A Deus Ex Advancement Mod
Gameplay - Audio Design - Bug Patches - Level Design - Graphics

Mod of the Year Awards
Editor's Choice Worldy Award

Project Lead/Design by |Totalitarian|
Additional Programming by dasraiser
Installer by ggrotz


  • More life-like artificial intelligence, in addition to new enemy types.
  • Higher quality weaponry through attention to detail & polish.
  • Deeper and balanced RPG systems.
  • Further simulated systems.
  • Fixes many bugs.
  • Improved level design.
  • Enhances various visual effects.
  • Improved audio design.
  • Stabilizes Deus Ex's declining difficulty curve.
  • Adds an extra optional difficulty mode for those who seek additional challenge.
  • Many miscellaneous new features such as physics expansions, deeper interaction systems, a new options menu and much more.

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v8.0 HUD Various First Person Death v8.0 Swap Inventory Item Positions
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- 32 new empowering perks.
- Features skill requirements; you must first upgrade the respective skill to the corresponding level to be able to purchase the perk.
- Enables new features such as the ability to toggle grenades that explode on contact or timed, and the ability to hack security systems at range with multitools.
- Click the "perks" button from the skills screen.
-More choice, more depth. How will you build your character?



Description: An agent's standing accuracy bonus with pistols is accelerated by 20%.

Requires: Pistols (TRAINED)
Costs: 250 skill points.



Description: An agent's vision is not impaired whilst drowning.

Requires: Athletics (TRAINED)
Costs: 75 skill points.



Description: Multitools gain considerably increased wireless signal strength, enabling an agent to hack security systems at range.

Requires: Electronics (ADVANCED)
Costs: 200 skill points.



Description: Nearby proximity mines emit audible feedback to your infolink, revealing their location.

Requires: Demolitions (ADVANCED)
Costs: 125 skill points.



Description: An agent's stamina regenerates even when crouch-walking.

Requires: Stealth (MASTER)
Costs: 350 skill points.


- Pickups and decorative objects now move when taking damage, meaning explosions send objects flying, hitting objects or shooting them knocks them around.
- Force is transferred when one object hits another.
- AI are knocked back by high-powered weaponry.
- Pool ball physics improved.


- New weapon mods: damage & fully-automatic firing modes.
- Added a "Installed Modifications" display to weapon inventory descriptions. This shows all the weapon mods you have installed with clarity.
- Also updated and improved general weapon information information, such as whether a weapon is semi-automatic or fully-automatic..
- Installing weapon mods produces various different sounds based on type.
- More weapons accept more types of mods.


- Bigger & better than before, GMDX expands upon Deus Ex's level design in every respect whilst staying true to the original style.
- Every map has received attention, improving all aspects of gameplay, enhancing level audio design with ambiance and scripted audio, making things look prettier and more detailed, improving mission scripting and adding more noteworthy places to explore.
- The example image you see below is an overhead shot of a beautiful expansion to the Paris Metro HUB map, where on one side of the map you had the hostel, the bakery, the club and such, but on the other side there was very little at all. On this side you'll have to avoid or take out MJ12 troopers on their patrols by sticking to the side alleys or climbing on the roofs, and you'll find a number of interesting areas to explore.


- AI in GMDX v7.0 are polished to a very high standard, but there's always more you can do. So in GMDX v8.0 we have some finishing touches. Examples:


- Some high-level AI use new augmentations, such as a typhoon-like aug, and visual shielding.
- Improved AI's GMDX camping behavior; behavior when taking cover and holding their positions.
- Optimized AI shooting/aiming behavior primarily related to projectile attacks.


- If an alarm is sounded more enemies are called in (high security areas only).
- Dogs chase and attack the player more effectively, and when they spot you they bark loads and alert nearby AI to your presence. (in other words, they behave closer to real life guard dogs).


- Whilst AI death animation is playing there is no longer invisible collision that blocks bullets and enemy decision-making algorithms.
- A focus on making AI/the game a little easier on lower difficulty levels.
- EMP damage causes an augmented MIB's augmentations to malfunction.
- Yet more appropriate variation in pain, death and knockout sounds.
- Blowing up NPCs doesn't destroy their inventories (Credit: Yuki of Shifter).
- If a military bot stomps over a corpse the corpse will gib.



- Deus Ex at this point in time (GMDX v8.0 milestone) now features over 200 new sounds, resulting in a much-needed audio design overhaul.
- New interactivity sounds, the HUD alerts you audibly when biolectricity is low, an extra focus on level audio design (ambiance, scripted sounds) this time around, plenty new player and AI sounds and much more.


- further gore expansions, such as AI head decapitation, improved blood effects and general polish.
- Many other effects such as augmentation activation effects, weapon and explosion effects, player movement-based effects and of course, much, much more.

That's enough show & tell. The full changelog will be available upon release.

GMDX is shaping up to be a significant achievement in terms of game design, as well as a personal accomplishment. GMDXv8.0 will be the final release of the mod, and additional contributors are sought before that time:

- Heavy-duty testing will be required.
- An animator would be fulfilling as new animations & behavior such as first person takedowns, a greater variation in AI death animations, mantling animations and new anims for the objects that were left behind by Ion Storm.
- Any skill is up for consideration. If you're talented, I'm listening.

Thank you to those that have contributed to GMDX in the past.

GMDX v8 news

GMDX v8 news

6 months ago News 7 comments Report

Progress on v8 of GMDX is coming along well and the underclasses are starting to get desperate for a taste. To apply for playtesting you can just drop...

