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The time we waited within the shadows of the Warp has finally come to pass.By the grace of our Great Lady,Goddess Slaanesh,we come from the Eye of Terror to claim what is rightfully ours.

THE RIGHT TO PARTY!!!(And conquer those Loyalist Lapdogs of course.)

What to expect from this glorious T H I C C mod:

  • A complete roster of new and custom made models,elegantly textured and FXed,waiting your most lustful wishes.
  • Slaanesh's ultimate gifts.Use them wisely and make your enemies tremble before you!
  • Orgies with fine ladies. ;)
  • And many more which shall be all revealed in time.

Made by(main team):

Director-First heir to the Legion's Command(aka the 3D guy): Apothecary Kekoulis

Co-Director/Second-in-Command/Wingman(aka the texture guy):mdcertainty

Aspiring Champion/Ex-Inquisitor/Glorious Heretek(aka main code guy):GambitA

Satko14(aka aka Sataman) (The FX Sorcerer behind the massive FX rework.(all new FX you see are made by him)

A proper credits list is located HERE.


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Hello everyone! Given many people both here and on Discord have been asking me how the Renegade Knight will work in the mod and since I would like to post some progress,I think I could try something different and hit two birds with one stone.

In the upcoming version,there will be the option to choose ''House Glaw Support' at Tier II.This will give you access to many new toys in your arsenal(which depend upon the branch you have selected) at a price which dynamically change your strategies,so you will have to plan accordingly!

Miriael's Branch receives the Knight,as an alliance between the two Houses,Glaw and Devine.
It replaces the Subjugator Titan as the second relic option in the War Machine Portal.
Essentially,trading the raw firepower of the Subjugator with the flexibility of a Knight.

Note:like all relic units,they share a shared cap,so in normal matches,you can only field one relic unit.
However,progress is made in Unification(with which,the EC mod is fully compatible) to offer something different.

Note 2: Lucius' branch also gets the same treatment,however with a completely different war machine which I will not reveal yet. ;)

Once you get your Knight on the field,you will notice it has a unique sub menu.

Upon opening,you will notice a handful of addons/weapon upgrades.

These addons have their own basic requirements (not related to Easter Eggs, simple stuff).
One of them is the extended House Glaw Advanced Wargear upgrade,which farther solidifies your friendship with the House.

Once all requirements are met, you will be able to choose what fits you the best for each situation and essentially make your own Knight loadouts!

Possible weapon upgrades are:
Right arm:

  • Autocannon(default)
  • Right Chainsword
  • Thermal Cannon
  • Las Impolsor
  • Plasma Cannon
  • Chaingun
  • Lighting Cannon
  • Volkite Vegulaire Cannon
  • Blastmaster

Left arm:

  • Chansword(default)
  • Chaingun
  • Thunderstrike Gaunlet


  • Missile Launcher
  • Quad Autocannon


  • Heavy Stubber
  • Melta Gun
  • Grav Gun

And as a bonus:a ceremonial mask for the head,which gives access to the Ion Shields.

Pictured:The House Devine Knight in melee while upgraded with a las impolsor, thunderstrike gauntlet, missile launcher and ceremonial mask.

And that should be all folks.Do tell me if you liked this type of a ''dev update'' and if you would like more of this in the future. :)

I should mention that the next version is actually pretty close to release,if everything goes well,so stay tuned for more news regardless!

Have a good one.

Emperor's Children Survival profile

Emperor's Children Survival profile

News 5 comments

Brother Gambit,our main code master,has just released a very nice surprise we have been cooking up for you!

My thanks to...

My thanks to...

News 10 comments

I try to keep this short... yet I am well known for doing rants.

Release immenent!

Release immenent!

News 15 comments

Slaanesh shall grant you the release you so desire soon!

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Emperor's Children v.1.3. (First public version) for DOW SS!

Emperor's Children v.1.3. (First public version) for DOW SS!

Full Version 46 comments

Do you expect anything else you cur?IT IS THE RELEASE YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!

