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(2142)Gen.Reaper Dec 21 2014, 5:40pm says:

Probably one of those cut down Abrams tanks we gave to the new Iraqi military.

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(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 19 2014, 2:02pm says:

Not in the near future, there is a M1A3 currently in development due to be operational by 2017 and the M1A2 fleet is expected to be in service beyond 2050 and the remaining M1A1s will remain in service until at least 2021.

+1 vote   media: M1A1s Abrams.
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 6 2014, 10:14pm says:

Type 64 Light Tank.

+4 votes   media: Guess that tank
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 30 2014, 11:13pm says:

It kind of reminds me of GDI's War Factory in CnC3.

0 votes   media: Russia War Factory
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 11 2014, 5:44pm says:

I think they're Horus Hersey/Great Crusade-era Imperial Guardsmen/Soldiers.

+1 vote   media: Ollanius Pius
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 17 2013, 6:58pm says:

So are the GLA getting anything new this update?

+9 votes   media: Development Screenshots
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 10 2013, 1:14am says:

Probably the most realistic tank design in RA3, if not the only realistic design.

+9 votes   media: Allied MBT-X8 Guardian tank
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 7 2013, 12:07pm says:

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge w/ D-Day mod.

+1 vote   media: Ratte Infestation
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 17 2013, 8:19am says:

So will there be a population limit?

+5 votes   media: Russia will grow larger
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 23 2013, 9:35am says:

So are you going to be able to build non-sandbag walls in 3.7?

+2 votes   media: Hungarian base
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 13 2013, 1:12pm says:

I thought I heard somewhere you guys weren't going to have the Sturmtiger?

+1 vote   media: Elite Army Group Command Tree
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 11 2013, 1:38am says:

Tanks seem to be a little too big.
Here's something to look at:
The Army Men tanks are based of the M48.

+1 vote   media: Army Men III Wallpaper - The Coalition
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 4 2013, 11:54pm says:

I think historically the swastika was never placed on vehicles except for the Afrika Korps(although that was pretty small). The Germans mostly placed the Balkan Cross on their ground vehicles vehicles during the war.

Although there is a few photos of Panzers with the nazi flag over the engine, it wasn't common practice to place the swastika on ground vehicles.

+1 vote   media: Пустынный камуфляж
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 13 2013, 3:10am replied:

The concept behind the Maus was outdated by the end of World War II due to the increasing lethality of ground attack aircraft and medium tanks were slowly becoming the MBTs for the major nations, so the Russians would've had no use for it after the war.

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(2142)Gen.Reaper Dec 31 2012, 10:55am replied:

Well according to what've I've read some commanders did want a 90mm fitted onto the Sherman, but Mcnair refused since he was determined to maintain the Tank Destroyer doctrine(aka TDs took on the enemy's tanks while the tanks themselves took on the infantry). Hell he didn't even really want the 76mm fitted onto the Sherman and somebody thankfully overridden him on that as well.

The only reason that the Pershing ever reached Europe was because Mcnair died in the the Battle of the Bulge and General Marshall overridden him.

+2 votes   media: M4 Sherman w/ Pershing-style turret and 90mm gun
(2142)Gen.Reaper Dec 30 2012, 3:33pm replied:

Probably since I doubt a regular sherman's suspension would've been able to handle the recoil from the 90mm or the weight of the turret.

+5 votes   media: M4 Sherman w/ Pershing-style turret and 90mm gun
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 25 2012, 11:00pm says:

Wouldn't the CDF not exist if the Soviet Union hadn't collapsed? Because isn't Chernarus a former Soviet republic in ARMA 2?

+1 vote   media: MSA 2.0 Screenshots
(2142)Gen.Reaper Sep 23 2012, 11:05pm says:

So we will be to tow these around with us as infantry or will they all be static?

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(2142)Gen.Reaper Sep 7 2012, 7:50pm says:

Looks photoshopped if you ask me.

+2 votes   media: Soviet super secret tank
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 15 2012, 12:12pm says:

One of the main reasons why the Imperial Guard is one of my favorite factions in the WH40k universe. Too bad that these days, most militaries follow the idea that "Smaller is Better."

+6 votes   media: Baneblade Super Heavy Tank
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 11 2012, 11:03am replied:

It's a standalone expansion to Shogun II: Total War as well, but I do prefer you get the original game, because you can use the old factions with the new ones.

+1 vote   media: More Fall of the Samurai
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 8 2012, 9:53pm says:

Late 19th Century Japan around the time of the Meji Restoration and similar conflicts, it's basically about a war between the Factions that support the Emperor(The Imperials) and the factions that support the Shogunate. It's basically about the end of the Samurai due to the introduction of Western weapons to Japan.

