon, suicide pack, which is designed specifically to destroy huge vehicles like Emperors. Ratel's armor allows him to survive 2 Emperor shots, perform suicide attack and destroy Emperor. Additional ability is to transport 6 units (cannot fire from inside), which can survive suicide attack, and deal extra damage. Ratel is not a salvager, but he can be upgraded with many upgrades.

Stealth general's Ratel II


This ratel variant is made specifically for stealth general. Available at rank 3, Ratel II is a sneaky bastard who lures his targets into trap. Ratel II is stealth by default, while standing still and shooting. He reveals himself only when moving. His special ability allows him to fire a jamming beam which makes enemy unit unselectable, while remaining stealth he also fires primary machinegun and deals significant damage to target. Targeted vehicle is helpless, cannot return fire because Ratel II is stealth, and also cannot force fire because cannot be selected. Only scout unit, or another can help you if you find yourself in trap. Since he is smaller, he can transport only 2 units (cannot fire from inside). Also, he is not a salvager.

Another big thing, is change in Laser general's gameplay.
Laser general's units are no longer upgradeable through different lasers, they get better lasers with each rank. Basically, all laser units start with blue laser, while progressing through veterancy they improve to green, orange and finally red lasers. Advancing with laser units now pays off more than waiting and purchasing upgrades, I like to call this rampage gameplay. The more units your unit kills, the better weapon it gets. We all know each veterancy rank improved slightly weapon for each unit, but for laser units, this is very noticeable, both visually and gameplay-wise.


Some additional stuff is given to laser. New Laser Training power, available at rank 3, makes all laser units start with green laser. For this general, most important upgrade is Training upgrade from strategy center, which makes laser units gain experience twice faster.

Another small addition are generals flags on GLA Factory structures. No longer you will have to click on worker or factory to find out which general it is, you can simply look at flag.

gla flags

I recommend you to follow Persun's youtube channel. He is our tester and he uploads videos of our games every week, as well as many other walkthrough videos. Our last 2v2 game will show you laser gameplay and Ratel in-game. It was a great game, take a look at it:

Thanks to our new members, Marakar and Teteros, we have more intense and mixed games. Before I end this update, Predator wants to leave a message too.

- Hi people, Predator here. Just want to keep you up to date on what's going on with other aspects of the mod, the ones which I'm responsible for. I have fixed some big AI issues, working on Challenge and Campaign as much as I can, and improving some cameos as well. Some people have requested new multiplayer maps, containing usable Boss technologies, but sadly, I don't have enough time in my hands for them... If you have interesting ideas in mind and would like to make cool maps like these, feel free to send me a PM. Show me what you've made and I may include it in the next release. I have a physical part done for an AOD map by the way (but no scripting). It's been sitting on my PC for years. Also, I would appreciate if anyone experiencing problems with the Contra Launcher (the "Could not launch Contra" error in particular) contacts me. I have made some changes to it, but need someone who had problems with it to test if it works for him now. Thanks guys.

There are some new features that are in progress, which will be shown in the next updates. Until then, stay tuned!

Contra 009 work in progress - Update 6

Contra 009 work in progress - Update 6

News 51 comments

The sixth news update of Contra 009 is here. With some videos again.

Contra 009 work in progress - Update 5

Contra 009 work in progress - Update 5

News 22 comments

In this update, we focus on some map-related content!

Contra 009 work in progress - Update 4

Contra 009 work in progress - Update 4

News 27 comments

After a small pause, we are back on track with the newest information about our progress.

Contra 009 Beta Release

Contra 009 Beta Release

News 53 comments

A long awaited 009 beta release is here. Download it, test it and help us improve gameplay, balance and fix bugs.

RSS Files
Contra 009 BETA

Contra 009 BETA

Demo 390 comments

A long awaited 009 beta release is here. Download it, test it and help us improve gameplay, balance and fix bugs. !!! CLICK ON "Read more..." TO SEE THE...

Contra 008 FINAL

Contra 008 FINAL

Full Version 413 comments

Contra 008 FINAL version is here!!! Long work is finally done and now you can enjoy full 008 version. Please read the installation instructions carefully...

