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Patch 1.6.1 is live!


Happy Holidays!

Today we have wrapped up the latest changes and fixes to Revision since the last update.

Find it in our downloads section.

The Nameless Mod 2.0

Now with Steam Cloud support!

Chapter 1:

  • Moved a terrorist to make them easier to sneak up on.

Chapter 3:

  • Fixed the animated main menu not working on two of the chapter 3 levels.

Chapter 4:

  • Fixed the UNATCO troopers spawning in the streets when they shouldn't.
  • The player capture sequence now waits for the "death" animation to finish to allow people to understand what happened.

Chapter 6:

  • Increased Maggie Chow's speed on realistic.

Chapter 14:

  • Increased the collision of elevator buttons by 50% to make them more reliable.

Chapter 15:

  • Increased the collision of elevator buttons by 50% to make them more reliable.


  • Added a password input box for MP joining.
  • Fixed TeamSay command.
  • Disabled plasma rifle glow.
  • Fixed items not respawning.


  • Disposable weapons can no longer be fired multiple times by changing level during the end of the fire animation.
  • Dog jump attack now aims for the neck for better movement at ground level.
  • Fixed a glitch where receiving ammo from an NPC would give you *all* of that NPC's ammo instead of just the amount they tried to give you.
  • Fixed a rare glitch where a dying NPC could start talking to someone, stopping them from dying and resurrecting themselves with no health.
  • Fixed the number of hits and total damage for multi-hit weapons not being shown at untrained level.
  • Gave NPCs the intelligence to switch between ammos when their current ammo runs out.
  • Made Manhunt Mode spawn locations more randomized.


  • Added additional radar icons for HR mode augmentation.
  • Binoculars now write the range on their own line to prevent wordwrap.
  • Can no longer save duplicate emails.
  • Disabled teleporters while dead.
  • Fixed EMP and scramble grenades not playing the correct animation.
  • Fixed HDTP Walton Simons t-posing in the ground when dead.
  • Fixed an issue where the augmentation hum sound could play despite being disabled due to the muscle aug.
  • Fixed crashes relating to dragging items out of the inventory to drop them.
  • Fixed glitch where destroyed doors would resurrect themselves with no collision.
  • Fixed incorrect datacube text for receiving only an image from a datacube for an image you already have.
  • Fixed mini-crossbow hand texture if HDTP not installed.
  • Fixed possible crash when dying during a conversation.
  • Fixed the "Clips" text on the ammo HUD being incorrect for 1 frame when switching weapons.
  • Fixed the "Plain and Simple" achievement always showing as valid in game, even when not.
  • Hid the mini-crossbow dart when out of ammo on the vanilla mesh.
  • Increased max characters for computer logins/passwords from 20 to 32, to account for the 21 character login at the cathedral.
  • Receiving items from a conversation now leaves a message in the log.
  • Redesigned the modifiers menus to display all modifiers on one page instead of seven.
  • Weapon idle animations can no longer overwrite the currently playing one.
  • Fixed GOG achievements and an annoying error message when launching the game with OpenGL.
Celebrating 5 Years with Revision

Celebrating 5 Years with Revision

News 1 comment

We celebrate the 5th anniversary of Deus Ex: Revision with a new release, patch 1.6 - MAINCORE!

Patch 1.5 - FIVE-EYES is live

Patch 1.5 - FIVE-EYES is live

News 3 comments

New experimental gameplay style and various fixes.

Patch 1.4.2 is live!

Patch 1.4.2 is live!


Improved support for survival MP and overall improvements to the game.

Patch is live!

Patch is live!

News 3 comments

Generic updates and overall improvements to the game.

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Deus Ex: Revision Patch 1.6.1 (cumulative)

Deus Ex: Revision Patch 1.6.1 (cumulative)

Patch 29 comments

This is a cumulative patch that includes the previous patches for the mod Deus Ex: Revision. Install this in your Deus Ex directory and the files will...

Deus Ex: Revision

Deus Ex: Revision

Full Version 104 comments

This installer contains all of the files necessary to play Deus Ex: Revision 1.6.1 on your computer. However, it is intended for use with a copy of Deus...

Revision Goodie Bag

Revision Goodie Bag

Wallpapers 8 comments

The Revision Goodie Bag contains some screenshots, wallpapers and ringtones. Happy Holidays from Caustic Creative!

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I want to translate this, how to start working?

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Is 1.5.2 patch avaible anywhere except Steam?

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Another great idea for this mod would be an option to select between different maps for the Revision mod.
You can go with either vanilla, PS2 or Revision maps.

It would be an easy way to play Deus Ex with the vanilla maps, but many of the improvements that Revision brings.
Or a simple way to play Deus Ex vanilla but with some smaller improvements inherent to Revision such as DX9, OpenAL and widescreen support.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This is a good idea

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Revision makes the game look like an Unreal Engine 2 game, or maybe a very early Unreal Engine 3 game.
It's the most advanced game on Unreal Engine 1 alongside Duke Nukem Forever, but this is miles better.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I hope you add Deus Exe in the next update for Revision.
I would also love it if New Vision 2.0 gets added as an option in the next update.
I would also love DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 renderers.
Also, have you considered having a Revision thread on GOG?

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when you insert the latest version

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

how do i install it on gog and play it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

If using GOG Galaxy, in the Deus Ex game window choose the options tab, manage installation, configure.

The Mod is marked as a DLC, check it and it will download.

When Installed, don't run from the GOTY page, that's only for the vanilla game.

Instead, search for deus ex revision and mark it as Owned.
Then search for the executable, it will be in the game's folder under
Revision > System, and you're good to go

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I have a "new - old" bug.

In the Sewers when you try to rescue Ford Schick, he is stuck again and won't move. I tried scaring him with a grenade, which makes him move 3-5 steps and get stuck again.

The way things are right now, you can not save Ford Schick and thereby can’t get the extended modded questline with him giving you the Augmentation upgrade in Smuggler’s hideout.


If you kill all the MJ12 in the area and then leave the sewers only to reload the area; then return back to where Ford Schick is standing in the lab, waiting for you to speak to him, there is a chance he will tell you that "he can make it from here" thus ending the quest.

However to make things clear, Ford Schick is still standing in the MJ12 lab and if you speak to him again, he will ask you to lead the way and be stuck.

Now, as he told you that "he will make it from here" the quest is finished and you get your discount at Smuggler's.

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Ignore the reviews suggesting that this is a steam only mod - it works on the GoG version and the original. But only if you are smart enough to scroll down past the steam installer button and click on the link for the stand alone installer...

Oh you cant do that because you are too busy being butt hurt? Please continue living your life this way without adjusting your behaviour so that you cant enjoy nice things like the Revision mod.

Oct 14 2015 by Zyme

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