+1 vote   media: More Fall of the Samurai
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 19 2012, 6:11pm says:

No, you have to call in units and control certain marked areas on the map that have arrows where they come in at. Game's fun though except when people spam the crap out of artillery.

+1 vote   media: Wargame: European Escalation
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 17 2012, 10:22am says:

The Stryker doesn't have a turret, most Strykers tend to have a remote-controlled M2 Machine, MK19, or a ATGM launcher mounted onto the top(excluding the MGS which has a 150mm Gun). However, the Stryker was developed from the Canadian LAV-III that does have a turret.

But anyway, nice model and nice mod.

+7 votes   media: USA STRYKER
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 12 2012, 3:07pm replied:

I think it's BF1942

+1 vote   media: Next stop, berlin!
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 4 2012, 11:33am says:

I don't know why, but I'm thinking along the lines of German marines or naval infantry.

+3 votes   media: Update Images
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 29 2012, 1:06pm says:

Taggart's 2009 Generic Troopers, I think if you ask him on Facepunch he may give you a link since he said he had them backed up somewhere.

I also modified them by giving them the Enhanced Citizens physic files to make them flexible and easier to pose with.

The M16 is a bodygrouped model that DDOK released on FP and the 50. Cal Sniper Rifle is a bodygrouped weapon that Wystan released.

+1 vote   media: News from the Front
(2142)Gen.Reaper Dec 17 2011, 7:05am says:

I don't have one, but okay I need more characters for the Facepunch Empire.

+1 vote   media: Public Announcement
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 22 2011, 5:08pm says:

Yeah, the present of total defeat...

+1 vote   media: Santa's Army punishes the naughty
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 11 2011, 11:47pm says:

WWI Mod:
WWII Submod(Incomplete):

+1 vote   media: Empire: Total War + Darth Mod
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 5 2011, 11:08pm replied:

Yeah I have it, don't play it very much, but I use the models in GMOD for my poses.

+1 vote   media: Consortium Forces in a Forest
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 8 2011, 4:16pm replied:


+3 votes   media: The Police
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 15 2011, 5:09am says:

In Tiberium going to be the main resource in this mod or are there going to be other resources depending on the map? Like ZH based maps will have supplies, RA maps will have ore and diamonds, and Tiberian maps will have Tiberium?

+2 votes   media: Tiberium crystals
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 27 2011, 3:29pm replied:

It's because Consortium(BLU and the Northern Faction in this situation) has occupied the base and deactivated the RED Spawn and the Marines are using the old BLU Base as a Forward Base of Operations for their attack and they requisitioned a RED Cart from RED since the target is too well protected by AA Guns.

+1 vote   media: Pose Dump
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 27 2011, 8:29am says:

yeah I was/am using the the RPS mod I got from a link on their forums.

+1 vote   media: COH: Eastern Front MOD IS-3
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 29 2011, 9:31am says:

I believe the proper term is a bench.

+2 votes   media: Just a random Picture I made on a DoD map.
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 10 2011, 5:46pm says:

The blast didn't kill it right away, the crew got to disembark right before it exploded and they still died...

+1 vote   media: Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM)
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 7 2011, 4:32pm replied:

Trying using something similar to the Sturmtiger's Main Gun with the Baneblade.

+2 votes   media: Test
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 14 2011, 8:26pm replied:

The Predator also has a lower profile than the Titan making it easier to hide and probably performs better in Urban Environments than Mechs in General. But that is from my observations and not how they perform in-game.

+1 vote   media: Predator Tank vs Titan
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 5 2011, 6:43pm says:

Is it possible to make a version of this for Retribution?

+2 votes   download: DOW 2 popcap
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 29 2011, 10:08pm says:

This is the bonus for the main picture that I did out of randomness. The real pose is the black and white looking one that is the next one on the right.

+1 vote   media: Titan of the Battlefield and Bonus
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 24 2011, 7:26pm says:

It won't let me install it keeps on saying the installer contains invalid data.

+2 votes   download: FHSW 0.42 Installer Part 1 (old version, obsolete)
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 15 2010, 9:52am says:

One thing I could have done in this pose was to add the cloak watch onto the Spy's Wrist.

0 votes   media: Tests with Polycount Models with the Beta Models
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 15 2010, 9:33am says:

As I said in the Description, my GMOD got soo unstable I couldn't do very much posing, so I cleaned it out(Also because I thought I was going to get Windows 7, but didn't, my computer cannot handle and refused install it). It's running alot better now, I am also keeping my models and other addons alot more organized this time.

