UNIFICATION 4.68 - Easter Edition (23/5/2019)

The ultimate race combiner, bugfixer and more.
For both the STEAM and the DVD version of Dawn of War: Soulstorm

Unification Version 4.68 Changes and Highlights
- SERIOUS: New mode added: Last Stand. EXPERIMENTAL !!! It is still WIP and largely unfinished, but you CAN get an idea of what is to follow. Only ONE MAP is available for now. ONLY try playing with Space Marines, Eldar, IDH and Emperor's Children as player races. The enemy must be Chaos Marines. Many thanks to brother Kasrkin for creating the map!
- Multi-lingual support added previously, it was only for the English localisation).
- SERIOUS: New mode added: Kill-Team. EXPERIMENTAL !!! Just choose a skirmish map, and Eldar or Space Marines. This is an ONE-SQUAD match. Just capture Locations to get resources and reinforce your squad. Original idea by brother ZmajOgnjeniVuk.
- SERIOUS: The four Assault maps are also experimental. Better not try them at all, they are for future implementations.
- Support for the upcoming race mods!
- Strongholds mod compatibility updated: Added 5 rgds (3 for CDaemons and 2 for TyrSwrm) that were necessary for some system rights issues.
- Survival reworked. Perfected, I dare say. NO core Survival code errors. Difficultly made MUCH steeper. Just try Insane, and you will see what I mean.
- More Survival Profiles. You can now play AGAINST all 9 Vanilla races, plus Chaos Daemons, Dark Angels, Emperor's Children, Inquisition Daemonhunters, Steel Legion, Tyranids, and Witch Hunters. There are experimental profiles for 16 more races, but they will not work properly for now...
Serious Warning: If you have heart (or any other medical) issues, do NOT play Against the Emperor's Children!!! Their Survival profile is NOT for the faint-hearted!!! You have been warned, we bare no responsibility if you still dare try!
Warning: The SMs, IG and Tau profiles may cause CTD.
MANY thanks to brother asterix120 for the help!
- SCaR Engine re-worked. Now all race SCaR imports are solely race-specific. This MAXIMISES compatibility, even with older/future mod versions!
- Win-conditions re-worked.
- MANY issues fixed.

More Credits and Thanks
Brother Unsociallobster, JaguarLord and mdcertainty for the menus!
asterix120 for the help with the Survival profiles!

Hello brothers. This is going to be the place where we will be developing the Unification Mod for the Dawn of War SoulStorm game, along with FreeUI (which is a mandatory mod). Unification is an advanced combiner mod, that allows you to seamlessly combine almost all community-created races. Make no mistake, this is the ABSOLUTE way to combine races. SCaR, AI, audio, winconditions, rules and all other aspects of the game need CAREFUL treatment, and I have already done the job.
This place will also be a "hub" for most race mods as well. You see, my team leads most of the race mods, so whenever we update one, a Unification note will also be posted.

Important Installation Change!!

For Unification New Races v4.68, the Chaos Daemons and Inquisition Daemonhunters Race Mods, are MANDATORY!!!


This version works both with the STEAM and the DVD version of the SoulStorm game. Please, have your game updated to the latest patch version, for maximum efficiency.
> Important1: Your PROFILE name, MUST NOT end with a [Space] and a Numerical. Which means that names like "Uber 1" or "Superman 3" or "John 7" or "Computer 5" will cause issues!!!
> Important2: To play the Soulstorm Campaign properly, you MUST copy the MOVIES folder from your DXP2 game folder, into the Unification folder yourself (I have NOT included it, because it's 0.5GBs!)

1] The game - either the DVD or Steam version (obviously!). Dawn of War is VERY cheap nowadays, so there is no excuse for not having it :) Remember that you must have the DoW game and all expansions (WA,DC,SS) to play with all 9 core races! (Note that to play on-line, you will need the Steam version.)
2] A capable machine. 3 Ghz CPU / 4 GB Sys mem / 2 GB Vid mem would allow you to play the game at almost full settings. The most important part is the memory. I would say, 6 Gbs + is a must.
3] The >2Gb memory buffer patch is highly recommended for playing "heavy games" (more than 4 players, many races involved, etc). See here: 4GBs Patch. Note that every time the game is updated by STEAM, you will have to update the exe for >2GBs mem allocation, anew.
Important FIX NOTE: We do not hold any responsibility at all, for the implications attached to modifying your Soulstorm.exe. Although it is a harmless fix, it may break your Steam MP games (you won't be able to see matches of players that do NOT use the same fix) or cause other issues. Use at your own risk.

