So here it is, one of the oldest mods for DoW is finally here! Started around ten years ago by MitGas and his team, this mod has been developed by several teams, leading finally to a public release via Team Thudmeizer.

During the Horus Heresy, Ahriman and the Thousand Sons declared their Allegiance to Tzeentch, the chaos God of change. Whilst this got them out of a short term pickle, it lead to massive mutations in the ranks, turning the marines into vile mutant beasts. Ahriman used his great psychic powers to engineer a solution - the Rubric of Ahriman - which prevented any further mutation, but did so by obliterating all of those who had no psychich abilities, leaving them as walking suits of armour. The surviving marines are those who have command of psychic powers and so enemies can expect an unusally high barrage of attacks fuelled by warp energies.

In the mod, players will command the powerful Sorcerer Lord, unique in that you must pick a class; destroyer, summoner or conjurer each of which has subclasses to choose the playstyle that suits the situation.

Choosing from a mixture of marine and daemon tech trees, the player can ultimately end up commanding Ahriman himself, who has a massive selection of spells to devastate the battlefield.

With a unique visual style, custom voices, models and FX then the Thousand Sons mod was well worth waiting for!


Though a beta build, Thousand Sons 1.71 is rock-solid. It is nigh official release, FULLY playable with excellent AI and complete system integration. We have extensively play-tested it, so expect solid gaming.
Once more, the AI has gone where no mod has gone before. Especially the coding for Ahriman is innovative.



Feel free to contribute ideas, impressions and of course balance suggestions. Needless to say, if you find a bug or ANYTHING amiss, please, share!!! We plan on releasing a patch with some upcoming art assets and some more voices, but in the meantime, whatever you spot, we will fix too.
Now, if you can lend a helping 3D/OE hand, we would be able to perfect the faction, fixing all the missing/glitching art parts. Any art help is welcome, at this point.


Original Team:
DarthVayger - AE Code and original build/tech tree
DeathBunny - OE and Animations (working to animate Ahriman and LoC)
DrGrim - 3d artist (models, textures)
MitGas - Original Team Leader and Master Texturer
Thudmeizer - Unofficial New Team Lead, Icons, UI, AE, AI, general mod cleanup, blah blah..
Valkyrie - 2d/3d artist, OE, FX.

New Team:
ChaosReigns - Chaos Fluff Doctor, UCS, build/tech tree
Promythyus - 3d vet modder (working on helping clean 3d stuff up)
UnDirector - AE Code and FX
DrGrim - 3d artist (models, textures)
Wereturip - 3d vet modder (helping with updating TS Dread)
Fuggles - Community's first "fully working" entity randomizer script made from scar
jONES1979 - 3D/OE/FX modder (doing incredible work for us all progressing MANY DoW1 projects!)
Skinnie - FX/OE (amazing work on the buildings and abilities)
Andrei - Animator (responsible for the Chaos spawn, Lord of Change, some buildings)
MonkeyXXL - 3D/OE/FX modder (like Jones, helping us out in great ways!)
GrOrk - 3D/OE/FX modder (again, like Jones doing incredible work!)
Karandras (model, OE, animations)
GoldenHorde (fluff, tester, and character voice scripts)
Shodar87 (tester)
DrDoom (tester)
Gambit (AE coder)
DanteMSC (model updates, testing)
Roderick (model updates, art, teamcolour updates, testing)
xhunkx (testing)


Thrall Wizards -- Stig Sydtangen

Rubric Marine -- Tyler Lemay
Rubric Marine Sorcerer -- James Still
*Battlefield Spottings* -- James Still
Chosen -- Richard Owen
Spawn -- Handled by Soundfx! (multiple FX sessions)
Screamers -- Handled by Soundfx!
Flamers -- Handled by Soundfx!
Horrors -- Handled by Soundfx!
Discs of Tzeentch -- Robert Doherty
Discs of Tzeentch Head Sorcerer -- James Still
Terminator -- Tyler Lemay
Terminator Sorcerer -- James Still

