Deus Ex: Revision is a large-scale re-imagining of the world of Deus Ex, bringing a tightly integrated aesthetic-oriented approach to the original gameplay.

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Was it worth the wait? To put it simple, no. Really really was not. This to me seems like a first attempt at improving Deus Ex. Not a final version or full release, but rough around the edges beta that was never meant to be released but kept between the devs as they steadily work on it more. Why spend 7 years improving Deus Ex only to have 70-80% of the levels remain relatively untouched?

-Intro is awkwardly changed. Same level just with tv screens placed in there.
-Batterypark is the same
-CastleClayon is the same
-Osgood and Sons map is the same
-Prison is the same
-Airport is the same as well as the base before it
-Hongkong hanger is the same
-Hongkong maggychow apartment, tunnel and cannal level are basically the same.
-Mole people hideout is basically the same with some small changes
-The Paris Chateau is the same As well as the Cathedral after it
-Naval level is the same as well as the boat
-Everett building is the same
_Vanderberg and the sublevel are the same.
-Wasted opportunity to show us what was in areas that where blocked off before, like Gunthers safe, the do not cross police lines in NY area abandoned building, Paul Denton's secret room.
-Extremely buggy, the team has a Q&A guy and it seems it wasn't properly tested before release, has had some serious game breaking bugs.
-First part of the Ocean lab and is the same and has terrible performance, as does the outside of Everett's place.
-Area 51 is the same in the first part, the burning 2nd part is different but the 3rd part is the same and the last part is a combination of old and new which is alright but I would have preferred more done with the endings. All 3 Endings are a real let down, they are the same looking.

-Realistic difficulty has ridicolously good AI, they can not only spot you a mile away but always land headshots and miss maybe 1/10 of the time. That ruined the game. Also alot of stuff in the realistic difficulty like halving ammo you find on corpses, halving time they are immobilised by pepperspray/gas grenades, or improving their reaction time should have been put into hard difficulty instead since its not 'realistic' it just makes things very difficult. Realistic is supposed to be about upping damage weapons do to you and enemies, and making skill investment much more important by decreasing how much you get from main quests and upping rewards you get for completing side objectives for greater risk vs reward... So that you constantly have to choose whether its worth pursuing something potentially life threatening, hard mode is for people who want fights/stealth to be more challenging overall.

-Orange filter on some maps... why? Human Revolution was its own thing. Have your own style or stick with the original, don't skip between DX:HR and Deus Ex awkwardly.
-I don't like the music although this one is more subjective, moving on.

+Unatco looks pretty good, mostly changed
+NYC hells kitchen is completely different and better
+The HongKong hub is different somewhat and split into 2 sections, I have mixed feelings on it though. Shame the rest of HongKong was barely improved on though or the hanger before it.
+Paris is completely different and better
+Subway level is completely different and better
+Gas station is completely different and better
+Balance wise this was really improved in terms of health/items/ammo found in levels are much more scarce. Big plus for this but I feel like this isn't enough to redeem the mod.

Its a let down overall and not the overhaul it was promised. Its just to damn familiar. I had a similar issue with Black Mesa but atleast Black Mesa remade all the levels, here most levels have been barely touched. What would have been nice instead of giving us a orange filter on some of the earlier maps and throwing remixed tracks from the original was doing what was PROMISED. Remaking/re-imagining levels in a more realistic manner. Trying to overhaul the gameplay on realistic was a extremely bad move that alienated a part of

Rather poor performance (30ish FPS) on a machine beyond the recommended specs (FX6300 4.0GHz, 8gb RAM, HD7870XT). Not a fan of the map additions to the Liberty Island and the music kinda lost something, not really sure what. All in all I must say I'm a bit disappointed but since I didn't pay for it I have no right to bash and complain, just giving my personal experience.

Reading the comments and reviews I have to ask: Rofl guys what's with all the negativity? xd It's not that bad as many people make it up to be. While I don't agree with some map and gameplay changes it's still a decent mod. Obviously it's nowhere near as good as GMDX, but you can't really compete with that mod. Anyway I give this one a 7.


zenqqa says

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I have been waiting a while for this mod to comeout. I was so happy when i saw it was released. but then i starting the game up. than the super fast mouse acceleration and way to dark even for a cyberpunk style game. I have never played deus ex but i was waiting to play revision for my first playthrough ever. i already owned deus ex goty steam for a long time btw im 17. i just decided to not play revision at all and just play deus ex goty with mods. 7/10 for great effort to the revision team but revision its not great its decent.

A mod that requires that'll you buy a game that you already own on steam? THIS IS UTTER ********! GMDX > REVISION


It seems about right. Its not terrible. Its not the best mod ever.
While it changes a lot of things, this is not a total overhaul of the maps. Adding slightly changes to some levels and then make totally different maps isn't my choice for a total overhaul.

I came for the maps though, so they are cool when you are exploring new stuff, they aren't uncool when you are exploring the same old maps with just added trash cans and trees.
What I didn't came for, was the totally broken AI.

