Salamanders 2.0

(Fall 2019)
NOTE: Requires the LATEST FREE UI!!

Welcome to the Salamanders mod for Soulstorm, which adds a new race, the Salamanders chapter of the Space Marines to your game of Soulstorm.
This is the NEW version of Salamanders mod!

The Salamanders are a chapter who come from the planet Nocturne, which has very high gravity and because of this the Salamanders are bigger and stronger than other marines, albeit a bit slower to react to things. Also, they have difficulty with using aerial equipment owing to the difficulties of training in such an environment. Further, owing to the radiation then they have mutated to have black skin and burning red eyes.

Followers of the Promethean Cult they believe in self dependence, so have trained in the art of manufacture and tend to field higher numbers of custom weapons, armour and as skilled blacksmiths, they have a lot of hammers. The cult values fire and so too do the Salamanders, who favour flamer and melta weaponry.In addition,they are the most humanitarian of all Space Marines Chapters.In other words,the best bros.

This mod is not strictly codex, what with them not having one, but is our interpretation of the chapter so we know there are fluff deviations in place.(The Order of the Argent Shroud-the only Order that is best friends with the Salamanders-makes a small cameo for example.)

New 2.0 Version Description
Just go to the download section, and you will read the specifics :)
Just to state out that this is NOT a simple bug-fixes version, but a total remake(hence the Reforged). You will see TONS of new content, both visual and audio. And of course many new and reworked abilities,units and options.
So go ahead and grab it!!Like NOW!

Download Salamanders Mod for Soulstorm 2.0 - Mod DB

Fuggles:The original creator of the mod.We hope we honour your work with this reforge.
Gambit:The code master behind the programming for the Reforge.
Kekoulis:Creator of all new models and remakes you see.
Norwegian Loki:Many thanks for some of his sweet textures(especially for the LR Prometheus,Sisters and something else. ;) )
Thudmeizer:AI co-coder and the master audio editor.He processed all voices so as they are game ready!
All of our testers and everyone else who helped but we couldn't mention.We apologize deeply if that is the case and please contact us if needed to fix ASAP!
Special thanks to:
mauritos and to Joazz for their Primaris Aggressors and Sicaran Chassis models respectively,which I used as a refernce/basis for the ones you see in the mod.

- fuggles - AI, UCS, UI art, texture art, TC, AE, FFE
- jONES1979 for Thunderfire and a nice scaly LP in the objective_points_ss mod
- Horusheretic for the use of the thunderfire as well
- Thud for voices, general assistance, ai and support. Bedrock of DoW modding that man.
- Gambit - Testing
- Shodar87 - Testing
- Reaper R66 - Fixed my sergeant woes
- Torzel - assistance with my colour bleed woes
- Whiteshield - Terminator model
- Catwell and Ironwarrior42 - Stormraven and permission to use (sorry I wasn't much help, unexpected demolition of mancave. Maybe one day in the future I shall return to redeem myself).
- Heroes team for their win condition
- fireplanet art by AkapOne of Deviant art ;
- Outcast Main Theme is from the Outcast OST (amazing game with voxels - remember them? Aged looking but so amazingly worth playing from GoG). Freely available.
- Authors of the Salamander Wiki page for their knowledge and artwork - Totally inspirational and without this page, this would not exist.
- Purgation over Kaurava Mod - For all their fine models, without which this would not be possible.
- Relic/Ironlore - as above, but did less ^^
...Apologies to anyone I have forgotten, I will be able to view the forums on my droid and hopefully amend swiftly for anyone who feels slighted.

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Greetings everyone!
EDIT: First off, there were some UI issues, so please download the LATEST FREE UI!!

...After so long,the Sons of Vulkan are finally back! And in force!

The Salamanders have arrived in Soulstorm! The Salamanders are a chapter of Space Marines devoted to giant lizards, hammers and fire. Coming from a high gravity, high radiation homeworld they do not have much in the way of air support, but their marines are bigger than the other chapters and have black skin and red eyes, alongside a librarian dedicated to the Promethean Cult and is just as likely to set himself on fire as the enemy!

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20191020012249 1

Well, what else do you need? Download the mod and see for yourself what it has to offer! ;)

Version 2.0

Salamanders Mod for Soulstorm 2.0

Version 2.0.1 Patch

Salamanders 2.01 Patch


Salamanders Mod for Soulstorm - Beta Release

Salamanders Mod for Soulstorm - Beta Release


The public beta release of the Salamanders Mod for Soulstorm, which adds a new playable race to your skirmish game.

Race Modification guide for Soulstorm

Race Modification guide for Soulstorm

Feature 25 comments

There are a number of Soulstorm race modifications available on Moddb, so I've put together a quick guide of the available ones, as well as the Unification...

