Star Wars: Interregnum is an upcoming mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion that builds off of the highly successful Enhanced 4X Mod. Fleeing the unknown terror that is chasing the Vasari, the factions of Sins of a Solar Empire stumble on a temporary wormhole that takes them to a galaxy far, far away. The sudden arrival of armadas with trillions of refugees and thousands of warships between the events of Episodes 5 & 6 forever alters the Star Wars universe and plunges the galaxy into an unprecedented period of chaos and violence. Begun, a new conflict has.

Faction List

  • Galactic Empire - The once galaxy spanning Empire founded by Palpatine, now ruled by Darth Vader since the Emperor's demise.
  • Imperial Warlords - Ambitious Imperial Leaders from the Expanded Universe seeking to rule their own part of the galaxy.
  • Rebel Alliance (Unreleased) - The resourceful Rebels from the Galactic Civil War continue their struggle against the Empire.
  • New Republic (Unreleased) - A new government of planets seeking to preserve their new found freedom in a chaotic galaxy.

Unit and Character ListUnit and Character ListUnit and Character ListUnit and Character List

Key Features

  • Hero Units - Fight with the most renown characters in the Star Wars Universe.
  • New Planets and Random Encounters - Feel like you are in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.
  • Improved Balance and Gameplay - Pull off brilliant strategies to crush your opponents.
  • Customization - Full compatibility with E4X's minimod system lets you play the game the way you like it.

Star Wars: Interregnum Alpha 2 (Full Install)

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12 comments by ahobgoblin on Jan 22nd, 2015

Hello all. Seems an introduction is in order, seeing as this is the first time anyone other than our fearless leader has posted to this page. My name is Ahobgoblin, and I've been working for GoaFan77 on this project for just over a year now. Thus far, I've contributed to the soundtrack and worked quite a bit on elements of the HUD, but recently my efforts have been concentrated on introducing a new challenger into the galaxy. The time has come to introduce to you all the next minor faction entering the fray of the Great Interregnum.

The Atzerri Cartel.

[My apologies to all of you who were expecting the faction reveal for the Rebellion, but you'll have to wait just a little longer for that gem.]

As many of you are well aware, the story of the Interregnum takes place in the Star Wars galaxy, with the factions from vanilla Sins introduced as they flee the dark terror pursuing the Vasari. Until now, however, independent forces of the TEC were still found guarding unclaimed worlds, and this represented a bit of an immersion break. It is my pleasure, then, to introduce the group of rogues, pirates, and mercenaries who have risen to defend their homes and bases from Imperials, Rebels, and extragalactic powers alike, and have replaced the standard Sins militia.

Sometime after the beginning of the Interregnum, representatives from various mercenary forces, smuggler groups, and other organizations met on the planet Atzerri to discuss the galactic situation. It was clear to the leaders of these groups that the introduction of new galactic powers severely threatened their operations. Space, and the worlds and outposts within it, would be at a premium; with fourteen or more independent factions all attempting to carve out sections of the galaxy. Accordingly, it was decided at this meeting that the best and only way to combat the major powers would be to pool forces and resources. Thus, the Atzerri Cartel was formed.

The main goal of Atzerri Cartel forces is to attempt to stop major powers from assuming control of their "business" holdings. In this line of work, there are no heroes, no prestige or glory, and very little in the way of resources. Accordingly, the Cartel employs a ragtag assortment of warships, most outdated or retrofitted, some bought or stolen from major factions, to patrol their base systems.

The following ships could be encountered in the employ of the Atzerri Cartel:

Skipray Blastboat (Corvette):

Identical in form and function to its Imperial counterpart, the Siener Fleet Systems Skipray Blastboat is common among mercenaries and pirates due to their incredible reliability and hyperdrive capability.

CR92a Modified Corvette (Light Frigate):


The CR92a Assassin is a cousin of the more recognizable CR90 Corellian Corvette employed by the Rebellion. Originally built by the Empire to ward off pirates and Rebel fighters, many of these Modified Corvettes have been repaired by Cartel forces and deployed to protect cartel worlds.

Marauder Cruiser (Long Range Frigate):

The variant of the Marauder Cruiser employed by the Atzerri Cartel is the stock design, furnished by the Corporate Sector Authority. Equipped with a single long-range turbolaser battery rather than the missile launchers favored by the Rebellion, Marauder Cruisers are a common sight protecting frontier worlds.

