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(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 13 2010, 9:59pm says:

Where is the Alternate Link?

+1 vote   mod: Elysian Fields Mod
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 29 2009, 2:27pm replied:

When is the installer coming?

+2 votes   game: Spring: 1944
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 31 2007, 11:05pm says:

How does the MCV system work and will the ION Cannon and the Temple of NOD Nuke will be avabile in the mod?Can u build MCVS through the war factory?

+1 vote   mod: Tiberium
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 10 2010, 7:49pm says:


+1 vote   media: The Engineer has a new toy
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 9 2010, 8:53am says:

EA Doesn't care if you use their content as long as you don't sell it for your own profit from what I have heard.

+4 votes   media: gdi commando
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 1 2010, 3:01am says:

I just downloaded and tried playing it, Only Russia is available.

+2 votes   download: TEOD-06 Beta
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 18 2010, 9:16pm says:

Why do you only show the characters from the Tiberium Universe, shouldn't there be characters from the Generals and Red Alert Characters in there as well since they are also featured in the mod.

But it is a good menu background anyway.

+1 vote   media: Load screen
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 17 2010, 10:37am says:

Are you guys getting close to a major release or something? There has been alot of updates lately.

+1 vote   mod: Tiberian Apocalypse
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 14 2010, 6:14am says:

May want to decrease the scale of the Orcas a little bit, their tails are clipping with each other.

+1 vote   media: screen shots
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 1 2010, 2:14pm replied:

Yeah I kind of over did the Faceposing on the demoman.

The only pose I am really impressed with is the sniper's.

+3 votes   media: Monster Hunters
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 21 2010, 9:47pm says:

Ya I have been pulling models I haven't used in my previous poses or I haven't used in a while, that will otherwise be collecting dust in my model browser among my large collection of custom and official valve content.

+1 vote   media: Something is Behind Sergeant Foley
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 21 2010, 8:48pm says:

Hey I haven't done one of these in forever.

+1 vote   media: Something is Behind Sergeant Foley
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 21 2010, 3:49pm says:

Because sometimes a Needle Gun isn't enough to get the job done.

+1 vote   media: US Army Rangers and RED secure a BLU Uranium Depot
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 21 2010, 3:47pm says:

See Description for links to models used in Pose.

+1 vote   media: US Army Rangers and RED secure a BLU Uranium Depot
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 15 2010, 9:36pm says:

The Grass was ported from Crysis.

+1 vote   media: Being Followed
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 15 2010, 8:58pm replied:

You don't see the Combine in the Ghillie Suit? The Model is a headhack of the Replica soldier from FEAR 2, the Gun is either from or based off Alien. The Helmet is from a pack of MW2 and Frontline Gear Model Hacks.

+1 vote   media: Being Followed
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 30 2010, 8:34pm says:

I made it shortly after I made the previous one. Good news: I fixed my TF2 Models.

+1 vote   media: Counter Attack
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 29 2010, 7:59pm says:

There is no Color Mod or any of that stuff of on here, because none of it looked good on the map.

+1 vote   media: World War II
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 29 2010, 7:52pm says:

I am not really impressed with this one.

+6 votes   media: World War II
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 28 2010, 9:16pm says:

I think I forgot to put the Image quality to 100 before I took the picture

+1 vote   media: A Different Kind of War - France 1943
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 27 2010, 10:41pm says:

Sorry for the lack of poses lately, GMOD Update 80 killed my TF2 Content in GMOD, Trying to get it fixed.

+1 vote   media: Panzerwald (Panzer Forest)
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 27 2010, 2:56pm replied:

Scene Build on Construct

+1 vote   media: Panzerwald (Panzer Forest)
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 2 2010, 11:03pm says:

Tried posing the BLU Huntsman sniper, but found it too hard. So I "Killed" him.

+1 vote   media: Imperial Guardsmen fighting unusual Enemies
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 23 2010, 5:06pm says:

That is not a tank, it is a modern version of the P. 1000 Landkreuzer(or the Panzer VIII Maus)!

+2 votes   media: Brummbar
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 17 2010, 5:36pm says:

The Announcer model can be found here:

+2 votes   media: 2fort: 2 Minutes Before Zero Hour
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 12 2010, 5:19pm says:

Somebody remade it for Zombie Survival in GMOD.

+1 vote   media: Evil Reincarnated
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 11 2010, 10:09am replied:

They were released yesterday,I combined Half-Dead's with Bloocobalt's in this one.

+1 vote   media: Evil Reincarnated
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 6 2010, 10:49pm says:

I based this off the no Russian Mission in MW2

+2 votes   media: Assault Engineers
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 6 2010, 4:20pm replied:

It is a MW2 model with the head shrunk and replaced with a citizen, the head makes the body look small.

+1 vote   media: Military-Type Poses
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 5 2010, 10:58pm says:

This picture did not come out as well as I hoped it would.

+3 votes   media: Military-Type Poses
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 5 2010, 10:40pm says:

This picture relates to the storyline.

