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We the people of the Earth called the Tauri have risen up and taken our rightful place among the stars.
We were once thought to be destined to become the great fifth race in the next thousand years or so.
time would have it we didn't have over five years of peace, before fate took over. The great interstellar
War has raged for over a century now. Billions of life forms wiped from existence.
We are now the last line
of defense for all Life forms in the known universe.
We have learned much from all corners of our
reach. We have meet hundreds of races ,
some of which are our allies and friends. Others we have met
have not been so hospitable and have banded with our foes.
The Jaffa Nation has risen from the ashes of what once was the Gouald empire. There rise has been
turbulent to say the least. There are rumors of internal strife and talk of renegade Gouald still with in
there ranks. They are a people that for the moment we consider allies, but as with any alliance it can fail.
There fleets are great and number in the hundreds if not thousands! Our intelligence indicates
there fleets
are comprised of Hataks, as well as Anubis class ships. The Anubis class is of particular
concern as they
are a mighty warship capable of attacking ships, planets, and star base's with ease.
One of the most powerful enemies of life itself the Wraith now have the means of interstellar
hyperspace. There initial invasion forces were massive and the battles took many ships and
people from both sides. The wraith had defeated the ancients, however they were not prepared
for humanities perseverance and determination to defend life and live. We now know that they have
access to a number of zpm's and are using them. We fear that they have built yet another cloning
facility somewhere in the milky way and Pegasus galaxies. We have also detected several massive
wraith vessels on approach from Pegasus, our intelligence suggests that they are powered by zero point modules.
We are preparing our defenses and making plans as best we can.
When we were at our weakest moment another enemy emerged before us the Lucian Alliance. They
took advantage of our forces being spread so thin among the stars and have taken many bases
and systems. They are a ruthless people that only seek to conquer , destroy.
They massacre anyone or anything that gets in there way!
The Asurans once thought to be totally destroyed have reemerged from hiding. We are on a routine
patrol mission when we stumbled upon them. We had discovered a massive planet the size of Jupiter
swarming with nanite life. The Asurans once thought to be entirely wiped from existence
are now back with a Vengeance. They are hell bent on destroying all of carbon based life. There single goal and
directive is to destroy anything and everything the Ancients had created. They have managed to take several
worlds and destroy and ravaged countless others. We are engaged in diplomatic discussions
other races to help
coordinate a counter assault. Our intel suggests that they have
built a Lantian
class city ship as well as the Antues class which is capable of destroying our star bases .

It has been some time since we had last encountered the rogue Asgard of the Pegasus.
But we knew it to be only a matter of time. With the Wraith busy fighting us on many fronts the Asgard attacked.
There initial invasion fleets were massive with every major class of Asgard vessel. We had hoped that
we may be able to form a alliance with them. However they are different breed of Asgard,
they do not seek peace, knowledge and friendship. Instead they seek to only better there genetic code
at any
means necessary. We were ill prepared for the opening salvos that started the war with them.
We did
manage to destroy a large number of there fleets. However they were able to form a strategic
beachhead and take several worlds.

The Map of Earth Below shows all active Stargate Teams Worldwide.
Will you join the Invasion????


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RSS Articles

Stargate Invasion Progress Report June (Week 2)

Titan Drones


This past week we've looked at a many sections of the mod, below is a change-log of our updates.

Player Portraits and UI

- The small Portraits above the Next Faction arrows have been fixed to display the correct faction.

- Asurans received their own version of the SGI skin in red, replacing most of the vanilla UI (a unique UI skin may be implemented later on)


Strings and Icons

- Asuran Titan strings and icons have been added and some new image icons were created for various abilities. These icons are not final as we would like to design our own versions not based on images from the show.

Titan Icons

- Research strings descriptions were written for these Asuran ships:

  • Atlantis Titan

  • Epheus Titan

  • Antaeus Capital

  • Atropos Cruiser

  • Gate Satellite Frigate


For the Asuran Faction:

- Capitals had their speeds and turn rates lowered to make them more representative of their size.

- Asuran Romulus drone damage and shields increased.

- Cruiser version of Drone Frenzy was boosted, it was using the Frigate stats before.

For the Human Faction:

- Titans had their shield stats lowered as these were extremely high in some cases. This will still need more work later.

- BC304 heavy cruiser (Daedalus class) now fires only Asgard beam weapons and not the Asgard beam ability. To compensate for this damage reduction, the weapon damage output was boosted and the fire delay decreased.

- Replaced Asgard Beam Ability on BC304 with the ability to beam nuclear warheads aboard enemy ships.

Shield Impact FX

The Shield Impact FX file was modified slightly to improve the directionality of shield impact effects. There is still a lot to be done in order to make the shields look as we would like them to but the changes reduce the problem we had with completely obscured ships during intense battles.

Various Fixes

- Human Hephaestus Titan Ability - AG3 turret can now fire after being deployed.

- Asuran Antaeus main weapons (the four large side guns) now fire beams instead of drones.

- The Anthaeus Lagrangian Beam fires from the correct location and displays the right effect (image below).

Lagrangian Beam

- Drone paths for many of the ships and the Drone Frenzy ability were changed to have a more natural turn rate.

