Welcome to the Vostroyan Firstborn mod for Soulstorm!

Team Thudmeizer proudly presents another race mod for Dawn of War : Soulstorm, this time it's the turn of a branch of the Imperial Guard known as the Vostroyan Firstborn.

Hailing from a heavy industrial world and heavily aligned with the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Vostroyans were called to war to serve the Emperor during the Horus Heresy but refused, arguing they would better serve the Imperium by making weapons. Now living in eternal shame, they seek retribution by sending all of their Firstborn into the service of the Imperial Guard. They specialize in cold and urban combat, typically having a lot of line infantry supported by advanced technology from their alliance with the Adeptus Mechanicus.

This mod is a reworked version of the minimod made by Knezekj found at Moddb.com.

For this mod we have tried some new things to try and separate them from the other Imperial Guard races that exist and have focused on buildings. The Vostroyans have access to the best turrets and can upgrade these well above those of other races, albeit at a heavy cost to fire. Expect lots of little men running to their doom and some very large tanks.

We hope that they feel a bit different to other armies and will complement the Praetorians nicely, focusing on more direct fire whilst their brethren use longer range artillery. As well as keeping the gamestyle unique there has been effort in getting units not generally seen in our range of DoW Soulstorm mods.

To install unzip the file into your Soulstorm directory - you will need the Objective Points modification for this mod to run. Also please consider using the Unification mod, an ongoing project to allow all of the race mods to combine into a single modification.

We sadly did not have enough unique voices for everyone at this time, maybe we can fix this down the line

Thank you for your support!

To those who made this possible...

Firsty and foremost clearly

Knezekj, author of the vostroyan minimod:
Who thanks, and by extension I thank:
Seregruth: modeler of Yuuzhan Vong at War(Thanks for help and knowledge)
Steel legion mod for their models
Thudo for super voices(there are no in game yet)FOK/POK team for their models
Jones1979 for his killer skills and giant knowledge
Boychaos for his capitol imperialis

New Team
Fuggles - AE
Gambit - AI
Roderick - 3D, 2D, Audio
Ethan Miller and his team, the creator of the first Vostroyan Firstborn Mod, Moddb.com

The beautiful metal version of the Zaporizhian cossacks march has been performed by Aleksei Demenkov

Wereturnip and other modellers of the IGBIA mod (among them there are the creators of the vostroyan lasgun, the meltagun and the plasmagun models and original textures).

LeonardGoog for textures used in the priest and command squad "grenadier"'s cuirass.

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Welcome to this guide to Dawn of War : Soulstorm mods!

Team Thudmeiser have been involved in the majority of the race mods output in some shape or form and we are very proud of what we have accomplished. The Unification mod is a project that will allow all race mods to be combined into one single mod and play seamlessly together into the ultimate, albeit perhaps not so apocalyptic Warhammer 40,000 RTS.

First there are some utility mods that are required to get these running.

The project to combine all other projects. This page has instructions on how to alter you module file to combine races that you have installed. It also has links to the other required mods, Free UI and bugfix

Free UI
A project that allows modders to do crazy things with the UI, included on the Unification page.

Objective Points
This project partially supports all of the mods and allows most races to have unique banner flags. It sadly stopped being supported with newer races, but there's always hope!

Now onto the race mods:



A special cadre of Eldar who dress as clowns as dance a deadly dance of death, so expect lots of bright colours as they specialise in holograms and trickery. Melee and movement specialists in their holographic suits, but very much glass cannons - whilst hard to hit, it hurts a lot if they are hit.


Imperial Guard

Praetorian Guard

A loved but under represented Imperial Guard regiment who wear Pith helmets. Specialising in artillery they keep the enemy at a distance, but they are quire prepared to pay Orks to help them out with melee combat.


Steel Legion Imperial Guard

An original mod that was developed prior to Relic developing the Imperial Guard, this mod is very much about the legions from Armageddon and features a more classic selection of units. Mobile field cannons, horse cavalry and a famous Commissar all feature in this mod.


Vostroyan Firstborn Imperial Guard

The vostroyans work closely with the Adeptus Mechanicus to produce weapons for the Imperium. During the Horus Heresy they did not join the fight, arguing they were better utilised making weapons. To attone for this they now send their firstborn to war.



Adeptus Mechanicus Explorators.

The Adeptus Mechanicus believe that the machine God is the true God. They value machines over flesh and scour the galaxy looking for new technology. In this mod they rely heavily on machines to do the fighting whilst they power up their roving base.

Witch Hunters - Adeptus Sororitas

A very famous mod indeed. With easily the best graphics in any mod for Soulstorm, this starts with those lowly space police the Adeptus Arbites and if things get out of hand, they can then call for the might of the Inquisition or the Canoness and her Battle Sisters.


