Command & Conquer Tiberian History is a small mod that adds a few new units. The idea came about because I disliked some of the new units and structures in C&C 3 and longed for certain classic replacements. I consider this mod a 'museum', wherein I add a few historical pieces that I like into the C&C3 engine!

The Mod will be updated by adding a few units at a time (typically around 10 items).

The mod is a mixture of mostly EA & public models, has well has a few original models done by me.
Check for detailed information and for in-depth discussion.

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RSS Articles

Tiberian History: Release 7 is here!

Tiberian History: Release 7

New additions:


F-18 Hornet TD: Delivers useful support powers!
A-10 TD: Delivers the Napalm strike!
Grenade Soldier Ren: Boost the effectiveness of your Grenadier squads!
Officer Ren: Boost the effectiveness of your Minigunner squads!
Warhawk TD: A very powerful multi-role aircraft (replaces Firehawk)

GDI: History


Artillery TS: An immense long range artillery piece!
YF-22 TD: Delivers the Mine drop support power!
Power Plant TS: Vital for your base operation! (replaces Tiberium wars Power Plant)
Missile Silo TS: Launches deadly ballistic missiles! (replaces Tiberium Chemical Plant)

Nod: History


A pleasant mix of Tiberian Dawn, Renegade and Tiberian Sun tunes, including some pulsating action track mixes!

Known issues:

  • Same EA code bug, were anything which tints an object, will tint everything near the object.
  • The GDI Jackhammer sometimes has animation issues due to the way it was coded, this does not effect the weapons performance.


Please note that previous versions are not required. There is no need for you to remove existing versions.

  1. Make sure that C&C3; is updated to version 1.9!
  2. Unpack the file.
  3. Inside the file will be a 'readme' file and a folder named 'TiberianHistory'.
  4. Cut and paste the 'TiberianHistory' folder into your 'Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\mods' folder, which should be in the 'My documents' section of your computer (typically 'C:\Documents and Settings\Username\My Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\Mods').
  5. If you get an overwrite* warning click 'yes'.

These instructions assume that you have a Windows XP PC with administrator rights. Ask the community for help with other set-ups.

*This new version does not overwrite the previous C&C history mod file, due to it having a different file name (so you can play the old version if you prefer it!)

For in depth addition analysis and hints, visit the official Tiberian History Hints and Tips page:

For discussion, bug posts, and general suggestions make a post at the forums here:

Release 7 balance changes

Release 7 balance changes

News 3 comments

Balance adjustments for Release 7 that effect all sides

Release 7 GDI & Nod general changes

Release 7 GDI & Nod general changes

News 2 comments

Nod and GDI general fixes, bug changes, and visual improvements.

Release 7 general + Scrin general changes

Release 7 general + Scrin general changes

News 10 comments

General changes and also Scrin general changes. Due to wanting to keep the size of the post down, Nod and GDI changes will be added in another post.

The technology of peace

The technology of peace

News 11 comments

From Nod to the world, peace and love... peace and love.

RSS Files
Tiberian History: Release 7

Tiberian History: Release 7

Full Version 17 comments

Tiberian History release 7. Use historical units and structures to do battle!

Tiberian History: Release 6.10  *(Obsolete)*

Tiberian History: Release 6.10 *(Obsolete)*

Full Version 3 comments

Tiberian History release 6.10. Adds important performance fixes and balance changes for Release 6.

Tiberian History: Release 5  *(Obsolete)*

Tiberian History: Release 5 *(Obsolete)*

Full Version 11 comments

Tiberian History release 5. learn important lessons from history!

Tiberian History: Release 4  *(Obsolete)*

Tiberian History: Release 4 *(Obsolete)*

Full Version 11 comments

Tiberian History release 4. A few more historical additions.

Tiberian History: Release 3  *(Obsolete)*

Tiberian History: Release 3 *(Obsolete)*

Full Version 4 comments

Small mod that adds 1 or 2 units associated with the history of the Tiberian games.

Tiberian History Release 2 *(Obsolete)*

Tiberian History Release 2 *(Obsolete)*

Full Version 7 comments

Beta version of release 2 of Tiberian History. Adds a few more units!

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I miss the linebackers as nod haha.

