Rise of the Reds – or ROTR for short – is an ambitious project that started all the way back in 2004, when Red Army started a mod that implemented a resurgent Russian Federation into the universe of Command & Conquer Generals. After a series of leadership changes first to Grazor, then to Creator, the mod saw its first release in 2006. However, the project soon fell into a lengthy hiatus and was subsequently adopted and rebooted by The Hunter of Shockwave-fame in 2008. Development was moved to what was then known as E-Studios where The Hunter and his team started to overhaul the project from the ground up, extensively redesigning the initially imbalanced and somewhat incoherent Russian faction both visually and technically. The project saw its first release under the new management, labeled Rise of the Reds 1.0 SWR Edition, in December 2008, released a follow-up instalment called version 1.5 in 2009 and gained further prominence after a merger with Sir Maddoc’s mod Rise of Europe, leading to the planned inclusion of the European Continental Alliance as a second fully unique faction. Soon after the release, the development team relocated to its own independent forum at SWR Productions where Rise of the Reds along with the team's other projects has remained ever since. 

The most recent version 1.8 was released in December 2012 and added the proud and pragmatic European Continental Alliance, a faction that takes defensive tactics to an extreme in order to rule the battlefield with powerful long range artillery and defy any enemy assault by means of impenetrable fortifications. Man the defences with a wide selection of rugged, well-trained infantry units, strike terror into the hearts of enemy vehicle crews with fearsome Harrier VTOLs and secure your victory with the indomitable Manticore super-heavy tank.

The next version 1.85 will add a number of smaller features and take into account the reactions and experiences that spawned out of the previous release as well as new content for all factions.

Beyond that, version 2.0 will let choose between 5x3 generals that further capitalise on the tactical themes of the factions. Unlike Zero Hour where generals were chosen during the match setup, ROTR's sub-factions will be chosen in-game at the very start of the battle, as it was originally intended in the unreleased beta version of Generals. Thus, vanilla factions in the original Zero Hour sense will no longer be present in the 2.0 version. Additional features including faction-specific naval units (Navy is already present as of 1.7), two story-driven campaigns and a game mode akin to Zero Hour’s Generals Challenge will also be added along the way.

Version 2.0 will have the following Generals:

Russian Federation:
Tactical Ballistics General, General Zhukov
Advanced Weapons General, General Aleksandr
Rapid Deployment General, General Orlov

United States of America:
Airforce General, General Griffon
Tank General, General Bradley
Special Forces General, General Thorn

Peoples Republic of China:
Red Army General, General Chen

Special Weapons General Mau
Secret Police General, General Jin

Global Liberation Army:
GLA Bio Command General, General Ibrahiim
GLA Terror Cell General, General Yusuuf
GLA Warlord General, General Sulaymaan

European Continental Alliance:
Mechanized Assault General, General Wolfgang
Royal Guard General, General Willem
Fire Support General, General Charles

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19 comments by The_Hunter649 on Aug 29th, 2014

Russian Federation, April 14, 2049
The Kremlin, Moscow

An orange twilight fell through the windows of Nikolai Suvorov's presidential residence as the sun set above the Russian capital. For two decades, the President had tried to conclude every day he spent in Moscow with this solitary ritual: Watching over the skyline of 'his' capital, this grand eternal hero city of the Russian people, while the golden natural light of the evening disappeared on the horizon next to the magnificent dome of the Christ Saviour Cathedral and gave way to the countless man-made lights that marked the awakening of Moscow's once vibrant nightlife. But tonight, much of the city would remain in darkness, as it did for several weeks at this point. After the loss of the Scandinavian radar network in late 2048, many cities in north-western Russia were left wide open to American cruise missile and air strikes from the northern sea. Despite the best efforts of the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces, several squadrons had already found their way through and unleashed their deadly payloads above Murmansk, Severomorsk and Arkhangelsk, destroying fuel depots, port facilities and factories. Even though the US Secretary of Defense had gone on record saying that the attacks were primarily directed at military targets, it stood as a tragic, undeniable fact that the first civilian casualties among the Russian population were already numbering in the thousands and it would only be a matter of time until the first B2 stealth bomber would open its bomb bay doors above the capital itself.

Suvorov turned away from the window as the light of day disappeared. For a moment, he stared pensively at the old oil painting on the wall, which depicted the famous 18th century Generalissimo Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov. Whereas other young men of his generation would have idolised famous musicians or actors from the West, it was common knowledge that the President regarded his unrelated historical namesake as a personal role model due to his flawless service record and inspiring leadership. This was all despite the fact that the President had never been much of a military man himself. At the age of 18, Nikolai Suvorov had served his obligatory year in the forces as part of a logistics unit and he later used his presidential power to put an end to the brutal system of 'Dedovshchina' wherein the senior recruits would often bully and abuse their junior comrades to the point of humiliation, injury and occasionally death. Even after his rise to power, the President had always been humble enough to admit that his brief time in the Army did not qualify him to craft elaborate strategic plans which is why he let his actual Generals do their job during the campaigns in Africa, South America and Europe. The presence of his old idol used to help Suvorov in the past, allowed him to step back for a moment and take a broader look at the issues that plagued him but now, the Generalissimo could no longer provide him with any advice.

