A Deus Ex Advancement Mod.

What if? What if Ion Storm Austin continued to work on Deus Ex rather than releasing it when they did?
What if it were more uncompromising in it's design? What if it's widely agreed upon flaws were no more?
GMDX may very well be the closest answer. The goal is to expand upon the game whilst strictly staying true to the original design principles of Ion Storm.

Any developer could keep working on their game post-release in theory, further expanding and refining, but the nature of the game industry demands you move onto your next project.
Ion Storm granted the opportunity to anyone to contribute to the fine game that is Deus Ex. Few have the insight or the dedication to get it right, however...

Project Lead/Design by CyberP.
Additional Programming by dasraiser.
Installer by ggrotz

  • More life-like & challenging AI, in addition to new enemy types.
  • Higher quality weaponry through attention to detail & polish.
  • Deeper and balanced RPG systems.
  • Expanded choice & consequence design.
  • Stabilizes Deus Ex's massively declining difficulty curve.
  • Adds an extra optional difficulty mode for those who seek additional challenge.
  • Further simulated systems.
  • Fixes many bugs.
  • Improved level design.
  • Enhances various visual effects (explosions, gore, projectiles etc).
  • Improved audio design.
  • Many miscellaneous new features.

"GMDX feels more like the designers intended than the wonderful but flawed product that hit the shelves in 2000."

"A true, remastered edition of the original Deus Ex."

I am currently seeking animators to improve NPC animations, reload animations and add new sequences.

To learn more about the modifications in GMDX click here

For a step by step guide to installing GMDX click here


-Deus Ex updated to latest patch 1.112fm. (GOTY version has this patch default).
-The recent (2012) HDTP Beta (comes bundled with GMDX in v6 onwards).
-You will need to start a new game.

Stop by GMDX's website to learn more about the mod in general.

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6 comments by CyberP on Dec 18th, 2014

New Player-controlled Mechanics:

- New accessible inventory shortcuts: right click an item in the inventory to use or equip. Middle mouse to drop.
- Added double click option for holstering weapon to prevent accidental holstering of weapons when trying to interact with the world. Very useful.


- AI react to unconscious NPCs as well as dead.
- If an AI spots a corpse he raises an alarm.
- Enemy AI sometimes seek out the location they spotted the player (if they didn't confirm to be a threat).
- Enemy AI no longer react the same way to the player carrying corpses as they do to ones on the floor (it ignored all sighting code (reaction times, player lighting etc) and ran to the corpse as if you weren't standing there holding it, only to spot you as the AI got closer).
- Player can be seen while laser mod is on even if cloaked.
- Fixed the plot conflict of the commercial-grade security bots having stealth technology (cloak) and rockets. Only the advanced model MJ12 uses has these now.
- Increased greasel attack rate.
- Thrown corpses now produce audible sound upon impact, and this sound alerts nearby NPCs too.
- NPC death screams now alert nearby NPCs (just a few feet for gameplay balancing).
- If holding a carcass or TNT crate friendly NPCs may get frightened or attack.
- Robots emit sparks if health is low.
- Decreased the collision radius of rats so they do not float over edges.
- Added variation to facial features of the NSF, MJ12 and Rooks gang.
- Cloaked enemies are now harder to see.
- Fairly rarely, an enemy may cloak immediately upon entering state attacking (spotted the player, activate combat).
- Added new cloak activation effects: visual and audible.
- MJ12 Elite always deactivate cloak (Thermoptic Camo) upon losing the player.
- EMP damage always disables an enemies' cloak, and for good.
- Weapons no longer spawn silent bullet casings if it has a silencer on, meaning (very) nearby enemies will hear them hitting the floor and investigate.
- Sped up AI reaction times a little more.
- Anna Navarre cloaks earlier.
- Poisoned augmented MiB's play a unique pain sound.
- added a new MiB to the game that has different augmentations.
- Increased the duration of camera confusion after being hit by EMP
- Cameras take less time to spot the player (-1 second).
- Increased AI animation rate for pushing alarm buttons by 10%, increased AI melee attack rate & tween time (small implementation with significant results), and decreased pain animation rates by 10%.
- Bots have unique weapon select sounds rather than all using the assault gun select sound.
- Gave all Military Bots a spiderbot constructor grenade launcher, similar to the spiderbot grenades from Invisible War.
- Created a new type of spiderbot: a miniture one that can fit in vent shafts. Another implementation inspired by Invisible War.
- Military bots can be heard stomping to a greater range, and the screen shakes a little more.
- Slowed the run animation rate of augmented MIBs.
- Increased the range in which AI can use the mini crossbow.
- NPC's that are blown up no longer have death screams.
- Hitting the head with the baton or prod now has a 8x damage multiplier as all other weapons do.
- Most main enemy NPCs (NSF, MJ12 etc) try to backpedal if getting attacked by melee weapons.
- Most main enemy NPCs strafe more often in close combat
- Some enemies use 20mm EMP grenades (see immediately below).


