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Developed by |Totalitarian|

Additional Programming by dasraiser
Installer by ggrotz

GMDX is an award-winning large-scale modification for the 2000 PC classic Deus Ex. GMDX addresses the many flaws of the game, polishes it to a very high standard, and adds new layers of depth that one would have hoped to see in a sequel. GMDX is executed with the strict parameter of staying true to the original design principles that define Deus Ex, and seeks to improve all aspects of design excluding the plot and soundtrack. The cumulative result is said to be the "definitive Deus Ex experience".

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GMDX v8.0 is out to further critical acclaim, discover what is in store for this content-packed Deus Ex mod next:

Potential High Quality Animation Overhaul:


Motion-captured animations to replace a variety of existing animations, such as the goofy NPC running animation, as well as the addition of new animations where appropriate. As you can imagine, this would do a lot for Deus Ex/GMDX. If you know a thing or two about animating in the old unreal engine, especially DX's iteration of it and it's pipeline, then GMDX could use your help so drop a comment or PM. Those skilled in other fields of digital artistry are desired also.

GMDX v8.1:

Bug fixes and tweaks of the minor details mostly, v8.1 is in the works to ensure an impeccable end-user playing experience by mopping up the few bugs that slipped by v8.0's testing phase.

Changelog so far:

-Bugfix: The "do not place" test box bug when interacting with corpses if you have the the interaction auto holster option enabled is now fixed.
-Bugfix: the "Short Fuse" perk now actually works.
-Bugfix: fixed an ai cooldown issue affecting a bot activated via an alarm being triggered in the dockyard map.
-Bugfix: fixed a BSP error on the brooklyn bridge station map.
-Bugfix: JoJo now finds a path to the Rentons.
-Bugfix: The advanced security bot with cloaking now deactivates it upon returning to patrol (like the MJ12 Elite).
-Vanilla Bugfix: ensured an end-game scenario cannot be met at the Hong Kong Helibase event if Jock misses his shot at blowing up the door.
-AI accuracy with grenade throws has a touch more randomization to it to cut down on frequent perfect pitches.
-Reduced Synthetic heart energy drain considerably and halved the light aug's drain.
-NPC Head decapitation is disabled as was originally intended (because it's incomplete).
-Added a couple extra assault gun clips in the interest of ammo balancing.
-Altered stamina drain values & stamina now regenerates when crouched, if idle.

Russian Localization:

The Russians gave us the fantastic Project 2027, which English-speakers would not have been able to experience without the efforts of the volunteer translators and the developers themselves. Now to return the favor: Russian language localization for GMDX v8.0 is now in progress. Other language localizations is a possibility for the future.

Source Code Release:

GMDX pushes Deus Ex into the 21st century whilst remaining true to the original design principles of Deus Ex, and is very large and ambitious in scale. Weapons behave more polished and modern, AI are much less imperfect, bug patches are aplenty, audio design is more fleshed out, RPG systems are better balanced and have much more to offer, and system expansions further define the player's interactions the game world from physics upgrades to graphical effects. As a bonus, GMDX was also built on top of HDTP and refined many aspects of it. This makes GMDX the de facto ideal new base for future Deus Ex mods, and that's where a source code release would come in to make the life easier of those that intend to do so.

Release Date: TBD



News 12 comments

GMDX is an award-winning large-scale modification for the 2000 PC classic Deus Ex. GMDX addresses the many flaws of the game, polishes it to a very high...



News 15 comments

GMDX is an award-winning large-scale modification for the 2000 PC classic Deus Ex. GMDX addresses the many flaws of the game, polishes it to a very high...

Drawing Closer. Parts 4 & 5 Released

Drawing Closer. Parts 4 & 5 Released

News 5 comments

GMDX addresses the many flaws of Deus Ex, polishes it to a very high standard, and adds new layers of depth that one would have hoped to see in a sequel.

GMDX Release Date Revealed + More

GMDX Release Date Revealed + More

News 15 comments

I am proud to announce the release date of GMDX (v8.0): December 7th, 2015. GMDX addresses the many flaws of the game, polishes it to a very high standard...



Full Version 70 comments

Experience Deus Ex pushed to its potential with GMDX. Also comes bundled with HDTP & New Vision graphics mods.

