Imperial Fists v3.0
Released: 30/6/2020

Welcome to the first Imperial Fists release!!
If you are up to some defensive strategies, you are at the right place.
More to this, we have added some Easter Eggs (as we always do) for you to search and enjoy.
There is also Unification support, if you want to play the Fists along with all the other favourite races of yours!
So go ahead and give it a shot.

Whatever suggestions and ideas you have, we are here!


Imperial Fist Public Version ...Based on the original mod race idea by jONES1979.
Original mod Coder and Designer: Fuggles
New Version Primary Coder: Gambit
3D/OE/Art/Anim Coder: Kekoulis
Audio/Voices Coder: Thudo
SCaR/AI Coder: Gambit
Additional AI assistance: Thudo
Additional Art assistance: Roderick
Playtesting: Thud's Team Members
Special thanks to:

  • Joazzz(the one and only) for supporting the team with his talents and advice(you should thank him for the mighty Fellblade warmachines).
  • To Fedor_Russia for his free mod assets.His Plasma predator became the signature of the style the race follows!(And his Tank Building is one of the best.).
  • Fragjacker for his technical expertise and support.And he also made the Volkite Carronade the Glaive has.
  • Mauritos for offering us his Mastodon model to be animated,retextured and coded for the mod.
  • Deathwatch78 for his Centurions models which he gave us for the mod.

Rhino -- Jonathan Cox
Damocles Command Rhino -- Fred Jenkins/Montag
Razorback -- Jonathan Cox
Sabre Strike Tank -- Matthew Vanston
Land Speeder -- Satoru Klein
Land Speeder Storm -- Satoru Klein
Dreadnought -- David Bodtcher
Siege Dreadnought -- David Bodtcher
Venerable Dreadnought -- Lloyd Penny
Whirlwind -- Jonathan Cox
Vindicator -- Jonathan Cox
Predator Annihilator -- Jonathan Cox
Land Raider -- David Bodtcher
Land Raider Achilles -- David Bodtcher
Rapier Laser Destroyer -- Trent
Caestus Assault Ram -- Damien Lacambra
Fellblade -- Graeme Dunlop
Glaive Tank -- Soul Reaver (Andy K)
Fell Glaive Tank -- Soul Reaver (Andy K)
Mastodon Assault Transport -- Williamson Knox

--- TROOPS ---
Servitor -- Jonathan Cox
Techmarine -- David Bodtcher
Techmarine Terminator -- Ki McKenzie
Apothecary -- Patrick Walker
Standard Bearer -- Seth Gearhead
Retinue Command Squad Leader -- Pedro Franco
Company Champion -- Damien Lacambra
Captain -- Elijah Lucian
Chaplain -- Jonathan Cox
Librarian -- Jonathan Cox
Commander -- Graeme Dunlop
Captain Darnath Lysander -- Jonathan Cox
Siege Marines -- Andreas Somville (DrSon)
Siege Marines Sergeant -- Andreas Somville (DrSon)
Centurion (Devastator)-- Kai Skrotzki
Centurion (Devastator) Sergeant -- Micah Blakeslee
Centurion (Assault) -- Kai Skrotzki
Centurion (Assault) Sergeant -- Micah Blakeslee
Sons of the Phoenix -- Ki McKenzie
Sons of the Phoenix Sergeant -- Ki McKenzie
Curia Superior -- Cheryl Walker
Captain Lexandro D'Arquebus -- Craig Hawthorne
Rogal Dorn (Imperial Fists) -- David Bodtcher
Scout Marine Squad -- Satoru Klein
Scout Marine Squad Sergeant -- Satoru Klein
Marine Squad + SPOTTINGS -- Caleb Lee
Marine Squad Sergeant -- Caleb Lee
Assault Marine Squad -- Caleb Lee
Assault Marine Squad Sergeant -- Caleb Lee
Devastator Marine Squad -- Monty Grieg
Devastator Marine Squad Sergeant -- Monty Grieg
Bike Squad -- Josh Miner
Bike Squad Sergeant -- Josh Miner
Veteran Squad -- Mattias Steisner
Veteran Squad Sergeant -- Mattias Steisner
Terminator Squad -- Jonathan Cox
Terminator Squad Sergeant -- Jonathan Cox
Terminator Assault Squad -- Hugh Tamlin/Piggo

Building Sounds Credits
HQ, Barracks, Armoury, Librarium, Vehicle, and Extra Tech -- Dontask
All the rest! -- Thudo

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After so much time in the pipeline(we could say,ate least two years),the Imperial Fists mod is finally released!