DP20 Corellian Gunship (Anti-fighter Frigate):

Available to the Cartel only in small numbers, the Corellian Gunship is identical in almost all respects to those employed by the Rebellion during the Imperial Civil War. However, due to the high cost
of proton warheads, the magazines of Spacer DP20s are limited to firing concussion missiles only. Typically tasked with anti-fighter defense, Corellian Gunships can be found protecting worlds of higher-than-average value.

Nebulon B-2 Frigate (Siege Frigate):


A redesign of the famous Nebulon B Escort Frigate, the Nebulon B-2 features an increased arsenal and heavier armor when compared to its predecessor. Whereas the original Nebulon B was often tasked to serve as a hospital ship, the Cartel has opted to outfit their large supply of obsolete Nebulon B-2s for planetary bombardment operations.

Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser (Heavy Cruiser):

Anyone familiar with military history can recognize the distinctive Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser at a glance. Possessing an imposing profile, these ship were first designed for use before the Clone Wars,
and have since become a permanent fixture in fleets of pirates, mercenaries, and militias. Despite their age several continue to see deployment in Imperial border fleets. Atzerri Cartel Dreadnaughts
are roughly equivalent to those employed by Imperials, with the exception of their fighter complement.

Z-95 Headhunter Squadrons (Fighter):


Before Incom became famous for designing the X-Wing, then snubbing the Empire and producing them for the Rebellion, the company produced a fighter that can be found in every Outer Rim spaceport, and most everywhere in between. The Z-95 Headhunter is old, outgunned by modern fighters, lightly shielded, and beloved by their pilots and owners regardless. Cartel forces deploy Z-95 squadrons from the hangars of Dreadnaught Cruisers and orbital stations.

Y-Wing Bomber Squadrons (Bomber):

One of the oldest fighter designs employed by the Rebellion during the Galactic Civil War, the BTL Y-Wing Starfighter was designed during the Clone Wars to be a capable fighter-bomber. Years later, it
still fulfills that role, despite being considered slow and ungainly by pilots of faster craft. Unlike the Y-Wings employed by the Rebellion, however, Cartel Y-Wings lack proton torpedoes because of their expense, favoring concussion missiles as a substitute.

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Convergence Jan 25 2015, 6:52pm says:

Hi guys.
Ran into an issue last night while taking out a pirate base. It had a trade hub and a station in the well. I was not able to attack them with any ship or method of infiltration. Is this a known issue? I also noticed that my ships were taking damage with a shot fired. I checked to see if the base had a special bonus or relic but that was not the case. Thought it was an anomaly but as soon as I hit anther pirate base the sa,e issue is there. Just curious if anyone has seen this. Great mod guys !

+1 vote     reply to comment
GoaFan77 Creator
GoaFan77 Jan 25 2015, 8:38pm replied:

The invulnerable trade station and space station are meant for you to capture as rewards for taking the pirate base. One obviously acts as a trade port, the other gives you access to the "Pirate Captain" hero (this is all added by E4X, it will start being replaced by Star Wars content in the next patch).

If you killed all the turrets and ships you shouldn't be getting shot at (they don't have weapons). The pirate bases do however have mines, and in this mod they deal passive damage until destroyed; they do not explode like regular Sins. So make sure to bring a scout to destroy them.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Convergence 6hours 6mins ago replied:

So what ship do I need for the capture? I was looking at all of the ships to see if I had one already but I did not. Assault cruiser or SSD version? Thanks for the help everyone.

+1 vote     reply to comment
ahobgoblin Creator
ahobgoblin 5hours 50mins ago replied:

Tartan patrol cruisers are actually the ships with the capture ability for the Imperial factions

+2 votes   reply to comment
HeReSy777 Jan 25 2015, 7:44pm replied:

capture it :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
Rex331 Jan 24 2015, 6:55pm says:

Hello GoaFan77, I tried out your mod a few weeks ago and thought it was fun and unique. Thank you for all of your continuing dedication and hard work.

I have a question concerning the recently mentioned Assertor-class. It being my favorite Imperial capital ship, I was wondering why you chose to include the Bellator-class instead? From what I can recall, the Bellator was an anti-capital escort for Assertor command ships. For an in-game titan, I would think that the Assertor's role would make more sense (A professional military command ship taking charge of the war effort against the invaders). At least for the mainline Empire faction.

