This modification for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion has been created during the old time of the Vanilla Sins to make the game more funny, interesting and good looking. A lot of balance changes, unique concepts and beautiful new music should make the game feeling more enjoyable!

Created by Developers of the SGU Addon which WILL have a future.

Integrated Mods:
Bailknight's Graphic
Sins Plus

The Team:
TheyCallMeProphet - Main Coder/Effects
Crazymodder96 - Coder/Inventions/Icons

Official Sins forum page:

Two fanmade YouTube videos:

I hope you enjoy this mod
. If you have ideas to optimize it or if you want to help me, write a comment!

Please send private messages if you have bugs or write a comment.

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Crazy 2.99 Release

News 0 comments


it has been a long time since the last update. I am sorry for that. But finally I was able to work on changes, test it by myself and complete an interesting update!

Balance Changes:

  • Deconstruction rate of fighters without host is higher
  • Faster phase space speed 28000 --> 90000
  • No jump costs
  • Advent now have a hyperspace speed research instead of a "Decrease jump cost"-Research
  • Akkan Battlecruiser's lvl 6 ability reworked --> now orbital but on a shorter duration
  • Fighters and AA-Frigates are more effective against bombers (300% damage)
  • Ion Cannons of Capital Ships do last shorter
  • Balancing of flagships
    • Less oppressive Marza Flagship, stronger Advent flagships, Skirantra Flagship has noticable construction costs for strike craft
  • Defensive platforms are now stronger (especially the Phase Missile Defenses)
  • Phase Missile Defense has a "Missile Swarm" Ability
  • Advent's Radiance Battleship and the Defense Vessels can now block Phase Missiles

Vorastra Titan vs an Advent fleet in close combat

The Vorastra as a juggernaut is able to destroy fleets in close combat.


The titans were too weak and too easy to destroy. I updated their defensive stats and tried to give each titan a different role.

  1. Ankylon (Tank with medium damage output)
    • Hull at lvl 10: 20950 +120% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 30950
    • Shields at lvl 10: 12200 +60% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 16700
  2. Ragnarov (Longrange single-target destruction)
    • Hull at lvl 10: 16875 +135% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 23375
    • Shields at lvl 10: 11850 +60% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 16850
  3. Coronata (Tanky, single target superweapon and fleet support)
    • Hull at lvl 10: 13800 +60% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 16800
    • Shields at lvl 10: 17300 +120% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 25300
  4. Eradica (durability and fighting potential)
    • Hull at lvl 10: 11600 +60% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 14600
    • Shields at lvl 10: 20500 +120% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 29500
  5. Vorastra (durability and high short-range damage)
    • Hull at lvl 10: 16700 +90% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 24209
    • Shields at lvl 10: 14940 +90% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 21940
  6. Kultorask (mass destruction, weak 1v1)
    • Hull at lvl 10: 15390 +105% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 19890
    • Shields at lvl 10: 13270 +105% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 17270


Due to the high maximum fleet capacity the game has some lagging/low FPS problems. I tried some ways to improve that at least in singleplayer.

  • Trade Ports and Orbital Refineries spawn less ships
  • Ships fire in waves and not continuously
  • Some "cleaned numbers" (I.e. not 23.349560 damage --> 23.000000)


  • TEC Rebels are now again able to capture neutral ships
  • Fixed missing string files

The future and v3.0:

I know that many people asked for that big, awesome update. We have some ideas what we could do, and it seems that the new patch 1.83 is very promising :D

  • Planet destruction WILL be a thing, but we have to calculate how it can be balanced
  • The capital ships will get some reworks. There are many abilities which are useless or just annoying
  • The goal is to push the three races further into different tatical roles. The Vasari should have a few, very strong ships while the Advent are able to spam. Sadly this is limited because of the bad performance of the engine
  • The teasered "Vadim Dreadnought" and other ships will be added, but it is not clear when and how at the moment

I am aware of an Error related with the Advent Loyalists/Coronata Titan. Please report MiniDumps with information of the circumstances

Enjoy the update!



Crazy 2.99 for Rebellion v1.82

Crazy 2.99

Crazy 2.99

News 10 comments

I tell you of the work of the last 4 month and the planned features!