- New Ammo type: 20mm EMP grenades for the underbarrel grenade launcher.
- Reduced the damage of the crowbar and the combat knife ever so slightly.
- GEP Gun Scope remote control no longer automatically deactivates after the rocket is destroyed and remote controlled rockets move slower so they are easier to control.
- The PS20 is now three times as deadly (same damage as a plasma rifle shot).
- Gave Minicrossbow a new satisfying fire sound, increased it's base rate of fire further, fired darts produce varied sfx upon impact dependent on what it is hitting,and finally sparks are produced upon impact also.
- Increased the size of all shell casing types.
- Improved throwing knifes significantly more.
- Improved the pepper gun a little.
- Gave the sniper rifle a more suitable firing SFX-The stealth pistol is now fully-automatic.
This is of greater significance than you'd think.


- If upgrading Environmental Training skill Tech googles now stack in the inventory & last longer based on skill level too.
- Multitools can now be used to hack devices at a distance. Range increases further based on multitools skill.
- At low-tech trained both throwing knifes and darts are easier to see in flight, and improved the in-flight effect (no more light).
- Stealth skill level 2 sets camera alarm trigger timer back to vanilla levels instead of reducing footstep sounds now that run silent is no longer redundant.
- Master level stealth skill now also reduces the cooldown period of robots by 30%, and trangenically-modified animals (greasels & karkians) can be distracted from attacking by throwing corpses as bait. Karkians no longer have this corpse-prioritizing behaviour by default, and both greasels and karkians eat faster to prevent bait being too reliable.
- Robots are not set to friendly alliance for as long a time period when hit by a scrambler grenade. However, the time is multiplied by damage as it was vanilla. The result is scrambler grenades are not as effective if used at untrained demolitions skill, but the effectiveness is improved as you upgrade said skill.
- Advanced Level of Demolitions makes proximity mines beep periodically, revealing their locations.
- scrapped max low-tech skill increasing range as it was unnecessary.


- If using microfibral muscle's power throw, pillows and cardboard boxes cause non-lethal damage. Everything else is lethal.
- Ballistic protection now eliminates flinching and protects against blunt weapons to be a balanced choice VS the passive variant.
- Added the protection values of Energy Shield to the aug's description.
- Reduced Spy Drone Bioelectricity drain a little more.
- Sped up the holster anim rates for combat strength.
- Reset Radar Transparency aug energy drain rates back to default.

Effects & audio:

- Added five new groups of footstep sounds bringing the total number of groups up to 12, so you'll be hearing less of JC's (and NPC's) clip clop clogs and instead more variety.
- Added new bullet ricochet sounds if hitting metal objects or walls.
- added metal impact sound for when landing from height onto metal.
- Sped up tracers a little more.
- Improved Explosion effects once again: screen shakes if in close proximity, explosion fragmentation gives off smoke trails & light, variation of debris spawned & improved explosion sprites themselves.
- Thrown corpses now produce audible sound upon impact, and this sound alerts nearby NPCs too.
- Improved Plasma Rifle & PS20 effects further.
- Gave FireExtinguisher a more appropriate spray sound.
- Added the improved gore for the mechs that explode on death, which were special cases.
- Melee attacks now draw damage decals when striking level geometry, decal type dependent on texture group (if stone, crack. if metal, dent etc).
- Flesh Fragments are less bouncy
- Eating Soy Food now plays unique SFX (think the soda burp equivalent).
- Gave the binoculars a zoom-in sfx.
- Bullet impact effects now spawn if hitting metal decorative objects.
- Gave stealth pistol a new fire sound.
- Improved Grenade Launcher effects a touch.
- Added sounds for attaching lasers, silencers and scopes.
- Throwing knifes have new SFX for throwing and upon impact.
- If the object is made of glass, it always makes a glass smashing sound when destroyed.
- Gore now slides down the walls under certain conditions, and more blood is spawned.
- Added additional effect when landing in water from height.
- Increased intensity of view flash upon death of player.
- simulated jumping & landing camera/FPP view model effects are less intense if holding pickups or a carcass, and also toned down filching effect a touch.
- Refined the behaviour of the other new camera/FPP view model effects introduced in GMDX.

