This mod introduces Renegade Guardsmen as a stand-alone race seperate from both Chaos Marines and Imperial Guard. It is a mix between the two races it shadows. There are no Chaos Space Marines, only Chaos Guardsmen.
As a basis I used the Vraks Renegades as a army list but its armies lists didn't provide everything I needed for this race so I combined it with the Blood Pact which also didn't have enough in its list if seperate from Vraks. Though these armies could be made into two seperate races they would be similar in too many ways and would be a waste of time.

0.64 version now released and seen in the downloads section.
Special thanks to goldenhorde for his many army color schemes and the badges and banners that go with them.

Old 0.63 version
0.63.2 Update

I would like to thank Warsmith (Who's mod is completely awesome btw) for allowing me to use his assets, the FoK mod for any models that I used, the DoW AI mod team for their AI system, Boothy_p for helping me with the AI, and Corsix for his awesome coding program.

I need help : I need someone to make models, and FX. First thing I will want is new buildings to split from normal IG and CM. If there is anything else that can be brought to the table then that would also be helpful but this mod is in need of new models and FX, a coder would also be nice because I'm honestly not that good with certain aspects; weapons, abilites, ect.
Also I think it's time to give my Renegades Voices so if someone could give me a good tutorial of how to implement voices into DoW then my friends and I can easily make the voices, all of us were part of the drama department in highschool.

Planned units to add in future updates after I get models for them are as follows:
Fanatics: Base unit, similar to IG conscripts as seen in other mods, these units will be given the ability to suicide bomb after you make a research.
Guerilla Team: Infiltrated team, I'm unsure what weapons they will have but snipers will either be their starter or prime upgrade, possible research to see invisible units.
Blood Wolves: Tainted Psykers turn their own men into Blood Wolves, very fast, lots of damage.
Hellhound: Just a Hellhound but chaosified I just need a model for it, ability idea wanted.
Plague Ogryns: Fewer Ogryns in the squad, more health, and a disease effect to hostiles.
Spire Guardmens(open to ideas for name): From the Prospero Spireguard, have subtle psyker abilities(give me ideas for this one), tough armor rating.
Glaw Guardmens(open to ideas for name): From the House Glaw Militia, very high morale, can raise morale of nearby squads, quickly lowers morale of enemies.
Hades: Relic unit, many side guns, forward melee attack is devastaing to everything but slowly aims so it's best used against buildings.
After these are implemented you will only be able to have one of the following units at a time: Disciples, Ogyrns Berserkers, Guerilla Team. And seperate from that you will only be able to have one of these at a time: Death Brigade, Plague Ogryns, Spire Guardsmen, Glaw Guardsmen.

Have fun and do whatever you want with my mod, however I ask that you please let me know if you are doing anything with it.

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Voice Scripts

News 1 comment

Now developing voice scripts and handing them over to Thudo to have voiced by his voice actors.
I've made a couple but there are lots to be made and my mind seems to have a blockade for ideas so I want to ask the community to help, so if you have any ideas of a line for any unit then throw them at me either through a comment or you can PM me.
If you want to make a full script then you should use this as a guide line
This is a list of all the units for my race. The * identifies what already has a script but you are open to add an idea.
* Heretek
Squads and Sergeants:
* Fanatics
* Renegade Militia
* Militia Champion
* Turret Team
Missle Launcher Team
Mortar Team
* Guerilla team
* Veterans
* Veterans Champion
* Disciples
* Disciples Champion
* Ogryn Berserker
* Ogyrn Champion
Death Brigade
Death Brigade Champion
Plague Ogryns
Plague Ogryn Champion
* Spireguard
* Spireguard Champion
* Glaw Militia
* Glaw Champion
* Enforcer
* Corrupt Preacher
* Rogue Psyker
* Blood Cult Assassin
* Field Commander
* Cardinal
Dark Magos
* Deacon
* Chimera
* Sentinal
Blight Drone
* Hellhound
Stalk Tank
* Basilisk
* Leman Russ
* Baneblade
Plague Tower

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Renegade Guard 0.93 for Soulstorm

Renegade Guard 0.93 for Soulstorm

Full Version 15 comments

Finally, the new version of Renegade Guard for Soulstorm is here! Completely reworked and no doubt with some terrible bug that we have overlooked...

Renegade Guard 0.64 Unofficial Ai Patch

Renegade Guard 0.64 Unofficial Ai Patch

Patch 2 comments

Unofficial Ai patch for Renegade Guard 0.64 mod until next release. Removes crashes to desktop when playing with a computer-controlled Renegade Guard...

Renegade Guard 0.64

Renegade Guard 0.64

Full Version 24 comments

Small updated version. mostly meant so users of the mod can use this download.

Renegade Guard 0.60

Renegade Guard 0.60

Full Version 22 comments

The stand-alone race of Renegade Guardsmen. Working AI

Comments  (0 - 10 of 289)
Guest - - 695,297 comments

For those wanting a more up to date and better version of this mod. This will be added to and expanded upon by version 7.0 of Unification Mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SerbianSlav - - 4 comments

The voice acting kinda annoys me (especially the Baneblade), but overall I like the mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 695,297 comments

This would be right at home in the Unification mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
einfach-anders - - 36 comments

They already ARE part of UNI.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 695,297 comments

Where are they at?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Zfish448 - - 1 comments

It's in Uni but you still need to download & merge it with Uni: new races in the mod launcher. As far as I can tell it being in Uni just means it's supported once you add it

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
malanthor - - 854 comments

This should be uppgraded with some new units to work better with the awesome unification mod. :-D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Guest - - 695,297 comments

How do you run this?
(im new to modding so sorry if this is a stupid question)^-^

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
X1Destroy - - 963 comments

This mod have a few problems. I know this is supposed to be finished but a fix patch shouldn't be that hard.

The voices are too quite. Could work by raising volume, just a bit tedious to edit every audio files.

The decimator is a doctrine unit but it doesn't do anything to help at all because you can only have one and this is a faction with the same tanks as IG. I think changing armor type to vehicle_high would make it worth getting
Not sure what else can the arch magos do beside being an extra builder.

AI is too weak. The problem is it only train a few militia squads, 1 or 2 heavy weapon teams and just keep building mutant spawns. The militia is a really strong unit, but somehow underused by AI.

The Macharius is removed and that's a big shame. I can understand why though. It was never that good looking, especially the textures.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Guest - - 695,297 comments

It would be nice if I could field 2 demagogues at once. Also I seem to always get a CTD when playing the Strongholds mod with this race.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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