V0.6 beta Download in here


Now only need to download
unzip ,start the MOD

The Installation of the conditions:
You need to purchase the zero hour
You can play the zero hour

Do not install this mod in the folder Zero Hour and choose a different folder

D3D8.DLL is HDR effects patch, Not a virus ,
youtube from my friend : Youtube.com


Due to catch announced on December 25
The opening animation is not complete
This is Increased AE effects animation


Future releases RUSSIA EU

Can use FPS GAME Camera angles game, you can see a different sky, fog, etc.
You can switch the perspective of CNC3 Classic Camera anglesTHE MOD FReatures
The weapon system is closer to reality
Similar to World in Conflict GAME graphics
naval, air force, army full-scale war
All the more sophisticated models
Water reflection
Bump map WATER surface rendering effects
The new Bump map Terrain texture
The new trees and residential areas
bloom effects,
AI can naval combat in the Skirmish maps
All New Mission,
Compatible with WIN7 64Advice System Requirements
CPU: Dual-Core 2G
Memory: 2G
Graphics Card: GF9800GT OR ATI HD4850Classic Camera angles LOW PC version
CPU: Dual-Core 2G
Memory: 2G
Graphics Card: GF8600GT OR ATI HD3300
only one person in the production for the MOD
Only the first part of the contents published

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Download address


Installation method
Please make sure you can play with zero hour

Unzip MW0.6 to other independent folder
Happy game!
Shipyard export must face to the sea Manufacturing warships on land
Will force the close games
SHIFT + F12 open closed DX9 effects
If you want to FPS perspectiveUnzip the Draw ALL Terrain patchs. Rar

Built in the seaside
Hold the left mouse button
Exports go to the sea

islands MPPA is lags behind
Because there are not connected to the land
Try other naval battle maps

V0.5 beta download

V0.5 beta download

News 19 comments

V0.5BETA download MerryChristmas Download Click EXE installation Replacing Resolution Need to restart the gamePoints once ControlBar To play the gameKeypad...

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Patch 9 comments

The south China sea Naval combat Mission The south China sea Naval combat Mission



Patch 9 comments

Contains the previous patches FIX 3 players map 2 errors cause Quit game

mw0.6 WorldBuilder.

mw0.6 WorldBuilder.

Patch 9 comments

And basically zero hour WorldBuilder. Exactly the same In order to get the reflection You need to set in the middle of the map waypoint Set up for the...

LAN  GAME  patch

LAN GAME patch

Patch 1 comment

Remove the camera Angle adjustment The matching error LAN GAME patch unzip The game directory

Modern Warfare v 0.6

Modern Warfare v 0.6

Demo 133 comments

Please confirm that you can play with zero hour,Unzip MW0.6 to other directory,Happy game!!With dx9 patch special effectsD3D8. DLLMay your antivirus...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 2,649)

For the special effects shift + 12 does not work I have to control escape then re enter game. is there a way to fix this?

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without Russia this is game very sad. because Russia number one in the world. even China want to reach Russian weapons.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Tell me please have in this mod Russia?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Only Have 4 allies

Where are the others pls answer me ?

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Hi, your mod is awesome , your design about the naval units is great, i did some improvements on the Apache AH64 for shooting faster and more ammo , the submarine shoot more torpedoes and faster too , i just want to put some other units in the mod like the battleship and some improvements like shooting cruise missile from the ships and nuclear submarine , also please help me , because i can't open the object ini to reduce some prices of some units .
thanks man .

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hallo qsn why my friend the ships doesn't been repaired in the naval yard and why Chinese air defense doesn't strong to stop the heavy air bombing the us air force bombers destroy my bases in short time because the heavy bombing and the Xian H-6 bomber , KJ-2000 awacs doesn't exist in the Chinese airport but usa have the b-2 spirit, b-52 bomber and Boeing E-3 Sentry awacs , also the Chinese aircraft carrier doesn't move anymore once you press the stationed button so it launch the fighters also I was hoping that china power reactor be more strong in producing power , also the Chinese navy doesn't have a nuclear ballistic submarine neither the usa navy also us navy doesn't have Ticonderoga-class cruiser it was exist in the first version I know that your data is gone but this units and this problems is not difficult on a great designer like you, so this mod become very very good and I am so sorry for what happened to your great hard work in this mod, marry Christmas my friend and send my Greetings to your children and your family I wish you all a happy life

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Hey QSN, I tried converting several missions from the older versions into the current one by using the world builder. I fixed the problems with the maps and it ran well in WB but it always gives me an error whenever I try to play it. I'm not sure but it may have something to do with the mod assets.

Here's my crash report

Release Crash at Mon Jan 01 20:09:31 2017
; Reason Uncaught Exception in GameEngine::update

Last error:
Exception is access violation
WinMain at 401700
Description: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.
Access address:00000000 was read from.

Stack Dump:
<Unknown>(-1) : <Unknown> 0x00759480

Register dump...
Eip:00759480 Esp:0019F60C Ebp:0019F71C
Eax:C2C80000 Ebx:00000000 Ecx:00000000
Edx:00CEA174 Esi:05A54AAC Edi:05A54AAC
CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:0053 GS:002b
EIP bytes dump...

Bytes at CS:EIP (00759480) : 8B 11 8D 44 24 08 50 FF 52 50 8B 8F 18 02 00 00 8B 11 55 FF 52 24 E8 A5 9D 0A 00 E8 40 75 0A 00

Current stack:

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QSN Creator

AI use skills, MW MOD does not exist the skills

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Removing the scripts fixed it but couldnt import them due to the computer language discrepancy in MW WorldBuilder, Oh well.

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For what it's worth, here are some links for an old version of the mod that I uploaded. I think version .02 from 2009 or 2011... This one has some interesting missions though.


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Dec 23 2013 by Yuosaka

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I'm going to be simple. For one: The Mod is illegal; it copies a COMPLETE installation of Zero Hour to your PC, allowing you to use it without purchasing the expansion. Second, the mod (regardless of whether you uninstalled it after a uninstallation) modifies the registry in such a way that you cannot continue to play the game without doing a ***complete*** reinstall of both Zero Hour and Generals. Third, a lot of the assets are taken from other mods. None of this is really his own work. This can…

Dec 24 2013 by OhNoesBunnies!

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