Inquisition Daemonhunt

When there is chaos to be purged, send in the Inquisition! Starting with the Inquisitor and his retinue in their quest to scourge the foul forces, when it gets too much they can call in the legendary Grey Knights! The inquisition rely on abilities to hold off the enemy.


Space Marines

Dark Angels

The first chapter of Space Marines. This mod brings the whole Dark Angel chapter to the battlefield where you can pick one of three tech trees to bring the Ravenwing, Deathwing or battle company to the fight.


Legion of the Damned

The Firehawks Space Marine chapter disappeared in the warp, presumed dead. Since then there have been rumours of ghostly burning space marines who appear when times are bleak, dominate the battlefield and then slip away into the void. With a unique hitpoint based economy, the Emperor's Daemons are here!


Salamanders Space Marines

Hailing from a high gravity nocturnal planet, the Salamanders are bigger than regular Space Marines, but slightly sluggish. They are warrior blacksmiths who worship a cult of fire, so expect a lot of hammers and fire - look out for the their Librarian who has a whole array of powers that set himself on fire...oh and look out for giant Salamanders.


Blood Angels Space Marines

The Blood Angels are, if we are honest, ever so slightly vampiric. These loyal warriors have a flawed gene and can get lost in the maelstrom of battle in a red thirst. If they cannot withstand the call, they go mad and become part of the infamous Death Company. Featuring a line up of the Blood Angels greatest heroes, this beautiful mod will encourage you to be a bit wary around melee combat as whilst it empowers your troops, it is hard to get them out again.


Black Templars Space Marines

A very accomplished mod featuring the somewhat unorthodox Black Templars. Featuring their own crusade style armour and their own crusader tactics, the Black Templars are very much fans of getting in a melee. Pick a tactical doctrine and lead your champions to battle!


Space Wolves

The wolves of Fenris are feral, brave warriors with powerful noses and a wild fighting style and this mod adds them to the game.


Forces of Chaos

Chaos Daemons

The forces of chaos unleashed! Pick one of 5 tech trees for each of the four chaos Gods or undivided loyalty and then burn the galaxy to ashes with a massive range of diabolocal beasties, just ensure to expand slowly as Daemons are not used to being in the mortal realm.


Chaos Renegades

When the Imperial Guard fall to chaos, they become renegades. Whilst having naturally similar technology and style to their loyalist brethren they feature daemon engines and mutants to get up close and personal.


Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines

A fallen chapter who have become inherently psychic over the years so expect lots of spells. Owing to a spell gone wrong, a lot of their troops are empty suits of armour - also this mod features a customisable class system for your hero to add a light RPG element


Khorne World Eaters

Chaos Marines dedicated to Khorne, the god of BLOOD and SLAUGHTER! A unique economy means that you are rewarded for being in melee, which Khorne would approve of.


Night Lords

A chaos space marine chapter who don't realy on daemons?! Night Lords believe in just using the foulest, most terrifying tactics on the battlefield. Expect lots of infiltration and morale damage - These marines are not chaotic, just evil!




The shadow in the warp consumes all. The tyranids are a race of swarming intergalactic predators that rely on a variety of different sized organisms from tiny to giant to devour living worlds whole.

Maybe more to come...

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Vostroyan Firstborn 1 23

Vostroyan Firstborn 1 23

Full Version 2 comments

Welcome to the first release of the Vostroyan Firstborn mod for Soulstorm! Hailing from a heavy industrial world and heavily aligned with the Adeptus...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 27)

I noticed that when used with the Imperial Guard, the Imperial Guard base and builders become the same colour as the Vostroyans. Any chance of a fix for this?
Thanks and keep up the good work!

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Vostrojansky first-borns.
I did not understand why the scouts had to manually switch to invisibility. Any difference did not notice, everything is still all that moves is killed /
Scirmishers-2 squads for 5 people? Against any number of detachments of 9 people from the IG And they 9 is not the limit.
Well, the grenade launcher requires the upgrade of the headquarters.
In general, they are not only incredibly weak, but also limited

Scouts, on the contrary, kill all infantrymen.
I propose to remove the restriction on firefights. scouts establish a limit of 2 squad and increase their number from 3 to 5.

Well and taurex without a texture it seems

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Very cool mod, turrets are nice, but all you have to do is sit outside the range and use artillery. Their second best tank is decent, but take up way too many vehicle points.

Things that could maybe added in my opinion and make them more competitive

1) Add a turret option for larger line of sight, and a turret option for your guns to shoot further.

2) Need to be able to make more than 3 units of infantry, the current infantry health is too low in order for them to be a meat wall while your vehicles do their thing.