Contra 008 BETA 2

Contra 008 BETA 2

Demo 231 comments

Contra 008 Beta II. Happy New Year to all of you!!! We are happy to inform you that Contra 008 Beta II release is ready!

Contra 008 BETA

Contra 008 BETA

Demo 554 comments

The long, long awaited BETA is finally here! We, members of Contra Project Team, thank you for all the wait! It has been years since the last release...

Contra 007 Net Fix (007 ONLY)

Contra 007 Net Fix (007 ONLY)

Patch 40 comments

You get disconnect (or mismatch) during multiplayer games? Contra 007 Net Fix is here. This patch requires Zero Hour 1.04 Patch and Contra 007. It's not...

Contra 007 Chinese Translation (007 ONLY)

Contra 007 Chinese Translation (007 ONLY)

Patch 8 comments

Chinese translation for Contra 007 has been completed. Thanks to Oops2005. Just copy file to ZH folder.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 5,448)

I have a problem. I re-installed the game. it starts off well and right when it is about load to play it crashes... any idea why? I copied and pasted the files and changed the necessary files to .big to play it as before I would use the launcher and it launched the original game. this has never happen before until now. I have the First Decade. windows 10.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

iam not sure about first decade generals that works with contra or not but this happend to me before try changing combatabilty settings or change the folders location into any other drivers it helped some of my friends and my self and if that doesnt work turn off anti virus some times it doesnt make contra work for me for thinking its a malware

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This can be caused by your computer. Try to avoid interruptions while you are saving games. If you have an old computer, sometimes the saved folders are bugged. Starting up another program while saving stuff will also lead to bugged game files. And did you make sure to rename the 'Scripts' folder (Inside Data map) to 'Scripts1'? This will also avoid crashes.
This helped for me.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

this is just a suggestion can u balance the assualt general super tank it a long range unit yet it can fight so close to its postion and the 3 cannons the middile cannon that fires the rocket can it be replaced with somthing more like a rocket luancher etc... and when i make tha gps scrambler on it it becomes unstoppable so i think there should be a balance thats just a suggestion cuz well i can beat a insane AI by just 1 stealthed karkadan (i think thats its name) hope u look in to it sorry if thats bothering you guys

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I don't agree Karkadann is OP. You should play against human players, as they can counter it pretty easily. GLA should use its speed, USA its airpower and China its heavy armor to counter Karkadann. Besides that, it's one of the weaker Superunits in the game, it gets destroyed by most of the other ones. And it cannot detect stealth at all, so use that to your advantage.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i dont play vs human players i just only play vs insane AI as i said in my comment above i didnt mention any thing about playing vs human players . and karkadan can win vs a wave of incoming armor if u tell where to shot and it has a AA rockets it counters some air units mostly helicopters and some jets and if u use GPS scrambler stealth units wont locat here and u wont worry about air units cuz well they cant locat unless u get a scout to locat it or when it fires and i can do the same to get a stealthed radar van beside it so it can locate stealthed units. and as u said its speed . its speed makes it more super + mine resist upgrade makes its walk freely in the map + it fires so close to its postion so it counters infantry i played with general assualt like 10000000 times my friend so i basiclly know how this tank works u can only counter it with mixed air and ground forces since it will just focus on one of them or that u make units attack in the same time from diffrent sides or those chiness snipers and also i played in a game were i was 1vs 3 assualt generals so i basiclly studied this general :) but i guess i should play vs humans but iam not sure if iam any good or even make enough time to survive a full game :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
d-ce Creator

I agree with WWB. Playing vs human is totally different thing. Testing unit vs AI is the worst thing you can do, it has nothing to do with balance, while vs human player is different story. You should play more with human players.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

point taken guys and i maybe just maybe play vs humans :D and embarsse my self 2 or 3 times to learn how to player vs humans :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I want to note that I've never played against human players. I saw the Assault mirror match with Persun and Marakar and based my answer on that.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
d-ce Creator
d-ce is an silly idea....
Why dont you two contact each other, and setup a game. Learn and enjoy in your first MP games, and overcome the fear. You shouldnt be afraid of playing vs human after all, because you dont play for money. You have to start from somewhere. I was complete noob at start too, but online games which i experienced in past years gave so much pleaserue, that none skirmish or scripted game would.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I think that is an excellent idea.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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