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Operation:Firestorm is a modification for Command and Conquer Generals - Zero Hour


The goal of Operation:Firestorm (O:FS) is not to redefine, but to enhance the C&C Generals multiplayer and skirmish gameplay experience. The core gameplay as well as the base factions will stay the same, but are both greatly extended and improved. This mod has been under development for a few years by Stalker and pWn3d, with recent support from No Life Studios, and we are proud to present our work to the public.


Playable Sides:
This mod features 9 playable Generals, 3 of each base faction. (China, GLA, USA)
The current release (Beta 02) features 8 of the following Generals:

General Xiang - Red Army (link to changelog)
General Tao - Nuclear Weapons (link to changelog)
General Leang - Secret Weapons

General Assaf - Fortifications
General Juhziz - Terror (link to changelog)
Dr. Thrax - Biochemical Weapons (not yet available)

General Ironside - High-Tech
General Granger - Airforce (link to changelog)
General Wilson - SOCOM (link to changelog)

New Content:
All playable generals will be able to use a large arsenal of new units, buildings, superweapons and
upgrades. The default tech-tree has been expanded by an additional structure to unlock advanced units and upgrades.

Main Gameplay-Changes:

All generals will feature a unique tree of 23 available Generals-Powers, including usable abilities,
upgrades and unit-unlocks. Each general will have a number of abilities available to choose from at each rank. (3 at rank 1, and 5 at the ranks 2-5). After rank 5 (5-Star General) is reached, you will still be able to gain experience to unlock all the other Generals-Powers, up to Rank 21 (Supreme Commander).

Unlockable Units:
Each side has a number of units or buildings that are unlockable by a Generals-Point. All Super-heavy tanks (Overlord, Mammoth, etc.) and Heavy Artillery (SCUD-Launcher, Nuke Cannon, etc.) require a Generals-Point at Rank 3 or higher. A lot of these units will also be limited to a certain number (All Super-Heavy Tanks, Aurora Bombers, Topol-M, etc.).

No Over-Specialisation:
While all Generals are specialised in a certain field, all sides will have a complete arsenal of weapons.
That means all Generals have Tanks, Aircraft (GLA as well), and Artillery available, although with certain limitations.

Balance Changes:
A lot of unit-stats have been changed from default Zero Hour, to improve the balance in O:FS. A larger list of changes can be found here (note: this list is outdated)

Other Features:

Improved audio and video quality:
A lot of Zero Hour models, sounds and effects have been replaced by higher-quality ones. Overall this mod provides a better visual experience, while keeping the Generals-style.

High-Quality User Interface:
All parts of the UI as well as all button-icons now use high-resolution textures.

Widescreen Support:
O:FS will provide UI textures for both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio, allowing you to play Zero Hour in full HD.

This mod will be available in English and German language. This also includes all new unit voices.

Release & Update Schedule:
We try our best to keep you updated about O:FS and we still have a lot to show. While we have no fixed schedule, we aim to release a batch of informations and images in regular intervals.
A third release is planned (including Dr. Thrax), with no fixed date yet.

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RSS Articles

Logo beta02

Hello everyone,

Operation Firstorm Beta 02 is out now after a long wait.

This release features Chinese Secret Weapons General Leang as playable faction allowing you to try out her arsenal including deadly napalm units and advanced tesla technology. In addition, all existing factions have received a unique T3 defense building as well as various other new units and upgrades.

China Gun BatteryChina Gun Battery

Fortress General Guard TowersTech Secret War Factory

One of the most important features of this release is a remade AI. While this has been a difficult task and the AI is still not 100% reliable, it should work significantly better than before. The level of difficulty was greatly increased, so do not expect to beat Hard difficulty on your first try.

Over the last few years we focused on polishing existing content and improving the overall quality of the game. This means that a ton of textures, effects and sounds have been improved.

Operation Firestorm Beta 02 - Main Files

Operation Firestorm Beta 02 - Main Files

Operation Firestorm Beta 02 - English

Operation Firestorm Beta 02 - English

Operation Firestorm Beta 02 - Map Pack

Operation Firestorm Beta 02 - Map Pack

For an (incomplete) list of changes, installation instructions and credits, check out the distription of the Main File download.

Please report any bugs you can find in the comment section or via PM

Have fun playing,

~OFS Team

December Unit Preview

December Unit Preview

News 7 comments

Thanks for voting! Check out the preview video showing some new units in action.

Operation:Firestorm Beta 01 out now!

Operation:Firestorm Beta 01 out now!

News 8 comments

We proudly present our first release! Beta 01 is out now, available in English and German, as well as 4:3 and Widescreen resolution. This release contains...

RSS Files
Operation Firestorm Beta 02 - Patch 01 (GER+ENG)

Operation Firestorm Beta 02 - Patch 01 (GER+ENG)

Patch 10 comments

Patch 01 for Beta 02 containing various bug fixes. Contains files for English and German versions. Beta 02 installation is required!

Operation Firestorm Beta 02 - Map Pack

Operation Firestorm Beta 02 - Map Pack

Patch 1 comment

A small selection of ZH and community maps with new Tech buildings and other small changes.

Operation Firestorm Beta 02 - Easy Install (ENG)

Operation Firestorm Beta 02 - Easy Install (ENG)

Full Version 14 comments

This is the same version of OFS as the other files, for people having trouble with activation of the mod. This download includes Main Files and English...

Operation Firestorm Beta 02 - German

Operation Firestorm Beta 02 - German


German language files for the Beta 02 Full Release / Deutsche Sprachdateien für die Beta 02. One language pack is required in addition to the main files...

Operation Firestorm Beta 02 - English

Operation Firestorm Beta 02 - English

Patch 4 comments

English language files for the Beta 02 Full Release. One language pack is required in addition to the main files. Read the Main file's description for...

Operation Firestorm Beta 02 - Main Files

Operation Firestorm Beta 02 - Main Files

Full Version 23 comments

Main files for the Beta 02 Full Release Featuring China Secret Weapons General, new AI, new T3 defenses and lots of other new units, improved sounds and...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 769)

Hello Sir
Im very like this mod.
May be i can see the M1A2 Abrams in the next update ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

How do you open the .7Z file?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
St4lk3r Creator

7zip or WinRAR

Reply Good karma+1 vote

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i`ve never seen that amount of new content concerning chinas super power as in this mod
are you tackling the the old unfashionable and antique artillery barrage?

Leang: new ,in the ground digging,shockwave causing, intercontinental missiles; red army: barrage/missles or something with cluster bomb effect?
looking at the discrepancy of the second and the first beta is incredible if you look at the effects. pale in comparison.. michael bay would be proud.
im a real admirer of such aesthetic work.(allthough its not well recieved :D)
and the detail.. the weapon sets,the whole preffered against..
in a regular way.. is there a way to have more than 3 weapon sets?
without doing something like with the barnblade or whatever the name is?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Question for the devs: have you considered integrating OFS with

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

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suddenly AI stopped working. specifically saying about both GLA, checked on few OFS maps and ZH. AI builds few buildings, many workers and nothing more.
tried to reinstall game+mod = no result. any hints what may solve the problem?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I can confirm, GLA Fortress General just builds barracks, supply stash and f*** ton of Workers.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hello st4lk3r, we have problem about general stealth.. When i play In skirmish n select general stealth Vs general infantry.. Many missing unit, no model

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

There is no Stealth General or Infantry General in this mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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It has that Shockwave / Contra feel to it. Its well balance and has tons of new things to play around with.

May 14 2014 by xonone

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