this is a sequel to the Gizmotron user-mod for Axis and Allies. featuring new types of weather & terrain. new, larger territory maps in skirmish mode. new experience ranks and bonuses (regiments improve up to 2000 exp points). 100+ special ops, new water-based units like cruisers and submarines (with torpedo attacks). nations included are Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Communist China, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, India (Allied), Indian National Army (Axis), Iran, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Mongolia, Nationalist China, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic (Axis), South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, the United States, Yugsolavia, and the Yugoslav Partisans more nations and territories available for WW2 mode, see images for details.

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I've overhauled the mod to work in Windows 10 as best as I can. thousands of buildings, units, and regiments have been updated to correct missing skin problems and other errors. I have also added more historical generals so that every general featured in the original Campaign has a unique general name, set of special operations, and an SAI name template. most of the hard work for correcting bugs feels like it is done. but for a mod this large there's bound to be a few little things missing here and there. although I did not include any SP campaign maps for this upload I've already looked at updating the original SP campaigns to maximize the features of Uncommon Valor. I've included a small folder of maps with the original game maps and a couple of new maps I've been working on. the artillery nerf patch is the same one I used earlier - but it doesn't account for some of the new minor nation artillery pieces.

Uncommon Valor 4.3

Downloaded your mod yesterday.

Downloaded, unzipped, installed and played fine in Windows 8.

No crashes. I even had 8 surface ships bombarding bunkers at the same time with no problem.

Good job, very impressive, congratulations on your hard work.

I just finished my 41 additional new territories. Modified territory values to reflex your Capitol values and loaded it into your mod.

It plays well.

I let it run for 3 hours by itself in WWII mod with quick resolve battles & 200% play speed (I set myself up to be conquered on the 1st turn) it ran beautifully and armies were all over the map with several Capitols changing hands many times.

Having a larger Pacific Ocean and additional land territories makes all the difference in the world.

I hope to have a map patch constructed and uploaded by the weekend so you can load it in any additional updates to your mod if you wish or any other mod.

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Gizmotron Author

thanks for the prompt feedback.

I'll try to take a look at that map patch , test it out, and see how it fits in with my plans.

I've actually had people complain that Uncommon Valor has too many territories and factions - so that it takes a very long time to get through WW2.

I'm not especially eager to have even MORE water territories, to be honest. if most of the new 41 territories are on land - then it sounds more appealing.

I really wanted to add Formosa, Hainan, French Indo-China, Malaya, Thailand, Burma, Ceylong and some other items to give more variety to the Minor Nations faction.

we just had trouble getting them to not cause game crashes - so we went with a simpler WW2 map.

thanks again for the feedback.

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Yes the world is very large. This is why I gave some of the WWII armies a movement of 2 to allow you to maneuver about the map a little more rapidly. It also helps by being able to capture enemy unreliable infantry armies for they can move right after the battle in which they are captured.
Still working on the patch hope to have it done in a few days then I will post it in the mean time I have uploaded Version 5 which has all the new territories in it. The map and data files will work in your mod as they are I have already done it. You just have to modify territory values to reflex your Capitol values and loaded it into your mod.
If you can send me the data and nif files of those territories that are giving you problems I will see if I can get them to work I have had a lot of experience getting new territories to work. Sometimes keeping all that data straight can be a real headache but I have worked out a system that keeps it to a minimum but doesn't make it any easier.

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By the way, if you have your naval units enabled to fire main battery defensive fire at one another taking those water territories can be challenging. I have modified the naval units for main battery defensive fire in your other mods and it works well.

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Gizmotron Author

I thought I had all of the naval units coded for that - but it looks like I don't. in some of my maps the boats won't open fire unless you give them specific instructions. one thing this does is that it gives Japanese subs a game-play advantage since their subs have the longest attack ranges and some of the highest attack values. thanks for the reminder.

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Just discovered your terrific mod after picking up the game again for the first time in years. You have truly breathed new life into the game, giving it variaty and replay value that rivals many newer games. Thank you for all your hard work!
Since you asked us to report bugs, I have a couple missing textures to report. Several of the trucks for Finland show up as pink boxes prior to unpacking, a few parachutes for minor nations (I can't remember which ones) and Bar infantry are sporting pink jumpsuits.
I have a couple of balance suggestions that you are welcome to use or ignore as you see fit. Infantry seems very difficult to keep alive once tanks are in play, you have done a great job at giving them combat relevance, but they are destroyed (in my games at least) before they can run away, My suggestion would be to give machine gunners an additional entrenchment bonus, perhaps locked behind a tech. This would force players to use some of the anti infantry units you created to get infantry out of towns, and would still allow infantry to be slaughtered by tanks when advancing over open ground. Infantry combat power wouldn't be increased, they just wouldn't die so quickly when you aren't looking.
I also feel that cruisers and destroyers are more effective at bombarding base structures than battleships I think that your intent was for these ships to excel at destroying units and defenses while leaving base busting to the battleships, I'm not sure how best to fix this, it just feels a bit off.
Again, terrific mod, I had no Idea that anyone had such dedication to this classic from my childhood.

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Gizmotron Author

yeah, the BAR model has been giving me problems. I've tried fixing it at least three or four times.

the point about machine gunners sounds pretty solid. a machine gunner would usually be dug in somewhere and have infantry protection. I could add one extra defense point for each machine gun unit. (it's good to keep them around as they can provide effective anti-aircraft defenses now with their machine gun fire)

I haven't nerfed the cruisers and destroyers yet (reduce their attack values). when I used the same attack formula that I used for artillery on battleships they could wipe out a Corps HQ and some division tents in less than a minute. the game simply became unplayable. I'll have to reduce the rate of fire on the lighter capital ships. so this is why cruisers and destroyers seem to be better at taking out buildings. they have a higher rate of fire and I haven't reduced their attack values as dramatically.

as for anti-tank tactics for infantry... there are some nations that will simply get slaughtered. Turkish and Yugoslav infantry simply can't hold their own against Russian medium and heavy tanks. the best solution is usually to recruit a lot of light artillery. this artillery has a pretty high rate of fire, inflicts morale damage, and can make it so that enemy tanks rout when they get within combat range of your infantry.

I'll try to fix the BAR unit again... it looked okay on my old tower... but for some reason it doesn't work on my Win10 box.

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Gizmotron Author

I bumped up the health of all machine gun infantry units to 200 and gave them a defense value of 2. this should make them a bit tougher to take out but shouldn't break the game play balance too much.

the tanks are much tougher in this mod. I've improved all of the anti-tank weapons for infantry to help them stay competitive... but there are some scenarios where you just can't expect them to hold things on their own. consider using engineers to build anti-tank bunkers (if your nation has them). also consider building dragon's teeth or barbed wire obstacles. I've found that with the proper use of bunkers, entrenched infantry, and light artillery and mortars I can even have infantry from Thailand or the Netherlands manage to halt a tank attack from Great Britain or even the United States or Russia. people made fun of bunkers because of online play - where they were easy to bypass, and had lower attack values. in this mod bunkers, minefields,and obstacles like barbed wire and dragon's teeth are your friends! they can help keep your infantry alive. if you've got down time when you're not attacking or getting attacked - built obstacles to help your infantry live longer.

bunkers are also good at drawing the attention of enemy artillery so that they're not killing your infantry. artillery bunkers have much longer attack ranges and higher attack values now... consider building a 'wall' of three or four arty bunkers to help keep your troops alive. hope that helps.

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