Continuing with his moment of contemplation amidst the exhausting daily routine of strategic briefings, casualty reports and emergency decrees, Suvorov inspected a number of framed photographs on his desk which depicted the few most crucial moments of his life: Him speaking passionately in front of thousands upon thousands of citizens who had gathered in Red Square to protest against the blatantly rigged vote of 2028. For decades, Russia had been under the rule of a corrupt, power-craving elite and the infamous Sulaymaan-Baluyev Affair of 2024 was widely regarded as the final straw. Many Russians had by now gotten used to the day-to-day injustices, economic disparity and social neglect but even the most jaded among them considered an underhanded collaboration with the Global Liberation Army for the purpose of petty power gambits in the Middle East to be high treason. Despite the growing opposition, the stubborn, geriatric President called for an election which he hoped to break and bend into a one-sided victory for himself in order to demoralise and discredit his detractors once and for all. But when it turned out that the followers of Suvorov's Novorossiya Party, a broad alliance of social democrats and civic nationalists, would not back down from their rightful claim, the incumbent ordered an 'accident' upon the very life of his opponent, leaving Suvorov injured but undaunted from rallying his supporters time and time again - for he knew that this was an opportunity that he and the Motherland would not see again during his lifetime.

The second picture showed the charismatic politician on top of a BMP combat vehicle in front of the Kremlin while he was shaking hands with Leonid Zhukov, then still a Major General, who declared common cause with the protesters and revealed that the President had ordered his regiment to engage them with lethal force after the Moscow police and militia forces had refused to comply. But despite facing down the barrels of several fighting vehicles and an ever-growing mass of citizens right outside the fortress wall, the old autocrat refused to surrender and barricaded himself inside the Kremlin with his personal praetorians after the military chiefs had collectively resigned in protest against his rule. The standoff dragged on and the world held its breath until a sentry on the wall lost his nerves and fired into the crowd. Soon, the heated situation escalated out of control and a combined force of soldiers and citizens mounted a daring assault on the historical compound, overwhelming its defenders and cornering the despot in his residence. During his final stand, the President managed to shoot five attackers by himself before he fell.

The third picture was taken a mere 24 hours later and showed Nikolai Suvorov during his official inauguration as the new President of the Russian Federation. After decades of systematic corruption, economic decay, international disrespect and arbitrary repression, the new man inside the Kremlin enjoyed broad public support and the trust of the Russian people. In the following years, he went on to rebuild the Russian state from the ground up, taking a hard line against organised crime, improving the civil rights situation and introducing greater democratic participation and self-governance on the regional level in order to turn the republics of Russia into a true Federation at long last. Overnight, the nation was taken over by a spirit of collective optimism and soon, the foreign powers which had long dismissed Russia as a kleptocratic rogue state had to acknowledge the realities of this brave new world as the country's economy entered an unprecedented period of growth thanks to the many profitable resource deals made in the wake of the Global War On Terror. Ever since the catastrophe in the Middle East and the geopolitical withdrawal of the United States, Russia had become the world's primary exporter of oil and while the other major powers were still busy implementing their future alternatives to fossil fuels, the Federation reaped the benefits of these profitable exports, allowing Suvorov to invest billions upon billions into the country's education and healthcare system, the infrastructure, the industry and the military. Throughout the years that followed, it appeared as if the Motherland would finally manage to close the gap between itself and the most prosperous nations of the world.

"Those were the days", the President mumbled to himself while a tear escaped his eye. He had dedicated his entire life to his country but now, he was all alone and responsible for the most terrible catastrophe in its recent history. Worse yet, he was the one who, through his own misjudgement, enabled the atrocities of General Aleksandr and turned his vile army of brutes into an institution which he could no longer control at this point. He was tired and restless, found himself wondering what could have been if his life had taken a different path and day-dreaming of the family he never had. And so he sat down at his desk, reached for a sheet of paper and wrote down a few personal thoughts which he locked away in a small safe behind the painting of his idol before he disappeared back into the underground command bunker. The early warning system had detected another incursion into Russian airspace. That following night, the black Spirits appeared above St. Petersburg and wreaked complete devastation on the city's shipyards and factories, as well as a major hospital - another one among many collateral damages.

In this update, we would like to present you the new models of the Weapons Bunker and Industrial Plant which we're going to introduce in Version 1.85

As of Version 1.85, the Russian Weapons Bunker will come with a new model, which was mainly done to have a more compact construction footprint for what used to be a rather large building. Its function remains unchanged: The Weapons Bunker grants access to Russia's Tier 1 technologies, allows you to deploy the rugged Surveillance Missile and lets you purchase a number of important upgrades, both old and modified, to increase the combat effectiveness of your troops. Version 1.85 will introduce Advanced Infantry Munitions, which takes the function of the old Extended Magazines upgrade whilst also improving other infantry units: RPG Conscripts will be outfitted with an improved version of their RPG-27s which fire an inert 'dummy' rocket to distract active protection systems from the actual warhead while Igla Troopers gain the ability to fire a special anti-air missile with a dual infrared/radar guidance system, which guarantees a hit after a longer lock-on time than the regular missile. The new Assault Armaments upgrade adds infantry fireports to Mishkas, rocket launchers to BMPs and allows Kodiak tanks to switch between regular shells and the lethal Refleks missile, which provides a stronger punch against tanks at longer ranges at the cost of a slower reload mechanism.