+1 vote   media: Tests with Polycount Models with the Beta Models
(2142)Gen.Reaper Oct 22 2010, 5:15pm says:

I know the tank in the picture, it was Germany's first actual Heavy tank in World War II, It was the Neubaufahrzeug, it was used largely for Propaganda like shown here. But 3 did serve in the Norway campaign in Oslo, where it proved to be a poor vehicle, one had to blown up after it go stuck in Swamp land near Oslo. All remaining vehicles were scrapped.

+2 votes   media: Nazie propaganda poster
(2142)Gen.Reaper Oct 2 2010, 5:32pm says:

Well the Japanese did use Mustard Gas against the Chinese during World War II, so that might just be the case here.

+3 votes   media: b
(2142)Gen.Reaper Sep 7 2010, 10:46pm says:

Is this based off doctors during the Black Plague? Because they look similar to me.


+1 vote   media: Army Men III Conceptual Art - Thermophile
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 10 2010, 7:49pm says:


+1 vote   media: The Engineer has a new toy
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 21 2010, 8:48pm says:

Hey I haven't done one of these in forever.

+1 vote   media: Something is Behind Sergeant Foley
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 29 2010, 7:59pm says:

There is no Color Mod or any of that stuff of on here, because none of it looked good on the map.

+1 vote   media: World War II
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 27 2010, 2:56pm replied:

Scene Build on Construct

+1 vote   media: Panzerwald (Panzer Forest)
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 13 2010, 11:09am replied:

They just look like that from the angle, they are actually farther apart and the A-10 is under the F-16s.

+1 vote   media: More Poses
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 20 2010, 6:13pm says:


+1 vote   media: The Chimera Strikes Again!
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 31 2010, 8:35pm says:

Made in Flat Grass

+1 vote   media: Mechanized Fury
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 31 2010, 3:54am says:

The map is construct, I placed all the grass, trees, rocks, and bushes, myself.

+1 vote   media: Random Stuff
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 6 2009, 5:26pm says:

Where is the L5 Resig? That is alot more symboltic than the PAC Walker(No offenses meant)

+2 votes   media: Images gallery update (:
(2142)Gen.Reaper Oct 29 2009, 9:34pm says:

I also have the demo truck.

+1 vote   media: Zero Hour in Garry's Mod
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 26 2009, 7:23am says:

L4D in Obsidian Conflict? How is that possible?

+1 vote   media: Obsidian Conflict screenshots
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 17 2009, 3:28am says:

It is a reference to a video made with Half-Life 2. Go to You Tube and search up "Full Life Conquesnces"

+1 vote   media: Melter Tank
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 23 2009, 4:24pm says:

Is this against the AI or another player, if AI, then what level?

+1 vote   media: Tutorial 05 - Strategic Bombing
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 18 2009, 5:26pm says:

Despite the faster reload rate, the Battlemaster(Type-59) is a older tank and has weaker armor than the Abrams and a Abrams should be able to kill a Type-59 in one direct hit.

At least in Real Life that is. It would have more trouble killing a Type-98/99 or a Type-100(My term for the Overlord)

+1 vote   media: Abrams vs Battlemaster
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 6 2009, 12:38pm says:

Add more clutter to the streets like destroyed vehicles(tanks,jeeps,trucks, and APCs),rubble, and trash.

+3 votes   media: Army Men Extended - Intro Level (WIP) Gameplay 2
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 1 2009, 12:37pm says:

Is there going to be a Ratte?

+1 vote   media: Landkreuzer P-1500 Monster II
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 3 2009, 5:56pm says:

I am too a fan of the laser general, And I say this looks REALLY SWEET!

+1 vote   media: USA Laser Weapon System
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 25 2009, 3:59pm says:

I do not see any difference either.

+1 vote   media: Allied Top Secret Protocols
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 11 2008, 9:16am says:

This is happening with all links.The first part worked,the others aren't

+1 vote   article: Light of Five Stars 1.3 Download and FAQ
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 26 2008, 3:35am says:

The screenshot was also taken in a earlier version so there are new features

+1 vote   download: Heartland Shield
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 24 2008, 5:11pm says:

*note we are not responsible for burns and injuries caused by the product,please use wisely*

+3 votes   media: Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn Redux Screenshots
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 2 2008, 10:56am says:

Kinda,looks like a Mammoth Mark II

+4 votes   media: NATO Liberty Assault Walker
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 30 2008, 5:02pm says:

*Insert Russia's National Anthem here*

+2 votes   media: Su-35
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 23 2008, 4:29pm says:

Sorry My beta says I require a code and wouldn't let me continue installing it without I sent you a message

+1 vote   article: Fed Up Entirely
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 24 2008, 7:22pm says:

That Tank looks freaking cool!