Also, I recently retried SoaGE after a few years, and for some reason I instantly fell in love with their new Imperial-class model, any thoughts on it?

Thanks again to you and your team.

+2 votes     reply to comment
GoaFan77 Creator
GoaFan77 Jan 24 2015, 9:34pm replied:

Basically the Assertor was too similar to the Executor. The Assertor is 15km long, the Executor 19km, and both basically serve as giant battleships meant to take out fleets. The Bellator is both smaller, which was needed since I needed an Imperial titan more equal to the Sins titans for the AI/Warlords, and had a more unique role since it was designed to hunt those capitalships. Finally, from what I could tell, the Bellator is more popular; besides you and MegaModer down there asking for it today, I've had no one say its their favorite. I had people asking for the Bellator from day 1 until I added it.

I actually have access to the same ISD models SoGE has. However, I had the current models already set to go and didn't want to slow development time replacing them. Further, there's something just a bit off about the textures and design for me. The SoGE models were actually designed by Maxleof of Star Trek Armada 3, and while he's fantastic at what he does, In my opinion it looks a bit too much like, well, a Star Trek modder made them. They're too shiny and a bit too smooth for my tastes. I might try to retexture them to fix my complaints with them some day, but its hard to justify something like that when we still have factions to add and we already have perfectly good models for them.

+3 votes   reply to comment
MegaModer Jan 21 2015, 3:42am says:

Is that a Bellator class SD I see? Or an Assertor? Looks like the former, smaller and skinnier, but awesome been looking for a mod with that thing in it :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
GoaFan77 Creator
GoaFan77 Jan 21 2015, 6:18pm replied:

It is indeed a Bellator. You have found it. :p

+2 votes   reply to comment
wheelmandan Jan 23 2015, 5:29pm replied:

i have't been looking at your mod some time looking good so i'll wait untill you update.

+1 vote     reply to comment
MegaModer Jan 22 2015, 12:03am replied:

Can I make a few suggestions? Maybe make the Allegiance class SD a regular Capital, instead of just for the guy after Thrawn. And possibly let you have 2 Bellators? To account for it not being as good, as the Executor.

+1 vote     reply to comment
GoaFan77 Creator
GoaFan77 Jan 22 2015, 12:17am replied:

The Allegiance will not be a regular capitalship. I have decided any ship that is notably more powerful than an ISD-II should either be a hero, titan or not obtainable by normal means. This is because the ISDs are already more powerful than the vanilla Sins capitalships, letting modern battlecruisers into the regular capitalship category would be difficult to balance to gameplay and lore (the Bellator was hard enough to squeeze in).

I'm afraid Sins is hard coded to not let you "build" another titan if you already own one. You can get around this limit if you create the ships by ablities, as you may discover if you find and capture the Kuat planet. However, I do not find this method to be practical for typical use, so they will likely be limited to rare and powerful planets like Kuat.

That said, the Empire might still find itself getting a new Star Destroyer or two as the mod progresses, but if they are better than an ISD-II they will probably be special hero ships or titans, not buildable capitalships.

+2 votes   reply to comment
MegaModer Jan 23 2015, 7:24pm replied:

I am not sure if it is a glitch, but the Kuat Star Dreadnaught yard doesn't seem to let you build another Bellator, only Executors.

+1 vote     reply to comment
GoaFan77 Creator
GoaFan77 Jan 23 2015, 8:23pm replied:

Yes, its just for Executors. I just gave it as an example of having more than one titan.

+1 vote   reply to comment
MegaModer Jan 24 2015, 2:28am replied:

Could you add one for Bellators as well?

+1 vote     reply to comment
GoaFan77 Creator
GoaFan77 Jan 24 2015, 2:01pm replied:

I likely will not, only a few hard core Star Wars fans even know about the ship, unlike the Executor which is one of the most iconic starships of all time. It also lets other races get one for say having a New Republic fleet with an SSD later on. That said, if you want to learn a little modding yourself and either change that ability to spawn Bellators or make another one in addition to spawning Executors, I have no problem with it (as long as its for your own personal use).

+1 vote   reply to comment
ahobgoblin Creator
ahobgoblin Jan 21 2015, 2:37pm replied:

Its a bellator. The bellator serves as an alternate titan for the Empire and Imperial Warlord factions

+2 votes   reply to comment
MegaModer Jan 21 2015, 7:49pm replied:

Lovely. Dem ridges though

+1 vote     reply to comment
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