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New Revision patch MYSTIC is now live. This patch contains the following changes:


  • Destroying Private Winslow's body completely now awards the "Off to a Great Start" achievement, allows it to be completed in Vanilla.

UNATCO HQ (First Visit):

  • Fixed the softlock at Carter in Ninja Mode.
  • Updated the book of augmentations to have correct info in Biomod. Also fixed a typo in the vanilla version.

Hell’s Kitchen (NSF Warehouse):

  • Jock now flies in, spawns Gunther when he lands (doesn't look great), NSF shoot at him when he leaves.

New York Majestic 12 Facility:

  • Greatly improved pathing.
  • Fixed that box under the command centre stairs.
  • Fixed the detention cells, along with collision for the cell windows.

UNATCO HQ (Final):

  • Added username requirement demiurge to Manderley's computer for the Gunther killphrase, and zeitgeist to Gunther's computer, to hide the fact about the killphrases for him.

Wan Chai Underground Mall & Lucky Money:

  • Made the Red Arrow more allied to each other.


  • Fixed mini-fridge collision at Versalife.

Tonnochi Road:

  • Fixed May Sung so she actually has reactions.

Hell’s Kitchen (Final):

  • Fixed being able to get into the subway by picking up the barricades.

Brooklyn Naval Shipyards (Interior):

  • Fixed the front security camera turning itself back on if you helped Vinny and the camera was off.

Metro Station near Cathedral du Paynes:

  • Police no longer try to fight you for breaking into the cafe.

California Gas Station:

  • Jock now flies in, fires missiles at the gate, AI shoots at him during exit.


  • Collectables Mode:
    • Now shows if a level is complete or still has a collectable to find in it.
    • Fixed it showing "COLLECTABLE MISSED" when changing levels.
    • Fixed collectable HUD errors on level transition.
    • Also added a message if it appears during a chapter outside of 1-15.
    • Disabled CheatView in collectables mode.

  • Matrix Mode:
    • Added effects to dying Matrix agents.
    • Added a green tint to the game when playing in Matrix Agents modifier.
    • MiB Matrix agents now only explode on hard difficulty.
    • Matrix agents now revert to their original corpse when dead.
    • Dying enemies don't transform into Matrix agents.

  • Fixed issues with Hall of Mirrors mode if using HDTP.


  • Allowed the player to choose a wave to start on in survival.
  • Fixed "Clone Wars" achievement not working in survival.


  • Anna now cloaks immediately in chapter 4/5 on realistic.
  • EMP damage disables ADS aug on Simons briefly.
  • Fixed the rotation of AI laser sights not being properly updated.
  • Synthetic Heart no longer boosts augs past their max level in HuRen (like level 2 IFF/infolink).
  • Weapons that are destroyed (LAWs, grenades) now deactivate their scope and lasers before destruction.


  • All voice lines now lip sync.
  • Allowed horizontal scrolling in the log menu.
  • Birds can now be set on fire.
  • Decorations now drip water too, and their water has the vertical momentum imparted.
  • Elevators now close between level transitions.
  • Fixed "a Ancient Sword" instead of "an Ancient Sword" when picking it up.
  • Fixed "Game is not pauseable" message even though it was.
  • Fixed "Plain and Simple" achievement being broken.
  • Fixed some weapons being rendered twice.
  • Fixed the accidental crash on first run about the game not finding the file Core, due to a faulty configuration file
  • Flies now die when entering water.
  • Improved performance of fire that hit walls.
  • Prevented footstep sounds from playing when going from Running to Crouched.
  • Reduced the intensity of Jock's shadow.
  • The small security bot now has shells that spawn out of each of its four guns.
  • Water drops now have a less obnoxious sound when they are assimilated by water and have a smaller impact ring.
Patch 1.3 - MYSTIC is live

Patch 1.3 - MYSTIC is live

News 7 comments

General update and overall improvements and additions.

Patch 1.2.2 is Live

Patch 1.2.2 is Live

News 3 comments

Updates to the game including conversation updates.

Patch 1.2.1 is live

Patch 1.2.1 is live

News 2 comments

Patch containing upgrade to Biomod 1.1 and other fixes.

Patch 1.2 - STATEROOM is live

Patch 1.2 - STATEROOM is live

News 1 comment

Big patch for GOG release also containing many misc fixes.

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Deus Ex: Revision Patch (cumulative)

Deus Ex: Revision Patch (cumulative)

Patch 19 comments

This is a cumulative patch that includes the previous patches for the mod Deus Ex: Revision. Install this in your Deus Ex directory and the files will...

Deus Ex: Revision

Deus Ex: Revision

Full Version 97 comments

This installer contains all of the files necessary to play Deus Ex: Revision on your computer. However, it is intended for use with a copy of...

Revision Goodie Bag

Revision Goodie Bag

Wallpapers 8 comments

The Revision Goodie Bag contains some screenshots, wallpapers and ringtones. Happy Holidays from Caustic Creative!

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As long as this mod is still alive and the team is doing the patching, I'm okay with it, just as long as the installer works on all versions regarding what type of Deus Ex you have.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

I take it that "Deus Ex: Revision Patch 1.2.2 (cumulative)" is a required install after installing the Revision download file from

I did download both in case they are both required, but if not can ya let me know please.

Thank you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

I'm still really curious with the decision to release it as Steam only originally and to shaft GOG users like that, or why you don't have a installer on ModDB that works with both versions.
Not that I care, GMDX is a better mod anyway.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

- "I'm still really curious"

- "Not that I care"

Which one is it, then?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

If you're want to see this mod in Russian, here is link to conversations source files (and texts).
Если хотите чтобы мод был на русском, вот ссылка на исходники диалогов (и текста). Можно сразу скомпилировать, все нужные файлы есть.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey guys, i am one of the people who hates Steam and was very disappointed with the team's decision to f*ck over all the GOG users at release. I gave the mod the lowest possible score out of protest.

Now that some time has passed, i decided to look into this mod again and see if they changed their mistake, so i can update my review & score of the mod.

My question: is there finally an official installer available for the GOG version? If yes, please give me the link, because w- a quick look i couldn't find it here. Can someone help?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
ʟogan Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Ah! Finally! But why is here no mention of this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Nice keep updating this master piece, going to play deus ex over again with this mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Hey guys, I've decided to give your mod another chance and I was thinking about something regarding consistency between DX and DXIW.

Since Alex is born in 2047, s/he should be already five years old during the events of the first game. Because of this, s/he is not supposed to be in a Area 51 vat.

I don't know if you already solved the matter but I thought it was interesting to share that piece of info with you. It could be easily adressed, I think (it does only involve deleting a model from the map).

Edit : this also applies for Nick Pausback and Wade Walker

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Ignore the reviews suggesting that this is a steam only mod - it works on the GoG version and the original. But only if you are smart enough to scroll down past the steam installer button and click on the link for the stand alone installer...

Oh you cant do that because you are too busy being butt hurt? Please continue living your life this way without adjusting your behaviour so that you cant enjoy nice things like the Revision mod.

Oct 14 2015 by Zyme

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