3) Small buff in health or durability for vehicles

Wish list

1) I'd like to see more units in listening posts and infantry buildings and strongholds increase the damage of those structures dramatically if the faction is going to play defensive with low health units and vehicles.

Other than that, very interesting mod, and fun to play.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Thanks for feedback!

We take into account all your comments to make everything more consistent and balanced.

The meat wall is intended to come at later stages when you get infantry for free to be combined with your vehicles and turrets. The durability of the initial skirmisher squads is improved by the aura of the medic of the Command squad, the sergeant and the commissar. We can think into another possibilities.

> I'd like to see more units in listening posts and infantry buildings

To be built from? Perhaps. However including more types of units, although there is room for something else is not really granted or necessary. Excessive variety leads to an indefiniteness when you consider what to use.

The mod will have to wait its turn to be improved again. It was difficult to bring something different to play with things which are already common, and GW didn't dedicated many time to flesh the Vostroyans until recently (with the mod released).

We take note of everything.

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Speaking of void shrieks, they are the only squad which takes 3 points in squad cap, and with a hard cap of 1. Basically you either cap at 19/20 using them, or at 20/20 without. Being like this, it's as if they actually took 4 points. Maybe allowing at least two squads of void shrieks? Or should we expect some new unit taking 3 points in squad cap?

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Great mod, it took me more than an hour to beat the AI with either IG and Steel Legion. It's very, VERY hard to get through those turrets :D

There are some things which caught me a little off-guard, I hope I'm not sounding picky here...

Can't help but feel the tanks are a little oversized. I did notice units just disappearing (compenetrating the model) in melee, for instance. I understand the unit itself must be small to maneuver on the field, and perhaps malcadors are supposed to look bulkier than leman russes (and macharius vs baneblade), is that the reason?

Are void shrieks supposed to go melee? Their stats shows a higher damage stat for ranged attacks, but indeed they spawn with the assault stance. And they also lack a shooting animation, though damage does get dealt.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

All models of vehicles have been resized to match a standard size initiated by jONES on some mods. The original sizes are too tiny and frankly ridiculous and there's no turning back.

There's a drawback on this, as some models have a volume box smaller than the scaling applied and therefore may experience minor overlaps on the edges when colliding with other units in narrow passages.

And yes, the Malcador is huge, it was considered a Lord of War unit in the table top game until recently. Now it's merely a heavy tank but still large, as it is meant as a infantry support.

Regarding void shrieks I think finally we solved that issue but I'm not sure if the hotfix was released. I think I noticed that but the lack of feedback on this wasn't helpful to release the fix efficiently.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


On the plus side:
- Nice textures overall. I especially like that the paint schemes on Malcador and Macharius match with the ones on the other vehicles. Very good job.

- Enough vehicles to be competitive in that field.

- Also I love that it has Malcador and Macharius. Well done for adding them.

- Command Squad, Ambushers rule too.

On the minus side:
- Firstborn squads being automatically built late game forces us to play them, they're built too slow, aren't of great use late-game and automatically fill the cap. They should be in the normal build screen.

- The faction needs that Maxim heavy bolter team. Aside from looking cool, the Vostroyan have a need for long range infantry heavy bolter.

- Skirmisher Sergeant shouldn't take a special weapon slot.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

>Skirmisher Sergeant shouldn't take a special weapon slot.

What do you mean by this?

I'm glad you liked the mod. Regarding the remarks, initially they had heavy weapon teams but we wanted them more reliant on towers instead of the more fragile yet mobile hwt. If we eventually allow every kind of troop in every possible mod you'll get much more homogeneous mods with only cosmetic differences. That's bad for a RTS game.

In the same way, we wanted to give them a gimmick with the line guardsmen, and related to the fluff somehow. Think that the mod only provides you a couple of veteran squads, one spec ops and the scouts are situational and not useful to amass for the late game; this is why you need the firstborn to fill the cap. You get them at the mid to late game to make for the main force and cooperate with the vehicles and the towers.

Additionally you know that the Vostroyan guard recruits different from any other guard regiments. They send the firsborn from every family, hence it is always granted a steady number of troops but it cannot be increased nor decreased because depends on the demographics and you cannot put more resources to conscript more troops even if you want.

The game reflects that fact and you simply got the firstborn send at a steady pace but irrespective of your war economy (for free).

Hope this helps.

As a more general reflexion to everybody, if anyone is interested about how to design a particular army he or she loves, a better thing to do more than suggest to devs is to be active and start designing it as you like and eventually got it done! We're here to help with everything.

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By "Skirmisher Sergeant shouldn't take a special weapon slot." I mean that when you build it, it automatically takes a plasma gun upgrade slot in the squad. Which is strange. And that seems to be a plasma pistol in fact and not a plasma gun.

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