+1 vote   media: GOI T-90
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 31 2007, 5:29pm says:

Where do I download?

+1 vote   mod: Termination
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 11 2013, 11:37am says:

How can the Tans attack the Green Nation all the time if they're not even BORDERING each other unless they take control of the Indigo, Black, Cyan, Red, and Purple Nations first?

+1 vote   media: Army Men III Wallpaper - World Map
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 2 2013, 9:58am says:

Leopard 2A7.

+3 votes   media: Challenge #X
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 27 2013, 9:25am says:

The GDI Vulcan turrets are kind of weak, they could use a range and firepower buff.

+1 vote   mod: Tiberian Apocalypse
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 26 2013, 1:05am says:

Is this even Wh40k? Because last time I checked, there wasn't a human faction or Imperial Guard regiment called the U.N.A.

+2 votes   media: Pic dump 2
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 25 2013, 2:13am replied:

Girls Und Panzer I think.

+3 votes   media: have some tanks
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 22 2013, 1:44pm says:

I recall the Modern Warfare mod doing something similar with their Chinese supply trucks, but it didn't have the canvas covers over the back. So the ROTR team isn't the first to come up with it.

But I never really got why you couldn't do it in the first place in vanilla Generals/ZH.

+1 vote   media: Chinese Supply Truck
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 14 2013, 7:13am replied:

SHIR 2 I'm guessing.

+5 votes   media: Challenger 3
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 14 2013, 6:57am says:

Either a Challenger or SHIR 2.

+5 votes   media: Challenger 3
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 12 2013, 1:13pm says:

Super M60 Prototype

+11 votes   media: Challenge #12
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 10 2013, 9:19am says:

So any chance of seeing any other Imperial Guard regiments like the Praetorian Guards, Mordian Iron Guard, Finreht Highlanders, and the Valhallan Ice Warriors?

And are you planning to expand on the Tallarn Desert Raiders a bit? They're a bit a lacking.

+3 votes   mod: OFPWH40K
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 7 2013, 8:12pm replied:

It's dead(and pretty old, It may not work anymore), but here:

There was also a CnC3 version, but only a basic beta was ever released and it was pretty buggy.

+3 votes   media: Only War mod (Generals ZH)
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 3 2013, 12:27am says:

Personally I would prefer the Stryker MGS to be the US' primary battle tank and the Abrams to be the Heavy Battle Tank like the Paladin like you said.

The Stryker MGS is currently the closest thing you can get to a light tank in the US' arsenal nowadays.

+1 vote   media: US Crusader Tank
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 24 2013, 10:38pm says:

It looks EXACTLY like an Abrams!

+6 votes   media: Z-3 without cammo netting.
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 24 2013, 9:37pm says:

Hell is there even a such thing as diplomacy in the Wh40k universe?

+2 votes   media: Diplomatic Solutions
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 16 2013, 2:35am says:

South African TTD. Tank Technology Demonstrator.

+3 votes   media: Challange #10.
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 16 2013, 2:22am says:

Either a early Abrams, Leopard, or Challenger prototype.

+2 votes   media: Challange #10.
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 13 2013, 7:45pm replied:

Same here.

+2 votes   download: Tiberian Sun Redux 0.5 [Installer]
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 11 2013, 8:33pm says:

It was actually the Germans that did this to prevent it's capture by the Russians, the turret is what we now see on the one that's on display in the Kublinka Museum.

+15 votes   media: Maus heavy tank
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 2 2013, 2:46pm replied:

I think so.

+6 votes   media: Panzer VIII Maus
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 2 2013, 1:48pm replied:

Yes but most Shermans were armed with 75mms while a fewer number were given the 76mms. While by 1944, the T-34/85 along with the IS-1/2 had became the primary tanks of the Russian army and were being produced in large numbers while the IS-3 was just starting to enter production.

+1 vote   media: Decoy Inflatable Army Tank
(2142)Gen.Reaper Dec 30 2012, 2:11pm replied:

Yeah if the Allies had to fight the Soviets directly after World War 2, the Sherman wouldn't been no match for the T-34/85 since it was available in larger numbers, had better armor,and a far superior armament.

But the Allies probably would have rushed the Pershing into mass production to counter it or just equip the Sherman with a larger gun(there was a Sherman equipped with a 90mm and the Pershing's turret, but it never entered service).