New GMDX options menu allowing the player to configure the following:

~ Hardcore mode Plus: if enabled save points require 100 credits to use. The result is Risk vs Reward design is significantly enhanced and credits have more purpose.
~ Alternate ammo can be colour-coded in the toolbar so you easily know what ammo is loaded without having to stop & squint.
~ Player can now choose # of autosave slots via the GMDX options menu.
~ Player can toggle carried object translucency via the GMDX options menu.
~ Player has the option to halve total ammo capacity.
~vPlayer can turn off extra gore effects.
~ Player can turn off double click holstering.


- Text for books, datacubes and other readables scaled up so is easy to read at higher resolutions.
- Unused textures for cigarettes, candy bars and soda cans are now used.
- Various light fixtures & Hanging animal carcasses are highlighted when targeted as most other decoration types are.
- New right click interactivity for Hanging Pig, Hanging Chicken & TAD object types, which previously had no right click-triggered interactivity.
- New interactive objects in general (only Rock & Log so far, in addition to the new 20mm EMP ammo type and singular shotgun shells).
- Increased the translucency of carried decoration even more so.
- Increased environmental electricity damage a touch.
- Increased the speed of all spawned fragments slightly, and robots spawn more fragments upon their destruction.
- Increased the speed of blood pool & water pool decal scaling a little.
- Added a player grunt sound for when throwing corpses.

Bugs & Optimization:

- Pickups no longer break to gas grenade explosions, and flares cannot be ignited by striking them with a baton. (GMDX)
- Optimized gore to be less performance-intensive. (GMDX)
- Cut down on the number of smoke-emitting objects spawned when an object is blown up as the particles can be resource-intensive. (GMDX)
- Set cage light back to invincible for a number of reasons. (GMDX)
- Fixed a bug where if you were carrying decoration and then double click frobbed a carcass you could carry both the carcass and the decoration. (GMDX)
- Cut down on log spam + other code optimization. (GMDX)
- Battery Park non-lethal bug fixed. (Vanilla)
- Fixed a vanilla bug where the sawed off didn't play it's cocking sound after the last shell in a clip was fired, yet the animation still played. (Vanilla)
- Fixed bug where if using a charged pickup upon entering mission 5 (Beneath UNATCO in the cell) it would bug out (Vanilla).
- Cut down on the number of collision sounds made by shell casings as they often overrode ambient sounds.(Vanilla)
- Fixed a remaining map bug on Vandenberg_Command that caused Stephanie Maxwell to not talk to you. (Vanilla)


The following maps have received notable attention:

- Liberty Island
- Battery Park
- Paris Club
- Hong Kong Underworld
- MJ12 Lab
- vandenberg computer
- vandenberg command

Most maps have received a number of minor tweaks, however.

Demonstrational videos:

New Cloaking Behavior:

Cloaking Elite - Mod DB

Some Weapon Effects:

Weapon Effects - Mod DB

And an NSF spots a corpse and goes for the alarm: Youtube.com

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GMDX v6.3

GMDX v6.3

Nov 10, 2014 Full Version 4 comments

v6.3 release of the Deus Ex Advancement Mod designed primarily for Immersive Sim enthusiasts and Deus Ex fans.

GMDX v6.2

GMDX v6.2

Sep 18, 2014 Full Version 14 comments

The Deus Ex Advancement Mod designed primarily for Immersive Sim enthusiasts and Deus Ex fans.