0 votes   media: Military-Type Poses
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 17 2010, 9:46pm says:

From what I have heard and seen in Game Informer and reviews. They turned this game into a classic Fast-paced spam and rush game.

-3 votes   game: Supreme Commander 2
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 6 2014, 11:03pm says:

Are those supposed to be pre-nuking themselves Kriegers carrying the scroll thing on the left side of the picture?

+1 vote   media: Aug8th
(2142)Gen.Reaper Dec 11 2013, 7:47am says:

It's probably the Weapon Bunker.

+2 votes   media: Screenshot
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 29 2013, 6:31am says:

Actually an American Insurgency will be probably armed largely with hunting weapons, some military-grade weapons that were either salvaged or supplied to them by special forces or supply drops, and surplus weapons.

+1 vote   media: insurgent American
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 16 2013, 1:31pm says:

The last two files on 4Shared are broken for me and I've downloaded them twice.

+1 vote   article: Army Men III Beta Version 1.1 Update Released!
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 7 2013, 11:07pm says:

So I guess you're giving China a more modern look?

+1 vote   media: PLZ-55 Howitzer "Inferno Cannon"
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 23 2013, 3:40pm says:

What about gates, can't have a good wall without a way to allow your troops to go in out of the base and at the same time, keep your enemies out.

+1 vote   media: Hungarian base
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 11 2013, 11:37am says:

How can the Tans attack the Green Nation all the time if they're not even BORDERING each other unless they take control of the Indigo, Black, Cyan, Red, and Purple Nations first?

+1 vote   media: Army Men III Wallpaper - World Map
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 2 2013, 1:48pm replied:

Yes but most Shermans were armed with 75mms while a fewer number were given the 76mms. While by 1944, the T-34/85 along with the IS-1/2 had became the primary tanks of the Russian army and were being produced in large numbers while the IS-3 was just starting to enter production.

+1 vote   media: Decoy Inflatable Army Tank
(2142)Gen.Reaper Dec 30 2012, 2:11pm replied:

Yeah if the Allies had to fight the Soviets directly after World War 2, the Sherman wouldn't been no match for the T-34/85 since it was available in larger numbers, had better armor,and a far superior armament.

But the Allies probably would have rushed the Pershing into mass production to counter it or just equip the Sherman with a larger gun(there was a Sherman equipped with a 90mm and the Pershing's turret, but it never entered service).

+2 votes   media: Decoy Inflatable Army Tank
(2142)Gen.Reaper Dec 29 2012, 5:41pm says:

People keep slamming the Sherman down, but they forget that it wasn't designed to fight enemy tanks, it was initially designed to fight and support infantry while TDs like the Hellcat, Jackson, and Wolverine took on the tanks.

The only reason why the Sherman was never replaced was because it could be easily mass produced and the war ended before any of it's possible replacements(Including the Pershing) could get into service.

+6 votes   media: Decoy Inflatable Army Tank
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 21 2012, 11:37am says:

Actually the gun is a railgun. You see it firing in the ending of the first teaser trailer they released.

+2 votes   media: Mystery ArmA III tank
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 23 2011, 8:57pm says:

Yeah...but who cares about moral reasons while playing video games?

+4 votes   media: Flamethrower
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 17 2011, 11:19pm says:

There are no servers yet :(

+2 votes   article: Open Beta Release 6 is Here!
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 4 2011, 1:22pm says:

Was this like a early version of the GDI Battle Rig/Battle Base in Tiberium Wars?

+1 vote   media: gdi mobile defence
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 25 2010, 4:27pm says:

Look Closer.

+1 vote   media: Something is following the Engineer(look closer)
(2142)Gen.Reaper Oct 22 2009, 5:01pm replied:

Is it going be a secondary ability like the GDI Riflemen's ability to build foxholes?

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence v 1.4 media
(2142)Gen.Reaper Oct 12 2009, 10:26pm says:

And are the Zero Hour Factions still playable?(Forgot to put this into my previous post) Because they have been in the past versions. They just didn't have any AI.

+1 vote   media: Some stuff
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 29 2009, 3:42am says:

I tried that too it said the same thing.

+1 vote   download: Spring: 1944 Operation Koltso (v0.9)
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 26 2008, 2:13am says:

My Cold War Crisis version of the ZH 1v1 map Heartland Shield is nearing completion,There is a few major bugs though.

US Zero Hour Music plays instead of CWC's
AI doesn't work(Instant Victory)
Planes start with no fuel,even though you have a good amount of fuel.

I email the file if you request it.I will release despite these bugs.I will fix them,when I find out how to.

+1 vote   member: (2142)Gen.Reaper
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 13 2008, 7:03pm replied:

I posted a thread against him.It says what he is doing is technically spamming he posted the same topic in different mods!

+1 vote   mod: Operation: Rolling Thunder
(2142)Gen.Reaper Sep 27 2007, 9:51pm says:

Where I don't have to pay for it.

+1 vote   mod: Termination
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