+2 votes   media: Decoy Inflatable Army Tank
(2142)Gen.Reaper Dec 29 2012, 5:41pm says:

People keep slamming the Sherman down, but they forget that it wasn't designed to fight enemy tanks, it was initially designed to fight and support infantry while TDs like the Hellcat, Jackson, and Wolverine took on the tanks.

The only reason why the Sherman was never replaced was because it could be easily mass produced and the war ended before any of it's possible replacements(Including the Pershing) could get into service.

+6 votes   media: Decoy Inflatable Army Tank
(2142)Gen.Reaper Dec 12 2012, 10:41pm says:

The New Iraqi Army is being given 140 downgraded export versions called M1A1Ms that don't have the depleted uranium armor layers that the US versions have.

+2 votes   media: Random pics ;)
(2142)Gen.Reaper Dec 12 2012, 8:50pm says:

I was wondering if you guys were going to add the British Marines, can't wait for the update.

+4 votes   article: Napoleonic Wars Upcoming Patch & IndieDB
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 24 2015, 2:47am says:

Is it just me or is the frontmost guy standing in the background on the left look like he's in a T-pose?

+2 votes   media: Lana/Cia
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 7 2015, 1:53pm says:

The Tyranids against the Necrons, that's going to be one helluva of a fight because both of them are essentially out to destroy all in the Galaxy and are essentially unending.

+1 vote   media: 7thJan
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 13 2014, 3:31pm says:

That Gretchin is having a really bad day and it's only going to get worst.

+3 votes   media: Daily Art
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 12 2014, 2:20pm says:

Chieftain SID.

+3 votes   media: QUIZ
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 11 2014, 11:31pm says:

Chrysler TV-8 nuclear-powered amphibious medium tank.

+3 votes   media: Guess this tank
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 24 2014, 8:52pm says:

M10 Achilles

+3 votes   media: Guess that tank
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 3 2014, 6:31pm says:

Is there any chance we can see some screens of the new units and factories?

+2 votes   article: Upcoming in Zero Hour
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 18 2014, 2:14am replied:

Well it's realistic as well since drones so far are looking like they're going to be the future of warfare now and it's not that too far off of an idea of replacing soldiers with AI-controlled drones completely.It may not happen in the near future, but unless there is a change in tech or something, it will eventually happen.

+3 votes   media: UEF T2 Heavy Tank "Pillar"
(2142)Gen.Reaper Dec 25 2013, 6:31pm replied:

I appreciate that they did this, not everybody likes to be thrashed on their first game.

+1 vote   download: Easy AI
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 27 2013, 10:29pm says:

This looks more like a military exercise/wargame than a airsoft thing.

+2 votes   media: Airsoft in Russia
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 17 2013, 4:16pm replied:

Except APMSF Stormtroopers can actually aim and are much harder to kill.

+1 vote   media: A Rare Occurence
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 31 2013, 6:00pm says:

Futuristic KV-2?

+14 votes   media: have some tanks
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 1 2013, 9:19am says:

Okay I know it's heresy against GW to even mention these guys, but were they even that popular as a faction when they were still part of the WH40k fiction?

+4 votes   media: Squat Kingdom Warrior
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 31 2013, 11:35am says:

I installed it and no text is showing up at all.

+1 vote   download: English Launcher
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 9 2013, 7:25am says:

Allis-Chalmers M50/65 Scorpion. It's apparently a variant of the Ontos.

+3 votes   media: Guess that tank(destroyer)
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 17 2013, 7:36pm says:

Are those map textures final or just place holders? Because to tell you the truth, they looked pretty horrible.

Everything else looks nice though.

+6 votes   article: Work In Progress (4/17/13) - Skirmish Mode Preview
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 17 2013, 8:53am says:

So are the Marines a conversion faction or a separate one from the U.S Army?

+2 votes   media: The long awaited Patch 1.014!
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 1 2013, 11:42pm replied:

But would it be possible to have a gamemode similar to that?

+1 vote   media: Army Men III Skirmish Mode - Screenshots
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 29 2013, 11:28am says:

So is this going to be like the Skirmish mode in Army Men: Toys in Space when you placed troops before a battle and commanded them?

+1 vote   media: Army Men III Skirmish Mode - Screenshots
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 24 2013, 5:26pm replied:

Well I don't know, ask the WoT players in the clans named after the show and the people who made the WoT skins and sounds mods based off of it.

+4 votes   media: tank god/fairy edition!
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 24 2013, 3:38pm replied:

I've watched the battle scenes from some of the episodes on YouTube, they're not that bad.

You can defiantly tell that the guys who make the show did their research on the tanks they have in it.