The Russian Industrial Plant has been given a neat visual update as well. As of Version 1.85, the Mass Production upgrade will no longer be required to reduce the production cost of Russian vehicles and aircraft. Instead, the prices will be reduced immediately upon completion of the Industrial Plant, which is also capable of providing shelter for a number of Arms Suppliers. The rest of its functions - access to Tier 2 technologies and additional upgrades - remain unchanged.

...and after two weeks of absence due to a short vacation and a private party, Hecthor Doomhammer will be returning with us to do another stream this upcoming Sunday:

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ROTR Patch 1.802 Release

ROTR Patch 1.802 Release

Feb 27, 2013 Patch 248 comments

ROTR Patch Release 1.802 NOTE: Previous patch of 1.801 not require as it is included

Patch 1.802  No Installer Release (mac compatible)

Patch 1.802 No Installer Release (mac compatible)

Feb 27, 2013 Patch 16 comments

ROTR Patch Release 1.802 NOTE: Previous patch of 1.801 not require as it is included

Patch 1.801 Release

Patch 1.801 Release

Dec 31, 2012 Patch 57 comments

In the past few days, we actually read a lot of comments and looked into the feedback many of you provided. Due to all this and a few observations of...

Patch 1.801 No Installer Release (mac compatible)

Patch 1.801 No Installer Release (mac compatible)

Dec 31, 2012 Patch 9 comments

In the past few days, we actually read a lot of comments and looked into the feedback many of you provided. Due to all this and a few observations of...

ROTR ECA Beta 1.8

ROTR ECA Beta 1.8

Dec 25, 2012 Full Version 293 comments

Greetings SWR Fans! The day you have all been waiting for has arrived and you finally get to play the one faction that you've been looking forward to...

ROTR ECA Beta 1.8 No Installer (MAC compatible)

ROTR ECA Beta 1.8 No Installer (MAC compatible)

Dec 25, 2012 Full Version 26 comments

Greetings SWR Fans! The day you have all been waiting for has arrived and you finally get to play the one faction that you've been looking forward to...

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userz 9hours 31mins ago says:

I have a question what's the difference between russia and china? cuz i don't feel a lot of difference between these two factions they both are just strong tanks and mass units that are strong in frontal assault except that russia seem to be a little bit beefed up version of the same thing. But the USA and ECA are quite different.

-4 votes     reply to comment
MARS2588 38mins 51secs ago replied:

China is about raw masses, be it masses of units, masses of firepower (napalm, EMP and nuclear weapons tend to affect large areas) and massed buffs (propaganda and horde bonus affect more units than any other kind of buff in the game). China has the ability to put pressure on the opponent from the very start of their game, due to their cheap units and great diversity when it comes to infantry, vehicles and aircraft.

Russia on the other hand starts out handicapped with increased vehicle pricetags until they get their Industrial Plant up, but their vehicles are typically superior to their Chinese counterparts in a 1:1 confrontation, which gives them a more 'quality over quantity' approach, which rewards unit preservation and recovery via the MTP engineering vehicle. At the same time, Russia is blunt and direct to a fault, lacking any sort of stealth trickery or special effect weapons, because it goes for raw destructive power and abilities that support their shock tactics, such as the smoke grenades, the shtora system and the goliath system in 1.85.

+1 vote     reply to comment
BBoyBoboy 7hours 40mins ago replied:

Russia focuses on assault/combined arms tactics.

China is just straight up numbers, focusing on steamrolling tactics.

+2 votes     reply to comment
CaptainIstvan 14hours 44mins ago says:

How about making more variants for the rocket buggy and the toxin tractor next?

+1 vote     reply to comment
ComradeCrimson 18hours 31mins ago says:

Remember to click the stream picture folks! Stream this Sunday, 14 GMT!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Aug 30 2014, 11:11am says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Aya_Bee Aug 31 2014, 1:38am replied:

Use CC or something to download ?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest 22hours 39mins ago replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Damfoos Aug 30 2014, 9:41am says:

What units will notify Russian Commander about purchasing of ERA and Compression Missile Engines upgrades?

And will you change Igla Troopers voices (if not, how they will surrender when attacked by flashbangs?)?

-1 votes     reply to comment
colonelalhafiz 17hours 28mins ago replied:

so rpg conscript and igla trooper get a total hit munition.oh ok thank

+1 vote     reply to comment
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First the most recent updates have caused more problems then they have fixed, balance aside, crashes, bugs, units moving on their own, units stopping mid course are annoying. The drastic change in course of the mod has changed everything as well and has removed the great idea of which was almost complete. The devs had always kept the audience in the dark, which is fine, but when they do give information the public would relish with it. Now they have gone against everything they had told us, even…

Sep 23 2009, 7:10pm by SSFitzgerald

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