Star Wars: Interregnum is an upcoming mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion that builds off of the highly successful Enhanced 4X Mod. Fleeing the unknown terror that is chasing the Vasari, the factions of Sins of a Solar Empire stumble on a temporary wormhole that takes them to a galaxy far, far away. The sudden arrival of armadas with trillions of refugees and thousands of warships between the events of Episodes 5 & 6 forever alters the Star Wars universe and plunges the galaxy into an unprecedented period of chaos and violence. Begun, a new conflict has.

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15 comments by GoaFan77 on Feb 16th, 2014

The ultimate goal of Star Wars: Interregnum is to add several Star Wars factions that are both unique and fun to play while being balanced with the factions of Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion. Accordingly, each faction will have its own set of unique gameplay mechanics that will to a large degree determine that faction's playstyle. The first of these for the Empire, the Rank System, has already been covered in a previous article. The the Morale System is the second unique gameplay mechanic for the Galacitc Empire, which serves as its Achilles' Heel to help balance an otherwise very powerful faction.

Origins of the Morale System

The Morale System is very much rooted in the lore of Interregnum. Immediately before the Battle of Endor, the Galactic Empire was perhaps the greatest power the galaxy had ever seen. So great was its territory, that no official source from Lucas Arts has ever bothered to map out exactly how much of the galaxy the Palpatine's Empire ruled. Minus some hard to reach backwaters like the Hapes Cluster and Hutt Space as well as extremely distant areas like the Corporate Sector and the Chiss Ascendancy in the unknown regions, the entire galaxy was more or less an Imperial province, regardless of how much trouble those Rebels caused. In the years following the Battle of Endor, that began to change, as invasion and fragmentation rapidly took their toll.

By the year 9 ABY (the year the mod is set in), 5 years after the Emperor's death by the Triple Alliance at Endor, the main Galactic Empire under Darth Vader (Blue on the map) has been pushed back to the colonies, with only a small pocket left in the Mid Rim. The entire Outer Rim had to be abandoned early in the Interregnum after the Battle of Eriadu, a humiliating event that also began the fragmentation of the Empire in earnest. Whether driven by genuine doubts of Lord Vader's ability to rule the Empire or by simple opportunistic grabs for power, several high ranking Imperials like Grand Moff Ardus Kaine, Warlord Zsinj, and Director Ysanne Isard have broken away of the Empire to form their own regimes, taking vital planets and warships with them. To make matters even worse, the war and political infighting has forced the Empire to halt serious attempts to destroy the Rebellion, which has grown much stronger after key worlds like Mon Calamari and Bothawui united much of the fringe of Imperial Space into the New Republic. The old fashioned Rebel Scum have substantially improved their fleet as well, leading ever more ambitious strikes into the heart of Imperial territory. The Empire still has the single strongest military in the galaxy and control over the most important planets in the core worlds, but with so many enemies attacking its much reduced borders, optimism is a hard thing to find in the Empire these days. And for an Empire founded on security and order, that is a damaging blow to its claim that it alone has the authority to rule the galaxy.

The Gameplay Mechanic

So now, what exactly is this Morale System you may ask? In a nutshell, it is a gameplay mechanic that severely punishes Galactic Empire players for losing control of planets. With both the Imperial Navy and the civilian population at the brink of despair, any bit of bad news can be enough to seriously impact your war effort. The moment a planet you control is lost, every single ship and planet you control will get some very nasty debuffs that will seriously undermine your military, cultural and economic strength.

Let me repeat that. Whenever you lose a planet, whether it is your capital or an insignificant asteroid in the middle of nowhere, every planet you control will take substantial penalties to tax income, shipbuilding time, and culture spread rate for a long period of time as the resolve of the overworked civilian population begins to crumble. There's also an immediate hit to allegiance, so losing several planets in a short period of time might even cause revolts and revolutions against Imperial rule. The Imperial Navy is no less impacted, as the morale of your military plummets with each setback, reducing damage and durability of every combat unit in your fleet. Worse, for ships this is a stacking debuff, so losing multiple planets might reduce the mightiest fleet to a herd of sheep heading to the slaughter house, not unlike what happened the Imperial fleet at the canon Battle of Endor.