+2 votes   media: tank god/fairy edition!
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 24 2013, 1:24am says:

It might be a damn anime, but the tanks are just modeled so beautifully and they're animated beautifully as well.

+4 votes   media: Time for tanks!
(2142)Gen.Reaper Dec 12 2012, 8:38pm replied:

Plus the Italians never really used P40s at all, the Germans did, but only in Italy.

+8 votes   media: Semovente 47/32
(2142)Gen.Reaper Dec 2 2012, 1:36pm says:

Reminds me of the popup Maginot turret from Blitzkrieg 2 mod that the Allies could build early in the game. But then again that is what it's based off of.

+9 votes   media: Bulldog Popup Turret
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 9 2012, 8:57pm replied:

Even then they're really more machine than human. Plus they don't have memories of their human life since I think the the Combine wiped their human memories during the process so they would be merciless against humans.

+1 vote   media: Humanity will prevail!
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 31 2012, 11:38am replied:

Well if you click on the "View Original" next to the title it gives you a larger image. But this is the best angle I could find and plus the German infantry models I used weren't faceposable(at the time)

+1 vote   media: Counterattack - 1945
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 23 2012, 7:50pm says:

A continuation of my other posing series based off Harry Turtledove's WorldWar series, but with the Combine instead of intelligent reptilians.

0 votes   media: The New Enemy - 1944
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 3 2012, 9:21am replied:

Windows XP.

+1 vote   media: World of Tanks Battle Results
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 13 2012, 3:57pm replied:

That is what it is based off of.

If I remember right, the Ragnarok originated when somebody converted a KV-2 model for his WH40k tabletop army.

+5 votes   media: Ragnarok
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 26 2012, 8:38am says:

Looks similar to the F-86 Sabre or Mig-15 with a bit of influence from the Dive Bombers of World War II, primarily the Stuka.

+1 vote   media: Aerial Assault
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 13 2012, 10:32pm says:

I remember seeing this picture from a thread on Facepunch last year, made me laugh my *** off.

+1 vote   media: random 40k
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 5 2012, 2:18pm says:

I think it's a M24 Chaffee, but it could also be a M41 Walker Bulldog.

+5 votes   media: Which tank is this?
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 2 2012, 10:41pm says:

Basically what I did in this pose is that I experimented with using lightbulbs to make muzzle flashes and messed around with bloom settings.

+2 votes   media: Somewhere in the Fortress Verse
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 11 2012, 2:48pm replied:

Which ones? The Synths or the Combine?

Either way, blame the person who made them, not me, I just use them in my poses.

+1 vote   media: Grim Finding and Bonus
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 22 2012, 10:52pm says:

These screens are from two different custom siege battles on the same map. I lost over 1,000 people in this one, first time for me, the Takeda gave me a helluva of a fight even after I bombarded their defenses until my arty ran out of ammo. I won after I finally wiped all of them out.

+1 vote   media: More Fall of the Samurai
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 20 2012, 10:22pm says:

Apparently fleeing enemy troops decided to go through the same gate that my troops were coming in through and this is what happened.

+1 vote   media: Rome Total War
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 22 2012, 6:59pm replied:

Well for one thing, the War in my poses takes place in alternate timeline(Since I doubt Valve will follow my timeline) after the events of EP2 that takes place some time after the Seven Hour War, so this has nothing to do with the Seven Hour War besides the fact that the Combine are involved.

+1 vote   media: Recon and Bonus
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 4 2012, 9:09pm says:

I like the concept behind the European Legion and the Free Allied armies. This mod is very promising, keep up the good work and this mod will no doubt become one of the best in COH. Plus I've never seen a mod in CoH that has try to add this many factions, so this will be interesting.

+6 votes   article: New Faction, New Models, and Much More Information
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 26 2011, 10:35pm replied:

Well the idea behind the Isotx verse is that it is semi-based off the internet why some of the cities in that dimension are named after GMOD RP maps and the nations named after the major forums I'm active on(Isotx and Facepunch).

+1 vote   media: The Battle of OMG City
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 18 2011, 8:36pm replied:

Try looking at your ARMA.RPT
Copy and paste it's contents onto a thread at the Bohemia Interactive forums:

+1 vote   media: ARMA2:OA - F-22
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 11 2011, 11:35pm replied:

I actually own most of the Total War games, with Medieval 1 and the First Shogun being the only ones I don't have. One you get used to the gameplay, it's pretty addicting.

There is also a WW2 Sub mod for the WWI mod.