With completely custom models and mechanics(which focus on the defence,as it is the best offence),the Imperial Fists mod has nothing to be jealous of the other high quality mods!

Whenever you prefer to hold into your base and turn it into a truly mighty fortress or unleash Ancient warmachines upon your foe,we are sure you will not be left unsatisfied.

Using brother Gambit_1's Unification patch,you will be able to play to play the Fists alongside the other standalone race and of course,have them in a heroic defence in the extremely detailed Last Stand mode!

Or,you can have them participate in the Campaign strongholds,using brother Kasrkin84's Strongholds mod(which works in tandem with Unification).

And before I close,I would like to personally thank the following people,because without their help,we wouldn't have the mod here:

  • Gambit(as per usual),the master of coding who relentlessly (re-)coded the entire code and AI to optimize and finalize it.And ofc,for his Unification support.
  • Fuggles2k for being the reason the project was revived.
  • Joazzz for supporting the team with his talents(thank him for the great Fellblade warmachines).
  • Fedor_Russia for allowing free use of his mod assets(especially the Predator,which became the chosen style for the rest of the vehicles for this mod).
  • Fragjacker for providing essential technical support.
  • Dontask4470 for responding far and beyond the call with the sound design.
  • And lastly,to Hugh Tamlin/Piggo,whom alongside Thudmeizer,pretty much salvaged and saved the voice over project of this mod.

A more detailed credits list is included in the main page as well.

And we that out,we hope that Dorn's Children will be a very pleasing experience.
Have a good one!

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Full Version 16 comments

New Playable Race for Soulstorm: Our fist public version of the Imperial Fists mod... The Siege Vanguard is here!

Gardens of the Saint (Svarog #7), DOW:SS map

Gardens of the Saint (Svarog #7), DOW:SS map

Multiplayer Map 9 comments

Seventh map set in Svarog Sector. 4vs4 or 2vs2vs2vs2.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 81)

Looks like using the primaris captain is a loss rather than gain. He's a good hero, but it make tactical marines unable to use missile launcher. If you're seeing alots of enemy vehicles like playing survival map it's a bad idea to get him.

The razorback is anti-everything and very good for its tier. But the plasma predator is questionable. Knockback is great, but with the minimum range and inaccuracy it's more like an artillery rather than a tank. Whirlwind Scorpius is better due to less popcap.

The Caestus ram is the best flyer, no doubt. You can drop 4 squad right in side enemy base and laugh as you fly away, then comeback with more guys. It's impossible to catch it since it can jump around.

Devastator Multimelta is crap. No point to use it because it need time to set up, even though it is a close range weapon. Knockback counter it completely.

Assault marine hold and shoot with an invisible bolt pistol during synckill. Tactical marine stab with invisible knife, also during synckill.

I wish Dorn have a gun....

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Gambit_1 Creator

Well, the Primaris Captain is better, so we SHOULD counter-weight the trade! The loss of Tank Hunters ability was intentional.

I will look into all other notes, and balance them, THANKS for the feedback!!
By the way, man we NEED testers. If you are interested just PM me.

As for Dorn, he has that Skull (the gun drone)!
I like his shield a lot, don't want to trade it to a gun :)

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The mod is amazing no wonder you took your time I apreciate the dedication put into this and It shows, after playing a few skirmish maps and survival (Obviously) this is now one of my main space marine army after the BBQ fanatics of the salamanders I have a few nitpicks but doesnt take away the awesomeness

-The tactital space marines are somewhat lackluster in terms of weapon upgrades at tier 3 you upgrade them with heavy bolters but by then I have two devastador squads with heavy bolters and multi meltas and I found the siege marines more efective as my primary infantry so in the end I dont use the tactical marines at all maybe the heavy bolters for the tactical can be available in tier 2 and change the devastators heavy weapons upgrade to multi meltas, lascannon and plasma cannon as they have on the release version but without heavy bolters

-The centurions are great mainly the ranged ones but I do think they dont have that impact and firepower dont get me wrong they pack a punch maybe its because the units per squad is very small and a least visually they dont appear to be the hard hitting man-tanks like the terminators but maybe its just me

-Rogal Dorn is awesome having a primarch in the field is epic as it gets however I think making him Relic unit does limit the choices for the other relic units (Havent produce all yet) maybe you can make Dorn a very elite unit without being a relic unit like Vulkan if Im not mistaken but with a high cost and infantry cap and other requirements

Thats all I have for the moment cheers on the release and Emperor bless you!!