Crazy 2.98 is released!

Crazy 2.98 is released!

News 0 comments

I'll tell you informations about the update! Read and comment it! :)

Crazy June news: v2.98 will be released soon

Crazy June news: v2.98 will be released soon

News 2 comments

I'm telling you about the newest update for Crazy!

"Crazy" news for January 2013

"Crazy" news for January 2013

News 3 comments

In this news I post infos about the music in the mod, features of the new update 2.95 and other stuff.

Crazy 2.99 for Rebellion v1.82 (Updated Hotfix)

Crazy 2.99 for Rebellion v1.82 (Updated Hotfix)

Full Version 16 comments

Finally I can present you the comeback of "Crazy". This full version contains major changes. NOTE: The file has been replaced. To get the hotfix, you...

Crazy Galaxy Forge (2.988)

Crazy Galaxy Forge (2.988)

Mapping Tool 0 comments

This is the Galaxy Forge Tool for my mod "Crazy" v2.988 . Enjoy it and create new maps!

Crazy 2.988

Crazy 2.988

Full Version 32 comments

After 4 months this version of "Crazy" is finally compatible with Rebellion and 100% free of crashes & other bugs! 2.99 will be released a bit later!

Crazy 2.983

Crazy 2.983

Full Version 30 comments

This update fixes some bugs and gives you the "Crew Derelict" ability back! Sorry for so many updates in so little time.

Readme of "Crazy"

Readme of "Crazy"

Other 2 comments

Hello, this is the Readme of "Crazy". It contents all the features of "Crazy" and installation help.

Post comment Comments  (0 - 10 of 394)

Just downloaded the mod and holy hell man it is awesome. good job man, cant wait for the next update !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Awesome mod. When I saw 4000 unit cap i was expecting lag fest but so far no lag at all.
However I'm getting a bug with vasari mobile capital factory (the one spawned by mobile class factory). Capital ships spawn inside planet then get pushed out and they cannot move at all. Reloading save doesnt make them move.I can give them orders normally but they will sit where they spawned. Cruisers mobile factory work as intended. If it's on my end any help would be appreciated. And again awesome mod :).

Edit: tested multiple planets, suns , plasma storms and asteroid belts . Same thing happens on all of them.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
TheyCallMeProphet Creator

Thank you for your report! I will have a look at this and fix it in the next update (after I survived my final exams xD)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

First: A 1 0 0 0 thanks for Your "Crazy" Mod. This mod is G R E A T.

Somehow I - personally - find Your new Beautiful Music to be limited. Otherwise Your new Beautiful Music is also G R E A T.

Anyway: Please keep up A L L Your good work at "Crazy".

A suggestion to a future version:

Please also Integrate This mod: "" so that A L L races can have Up to 99 upgrade / update slot with The Starbase & up to 3 starbases in the gravity well at the same time - moslty so that Your "Crazy" mod Can live up to it's name !!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
TheyCallMeProphet Creator

That means you think it is too much music? Well, I won't add new music, but I wanted to have some diversity ingame. And to make the music as beautiful as possible. Also I wanted to replace some tracks I did not until the last update.
I can think about using other mods, but first I have to talk to the creator and I have to evaluate how this would affect game experience. I think Crazy is fine on it current state, but I would like to add further abilities and maybe ships.
The "masterplan" is to add a whole new race, but it will take time until I have the capacities I need for that.

But thank you very much for that positive feedback! I'd like to hear more :D

Reply Good karma+2 votes

< That means you think it is too much music?

No. What I ment was that Your new music tracks is to short. I L O VE Your new music tracks.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

The game still crashes upon starting a match, i think i can find the crash log if you need it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
TheyCallMeProphet Creator

This is weird, because is shouldn't. Could you download it again? Did you unpack with 7zip? Did you use Rebellion v1.82?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

ah, im on 1.83, that might explain things.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
TheyCallMeProphet Creator

would be nice when you downgrade when you wanna do a "Crazy" session. This does not take long, and I look forward for some feedback!
I will update "Crazy" when I have some time, but I am working on SGI atm

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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