+1 vote   media: Empire: Total War + Darth Mod
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 11 2011, 11:26pm replied:

I actually had a mini mod for this mod that added more units to the minor nation such as Persia and some other factions. You should try Darth Mod, it really improves on the faults of the game including a more intelligent AI. There is a WWI mod for Napoleon Total War

+1 vote   media: Empire: Total War + Darth Mod
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 9 2011, 7:31pm replied:

This is me testing a new physics file for the BF2142 Infantry models anyway that made the models much more less of a pain to pose(Which is why I didn't use them much in the past). More poses coming soon.

+1 vote   media: Clean Up
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 11 2011, 10:58am says:

Looks like four smaller tanks with small battleship turrets carrying a platform armed with a even larger battleship turret

+1 vote   media: supreme commander 2 fat boy
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 28 2011, 8:59pm replied:

Luckily I have gotten into the habit of saving my poses. I'll add snow effects and fog later.

+1 vote   media: Yet another pose
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 27 2011, 6:32pm replied:

Yep, It's the Beta Spy Model hexed for GMOD, I use them to represent BLU Shocktroopers(BLU Special Forces) and RED Team #405 that is part of the TDJTF.That is also Miss Pauling from the TF2 comics.

+1 vote   media: Pose Dump
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 21 2011, 6:52pm replied:

Changed the name to prevent future confusion

+1 vote   media: The Combine Deathwatch
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 18 2011, 1:39pm says:

BF2142 soldier is supposed be like the Commonwealth's Future Soldier program and the Tiger III is like part of their FCS program. I am also thinking about doing series of screenshots that tell the story of certain battles, events, and campaigns of the war to give more of a idea of how massive the war is.

+1 vote   media: Faction Profile: The Commonwealth
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 8 2011, 6:43am replied:

I think not.

+1 vote   media: Character Profile: General Shephard(NOT MW2)+Bonus
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 8 2011, 2:19am replied:

What are you talking about?

+1 vote   media: Character Profile: General Shephard(NOT MW2)+Bonus
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 9 2011, 10:53pm says:

Almost looks like a tactical nuke does it from this range?

+1 vote   media: Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM)
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 6 2011, 1:50am says:

*Wipes drool of face*

Finally good to see somebody going off the beaten trail for once and trying something new. Good to see this tank in CoH without it being stolen from some other source without permission.

+1 vote   media: Black Death Maus
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 21 2011, 3:14pm replied:

Sort of...If you ever watched the How to Train your Dragon Movie, you will understand a bit more what that dragon is and it is also a spin off from one of Storylines that I have been developing for a long time.

+1 vote   media: I really need to stop drinking.
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 21 2011, 12:31am says:

I like the idea behind the SAS Raiders and Marine Commandos. Can't wait for this and the Ostheer.

+9 votes   article: Eastern Front Patch 1.30
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 2 2011, 10:30pm says:

That SCAR looks like the one in ARMA II, but since the SCAR comes in multiple colors, It maybe my eyes playing a trick on me.

+1 vote   media: The new and improved 75th Ranger
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 17 2010, 10:42pm replied:

Not meaning to be mean, but have you seen my previous poses I have posted here?

That is you can say. I'm really into crossover poses.

+1 vote   media: US Marines escort a RED VIP to safety
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 7 2010, 10:26pm says:

It's a T-34 Chassis made for Firefighting. Amazing how you can turn a weapon of war into something that can save people's lives.

+2 votes   media: modified fire extinguisher t34 with twin cannons!
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 1 2010, 3:01am says:

I just downloaded and tried playing it, Only Russia is available.

+2 votes   download: TEOD-06 Beta
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 14 2010, 6:14am says:

May want to decrease the scale of the Orcas a little bit, their tails are clipping with each other.

+1 vote   media: screen shots
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 1 2010, 2:14pm replied:

Yeah I kind of over did the Faceposing on the demoman.

The only pose I am really impressed with is the sniper's.

+3 votes   media: Monster Hunters
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 15 2010, 8:58pm replied:

You don't see the Combine in the Ghillie Suit? The Model is a headhack of the Replica soldier from FEAR 2, the Gun is either from or based off Alien. The Helmet is from a pack of MW2 and Frontline Gear Model Hacks.

+1 vote   media: Being Followed
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 29 2010, 7:52pm says:

I am not really impressed with this one.

+6 votes   media: World War II
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 28 2010, 9:16pm says:

I think I forgot to put the Image quality to 100 before I took the picture

+1 vote   media: A Different Kind of War - France 1943
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 6 2010, 10:49pm says:

I based this off the no Russian Mission in MW2

+2 votes   media: Assault Engineers
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 5 2010, 10:58pm says:

This picture did not come out as well as I hoped it would.

