Continuing the epic battles of the original Sacrifice of Angels mod for Homeworld. Sacrifice of Angels 2 uses the Sins of a Solar Empire engine to add on an "empire building" mechanic for a truly epic Star Trek Experience.

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The team is looking for talented Modelers and Texturer Artists.

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We're in need of experienced Modelers and Texture Artists.

The work is primarily structure work, some ship modeling and texturing is needed as well. Cardassian, Dominion, Romulan and Klingon structure work is almost entirely undone at this point. Neutral ships and the Orion Pirates are largely unfinished as well.

Interested parties can send me a message for details.

Update: We're still in need of texturers and people that can do concept work.

진Jin - - 453 comments

What is the pay like? :P Do you have random drug tests?

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#k - - 886 comments

i have a history of bank robberies will that count against me?

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psychoak Author
psychoak - - 451 comments

The pay is harassment, possibly ooh's and ahh's. An actual monetary exchange is out of the question, since I don't own Paramount.

Drug tests will be given verbally if work submissions warrant the query.

Bank robbers should fit right in with the pirates, so it would be terribly judgemental.

So... Actual interest in joining the team, or just bored?

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PraetorRon - - 7 comments

im very fluent in startrek history ships specs,etc not very good with modeling tho.

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mangomango999 - - 202 comments

Will there be cake? Cake is nice. mmmmm.... cake. :)

You are my favorite mod team. Thank you for everything you have done.

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psychoak Author
psychoak - - 451 comments

CBS owns Paramount. :)

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TheStressPuppy Creator
TheStressPuppy - - 327 comments

No Cake.. Just Pudding, and pretty Space Pony's. We are asking for help because i cant model myself any more.. Least not until i get my real life together first.

Positions are purely voluntary. No money involved. We are not big fans of cease, and desist letters. Any help given will be greatly appreciated.

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Munkycheez - - 51 comments

I am decent at modeling, i am currently in college for such endeavors. I know it may be a little late, but i would like to help out. i actually made a video for the mod a while back, then i kinda went off the grid for a while. I can use blender pretty well, but i can't say i am any expert. Although i can say i am severely obsessed with star trek, i even have a Vayoger build in Minecraft i have been working on for months. Message me if you guys are still looking, i will send you my email when i get your message.


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CaptainShack - - 127 comments

I would love to join the team as a Video Producer. I host TheXpGamers On youtube and the series Mod Library on TGN Central

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Guest - - 692,076 comments

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LiquidatorBrunt - - 102 comments

I have wanted to join a mod team for a while but unfortunately I have no idea where to start with modeling and texturing. I have a small amount of experience on blender but anything more complicated than a low poly mesh is out of my league.

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ColSaid - - 13 comments

No I'm not a modeler. Just a question. Why can you guys make this a Windows 10,64 bit game. I've 16GB of ram, and I like big games maps,575 Planets, that's 7.4 GB for a game,(want more). With 3-5 races. Borg normal.

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