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Gambit_1 Creator

We are glad you like it man :)
It is a commitment of our team to ALWAYS provide high quality mods anyways - but you already know that!

Just some things on the tacticals:
They cost 2 inf cap, while Devastators 3.
Which means, at the same cap cost you can have 2 Devs or 3 Tacts.
Now, 3 tacticals can have up to 9 heavy bolters for example!
And with their tank hunters ability, this translates to... 27 Missile launchers!!
Not to mention that the total members of 2 devastator teams are half those of 3 tacticals...

I WILL make some alterations to this as well, but I think we are fine!
By the way, my to-do list is already HUGE!!
Community ideas contribution is a nice thing, yes sir :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

With my experience with Imperial Fists so far they are pretty strong I played on normal fielded 2 squads of siege marines,2 squads of tactical marines,2 squads of devastator marines,1 squad of centurions and the commander and I was absolutely destroying infantry squads they could possibly do with more power income but it just means you need to push bases to get more power encourages you to actually build more forward bases I'm absolutely loving them so far great work guys.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Gambit_1 Creator

Well, power was intentionally coded this way. But wait, with a Siege gen, you can get Pow Addons that are actually the same - as if you had 6 "normal" Power gens. You cannot "build" two or three simultaneously, but one the other hand, you do not need builders!
If you get familiarised, I think yo uwill see it is more or less the same...

As for their field supremacy, noted. But again (you said):
2 Squads of Siege marines (inf cap 6)
2 Squads of Tactical Marines (inf cap 4)
2 Squads of Devastators (inf cap 6)
1 SQuad of Centurions (inf cap 3)
That is a total of 19!! So you had your FULL army.
And these are 7 squads.

If you put them against Vanilla space marines, something like:
1 Squad of Terminators (inf cap 3)
8 Squads of Tactical marines (inf cap 2)
That is again a total of 19. But these are 9 squads, with more members, many more HPs, and almost the same special weapon in total...

You are saying, they are not equal???
Can you please test this scenario? :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I'm not at all saying they are not equal Imperial fists are very powerful and I've sort of worked out how their power income works you can get the power upgrades you can also fortify the buildings and some of those would increase the power income and others the requisition income I think you have balanced the Imperial fists quite well I've yet to field vehicles to test as so far I've utterly destroyed most opponents with infantry alone I also need to test the defensive options of the Imperial fists

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Kekoulis Creator

Thank you for your kind words!
For the record,Vulkan is a relic unit as well,yes.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Any hints on how to find some of the easter eggs? I've played a ton more matches since i posted my review, but haven't found a single one. I was expecting to find a easter egg when i had a dark angels or salamanders AI as my ally, but still nothing.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Gambit_1 Creator

Well, there main attraction (the uber Easter Egg), is the one triggered by the IF-specific win condition.
If you enable it, at max tier you will get one more building that is really out-worldly!

A not-so-hidden Easter egg, is the Sabre, that appears after the last Support Cap research.

AND there are the tricks with the "secret" weapons of Dorn and the Primaris Force commander.

There are not many Eggs in the Fists! :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Yeah i managed to find that delightful easter egg in my second match, it really filled my heart with joy.

The reason i thought i would get something with the Dark Angels is solely because of the land speeder, land speeder storm and bike squad units featured in the voice credits list. If they're not easter eggs how come they're not in the mod? Were they scrapped at the last moment or simply reserved for a later version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Gambit_1 Creator

The next DA version will be.. Roaring, if you get what I mean! :)
There will be new units (brother Kek has sent me MANY of them, along with updates).
AND we are working on a Fallen Angels "mini" race.
But this will come MUCH later.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

He has awaken?

Am I dreaming now?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Gambit_1 Creator

Kekoulis and I ... Well we have awoken him.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Kekoulis Creator

The Fallen?
In a way,we do.

As for the Sleeping Beauty,you never know. :^)

Khoran_Gutsplitter As for the voices,they were voiced but indeed,scrapped during development.Same with the scouts.Given the change in orientation from a normal Chapter mod to a Vanguard.

But we still included the voices in,being part of this project.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Kekoulis Creator

Khoran_Gutsplitter there is only one easter egg this time but it is not a hidden unit.
It is a Win Condition.
Two if you count the Black Sword(which is part of Dorn's description).

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Kekoulis Didn't know about the second one, thanks for the help.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
fuggles2k Creator

Well and the banner.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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