Star Wars: Battlefront Commander is the ultimate mod for Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption and will bring the all - time favourite battles from Star Wars Battlefront 1, 2 and the cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 3. It aims to bring you huge battles on both land and space that will make you feel like your playing battlefront but in a RTS element. Skirmish will be a whole knew gameplay style while Galactic Conquest will be left intact but will have a new style to it.

With the Exciting release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and after several months of work we can say the mod is nearing completion, with an early access release for the whole community and an extensive bug researching and testing with the help of the ones that can do that the best, the players. We are happy to announce Battlefront Commander will be available for download this week!

Mod Early access release: Friday 18th December

Space battles Witness the clash between imperial Dreadnoughts and Rebel cruisers - watch how scores of TIE fighters are decimated bty Rogue Squadron - Live the epic space battles of the Star Wars universe!

Land combat Either as a Rebel soldier or Stormtrooper, take part in the military campaigns that shaped the Star Wars franchise

Made by fans for fans We love the commitment in the Star Wars community, and more so the EaW community, this mod was made by fans to be enjoyed by fans, any feedback is welcome.


Ported and custom The mod recycles models used in other Star Wars games, but also uses the help of EaW's awesome modding community and talent, so everyone can enjoy detailed, full quality battles in game.

Command Our stance between Canon/Legends material is simple; no official source contradicts it then there is a good chance it will appear in the mod! Prepare your legions and join the battle!

Content incoming! With new Star Wars episodes coming along, we are always looking into expand the mod - so keep an eye out for updates and DLC content.


Star Wars: Battlefront Commander is a mod that is based around the game star wars battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront 3 ( Free Radical version)
Disclaimer: This mod is in no way affiliated with Lucasarts or the former free Radical staff now Crytek UK
We have massive respect for Free Radical and we would like to dedicate this mod to them

The Team consist of:

- Jedi_Clone_X2 - Team Leader

- FlyingDonuts - Ui and other graphic things and some coding

- ArvisTaljik - Modeller/Texturer

- Soulrelic616 - Test / Scripting

Special credit: Some time ago we have been working with Jeroenimo who has produced amazingly detailed models for us as comissions, and for this we are thankful, check his mod out Empire at war: Re!

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Alright so everyone thinks this mod is dead well it's not some mods do kind of die down a bit with content releases like Republic at war and a few others after release will put out a patch..ect and then take time to release a content update/patch that adds tons of stuff and well this mod is no exception.

So what has been going on the past 11 months with this mod well the mod did get a lot of stuff done between the 1.03 patch release which was in January to like April and then it just went dark for many many month, one of our Devs SoulRelic616 who had some life changes having a child so he hasn't been able to return and most likely wont for sometime if at all.

So 1.04 there as been a ton of stuff done for it but not everything i wanted done for this patch, i have updated a few models to match that of the new battlefront game that you can see via the photo tab along with many other new stuff that never got to make it in the full release or 1.03, So what is been changed and what has been added in 1.04 well where is list.

BX command droid,


HailFire Tank




Magnatroopers (stormtrooper) (New battlefront look)

SandTrooper (new battlefront look)

New Animations for X1 and X2 Republic version ( each of them have their own animations so they don't seem the same ingame and are individuals)

New X1 and X2 GCW models.

Fenn Shysa

Jodo Kast

Novoc Vevut

Centax Frigate

Clone Hovertank

New Laat model

Master Ferroda

Fixed the Mandalorian Story now it somewhat works lol<

Tons of nerfs,fixes and a few buffs

Now a lot of bugs have been fixed and one of the sad things is some infantry have add to have their abilities removed cause they cause the game to crash when you either retreat or win/lose a battle now 1 possible 2 units may have this problem still but i will need to do way more play testing to figure it out so this may still happen after 1.04 is released.

So really what does this news post mean to you and should you care well the answer is yes

1.04 will release sometime this week with a lot of fixes and new units but it wont be the last as i plan to finish a final update (which i said many times this was the last patch but it's not) 1.05 that will be this list of things,

The Ghost team (Kanan,Sabine,C1-10P,Zeb and Ezra will all be ground units while Hera will be piloting the ghost for space)

Starkiller Rebel and Empire versions along with the Rogue Shadow.


Death Trooper(not zombies but the Rogue One Deathtroopers)

Jyn Erso

Orson Krennic

Tie Striker


and more will come.

I come to you with an idea.

I come to you with an idea.