Seriously? Enemies snipe you away from across the map with machine guns and pistols? Not only that, but the devs knew it was broken

It would have a 9/10 or a 10/10 if it wasnt for the stupid AI changes AND the steam exclusive fiasco.
Really Moddb? A DRM mod here?


Zyme says

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Ignore the reviews suggesting that this is a steam only mod - it works on the GoG version and the original. But only if you are smart enough to scroll down past the steam installer button and click on the link for the stand alone installer...

Oh you cant do that because you are too busy being butt hurt? Please continue living your life this way without adjusting your behaviour so that you cant enjoy nice things like the Revision mod.


Most people(apart from fanboys) realized what a prick move CC did with this whole Steam-exclusive fiasco.Yes there is a way to play without Steam,but so far it seems this version won't be supported.

I also have to clarify that it's not about the price(which is indeed dirt cheap)of the game,but about how CC and Squarenix treated this.Also CC said that they had a friend\friends at Enix and asked them if they could promote the game,in another post they said Enix actually contacted them,so... contradicting much??
What the "but it's so cheap,buy another one" crowd fails to understand is that some of us have some principles and don't like being treated like some mindless drones.Should be a shock to them,but not everything is reduced to money.

My rating is not a hate rating because I actually played until I reached Paris.The Paris part looks the best and it shows it's the newest compared to the rest of the hubs.I wasn't impressed at all with Hell's Kitchen and HK design.The OST is another weak point,the original is still the best and there is no comparison between the two.
The Paris hub alone while awesome it can't save this mod.
So no,this rating isn't based exclusively on CC\Enix screw-up,but also on the mod quality.
Sadly this is far from DX 2027,TNM,Redsun or Zodiac.

Uh, ok. Well I must admit I had decent expectations from the mod, but in all honesty it's a big letdown for various reasons:

Very little work put into actually revamping the core design of the levels.

Obnoxious object placement that often does nothing besides make the game lag and make navigation annoying.

Nonsensical level design additions that feel like they were put in without a thought.

Oh, of course everyone's favourite topic, the Steam DRM put on a supposedly "free" mod for no reason.

That's not even delving into the issues with the aimbot AI or how the number of NPCs have been increased absurdly without giving them good dialogue.

There are some good looking levels, but in all honesty most of the heavy lifting is done by the two graphical mods bundled alongside it: HDTP and New Vision. All in all, I don't think it justifies either a Steam purchase or the huge download. Play this only if you're really really curious and want improved graphics at all costs. Don't forget that you have to deal with arrogant modders in case you have problems with the mod.


Revision is a mod that updates and polishes the original Deus Ex both technically and artistically with new textures, music, enviroments and game settings while keeping the original gameplay and story of Deus Ex intact. I'm happy to report that with few exceptions Revision succeeds!

With Revision's new high resolution textures, much improved lighting and larger, more detailed enviroments, Deus Ex is so appealing on the eye that I actually forgot that I was playing a game whos engine is almost 20 years old! Revision is in this sense a testament to how almost anything can be accoplished in modding with enough dedication and talent.

The new soundtrack is also really solid and for many tracks I actually prefer it over the original. The reason why is because the original soundtrack sometimes felt a little bit too upbeat to fit in with Deus Ex's grim and apocalyptic setting. Some of the new tracks just do a better job fitting in with the game's atmophere by being more moody and slow paced.

Another great positive with Revision is how easy it is to install. No need for any external game launchers or messing about with folders in the game directory and the new game settings such as the FOV changer are just a god send.

Now we get to some of the negatives about Revision:

Well first of all there are some bugs in the game, I won't list all of them because that would be tedious but one thing in particular that annoyed me is that some of the sounds such as alarms don't seem to correctly eminate their sound. It's like the sound is coming from a location different then from where it ought to come from. I'm not sure what this could be the result of but it needs to be fixed, it's important in a stealth/action game that the sounds are working properly.

The bigger and more ambitious enviroments of Revision capture the feel and look of the original but could be criticized for being style over substance. Yes, they look amazing, pure eye candy but how functional and interesting are they really to play? Well it varies from map to map but some of the maps in Hong Kong are especially needlessly large. The map where you go to the temple to meet the triads is massive in scale but other then the temple there really isn't much of interest to explore or loot.

The result of having needlessly big enviroments in some places, is to screw up the tempo of the game and that's a big problem when you consider just how great the tempo of the original Deus Ex was paced.

Another minor problem with the new enviroments is that they sometimes fool you into thinking you can explore certain areas that aren't actually explorable. You spend time platforming up a builing trying to jump inside an open window with a clearly explorable room only to find that there is a invisible wall that makes it impossible to get inside.

Despite the critisism I've brought up, I loved my playthrough of Deus Ex with Revision and I highly recommend it to both Deus Ex vets and first time players. I give Revision 8 out of 10.

Edit: In case anyone wonders, I also posted this same review on steam.

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nice move ****, hope ur mod dies brutally and forgotten tomorrow

imagine ppl, what if this becomes a trend in all mods? u will have to pay for the game on steam just to get a mod

open your eyes and leave this piece of ***

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Oct 13 2015 by Manox93