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Dear,Tiberian History Dev.Team,just a little suggwstion:3
Your mod is super-b,but can you plz expand soundtrack a little bit and btw can you change a model for NOD Chemical Warriors (no offence,but this model looks ugly:\),maybe you can use tiberium troopers from KW or try to recreate one's from C&C Renegade,that would be cool. And can you plz fix the bug with Titan's Husk.
ALL-in-all,I really love this mod,keep up the good work and I really look forward for a next release (at least let the VIII be the one,which will fix all those minor thingies,and then we will have a complete and awesome mod,meow)
Oh,and almost forgot,can you add a Stealth Black Hand troopers with laser rifles or anything for NOD,cuz for now they lack a sabotage infantry units,yeah,there are Elite Cadres but in-game they are not that useful at all:\
Lots of hugs btw:3

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Not to put Tiberium Essence in shame but this mod looks far better done.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Waiting for news & hopefully an update...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Fun mod. Would be nice too see Tiberian Sun cyborgs. gj anycase

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Just make the Silo be also the host for the nuclear missile.

Replace Tech center, which looks like a joke, with the temple of nod.

The game needs some asymmetry.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

why not just give the Nod avator and cyborg?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

hello Madin
I have some questions for the future:

1.Old good Tiberium from Tiberian Dawn Tiberian Sun and
2.Cyborgs from Tiberian Sun.
3.GDI Refinery from Tiberian Sun.
4.Cabal voice for NOD.
5.Hand of NOD from Tiberian Sun for NOD.
6.Temple of NOD from Tiberian Dawn.
7.Tiberium lifeform.
8.GDI power plant from Tiberian Dawn.
9.GDI titanium from Tiberian Sun.
10.GDI wolwerine from Tiberian Sun.
11.GDI harvester from Tiberian Sun.
12.Ion canon from Tiberian Dawn.
13.New menu.
14.New HUD.
15.Walls and gates.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I've downloaded this mod few days ago and been playing it non-stop (got blood shot eyes) it's a great mod but there are some issues which i'd like to report :
Lack of nod mobile repair vehicle.
Vertigo (heavy bomber) is weaker than upgraded Warhawk (multi-role fighter) considering damage against structures.
Nod's lack of at least one tough unit to last longer than light tanks in combat (i know with nod we have to use stealth,speed,... but it won't work in every situation),suggestion : Tick tanks and their stationary ability,make them available after building Operations center. (don't replace light tanks)
NOD & GDI lack of epic units while Scrin got 3 of them (Mothership is an epic unit,no matter how you look at it),suggestion : Mammoth MK2 or Kodiak for GDI,Cabal Core Defender or Montauk for NOD.
Increase Stealth Tank's range a bit.
Decrease Jackhammer's range.It can attack artillery units.
Increase Juggernaut's damage against buildings,reduce it's damage against vehicles.
Replace NOD's commando with Cyborg Commando,no stealth,no bombing but stronger & tougher (also makes the game more unique)
NOD APC passngers cannot fire passively unlike GDI APC passengers,must be ordered to.
Scrin's Devourer tanks are kinda useless,either increase their damage or considering Scrin's lack of ground artillery units increase their range to turn them into mid-range artillery units.
NOD's Apache is too expensive considering that Orca with the same price gives better performance and consdering that Orca is not totally useless against infantry,suggestion : decrease Apache's cost or make them gain veterency faster.
NOD's SSM launcher is made of explosive paper ? I mean ok it doesn't have to be well armored but does it have to explode like this ? I intercepted a NOD army which was on it's way to my base with one Orca and by firing 2/3 missiles the NOD army was wiped out.Kinda ridicules,suggestion : increase SSL's armor or decrease the damage to surrounding units when a SSM launcher is destroyed.
SSM launcher rockets blast damages and can destroy aircrafts.It's a bug or was it your intention ?
Zone Raiders arrive as veterans but they get promoted very quickly in combat,they can reach heroic rank in no time.Was this your intenion or another bug ?
Elite Cadre aren't worth the price,their damage isn't much different from normal infantry and their anti-structure bombs aren't strong enough,suggestion : either increase their damage or replace them with shadows or cyborgs.
Support power suggestions : Ion Storm for scrin (create a temporary Ion Storm at designated area) ,Emergency Medical support for GDI (deploy a medic to battlefield,they should be weak and unarmed but be able to heal all infantry around them) ,Ambush Them! for NOD (make all ground units except infantry in a small designated area stealth for a short time)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Madin Creator

Thanks for your comment!
If you want to discuss this further I have provided an answer in the forum!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thanks for the answer,looking forward for future updates of this great mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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