GMDX v7 Released

GMDX v7 Released

7 months ago News 5 comments Report

Version 7 release of the award-winning Deus Ex Advancement Mod designed primarily for Immersive Sim enthusiasts and Deus Ex fans.

GMDX v6.3 Released

GMDX v6.3 Released

10 months ago News 2 comments Report

v6.3 release of the Deus Ex Advancement Mod designed primarily for Immersive Sim enthusiasts and Deus Ex fans.

GMDX v6.3

GMDX v6.3

11 months ago News 7 comments Report

Coming within the month, further advancement to Deus Ex's core design continues.

A Deus Ex advancement mod designed primarily for Immersive Sim enthusiasts and Deus Ex fans.
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GMDX 2027Music Add-on

GMDX 2027Music Add-on

7 months ago Music 2 comments

Music Addon for GMDX. Adds eight new great tracks originally from the Deus Ex TC "Project 2027". All tracks replace music in specific maps where music...



7 months ago Full Version 3 comments

Version 7 release of the Deus Ex Advancement Mod designed primarily for Immersive Sim enthusiasts and Deus Ex fans.

GMDX v6.3

GMDX v6.3

10 months ago Full Version 4 comments

v6.3 release of the Deus Ex Advancement Mod designed primarily for Immersive Sim enthusiasts and Deus Ex fans.

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shrekdj Sep 26 2015 says:

When are you planning to release the next best version?

+4 votes     reply to comment
|Totalitarian| Creator
|Totalitarian| Sep 28 2015 replied:

I don't know. I want it to be the final version but I still haven't got the help I need to wrap this up...

+1 vote   reply to comment
AmDDRed Sep 29 2015 replied:

Waiting for release to play DE for the first time :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
|Totalitarian| Creator
|Totalitarian| Sep 29 2015 replied:

GMDX v8.0 will feature accessibility for newcomers. In the original game the chosen difficulty level only changed bullet damage the player received. Now difficulty levels influence stealth, exploration & combat in numerous appropriate ways.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Taquito Sep 14 2015 says:

Wow CyberP you have really gotten a long way since your first release! I really like your attention to detail and your new features. The small changes in the maps are well done as well. This is turning into a must have for DX. The game play is way more entertaining. Please consider making a compatibility mode for Revision when it gets released! :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
|Totalitarian| Creator
|Totalitarian| Sep 14 2015 replied:

Thanks. v8.0 of GMDX will bring the game to yet a whole new level. Development is coming along very nicely.

+3 votes   reply to comment
ArtyMarty Sep 9 2015 says:

Hey, I just wanted to bring up the kind-of-huge 'investment bonus' weighting of skill benefits toward their capstone and ask about what kind of gameplay they promote. Designers sometimes forget that 'generalist' is a possible playstyle and I guess I just wanted to know if you've thought about it, whether it's hidden benefit that I failed to see, a decision to discourage that playstyle, or whatever.

Not a criticism (no bad answers one way or another, it's not a crime to leave one of 100 options uncovered), just curious on what your approach to modifying Deus Ex's playstyle systems is.

+1 vote     reply to comment
|Totalitarian| Creator
|Totalitarian| Sep 10 2015 replied:

From the website? "Investment bonus" is perhaps bad wording on my part, which I'll change. It is vanilla design. The more you invest in a particular skill, the greater the rewards, for example the pistol skill grants +5% accuracy, damage and reload speed at trained. +25% at advanced. +100% at master. Exponential growth upon investment. I've just changed some more skills to be similar and sharper in growth, like lockpicking, to make the skill actually worth taking to master. Lockpicking in v8.0 of GMDX is 5%, 10%, 20%, 50%, then 100% if you take the "locksport" perk which first requires you to take the skill to master to be able to purchase.

+2 votes   reply to comment
GarrLeone Sep 7 2015 says:

Hello Cyber P, first of all i'd like to thank you for your work and your dedication.
I played Gmdx and it's a great mod even though it's not perfect but it's still in my top3.
With that being said i have an "assertion failed" message when i leave unatco to hong kong.

+1 vote     reply to comment
GarrLeone Sep 7 2015 replied:

Here is the entire message: I.imgur.com

Do you know what that mean?

+1 vote     reply to comment
jose21crisis Sep 7 2015 replied:

I think the error is related to the Deus Exe Launcher rather than GMDX. Try using the original DeusEx.exe file (you backed up the file right?) and see if it works.

+1 vote     reply to comment
GarrLeone Sep 9 2015 replied:

I tried to launch it with DeusExe.exe but the game works without the mods. I can't even check if i can reach Hong Kong because this launcher isn't related to my Gmdx save files.

+1 vote     reply to comment
GarrLeone Sep 9 2015 replied:

I mean, the only way for me to launch the mod is with the gmdx shortcut on the desk.

+1 vote     reply to comment
|Totalitarian| Creator
|Totalitarian| Sep 7 2015 replied:

Can you post the contents of your DeusEx.log file here please: Moddb.com

DeusEx.log is a text file which can be found in MyDocuments\DeusEx\System.

Also bear in mind that GMDX is still in development. I aim for "perfection", and getting to the bottom of problems like this will help achieve that.

+2 votes   reply to comment
GarrLeone Sep 9 2015 replied:

Ok I did!

+1 vote     reply to comment
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GMDX is a comprehensive "advancement" modification which aims to improve upon almost every aspect of the Deus Ex experience. Gameplay mechanics have been painstakingly tweaked and revised in order to provide far better balance between skills, augmentations, and expendable items. NPC and enemy AI has been altered to behave more realistically and challenge the player to a far greater degree than ever before. Meanwhile, each level has been retouched and/or expanded with a number of graphical, decorative…

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