- First, ALWAYS make a CLEAN install of Unification and all other mods involved. Completely delete all previous installations and DO NOT overwrite!
- All mods must be uncompressed in your Soulstorm installation folder. Besides the Unification mod itself (get it from the download section), you will also need:
1] FreeUI mod, by brother Miros (updated by Evil Isador and me). There is a link in the Download Section. Always check for the latest version, and use that.
2] Objective Points mod originally created by brother jONES - Current developer, brother Kekoulis. There is a link in the Download Section. Always check for the latest version, and use that.
3] For Unification New Races, you will also need Chaos Daemons and Inquisition Daemonhunters race mods installed.
4] The Race Mods you want to use! See below in Race Mod List for these. Download as many as desired, the number or race mod choices are left to you.
5] Last, when everything is done, extract the Unification_New_Races_Config (already included in the Unification archive) in your SS folder and run it. This small batch file will automatically configure the new races you added. Courtesy of brother Kasrkin. NOTE: I have already included this file in the build, for easier config.

Clarification: Mods that are NO LONGER Required (both are included in Unification)
- BUGFIX: Unification now includes the Bugfix mod! The actual Bugfix mod will no longer progress - we merged the two thanks to brother Kasrkin. Unification now serves both roles. So if you want to use the Bugfix mod for fixes in your SS vanilla games, use Unification instead.
- WARGEAR: Originally developed by brother Ravenmorpheus, this mod is no longer needed as well. Based on the original idea, I recoded almost everything from scratch, to seamlessly incorporate it because of the complexity of the idea.

Race Mods List
Adeptus Mechanicus
Black Templars
Blood Angels
Chaos Daemons
Dark Angels (new 2019 release!)
Eldar Craftworlds (to be released)
Emperors Children
Imperial Fists (new 2020 release!!)
Inquisition Daemonhunters
Legions of the Damned
Night Lords
RAGE (all version supported now)
Renegade Guard
Space Wolves
Space Wolves 13th Company
Steel Legion Armageddon + apply this patch: SL-SimpleFix WARNING: Steel Legion already has Objective Points (an old version) included in the installer!!! So you better install it FIRST, and then DELETE the Objective Points folder from your SS folder. Afterwards, install the Latest OP mod you downloaded.
The Dance Macabre
Thousand Sons
Tyranids , Official Tyranids Portal (v0.5b3 and above, only. Release imminent...) NOTE: v0.5b2, is NOT supported!
Vostroyan Firstborn
Ultramarines (to be released)
Witch Hunters

... And at least 10 more unreleased mods. That is MORE than 30 races (including the vanilla ones)!!! And you can experiment and add other races with adequate results (the code partially supports more races).

Playing Unification
So, start the game, and you will see 3 new mods in the game's mod manager:

>>> 1] Unification Bugfix Mod >>>
This is the Bugfix update/replacement! This mod is about ONLY vanilla races, and ONLY fixes and updates. There are no stat changes, it is just what the name implies - a BUGFIX!
I did my best to make it perfect. No more overlaps amongst various mods that were cancelling each other's fixes. I dare say it is "THE" mod.

> SERIOUS 1: ALL goodies of the Bugfix (latest, unreleased version) Mod, included. NO NEED to download it. Brother Kasrkin sent me the latest version (includes many fixes for Tau clones and other stuff). Remember, this includes a HUGE list of fixes and updates, as well as the DoWAI mod (updated, improved AI for CPU players).
> SERIOUS 2: Survival mode included! This is a NEW gaming mode, creation of brother Argonaut. Includes 27 new maps (updated by brother Kasrkin), and features updated code (I did that!).
> Campaign is now fully functional. Persistent bases incorporated as well (coded by brother Miros). Race-specific themes for the campaign now always enabled. CAMPAIGN REMINDER: To see the movies when playing the campaign, you MUST copy the MOVIES folder from your DXP2 game folder, into the Unification folder.
> All winconditions updated. (Restricted Tiering is partially working, that is why it is removed for now).
> Shadows for all units enabled. Increased vehicle sizes as well. Thanks to brother Roderick!
> Necrons Update: The Neron Lord AI is largely updated. For example, you WILL see him become the Deceiver. AND summon a monolith!!! Update: HE WILL spawn from his destroyed body in EVERY case!
> Wargear wincondition totally reworked. Works at 100%. If you enable it, you get the NAMED campaign hero of your race (I decided to keep it thus - read the condition's description). If yo do not enabled it, you will play VANILLA at 100%. No complications. AI updated to play with BOTH types of commanders. Assassinate greatly updated to be 100% operational. Originally coded and conceived by brother Ravenmorpheus.
> Hero Wincondition updated. You can now SAVE and your levels are restored on load! (it was a real challenge coding that, because there were some serious complications. But all has been taken care of!)
> Super Flyer fix included for DC maps (non-Soulstorm). You get a jump ability for all your flyers (only in DC maps) to solve stuck case. AI makes SUPER use of the code. So flyers are now OK in ALL maps! All 9 vanilla races supported. (and there is partial support for the race mods as well.)
> Added brother Eranthis SoB building sounds update!!
> Tau blood included. 4 entities updated NOT do show red blood. It is now excellent.
> Many minor AI improvements for all vanilla races.
> Countless other fixes. There were many inconsistencies' fixes and SCaR code updates and optimisations.