GMDX v8.0 WITHOUT New Vision

GMDX v8.0 WITHOUT New Vision

Full Version 3 comments

GMDXv8.0 without the New Vision graphics mod bundled. For those that have data caps, may already own New Vision, or simply don't wish to use it. However...



Effects GFX 2 comments

A small addon to change the light augmentation drain back to normal values, as well as to remove the energy drain completely upon an upgrade.

GMDX 2027Music Add-on

GMDX 2027Music Add-on

Music 7 comments

Music Addon for GMDX. Adds eight new great tracks originally from the Deus Ex TC "Project 2027". All tracks replace music in specific maps where music...

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Okay, I am up to the "escape from unatco" mission, and I would call myself a Deus Ex Veteran. This mod is pretty amazing and the game has been challenging for the first time in a while (playing on Hardcore+, with every advanced option enabled. Game is hard!). so thanks for this, it's great!

Anyway, I have some suggestions.

1. Please make weapons remember if you have the laser on or off. Any change in weapon (which includes mantling) means you have to manually re-enable the laser. This was one of the best features of Shifter.

2. Can you please add an option that will simply select the secondary weapon you have equipped and put it away when you release the button, without auto-attacking. Maybe create an additional keybind beside the existing one so that we can have one or the other, or both, depending on preferences.

3. The laser sights on robots, in my opinion, make hardcore mode too easy. Maybe add an advanced option to turn these off?

4. A nice feature would be the ability for JC Denton to automatically select a multitool, a lockpick or the keyring when you left click a locked object without a weapon drawn. Will let us free up 2 spaces on the belt instantly.

5. A peculiar thing in the original game (it's not a bug, more of an oversight) is that if you pull away from an object, which can happen sometimes especially while swimming, while you were lockpicking or bypassing it, it will immediately cancel the attempt at your current percentage and remove the tool you were using. This in my opinion is bad design, as it makes it really easy to waste lockpicks and tools, which are already a pretty rare commodity, simply by bumping the mouse. Anyway, I think a better approach would be that if you move away from an object you are bypassing/picking, it cancels the entirety of that pick/bypass attempt and doesn't cost a tool/lockpick.

Heres an example:

I have a lock at 10% strength. It will take 2 pics to pick (5% each), and I have 3 picks in my inventory. I pick down to 7% and move my mouse so that I am facing away from the object.

Current (Vanilla) Behavior: The lock strength stops at 7%. It is going to take me a total of 3 lockpicks to get through this lock (10-7%, 7-2%, 2-0%).

Proposed behavior: The lock strength is still at 10%. I still have 3 lockpicks in my inventory. It will still take 2 lockpicks to get through this lock.

6. Ballistic Armor is far too common. I am untraind in environmental resistances, and I always have armor on 24/7, equipping a new one as soon as my current one expires, and yet I still usually have the maximum amount AND am finding more that I can't pick up because I already have the max amount.


7. Shifter had a ignore system, whereby you wouldn't pick up certain weapons if you already had a better version - for example, if you had a sword, you wouldn't pick up a knife. I think having an in-depth item-ignore system would make sense.

8. New hacking software: Data-Decrypter. Can only be used when hacking an ATM. Will withdraw +20% of the total credit amount from the ATM.

9. Equipping a new chest item (armor, hazmat suit) should just unequip the current one, instead of displaying a message telling you that you can only equip one chest item. Having to go into the inventory to manually unequiip my current one is sloppy and painful. I understand if this was done for combat reasons (no instantly switching between, say, armor and thermoptic camo), but putting in a 2-3 second delay before the new piece takes effect would work just as well and would let us easily hotkey multiple chest items.

10. Shifter (again, sorry to bring it up so often), had a nice feature where you could press the "change ammo type" key with a grenade/lockpick selected, and it would automatically switch to a different grenade or swap between tools and lockpicks, medkits and biocells. This would be a nice feature to have.

Sorry I know that was a long list. Hopefully they aren't all ridiculously dumb ideas.

I have also found some bugs:

1. Sometimes when doing a lot of actions at once (like spamming right click on an object), the game freezes up. Sorry no proper reproduction steps, as it seems to be mostly random.
2. when going in and out of water, your oxygen will magically restore itself instantly.
3. the option that makes characters respond to theft is completely broken. Manderley shot me to death for trying to read a book that was on his shelf, which is totally silly since I am not stealing anything, and yet Smuggler doesn't care if I steal all of his stuff. I think the system needs some consistency, both in what characters it applies to and in which actions are evil and which are not.