News 7 comments

I come to you the fans of this mod with an idea that would help this mod so much more then what it is now.

Status Update

Status Update

News 48 comments

This is a update on what's going on with the next patch 1.04 and content pack 1.0.

Early access now live! Github integration announced

Early access now live! Github integration announced

News 3 comments

We are delighted to announce an integration with Github, to follow and track any bug we or the mod players might encounter!

Mod of the Year 2015

Mod of the Year 2015

News 6 comments

Hey guys mod of the year 2015 is here and we would really like your vote.

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Star Wars Battlefront 1.04 HotFix

Star Wars Battlefront 1.04 HotFix

Patch 17 comments


Star Wars Battlefront Commander 1.04 Update

Star Wars Battlefront Commander 1.04 Update

Patch 58 comments

Update 1.04 for Star Wars Battlefront Commander is released.

Star Wars Battlefront Commander Full V1.0

Star Wars Battlefront Commander Full V1.0

Full Version 212 comments

So it's finally here in early access as Version 1.0. Get it while it's Hot.

Wreckage and Bodies Stay Battlefront Commander

Wreckage and Bodies Stay Battlefront Commander

Effects GFX 6 comments

Hey guys this addon makes Wreckage and Bodies Stay for Star Wars Battlefront Commander 1.03!

Star Wars Battlefront Commander Patch 1.03

Star Wars Battlefront Commander Patch 1.03

Patch 81 comments

Alright so here is 1.03 please just copy over all the files in this update to the mod and overwrite anything that may pop up. You do not need anything...

Star Wars Commando's Pack V1.0

Star Wars Commando's Pack V1.0

Models Pack 5 comments

So since i am making new animations i have no use for these ones here using these animations so feel free to use them in your mod,

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could you please half the number of imerpial fighters and please fix the ai in skirmish there tactics are radicolous to fight and please i beg u
Skirmish is praciity impossible to play against the empire
at the start its super easy then they spawn in a huge fleet of ISDs and millions of tie fighters
PLease balance itsa frame killer

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I see you will add ships and units from rogue one - I Love it but is it possible to add krennic shuttle?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

+ If you are planning that kallus will join rebels....shouldnt you at least update kanan skin to more blinded version? Im not asking about rest of characters like ezra but kanan is most important to make game more...logical :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jedi_Clone_X2 Creator

Yes he will be updated but it may push the 1.05 update back farther then i wanted because i will have to rig and transfer the animations over to the new model.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Are you going to add the other Rebel characters as well? If so, I think it would be a good idea for the characters to be deployed as a squad like in the show, then have each member be individually controlled.

Also, is it possible to update Kanan to his S3 version? Same with any future members you plan to add - it only makes sense if you're doing it to Sabine, to apply to everyone else. Just a thought

Force power suggestion(s) just in case you need it:

Ezra (if you plan on adding) - Mind/Single Unit Domination and Force Push

Kanan - Temp. Reveal Map (In "Lost Commanders" he displayed the ability to accurately locate the AT-ATs through the dust storm )

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jedi_Clone_X2 Creator

I plan to add every Ghost Crew member only one that wont have a character model will be Hera she will fly the season 1 Phantom on the ground as i don't have a model of the new phantom 2 and in space she will fly the Ghost.

Kanan and Ezra will both look like they do in season 3 but it will take a bit to rig and transfer Kanan's animations from the season 1 model to the season 3 model.

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


This has been an issue since i can remember. Could you please fix the clone wars AI !!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jedi_Clone_X2 Creator

This a problem with a lot of mods a lot of people reported this for the clone wars mod team and this is why Republic at War puts Xmls and scripts inside the main foc data folder so they don't have this problem, but here is what you need to do.

"You need to go into my mods data folder and grab the xml and scripts folder and right click and hit copy then move them into your Main FOC data folder, but the thing about this is you can't have other mods installed at the same time like RAW or any other mod that puts files into the FOC data folder once you're done it will work, if you want to play other mods just go back into the FOC data folder and delete the xml and scripts and then readd them whenever you want to play my mod"

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Does this mod have the Missile Boat and Assault Gunboat spacecraft too?

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Highest Rated (15 agree) 10/10

Fantastic mod created by a fantastic creator. Great idea for a mod, where others failed, he succeeded. Download this mod if you wish to be apart of something truly special.

Aug 26 2013 by jack2066

Lowest Rated (8 agree) 1/10

This mod is one big import from TFU and other star wars games. nothing new or original

Aug 26 2013 by Enpremi

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