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(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 30 2014, 11:13pm says:

It kind of reminds me of GDI's War Factory in CnC3.

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(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 6 2014, 11:03pm says:

Are those supposed to be pre-nuking themselves Kriegers carrying the scroll thing on the left side of the picture?

+1 vote     media: Aug8th
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 6 2014, 12:28am says:

Axis of Time fanart?

+4 votes     media: Panzer IV
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 13 2014, 3:31pm says:

That Gretchin is having a really bad day and it's only going to get worst.

+3 votes     media: Daily Art
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 12 2014, 2:20pm says:

Chieftain SID.

+3 votes     media: QUIZ
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 11 2014, 11:31pm says:

Chrysler TV-8 nuclear-powered amphibious medium tank.

+3 votes     media: Guess this tank
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 24 2014, 8:52pm says:

M10 Achilles

+3 votes     media: Guess that tank
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 17 2014, 1:16pm says:

Immortal Slayer.

+1 vote     media: YourName
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 3 2014, 6:31pm says:

Is there any chance we can see some screens of the new units and factories?

+2 votes     article: Upcoming in Zero Hour
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 27 2014, 8:47pm says:

Looks like Alexander the Great got an upgrade.

+7 votes     media: Feb 27th (with some pretty cool stuff)
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 25 2014, 5:46pm replied:

I mean like any new units.

+1 vote     mod: German Soldiers Mod
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 25 2014, 3:23pm says:

So do you have any plans to do anything with Japan or with the Far-East or Pacific Theater in general?

+1 vote     mod: German Soldiers Mod
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 11 2014, 5:44pm says:

I think they're Horus Hersey/Great Crusade-era Imperial Guardsmen/Soldiers.

+1 vote     media: Ollanius Pius
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 6 2014, 10:14pm says:

It's a M4A2E4.

+1 vote     media: Just an average M4...
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 18 2014, 2:14am replied:

Well it's realistic as well since drones so far are looking like they're going to be the future of warfare now and it's not that too far off of an idea of replacing soldiers with AI-controlled drones completely.It may not happen in the near future, but unless there is a change in tech or something, it will eventually happen.

+3 votes     media: UEF T2 Heavy Tank "Pillar"
(2142)Gen.Reaper Dec 25 2013, 6:31pm replied:

I appreciate that they did this, not everybody likes to be thrashed on their first game.

+1 vote     download: Easy AI
(2142)Gen.Reaper Dec 11 2013, 7:47am says:

It's probably the Weapon Bunker.

+2 votes     media: Screenshot
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 27 2013, 10:29pm says:

This looks more like a military exercise/wargame than a airsoft thing.

+2 votes     media: Airsoft in Russia
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 17 2013, 6:58pm says:

So are the GLA getting anything new this update?

+9 votes     media: Development Screenshots
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 17 2013, 4:16pm replied:

Except APMSF Stormtroopers can actually aim and are much harder to kill.

+1 vote     media: A Rare Occurence
(2142)Gen.Reaper Oct 14 2013, 3:47pm replied:

They're including some experimental models like the Tiger II with the 10.5cm KwK L/68 and the Panther II armed with the 8.8cm KwK L/71 43. Which according to the developers are equivalents to the Post-WW2 tanks that will be in the game.

Although I'm putting my money more on the Jagdtiger with it's 128mm.

+1 vote     media: War Thunder's Preliminary German & Russian Tanks
(2142)Gen.Reaper Oct 3 2013, 2:30pm says:

So will you follow the same formulas for the campaigns with the Allied Campaign being the historical one while the Axis Campaign allows you to change history?

Also I need to find my play disk for Axis and Allies.

+2 votes     mod: Axis & Allies: Uncommon Valor
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 31 2013, 6:00pm says:

Futuristic KV-2?

+14 votes     media: have some tanks
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 1 2013, 9:25pm says:

Hey, I posted about this in the download page for the English patch, but haven't gotten a response. But I'm not seeing any text in the Main Menu, Skirmish Menu, or ingame at all. Everything is blank.

+1 vote     mod: C&C World War II
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 1 2013, 9:19am says:

Okay I know it's heresy against GW to even mention these guys, but were they even that popular as a faction when they were still part of the WH40k fiction?

+4 votes     media: Squat Kingdom Warrior
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 31 2013, 11:35am says:

I installed it and no text is showing up at all.

+1 vote     download: English Launcher
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 10 2013, 1:14am says:

Probably the most realistic tank design in RA3, if not the only realistic design.

+9 votes     media: Allied MBT-X8 Guardian tank
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 9 2013, 7:25am says:

Allis-Chalmers M50/65 Scorpion. It's apparently a variant of the Ontos.

+3 votes     media: Guess that tank(destroyer)
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 3 2013, 3:56am says:

So is the U.S Infantry going to be from the Army or Marines?

+1 vote     media: American soldiers
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 1 2013, 7:55am says:

Why is the Blackhawk Airforce only? Shouldn't it be available for all subfactions since all branches of the U.S Military use it or one of it's variants?

Also I would personally want to see China eventually make a comeback as a playable faction since in real-life the Chinese and Russia have close ties while China was also involved in the War against the GLA in the original Generals/ZH storyline even if gameplay wise they would be similar to Russia.

+1 vote     mod: The End of Days
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