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Borg Wars S3

News 7 comments

It was an entertaining match to watch, just under 6 hours long.

The guys learn some new things in this multi-star fight pitting the Federation, Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire, and the Dominion, against two allied Borg.

New Releases

New Releases

News 1 comment

Sacrifice of Angels 2 has released new version for Rebellion and Diplomacy/Trinity.

SOA2 Rebellion & Trinity Releases

SOA2 Rebellion & Trinity Releases


Star Trek: Sacrifice of Angels 2 mod for Sins of a Solar Empire now has a new Rebellion page and Trinity Page.

Moving the Mods Folder

Moving the Mods Folder

Management Tutorial 5 comments

With SSD's becoming more popular, people are asking, How can I move the folder with all the mods to a different drive? Well, this is very simple with...

Playing as The Klingons

Playing as The Klingons

Design/Concepts Tutorial

A general overview of the Klingon Empire's combat style.

RSS Files
Star Trek: Sacrifice of Angels 2 [0.7.7R FULL]

Star Trek: Sacrifice of Angels 2 [0.7.7R FULL]

Full Version 28 comments

This version is for the Rebellion 1.85 update and is compatible with the new Outlaw Sector DLC. The militia function is not used, as it wouldn't fit the...

ConvertData folders for Rebellion Modders

ConvertData folders for Rebellion Modders

Modelling Tool 4 comments

These are Conversion folders set up for dropping entity/mesh/particle/brush files in and converting them between binary and text with batch files. Sins...

SOA2 0.7.7R Update for Rebellion 1.85

SOA2 0.7.7R Update for Rebellion 1.85

Patch 1 comment

This is an update for the 185 of you that downloaded the 0.7.6 archive already. A full 0.7.7R version will be added when the upload finishes.

Star Trek: Sacrifice of Angels 2 [0.7.6R FULL]

Star Trek: Sacrifice of Angels 2 [0.7.6R FULL]

Full Version 8 comments

New release for the 1.84 update to Rebellion. This release contains some minor fixes, a couple new planet bonuses, and some string changes, but nothing...

Star Trek: Sacrifice of Angels 2 [0.7.5R FULL]

Star Trek: Sacrifice of Angels 2 [0.7.5R FULL]

Full Version 20 comments

New full release, merry Christmas :) Hundreds of new sounds across the sides, primarily ship orders. Bug fixes, including updated shield impacts, compliments...

SOA2 Romulan D'deridex [Legacy]

SOA2 Romulan D'deridex [Legacy]

Models Pack 3 comments

Add the Romulan D'deridex from Star Trek Legacy. For use in Star Trek: Sacrifice of Angels 2.

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Hey guys,i have noticed a lot of the legacy ships you showcased a few years back are not currently in the mod and there is no download pack except for the d'deridex,are you currently placing them into the mod or will you be releasing an addon pack with them again?
There are some really rice looking ships there :)

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Sorry for the delay.
Yes the ships are coming in another add-on pack. We had to modify the main mod to accept the add-on changes, Keep an eye out for the next full release of the main mod, some add-ons will quickly follow.

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myfist0 Creator

Oops, signed in wrong account...
There will be an ToS add-on and and Enterprise add-on, each replacing curtain NPC ships, and the Legacy pack.

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Hi,back to bug you again ;p
I'm trying to add a few things to your mod atm and i'm having problems editing your string file and entity.manifest file,i have not seen these files arranged this way before.
Any entry i try to place in them is resulting in a minidump.
All files relevant to the entries im trying to include are set up correctly,including namecounts.
Any help would be appreciated,thanks.

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JadeDragon i seem to have fixed it,for anyone else having a similar issue as above,you just need to decompile those 2 files (save to txt format) in a text editor like wordpad.

Sorry to spam your comment section psychoak.

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psychoak Creator

The mod comes preset for converting files and editing them. Anything that needs converted can be dropped in the corresponding convertdata to be altered by the corresponding batch file.

The string file and manifest files do not. Wordpad is probably pretty special ed and you need to just use a different editor, I recommend Notepad++, it's fantastic, and free. A lot of the writing software come with formatting ******** that hose things like this whether they're smart enough to read the non-standard extensions or not.

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Yea,i usually use was when i threw it in wordpad that i saw what was up,suffering from lack of sleep so i derped a little :p

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Very nice mod guys,i really like the music and the faction ui's.
The constitution model is beautiful and has me fighting with myself about giving it a combat role :p.

A couple of things i've noticed so far,the excelsior still uses the old mesh after the lakota refit.
One of the nacelles on the d'verix warbird is not lit on the inside.
Also the dominion seem to be very weak offensively compared to other factions,i watched them getting utterly trashed by a single fed ai,same difficulty setting.

You have some beautiful ships in this and some that need some tlc,wish i could help with that but modelling and texturing are the 2 things i havn't learned yet in my modding journey.

Thanks for the mod guys,looking forward to the next release :)

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psychoak Creator

I'll speak to the Dominion issue.

The AI is special. As in short bus special. It's incapable of actually utilizing complex features, like shielding your fleet with anti-assimilation abilities against the Borg, or surrounding your high value targets with turrets.

The Dominion are designed around leveling up absurdly powerful support abilities on their slow moving elites, and curb stomping everything they come in contact with once they have. The results of these fleet buffs are detailed in this:

As the AI is incapable of even considering abilities in determining whether it can win a fight or not, it horribly sucks at trying to utilize them. I was able to work around the inability to utilize a cloak by creating a complicated chain of buffs to "autocast" them differently for the AI. I've given them a series of AI only buffs to mitigate their suckiness at actually playing the side, but I can only do so much as the AI throws their important leveling ships away like they're free.

If you learn them well and take them over yourself, you'll quickly see why they're radically different performers from how the AI uses them. I'm pretty sure they're far and away the most powerful of the non Borg factions once they get rolling.

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Thanks psy,i had a thought as i was reading your reply.
Perhaps auto leveling capitals to lvl 3 could help the dominion ai,as they would field more capitals faster some would likely survive longer,get to higher levels and benefit from their abilities more.
No doubt this wont improve their ability management but may give them a chance at being more effective overall.

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psychoak Creator

Funny you should say that...
The Dominion AI gets a fast gain to level 3 from their hidden research subject available at level 1. They also get extra shield and hull regen because the AI is too dumb to keep them repaired, and 50% more trade income to mitigate the weakness of the AI in handling the extra logistics trade ports cost.

Once they have the normal high level research too, their new ships gain constant experience up to level 7.

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Damn,that idea got rekt :D
The most obvious factor left then is the disparity in immediately available dps for the dominion compared to all other factions due to only 4 ships out of their whole lineup having a secondary weapon system in the form of torpedoes.
In particular only 1 ship out of the entire frigate+cruiser lineup has them from the start.
I think despite the buffs you have designed this may be hamstringing them a's a lot of absent firepower in the mass producible ships that the other factions have.
This could be tricky to balance i suppose but maybe worth testing?

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A very enjoyable mod, with some great work at differentiating each race's play style. Good sounds and well realised ships (although I'd love to see them just a shade more detailed) and excellent research trees, especially those involving the need for allies. Ideally I'd like to see the titan mechanic realised for this mod, but with the gameplay as it is, it's not essential. Great work at encouraging the player to build a variety of ships, rather than the simple cap ship zerg rush we're all so used…

Jun 24 2013 by Gul-Dukat(tech)


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