GMDX v6.1

GMDX v6.1

Aug 30, 2014 Full Version 3 comments

The Deus Ex Advancement Mod designed primarily for Immersive Sim enthusiasts and Deus Ex fans.

GMDX v6 Beta

GMDX v6 Beta

Jun 10, 2014 Full Version 5 comments

The Deus Ex Advancement Mod Designed for Immersive Sim Enthusiasts and Deus Ex fans.



Apr 28, 2013 Full Version 2 comments

The Deus Ex Advancement Mod Designed Primarily for Immersive Sim Enthusiasts and Deus Ex Fans.

Post comment Comments  (0 - 10 of 203)
Someone64 Dec 18 2014, 6:46pm says:

Not sure if it's only with this mod but I encountered a bug where you can pick up combat knives as much as you want (unlike crowbars which won't let you) and then one you picked up will just dissapear if you are already holding one (or maybe the one you're holding does. Idk, probably doesn't matter). Also, 2 suggestions. Can you make it so that you can throw inventory objects soft and hard just like world objects and be able to hurt people with those too? Lastly, can you make the laser sight work the same way as in Shifter mod as I feel that removing the 100% accuracy bug makes it useless now since, well, as the description states, it's supposed to make it easier to use becauase you're supposed to be able to visually gauge where you'll hit more accurately, which is pretty much what the crosshair does better than the laser in its current state.

+1 vote     reply to comment
CyberP Creator
CyberP Dec 18 2014, 10:44pm replied:

RE: Laser. How'd you mean? It provides 100% accuracy, same as vanilla. Wasn't a bug of the devs either, it was intentional.
Not sure what's up with the knifes either. You should be able to carry one and one only, and no others should magically disappear. Maybe you're trying to run it with shifter?

+2 votes   reply to comment
Someone64 1hour 20mins ago replied:

I went with the GOG installtion + GMDX installer with both recommended graphical mods only. Also, I'm not quite sure about the laser but it REALLY doesn't feel 100% accurate with the laser as if it didn't have one. It's totally possible that I have terribly ****** aim and am just blaming the game like a sore loser though. :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
FastGamerr Dec 11 2014, 9:08am says:

MOTY Top 100! Congrats, man, you deserved it! :]

+3 votes     reply to comment
Guest Dec 6 2014, 8:48pm says:

Could you help me? I've successfully installed the mod, but when launched it says it cant find steam. Any way to fix this?

+1 vote     reply to comment
CyberP Creator
CyberP Dec 6 2014, 9:04pm replied:

Do you have Deus Ex: New Vision? Moddb.com
It comes with Kenties exe which overrides the need for steam. Once you have that done, launch GMDX via the shortcut or the desktop start menu and go into "data directories" and set the load order priority favoring GMDX (move every folder named GMDX to the top).

I'm going to change the installation guide stating New Vision is mandatory, this wouldn't be strictly false anyhow, and everybody should have New Vision because it is excellent.

This page should be your point of reference for installing GMDX: Moddb.com
Comments relate to steam users also.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Guest Dec 6 2014, 5:30pm says:


+1 vote     reply to comment
moonhoplite Nov 23 2014, 1:34am says:

The assault rifle model has problems. The shading isn't smooth for the circular part, and the hand is missing some faces for the pinkie finger.

This is a huge contrast in quality of other weapons. Makes me wonder what mashup of weapon models this mod uses?

+1 vote     reply to comment
CyberP Creator
CyberP Nov 27 2014, 10:35am replied:

I am looking for a modeler to help with this and add new content.
I am seeking people skilled in 2D & 3D art, animation, modeling, texturing and so on. I have been for some time, but these types of individuals are fairly rare in the modding scene, and especially so for Deus Ex's.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Arthandas Nov 18 2014, 4:04pm says:

Outstanding work CyberP! You gave me no choice but to reinstall Deus Ex :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
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I truly think this mod deserves a 10. What it does, it does exceptionally well. The mod makes a number of very cool changes to the base game (with HDTP). First is the overall increase of challenge via various mechanisms such as improved ai, less resources and some nice map alterations. Other very cool features include additional options for role playing at certain parts of the game. There are also conservative (for the sake of balance), but noticeable improvements (in my opinion) to various augmentations…

Apr 8 2014, 10:14am by phillon

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