Featuring a new playable race for the game with many new units and functions.
This race is based on the 40k Background and features the imperial guard troops of Armageddon called Steel Legion.
The idea behind the mod is to bring in a new strategie game play where units are more specialist and more units can enter the battlefield. You can play the race on your own or face it as enemy in multiplayer games. It's quite balanced to existing races.
Current Release Version is 1.5.
There is an update to Version 2.0 planned featuring a second new race.

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Better late than never

As a member of the "SL for SS" conversion mod team, with respect to the community and to the original mod creators, I want to post here a little bit outdated "news" about the 'Steel Legion for DOW:Soulstorm" mod was finally released at 23 Dec 2010.
With new features specific to SS, lots of fixes and improvements.

full info Forums.relicnews.com
download link Mediafire.com

The updated campaign mission "The Battle for Rokclaw Mountains" is included also. (You can lead 47th Steel Legion army against Orks)

Upcoming SS Mod Fix 01

Upcoming SS Mod Fix 01

Feature 5 comments

A short description of upcoming SL for SS fix. Mostly a set of small alterations.

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Steel Legion - Team Colour Update

Steel Legion - Team Colour Update

Skin Pack 2 comments

Team colour update for a fitting camo optic. Buildings and tanks. Meant as addon to use with the mod.

Steel Legion for Winter Assaul Trailer

Movies 5 comments

This was the preview trailer made for the DoW : Winter Assault mod Steel Legion. Currently the only fully realised and released race mod expansion for...

Steel Legion Mod 1.0

Steel Legion Mod 1.0

Full Version 6 comments

Steel Legion Mod 1.0.

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Been trying to make the SS version work with unification but it doesn't help.
Any suggestions?

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Hey Herrtracken you have to use notepad and open up Unification_new_races and wright in RequiredMod.5 = Steel_Legions_SS

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The latest Unification 5.9 version mod is already includes that Steel Legions mod

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While you guys probably have your own plans for the 2.0 version, I have a list of suggestions:
-The two base limit is limiting, especially in Stronghold Mods where you need multiple bases to slowly take control of the map. All the other races have a limit of six, so that should be their limit as well.
-Likewise, buildings such as the airstrip and munitions bunker should also be increased depending on the number of bases you have built.
-There needs to be more detector units, as stealth armies like the Tau make it very difficult to just solely rely upon the Salamander and Commissars for that role. I would recommend taking off the vehicle cap for the Salamander and perhaps bump them up to a limit of three, and increase the detection range of the Commissars so they don't have to get in the enemies face to see them. Also, let the Commissars be useable for both doctrines, so that you have as many detectors as possible.
-Sentinels unfortunately are not very useful as vehicles due to them have only one weapon upgrade. They need weapons like autocannons and lascannons to make them worth getting.
-New army lists for the Steel Legion includes them getting Ogryns. Imagine Yarrick attached to a squad of them!
-Infantry upgrades to make Guardsmen Squads less fragile would be a massive boost. They currently are very easily to take out and make reinforcing them a tedious process.
-Rough Riders need melta bombs to make them worth holding onto late game. I would also recommend dropping their squad cap down to 2 rather 3.
-Demolisher's need longer range to make them worth getting over Basilisks.
-This one is personal preference, but making the airdrop Leman Russes remove the standard Leman Russ' and visa versa defeats the purpose of them being an armored force. Instead, I would have the standard Leman Russ be buildable alongside the airdrop Leman Russ Tanks.
-Since the Steel Legion are a defense army, why not give them special turrets like seen in Titanium Wars for the Guard?
And that's all I've got for now.

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The other SL detector units are Sentinels (available on T1 for Armored Fist doctrine) and Imperial Missionary (Hero)
Do you know it?

What about other suggestion: TWM have a very long but infamous history. No one self-respecting modder will take anything from there.

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I don't blame you, having gotten into a fight with its main modder just because I mentioned UA off-handedly. I didn't even realize there was a rivalry between them until he exploded on me in Russian.
As for the Sentinels and the Missionary, I didn't figure that out as I didn't bother getting those units... until I got them out of desperation and realized that's what they could do.
Now as for the turrets, you could borrow models instead from Unification, as the Guard does have access to special turrets there as well.

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In others your suggestions you are mostly right.

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Hello. I'm trying to play this and I know that there is a patch for it which I downloaded but where does it go exactly cause I've tried putting it on its own and putting it in the steel legion folder and nothing. I haven't downloaded mods in forever and sorta forgot the basics to be honest.

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I know you guys work super hard and it isn't really your problem but would it be possible to have a compatibility addon for Firestom?

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I do not think FOK is still being developed but I would love to see the SL back in action.

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