>>> 2] Unification New Races >>>
OK, this is the real deal!!! Just add the races you like, run the Unification New Races Config file (included in the Unification package), to automatically create the new races module, and enjoy!

>>> 3] Unification Bugfix Mod (Weapons) >>> ABANDONED FOR NOW
This is just the Unification Bugfix, but I also added an update to all Vanilla ranged weapon, to take Line Of Sight into account (LOS). Which means that only artillery will fire blind! All other weapons need visual contact. And most importantly, weapon will NOT fire through terrain! Which means that there can be strategical advantages attached to the locale.
Obviously, this is an addon, adding an NEW strategical element to the game. As such, it changes the balance of the game, plus the AI is not very keen in utilising the locale to its strategical advantage... That is why it is optional. Have some games, and share your thoughts!

First, let me say that the original concept is brother Argonaut's. Although I recoded many parts (and practically re-wrote the 5 new winconditions used by Survival), it is nothing compared to what brother Argo did.
Most of the content and winconditions and stuff is self-explanatory, and the in-game descriptions are very detailed. You will not have any issues.
See here for a full description: Survival Discussion
Awaiting impressions!


Whatever issues related to Unification or FreeUI, must be reported here.
For issues related to race mods, please post them at the appropriate place - that is, the corresponding race mod's page. You may also report whatever inconsistency, directly to me (PM). Note that most of the races are now led by my team - and for the rest we have EXCELLENT relationships with our coding brothers. So... Everything will be take care of - provided we are still around...

OK this is tough - and HUGE!!! Where to start....
First, let me say that Unification is the collection of the work of MANY community members. Much of the work is really addressed to many other brothers. All I did was merging them into a compact, stand-alone mod, for our amusement and enjoyment and most importantly, in an EASY TO USE format. Besides collecting, my part was also huge in this. I wrote MOST parts of the Race mods SCaR code you see, wrote some wincodtions of my own (like hazards, weather or day and night) and re-coded much of the existing work.
So what you will find herein cannot easily be considered intellectual property of ONE individual. As for me... I give you full permissions to use ANY part of "my" work. But at this point, I cannot really discern or tell which is which (I am mostly talking about SCaR)!! Anyway, whatever is "mine", it's yours, no questions asked. But you WILL have to ask the original owners as well, when in doubt. Modding is sharing, above all.
Again, this is a result of countless independent initiatives, compiled into one project. I will make a reference (and a thank you!) here, for some of the brothers involved (besides my team's members!): Argonaut, BagaturKhan (much testing), Chiu Chunling, Corncobman, Dark40k, Evil Isador (HUGE help and a worthy battlebrother), GreenScorpion, Kasrkin (it seems we are the last coders, brother!), Miros, Ravenmorpheus, titlams,... DAMMIT! The list is huge. Guys, I cannot recall all those who contributed (in fact, some I may not even know). And I am sure I forget some SERIOUS members here. Sorry, at this point I have lost track. Anyone I forget, pease contact me to update the list, becaue MANY MORE belong here.
Assets' Credits: With so many assets circulating the community, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to get the proper right for EVERY part used! In case there is content that better not be in (highly unlikely, but we do not want to offend anyone), just say so and we will either add the missing credits, or even completely remove the content if so instructed.