Icon Bearer -- Daman Mills
Sorcerer -- Christopher Schanley
Sorcerer Lord -- Dreux Ferrano
Ahriman -- Damien Lacambra
Lord of Change -- Monty Greig
Magnus The Red (Primarch) -- Robert Doherty
Magnus The Daemon Prince (Primarch) -- Robert Doherty

Rhino -- Daman Mills
Dreadnought -- Tyler Lemay
Sorcerer Dreadnought -- Robert Doherty
Predator -- Daman Mills
Vindicator -- David Armstrong
Land Raider -- David Armstrong
Silver Tower Daemon Engine (Daemon) -- Fred Jenkins/Montag
Silver Tower Daemon Engine (Sorcerer) -- Kai Skrotzki

Special Thanks
FoK team for use of some of their models and icons ONLY as placeholders until we can develop more on our own.
There are others from TS project's distant past like RoughRider and NRD8OY but unsure what their function was (likely 3d work).
And of course last but not least, brother Warsmith, for some model updates and especially for Thrall Wizard model updates.

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This is interesting...
I created the original code for the Thousand Sons mod and I'm the one who got the mod started when I reached out to MitGas after seeing a model of his on the Relic forums (when that was a thing).
Despite being the co-founder of the mod, together with MitGas, I am not mentioned at all on this page. That's a bit hurtful.

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Could you guys release a Thousand Sons army scheme?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey, is Magnus ever gonna be added? I see him in the list of commanders and I would LOVE to see your take on (arguably) the strongest Primarch.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

just a query, does this mod have problems with it? i cant seem to be able to upgrade squads to have more marines in the units

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The mod uses an alternative UI, so you'll have to click a button where the power/teleport abilities usually are, that should change the UI to show a secondary set of buttons. If that doesn't work, check that you have all the required mods. Or install the full unification mod. It has an automatic install option.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Great mod, only issue I can see is the swap with unit commands and the box where unit reinforcement normal is. It's a small thing but it really throws you off seeing as its the only team that's switched like that that I've played.

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oyun papağanı
oyun papağanı

The devs said on the UM (Unification) page that an updated version of TS will be released alongside the new UM version (ETA this month). In the new version there is supposed to be an option to give the TS a more standard UI. I'm not sure exactly what that entails, but it could be worth your while to keep tabs on this. I don't remember exactly, but I think (not 100% sure) that one or two new units are in the update as well, and a larger TS update is being planned for later :)

PS. If you haven't already, feel free to check out the upcoming UM version. The Mod manager and the win conditions make it highly modular.

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Hello i like the mod but the UI throws me off is there a way to make it the basic UI? Because i really hate having to use that switch thing to go in between spells/reinforcement/guns

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Ok, been playing the Thousand Sons mod, and I've been noticing some glaring issues that ruin the experience. One of the lesser ones is that several of the UI buttons are replaced with a purple square, such as the Create Building button for the Thrall Priests. Another one is that I'm unable to access things like, add squadmate, or add exotic weapon for units such as the Rubric Marines. I really want to like this mod, but just so many problems.

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I've been really enjoying the Thousand Sons Mod, but I've had one glaring functional issue with it. None of the Sorcerer Lord's summoning spells will work for me - this includes summon lesser Daemon spawn, Clone, and the Daemon defense totem spell (forget what it's called). Basically any spell he has that produces a new model in the game... won't actually produce a new model. He will stand, cast the spell completely undisturbed, the spell will produce a puff of smoke, but then there won't be anything summoned. Is this an issue that users commonly experience? Is there a fix? I appreciate any feedback!

ps - In the main menu, when Thousand Sons are selected as the current army, the Sorcerer Lord doesn't show up in the menu; the game just defaults to the Battle Sister hero. Probably a separate issue, but perhaps they're related?

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Gambit_1 Creator

All these issues are related to the SCaR engine brother.
It seems you are "combining" Thousand Sons with other mods!
If so, there are changes that you must make in order to make it work properly.

If you experience this issue with TS playing STAND-ALONE, then please re-download the mod, as well as the latest FreeUI mod!
And re-install them (make a clean install).

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