Implications of the Morale System

If these penalties seem excessively severe, they are supposed to be. Galactic Empire players have a great military and economy at their disposal, but they cannot use it to all out attack their enemies and hope to crush them quickly. It is vital that the Empire secures all the territory it recaptures, else they will be vulnerable to a single capitalship or siege frigate sneaking buy and taking the momentum out of the entire Imperial War effort. If you cannot even provide security to your people in these treacherous times, why do they bother surrender their freedoms and wealth to you? The end result is that the Morale System serves as a check on reckless Imperial Aggression and as an anti-snowball mechanic, as even the most powerful Galactic Empire player might see their faction crumble as they lose planets.

Ways to deal with the Morale System

Fortunately, Imperial Commanders have several tactics available to mitigate the potentially disastrous implications of the Morale System. Cheap planet health upgrades, shield generators and starbases can be used to make your planets difficult or impossible to take by force. Imperial Capitalships are extremely good at preventing revolts by repelling enemy culture, and while Imperial culture and oppression may not be appealing to foreign worlds, fear does make your culture more resistant to being pushed back. Finally, later in the game Imperial Admirals will have access to an important tech called "Symbolic Victory", which will remove all negative morale penalties from a fleet above a planet you retake, giving you a way to get your main combat force back to full strength. Hopefully it will be enough to fight off any enemies still attacking you while you wait for those other negative penalties in the other parts of your Empire to wear off.

Finally, if you hate this entire mechanic and think it is a terrible idea, don't worry, you can still get your fix of dagger shaped warships. The other subfaction of the Empire, the Imperial Warlords, are not influenced by the Morale System, though they have other weaknesses you'll have to deal with.

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megavin123 16hours 30mins ago says:

Just wondering.. Is the Rebel Alliance/New Republic going to have a faction in the mod? That would make things more interesting in my opinion :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
GoaFan77 6hours 21mins ago replied:

Of course. There both going to have their own faction in fact. The Empire is just the first one being worked on. ;-)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Awesomesauce935 Apr 7 2014, 11:07pm says:

yoho, what can i expect from the new SSD? is it on par or beyond with our titans, i think the best test is this: can it 1v1 a well built Ragnarov? that thing is a titan and capship hunter after all.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Hari_Seldon Apr 7 2014, 11:27pm replied:

Check the comments under the SSD vs Titan image for more info.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Hari_Seldon Apr 2 2014, 6:34pm says:

So Vader's alive post Endor??
And leading the Empire against the galaxy???
(I don't remember that being possible after return of the Jedi)

+1 vote     reply to comment
GoaFan77 Apr 2 2014, 7:09pm replied:

It's not, but I have the original Sins factions in this mod, so why not change things up a bit if I'm not sticking to strict canon anyways. :p Read what's in the news section if you want to learn more about Interregnum's alternate timeline.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Hari_Seldon Apr 2 2014, 8:01pm replied:

I had no idea you came up with an awesome backstory, I now love this mod.

+7 votes     reply to comment
Guest Mar 26 2014, 2:47am says:

Cant wait for this mod and love how it seems to be going keep up the good work. One thing i noticed while playing the Star trek Armada 3 mod they have a 64 bit address tool included with theirs (in there hot-fix 1 download). It allows sins on 64 bit system to use a larger memory address and helps with the 2GB issue. I am now able to play with max effects settings on your E4x mod where as before I had to run medium or else it would crash. Just a thought if you haven't heard of it. Might mention it in your read-me for people to find it themselves if they have a 64 bit operating system. You can just mention that it does exist so you don't have to bother with asking to redistribute it or anything. Food for thought. Keep up the great work.

+2 votes     reply to comment
GoaFan77 Mar 26 2014, 1:16pm replied:

Indeed, it is possible I will include LAA in this mod as well. For now it seems to do okay with just minor graphics reduction but once all the factions are in it may well be needed to run the mod.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Rylous Mar 18 2014, 7:52pm replied:

hahaha, thank you for that info and the way you said it made me laugh haha, got to love the good old durasteel hammer haha.

+2 votes     reply to comment
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