Models and Textures

- Modelling on the Antaeus details continues and is now close to complete. Ace_Fighter has also worked on a Trade Port for the Asurans (W.I.P. image below).

asuran trade port

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We have created a discord channel for all Stargate Fans! Come and chat with not only the Stargate Invasions developers, but also Stargate Pegasus Chronicles, Stargate-DOF, Stargate Utopia, Stargate Traits and Stargate Ships developers. Just click on the image below to join.


Stargate Invasion Progress Report June (Week 1)

Stargate Invasion Progress Report June (Week 1)

News 9 comments

This post outlines our progress since the Early Access release through Google Drive

SGI Mod Release through Google Groups

SGI Mod Release through Google Groups

News 37 comments

We are releasing Stargate Invasion through Google Groups. Anyone who wants access to our current files can request to joint the google group called SGI...

Stargate Invasion Progress Report May 2017, Week 2

Stargate Invasion Progress Report May 2017, Week 2

News 9 comments

This post outlines our progress with SGI during the initial weeks of Pre Alpha testing.

SGI Progress Report And Google Drive Link Release (30.04.2017)

SGI Progress Report And Google Drive Link Release (30.04.2017)

News 9 comments

Stargate Invasion Closed Release Date, 2 weeks for public release.

RSS Files
SGI Google Group Release - ReadMe

SGI Google Group Release - ReadMe

Server 56 comments

This PDF contains the instructions for joining the Google Group (SGI Access). Once you are a member of this group you will receive access to the most...

SGI Rebellion 1.80 Patch (Outdated)

SGI Rebellion 1.80 Patch (Outdated)

Demo 85 comments

This is the previous version of the mod, I have combined the 3 downloads into 1 so you can just extract and play. The Rebellion 1.80 PATCH version of...

SGI 1.82 Tau'ri Beta V0.182

SGI 1.82 Tau'ri Beta V0.182

Demo 70 comments

Stargate Invasion 1.82 Tau'ri Beta, Numerous changes have been made. This version only includes TAU'RI. Any bugs,suggestion or if you want to join the...

SGI Soundtrack

SGI Soundtrack

Music 8 comments

Here is the highly requested SGI Soundtrack. The files are in mp3 format and also include the original artist to make finding there music easier. The...



Other 3 comments

This program was designed by stardock for the debugging of stardock games and programs all rights reserved from stardock.

7 zip

7 zip

Archive Tool 12 comments

a utility that will archive files. This will be required to unpack all future versions of soa2 and sgi.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 6,080)

Hi !
I have one suggestion for the future ( I know there are many things which are the priority now ).
It would be cool if the neutral planets would be defended by some special ships from Stargate instead of Tauri ships like now. You could for example use the ship from "Grace" episode of SG1, the ship from SGA "Daedalus variations", some ship designs from "Space Race" or some Traveler ships.
It´s just an idea.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dotNfg Creator

From previous version of SGI, the Daedalus Variants ship is a pirate. The pirate portrait in the menu is actually from that episode. In SGI 1.8, the Travelers were also pirates. Not sure exactly how we will do this eventually but to start with we will probably add these ships in the roles they had before. We might add them to the neutral planets as well though it would be a bit odd to have Travelers in a fleet with the Daedalus Variants ship. Those aliens seemed very xenophobic. We'll discuss this internally to see how we proceed.

The Grace ship would need to be built from scratch, we don't have a model for it as far as I know. It might also be better suited for an event encounter rather than a neutral planet ship.

Ships from the Space Race could be interesting for neutral planets though, same as all Hebridan/Serrakin ships and tech. There aren't existing SGI models for these so they would also have to be built.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thank you for your response. I am new to SGI ( I only play the latest GD version) so I didn´t know that these ships were in previous versions.

I think the Dadelus Varians ships are perfect for pirates. Travelers would suit better to neutral planets.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dotNfg Creator

Travelers could be both pirates and part of neutral planet fleets. If I remember this correctly they have a council of sorts that can make general decisions but it's up to each individual captain to make the final call. So if a captain decided to become a pirate there is no one to stop them from doing so.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Ori Faction?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dotNfg Creator

Hold your horses;) we still have the Goa'uld, Wraith and Asgard to release. The Ori will most likely be there as an event rather than a Faction.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

sorry, i didn't mean to sound rude or to rush you, i just thought there was already an ori faction or event in the mod already, again sorry.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dotNfg Creator

No worries, we do have a model for the Ori mothership from way back. There may even be an event but it'll have to be tracked down.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Okay please explain what im doing wrong, I go to download the google drive folder, and it is around 1.2GB, and when i launch the game it crashes on startup, what am i doing wrong? please actually give a detailed description of how to fix whatever im doing wrong, Im fairly sure that im installing it right, i have the right modpath, idk

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dotNfg Creator

You can find information in this PDF file:

This is a file count issue, you have to wait until Google finishes providing access to all the files which can take a while, especially now that we have over 600 members in the SGI Access group.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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Jun 4 2017

A snapshot of the Asuran Nemesis in-game with lighting added to the texture.

May 26 2017

This is the Asuran Frigate Corvette Class texture. The texture was created by dotNfg and will be 2048*2048 in size.

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