Seeds of Subversion (Svarog #10), DOW:SS map

Seeds of Subversion (Svarog #10), DOW:SS map

Multiplayer Map

New Tau facility map set in Svarog. You need Patriarch's Decal Pack installed. Enjoy.

Highway of Heroes (Svarog #9), DOW:SS map

Highway of Heroes (Svarog #9), DOW:SS map

Multiplayer Map 5 comments

A new map for Dawn of War Soulstorm, compatible with Unification mod. You need Patriarch's Decal Pack installed to play. Enjoy

Boldly They Stood (Svarog #14), DOW:SS map

Boldly They Stood (Svarog #14), DOW:SS map

Multiplayer Map 21 comments

A new map set in Svarog Sector. I hope you enjoy. Hold the bridge at all costs!

Hidden Intent (Svarog #7), DOW:SS map

Hidden Intent (Svarog #7), DOW:SS map

Multiplayer Map 6 comments

Stealth cover map set in Svarog Sector. You will need Arpheniors stealth cover fix, which is easy to install and is necessary to play this map as it is...

Gardens of the Saint (Svarog #8), DOW:SS map

Gardens of the Saint (Svarog #8), DOW:SS map

Multiplayer Map 16 comments

Seventh map set in Svarog Sector. 4vs4 or 2vs2vs2vs2.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 491)
Guest - - 696,003 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Montag_451 - - 1 comments

Im late to the game. How do you install this mod? I have the DOW through steam. Shows up in the game mod menu but won't start.

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Kekoulis Creator
Kekoulis - - 3,654 comments

Montag_451 development of the EC mod has been moved over to Unification instead. We have stopped doing standalone releases as we focus there.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
SteamMod - - 156 comments

@Montag_451 You start it with the DOW mod manager,
then the side will appear
Here is my Emperors_Children(EC).module with Witch Hunters(WH) side added
FYI WH is a great side to play opposite this one
"We will shepherd the unruly masses"
Use v.2.6


;;---start copy after this line---

;; Made by : Apothecary Kekoulis,mdcertainty and Gambit


UIName = Emperors Children
Description = Princes of Chaos
DllName = WXPMod
Playable = 1
ModFolder = Emperors_Children
ModVersion = 1.3

DataFolder.1 = Data

RequiredMod.1 = FreeUI
RequiredMod.2 = objective_points_SS
RequiredMod.3 = DXP2
RequiredMod.4 = W40k
RequiredMod.5 = Witch_Hunters

;;---end copy above this line

I did not like much the EC music so I downloaded

then copied over the names of the music files in the Emperors_Children\Data\sound\music and also loadmusic
to the ones in the download (.fda files were renamed)
then replaced the EC music folders with it.
Then the music from the ultimate-apocalypse-mod-music-replacer played instead.
I did the same with the WH music substituting their.fda files over some of the EC music (renaming them the same as EC).
There might be a better way of doing it but it was fast and not that complicated.

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Guest - - 696,003 comments

Could you post the playlist somewhere of the metal music used in the mod?

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oyun papağanı
oyun papağanı - - 1,049 comments

on this page (very top of page, the intro text) there is this line:
"A proper credits list is located HERE."
click "HERE" and in the credit list there is a list of songs used.

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vrradd - - 1 comments

+1 for coding
+1 for FX
+1 for extra THICC textures
+1 for shy young ladys and gentlemen
+1 for good music, especially for band Azgard, they are mai countrymen

Verdict: great mod to play as a gachibanger or heretic alike.

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Guest - - 696,003 comments

tell me how to summon a dark princess instead of a magpie (sorcerer). Will it depend on randomness?

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oyun papağanı
oyun papağanı - - 1,049 comments

Fight Eldar or TS, go Mirael. She replaces sorceror.

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Malice_LaFlame - - 50 comments

Hello! Will Lucius the Eternal receive any buffs in the future. He is a lot weaker than someone like Kharn or Typhus. I feel he is really squishy and does not output the damage the previously mentioned characters can. I Love your guy's work and I appreciate what you have done for the Dawn of War community!

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