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We did not plan to announce this soon however certain actions led to the page going live, and well...the cat’s out of the bag now.


We’re very proud to announce this new mod to you,

After the unfortunate cancellation of Infinities we felt that we shouldn’t waste any assets. It started as a small try out but quickly grew as we knew the Sins engine very well. This mod also gives us a chance the to use some assets created a few years prior.

Ages of the Federation is a new project for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion that starts in the year 2151 and goes all the way to the 2260’s.

That’s right, this mod will lead from the Enterprise era all the way to the beginnings of the TOS era.

Even though Discovery recently came out we will not be following that visual direction, we are opting for more of a style close to Axanar, and TOS. We as a team feel that it is a more visually consistent look. This does not mean that certain ideas or elements of Discovery will not find its way into the mod.

Ages of the Federation will dial it back a little bit compared to Armada 3, with individual ships being more important rather than relying on a how many ships you have. We have a unique damage system in place that affects your ships performance after it takes damage.

This and a inventive new refit system that allows your early game ships and stations to stay relevant later in the game. The same system also allows for visual and stat changes on the ships.

A lot of familiar neutral ships will also make an appearance from Suliban to Tholians and lots more.

But that’s all the info so far.

Stay tuned!

The Stellar Parallax team.

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How could i possibly miss this?!?

I am crying tears of joy right now.

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OrionSlaver Creator

Welcome to the party, my sugary Schuchart.

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Shhh, things happen, you've found it. Bask in silence and embrace the hell out of it lol

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Absolutely brilliant, I was really hyped for the 'Every ship matters' style of Axanar and I'm glad to see it continued here! Will the initial release, like Axanar, feature just Klingon's and Federation?

Also, Bloody hell, Another hype train to jump on!

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I'm thinking, will this mod, (which looks amazing), have the same/similar planetary classification system as STA3?

Also will the Doomsday Machine be making an appearance or is it too early in the timeline?

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Maxloef1990 Creator

Technotron42 It wont be the same, but similar planets will appear. As for the doomsday machine, not in this release.

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wen will a demo com out

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wow i cant wait i rly want to play it :o

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I am so friggin happy right now!!!

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When i saw the Axanar mod u guys were making i loved not only the time period and ships but the whole idea of reducing the number of ships in one fight .
Watching Axanar u hear someone talk about a huge loss the federation suffers where more then a dozen starships were lost and we in sins fight with hundreds so this idea apealed to me greatly
Each individual ship starts to have meaning the game becomes more like Warcraft 3 and less like Starcraft.
I know u guys have a clear idea what u want to do but if i may throw some ideas i had :
- u could do away with subcap ship , leave just the capitals and u can have a slightly larger pool , each ship u have is a meaningful ship and u cant just throw them away
- do away with the pay cash for a couple of level of exp , this way when u take out or loose a ship that experienced ships loss will be felt
- this might help ships wich arent combat oriented , support ships science ships, for ex lets say a science ship with no weapons but has science related buffs u can keep at home away from battles (and it would lvl up not by killing but with something like those slow ticking exp buffs we can research in some factions)
- dont know if the lvl cap for ship is a hard cap in sins if it is then i understand but if it can be raised lets say ship could have double the point but not like with a titan 2 points each lvl, 1 point per lvl so 20 to work with , i understand the engine has limitations so if this is beyond it nvm but it could give so much more meaning to each ships progression
- what u said about dmged ships intrigued me because its a great idea , an idea for a sort of repair ship wich cant fully repair a ship with magical green beams like in most cases but can mitigate if not completly negate the diminished staus of the ship think of it as repair teams fixing the actual weapons and systems on a ship so those systems function , but they cant fix up wholes in the side of the ship) , but to actualy repair the hull to full hp u will need a repair station
I am realy glad i am not the only on who thinks Axanars look and feel is far better then the new shows , glad to see ships from Axanar in the screenshots , hope the Ares class will be in :)
Mentioning the Ares class got me thinking blanacing , yes the Klingons at begining should have far superior ships in terms of dmg output , less so on the science and logistic side of things
But if u forget that a fair fight is for suckers and get caught on a 1 on 1 with lets say a D6 it should end badly for u.
This could be balanced with smaller numbers or much higher cost for them.
Ares should be a middle to high tier research because it can best anything minus the D7 wich if i understand correctly will be the Klingon titan.
Sorry if i talk to much but u guys made one of my alltime favorite sins mod so natural i am excited about this project.
Would love to hear your thoughts on these .
And again and again u guys are doing a great job and providing us star trek fans with great games , even if "professional" game companies dont.

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This is a great level of detail you've gone to here so I'll try my best to answer what I can and if any of the other guys wish to jump in they can.
- We have a full ship roster designed including Frigates, Cruisers and Capital ships. They will have their own unique abilities and purposes for your fleet, there will definitely be more of a focus on the individual ships than the larger fleets.
- We've not looked into this but it is an interesting concept. The ability might be hard coded but we'll have a look into it.
- All the ships in AOTF will be armed to some degree but there will be balance in terms of which ship gets what level of weaponry.
- Again I'd need to look into how the mechanic works.
- Glad you like the repair and damage system, we hope it'll add a new level of gameplay and make you feel a lot more precious about losing even a single ship.
- The Ares class may be making an appearance *shifty eyes*.

Thanks again for your continued support you don't know how much we appreciate it :)

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