+3 votes   media: Military-Type Poses
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 5 2010, 10:40pm says:

This picture relates to the storyline.

0 votes   media: Military-Type Poses
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 13 2010, 6:27am says:

These our my works from the past few weeks or probadly months and as you see most of these have the famailar atomsphere of my previous poses and once again combine models from different source mods,games, and Community made ones.

+2 votes   media: More Poses
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 12 2010, 11:25am says:

Another Scenebuild in Construct

-1 votes   media: Forest Patrol
(2142)Gen.Reaper Feb 2 2010, 9:22pm says:

Not one of my best.

+1 vote   media: Combine Advance
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 19 2010, 10:51pm replied:

It is called the Ultimate Chimera. It is from a GMOD Gamemode

+1 vote   media: Something is Behind the Soldier
(2142)Gen.Reaper Nov 6 2009, 10:55pm says:

My posing at it's best.

+2 votes   media: Battlefield 2142-vs-Team Fortress 2
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 30 2009, 11:02pm says:

Some of these stuctures look like the ones from Cold War Crisis and I see the reinforcement bay from ZH.

+3 votes   media: US buildings
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 3 2009, 12:29am replied:

Trust me I have seen and heard far worst.(Try Call of Duty: World at War or Gears of War if you want gruesome)

+2 votes   media: Suicide Terrorists Explode
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 29 2009, 11:15pm says:

That looks alot like the Syrian T-72 in Mideast Crisis,

+3 votes   media: prototypes
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 29 2009, 11:15pm says:

That is a T-55/54.

+1 vote   media: prototypes
(2142)Gen.Reaper Apr 20 2009, 10:56pm says:


+1 vote   media: Soviet UI
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 28 2009, 11:31pm replied:

There were a few in Sarge's Heros 2. They were pain in the butt to kill.

+2 votes   media: Robo_Mech K-10B(better)
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 11 2009, 7:03pm replied:

I was thinking the exact samething...

+3 votes   media: Army Men Extended - New Player Model
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jan 6 2009, 4:52pm says:

I cannot not wait for this mod now... Release a sneak peek of the cinematic

+1 vote   media: The FMVs had to be animated South Park Style
(2142)Gen.Reaper Dec 7 2008, 8:35pm says:

I thought you said you weren't going to add any more new units till after release...

+1 vote   media: Chinese Scorpion IFV
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 11 2008, 9:00am says:

I'm doing what your are saying but it says "Data Error in 'lofs103cn.exe.' File is broken

I'm using 7-Zip

+1 vote   article: Light of Five Stars 1.3 Download and FAQ
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 7 2008, 12:56am says:

Is this private version only?

+1 vote   media: Ticonderoga
(2142)Gen.Reaper Aug 7 2008, 12:56am says:

Is this private version only?

+1 vote   media: 170Ship
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 30 2008, 8:57pm says:

This looks badass!

+3 votes   media: GDI Titan T2
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 26 2008, 3:28am says:

The above screenshot show the bridges,which now have flags that have to be captured to get funds to build up a army.Increasing the value of the bridges even more than before

+1 vote   download: Heartland Shield
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jul 25 2008, 4:51pm says:

That looks like a Wraith from Halo

+1 vote   media: C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Screenshots
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 13 2008, 2:15pm says:

Can you submit this to Crosus?

+2 votes   download: C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux v.1.1 (obsolete)
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 12 2008, 1:12am says:

Will there be a english and public version?Can you sudmit the mod to Crosus?

+1 vote   media: Modern Wars
(2142)Gen.Reaper Jun 4 2008, 11:02pm says:

WHAT?I thought you said there was going to be no reference to pass Command&Conquers

+1 vote   media: Russian Tesla Coil Component
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 30 2008, 1:00am says:

This is probadly better than the ORINGAL!

+3 votes   download: Hell March Redux - CNC Fallout Soundtrack
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 4 2008, 9:13am says:


+1 vote   article: A GLOBAL CRISIS - News from China
(2142)Gen.Reaper May 1 2008, 5:06pm says:

Finally they release the section for Kane's Wrath Section WOOT!!!!!:D

+1 vote   game: C&C3: Kane’s Wrath
(2142)Gen.Reaper Mar 2 2008, 12:36am says:

Make a Zip Version,Not everybody has WinRaR

+1 vote   download: Tiberium Wars Advanced 1.41 [Outdated version]
(2142)Gen.Reaper Dec 18 2007, 4:27pm replied:

I posted that comment on the wrong mod,It was meant for the Command&Conquer Reloaded...

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