DON'T FORGET: The DoW game series is a marvel given to us by Relic/Sega and and the WH40k universe is the outstanding creation of Games Workshop - a work of true art, if you ask me. There are countless souls in these companies (I hope I mentioned them all!) that have worked hard to provide us with this outstanding sci-fi experience. A big THANKS goes to them, and (needless to say) full credits are rightfully their own :)

Special: HIGHLY Recommended mod: ** StrongHolds ** ...by brother Kasrkin
If you want to enjoy the race mods beyond Skirmish, Survival and Multiplayer matches, this mods is a MUST. You can play all DC and SS stronghold missions (plus more), with nearly any race! Outstanding experience. And it allows you to explore each race's uniqueness in various scenarios! The strategic element dominates this gaming mode :)
Check here: StrongHolds

Oh boy, this was a WALL of text! But the actual installation and usage of Unification is very very easy, really.

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RSS Articles

Hello brothers and Sisters!!
This article was written so that you enjoy the maximum Survival enjoyment with the Emperor's Children :)

So, first, you have Emperor's Children. One of the most detailed and exquisite Race Mod there is. Brother Kekoulis has invested impossible amounts of time and skill, to create this beauty. The art is stunning (I dare say,... irresistible !), the design is awesome and the race is... A work of art. A masterpiece of modelling, animating and texturing. Moreover, the accompanying (uber quality) voicing, enhances the overall feeling, adding a really sensational and mature touch to the race.
Finally, you have the spectacular and top-notch coding.

And then, you have the Survival mode in Unification.

Put them together, and the result is a gaming experience that you MUST taste.
This goes for all DoW lovers and players.

We worked hard with brother Kek to get this far, but rest assured you will be rewarded.
So, start a Survival match, and set the Children as your enemies... IF YOU DARE !!!


We hold no responsibility if you experience shocking or disturbing feelings, or even... Feint!!!

There are many mechanics and modes to experience, so in order NOT to spoil the fun, just try it for yourselves. We only suggest you should enable ALL modes, and play the game at Insane difficulty.
Having Witch Hunters allies, will also increase the fun!!!

So... Awaiting impressions!!

Unification Quick Installation Guide

Unification Quick Installation Guide

News 38 comments

Because of its nature, Unification is highly modular and consistent, yet... Complex. If you are not the technical guy, and want a FAST installation, this...

RSS Files


Patch 8 comments

Patches Unification to support the latest releases of BOTH Imperial Fists AND Salamanders races. Patch version 1.

FreeUI 2.46

FreeUI 2.46

Full Version 29 comments

Enjoy custom User Interfaces (UIs) for all races! Check regularly, for updates. UPDATE 28/10/2019 !

DOWSS vanilla model fixes

DOWSS vanilla model fixes

Patch 7 comments

Fixes for community found issues with vanilla models. For details,check the description below.

Unification 4.68

Unification 4.68

Full Version 121 comments

This is the core Unification mod. It is the ultimate Race combiner and BugFixer for the Dawn of War: Soulstorm game. Furthermore, it includes countless...

Objective Points SS v.4.4.2019 for DOW:DC and DOW:SS(OBSOLETE)

Objective Points SS v.4.4.2019 for DOW:DC and DOW:SS(OBSOLETE)

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Objective Points SS v.17.4.2020 for DOW:DC and DOW:SS

Objective Points SS v.17.4.2020 for DOW:DC and DOW:SS

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The supplementary Objective_Points mod version 17.4.2020 for DoW:Dark Crusade and DoW:Soulstorm. This mod is vital for running any other mod(s) with new...

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I can't get it to work sadly - it crashes upon startup.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kekoulis Creator

Most likely you are missing a mod or not have installed something properly?
Can you send your wanrings.log here?
BTW,this is the reason why installation in the next version shall be simplified.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

The Tyranid Swarm mod hasn't been released, and the Tyranids mod is still without an update. Is there NO way at all to have the only race that's really missing work with the Unification mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Gambit_1 Creator

... The only way (prior to their release) is still the same:
To be a member of out PlayTesting team.
This way, one can get access to BOTH mods, right now, brother marianoshadow.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

But I don't suppose just anyone can do that, right?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kekoulis Creator

marianoshadow unfortunately not right.
But rest assured,fortune favours the ever faithful. ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

That's what I thought - not everyone can be a member of your PlayTesting team. :p

It's really a shame that we don't have either one with Unification - surely something can be done about it temporarily?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kekoulis Creator


Reply Good karma+1 vote

I like what my eyes see.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Since the mod is going to add new units for some of the factions, is there going to be a version that's just vanilla units or something?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Kekoulis Creator

The new units are enabled only through a win condition.As a bonus to the vanilla races.
If you leave it unchecked,you can play full vanilla with no issues.Same with the Titans,which are their own Win Condition as well.

Reply Good karma+5 votes

That's cool that you can choose between the new units. Thanks for answering

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