Also, why no scope allowed on UMP? It has a rail for one and everything

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Hi all guys! First of all, thanks for great work, this mod is making my favourite game almost flawless, what about gameplay - I was really amazed of work what have been done. One of the best mods for this game, undoubtedly.
And the main reason why I'm writting here. All in this mod was fine without troubles untill I reached Hell's Kitchen second time. I have found some bugs there and just want to know - these bugs were only in my game experience and nobody have met them (or just didn't write here about them, idk :D) or someone have written about it here in comments and GMDX's developers have information about it. So, here they are (Have to admit that my Deus Ex version is Steam GOTY):
1) When UNATCO are starting raid on Paul's apartments (after conversation with him when signal to NSF was already sent). So, after dialog and Paul's requirments to leave the apartment through the window NOTHING happens! Door isn't exploding, UNATCO troops and MIBs are just stayind on their spawn places. Paul stands up with rifle, but doesn't make any moves too. So this situation continues until I leave the apartment from the door and shoot in UNATCO troops (After shooting - the door suddenly explodes :D). And it isn't all, UNATCO troops don't really want to assaul Paul's apartment even after I shoot, they prefer to walk in corridor and fire from there. Even when UNATCO soldiers are dead, Paul don't want to move to exit of the hotel. Broken scripts in this important place make the scene with assaulting Paul's apartment seems so silly and illogically (I have to FORCE unatco troops and MIBs attack me and Paul, pretty funny ofc).
2) JoJo Fine can't find the way to Renton's (but it's well known bug and will be removed in 8.1)
3) Something wrong with illumination in Undergroung Bar (only when I visit it during my second trip to New York), it twinkles, flashing sometimes. Not serious, but pretty annoying.
If someone could explane me what wrong may be with mod or something like this and is it normal - I'll be very gratefull! :D Thanks a lot!

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as for 1), they are supposed to act on a timer, but perhaps the timer is broken. As for Paul, he says he's too weak to climb, so he definitively shouldn't be running around shooting. :)

As for 3), I'm not sure (clubs are like that IRL), but there's an issue with light amp when illuminating the floor, often the whole floor starts glitching or refuses to get illuminated and turns into a flat piece of black void.

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Thanks for reply;) As for 1) What do you think, why this timer is broken and can I somehow repair it?)) Action starts after the explosion of door, but door don't want to make it itself))
3) Yes!) Have the same as you, found it in Underground Bar and in Brooklyn Bridge subway station)) May be there is somewhere else))

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Should pepper spray and fire extinguisher trigger alarms?
Vanilla laser bypass make no sense but feels great.
Solid objects definitely should trigger alarms. But gasses should not.
Please confirm if gas laser bypass removal is intentional.

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The vanilla method never made any sense, but in GMDX you can finally put thermoptic camo to good use; just equip it, cross the beams and deactivate it. If you're fast, your thermoptic camo should only lose several % of charge.

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Sam Carter just stole all my ammo!

7.62x51mm specifically. He snatched it after I managed to **** off Anna in Castle Clinton. I had around 230 clips, and after he generously gave me some extra as a reward, I checked again and it was reduced to just 32.

Sneaky little bastard. I'll show him what happens to thieves, just wait til I manage to get in that door.

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And I thought that this was just a bug due to my messing up with the code... :P

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|Totalitarian| Creator

It's a problem with the vanilla conversation script I believe, which modders don't have access to modify. Perhaps I could put in a special case in the "item exchange" code for conversations.

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After some time spent on GMDX I have to admit that it's well crafted, well thought and very enjoyable. Unlike Shifter which makes JC a walking God, GMDX gives you a sense of progression and choice. Most weapons are good enough to base your playthrough on them, and there's plenty of ways to crack defenses, making it possible to specialize in mostly electronics, hacking or lockpicking. It's really enjoyable in the long run and nothing feels out of place.

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When v7 came out, I thought that GMDX was basically finished - after all, there is only so much time you can spend on fixing the smallest of details and tweaking balancing issues until you run out of steam. Most mod authors at this point either give up entirely, start refurbishing old stuff that does not need retouching (hello Revision), or just add random elements for the sake of adding anything new (looking at you, Misery 2.0). Not so GMDX. v8 is easily the biggest update so far, adding a slew…

Apr 23 2014 by Marvin42

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