RSS Files
Salamanders Unification Patch V2

Salamanders Unification Patch V2

Patch 4 comments

Simply makes Unification 4.68, fully compatible with the latest Salamanders. (Test it please!)

Salamanders 2.01 Patch

Salamanders 2.01 Patch

Patch 1 comment

A tiny patch, fixing a couple of issues that we spotted.

Salamanders Mod for Soulstorm 2.0

Salamanders Mod for Soulstorm 2.0

Full Version 11 comments

Full NEW 2.0 version, of the Salamanders race mod for Soulstorm. This is not merely a facelift of the original version, but a redesigned approach. Prepare...

Salamanders 1.16 Patch  (OBSOLETE)

Salamanders 1.16 Patch (OBSOLETE)

Patch 12 comments

A small patch that fixes the SCaR errors with Unification. It also optimises and perfects the flyer code.

Salamanders Mod for Soulstorm 1.1  (OBSOLETE)

Salamanders Mod for Soulstorm 1.1 (OBSOLETE)

Full Version 12 comments

Full version of the Salamanders race mod for Soulstorm 1.1

Objective_Points mod v2018.05.14 for DC and SS (OBSOLETE)

Objective_Points mod v2018.05.14 for DC and SS (OBSOLETE)

Patch 43 comments

The supplementary Objective_Points mod version 2018.05.14 for DoW:Dark Crusade and DoW:Soulstorm. This mod is vital for running any other mod(s) with...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 202)

I had a lot of fun. Not sure if I like this one or Imperial Fists best out of the Space Marine mods. On a two team 3v3 skirmish in Karauva City, after a huge battle with 2 of the enemy factions in the quad leading to the legs to their bases, I ended up briefly encamped outside an leg leading to AI Black Templars. Somehow they completely demolished me as they came out the bridge into my encirclement even though I had an almost full compliment of squads and support. They were glowing in a purple haze, so whatever buff that is probably was what got me. I ate up their dreadnaughts but I'm not sure I killed any of their squads... which was really unique and awesome that scouts get missile launchers which makes them still worthy in late game play. I Got my predators and some others stuff safe in a retreat and then windows logged me out for an update so I couldn't save and finish, but it was a fun experience because the troops had just demolished Tau and World Eaters pretty handily so it was fun seeing a strength/weakness that still bested me. Probably would have got them if I came back with a whirlwind.

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Hi im playing unification and salamanders seem....weak despite crippling the army for the reason of making them sturdier and what not they still are very very weak i got stomped by base races i feel like they need a damage buff also if i recall they were also extremely expensive so i ended up running myself dry trying to reinforce and get more out this was early/mid game to great mod just needs tweaking imo

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I need some clarification about the Primaris rebirth protocol about it needing 1 soul does it really need a soul to activate?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kekoulis Creator

The soul is given to you at the start of each game automatically.
It is a trick to force only one of the three paths since you can't acquire anymore.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Is this mod compatible with Ultimate Apocalypse mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

this is what my UA load up looks like
RequiredMod.1 = objective_points_SS_UA
RequiredMod.2 = DXP2
RequiredMod.3 = W40k
RequiredMod.4 = Tyranids
RequiredMod.5 = Chaos_Daemons
RequiredMod.6 = Emperors_Children
RequiredMod.7 = Beastmen
RequiredMod.8 = TheDanceMacabre
RequiredMod.9 = BTmod
RequiredMod.10 = Blood_Angels_SS
RequiredMod.11 = Dark_Angels
RequiredMod.12 = AdeptusMechanicus
RequiredMod.13 = ImperiumofMan
RequiredMod.14 = LotD
RequiredMod.15 = Night_Lords
RequiredMod.16 = Praetorian_mod
RequiredMod.17 = RAGE
RequiredMod.18 = Renegade_Guard
RequiredMod.19 = Salamanders
RequiredMod.20 = Steel_Legions_SS
RequiredMod.21 = Thousand_Sons
//RequiredMod.22 = AngryMarines

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

How do you balance it?? The space marines of the new faction (salamander, blood angels, dark angels) are very weak compared to the standar UA SM, but if you make them stronger, you make them OP because that faction dont have battle servitors and gonna spam tactical marines.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
Kekoulis Creator

As we have said countless times before,we do not intend or support playing with UA.You can launch them if you add them in the module file but at your own risk.

If you wish to combine the races while updating the vanilla,just have a look on Unification.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Kekoulis Creator

No,it is not.And there is no need to.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

you can play with UA but theres no Nukes an titans involved.

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Great Potential! Just need quick-fix here and there!

Jun 13 2013 by jONES1979

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