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Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II boasts a unique three-team symmetry and a myriad of colorful characters to promote exciting, strategic, and fun gameplay. It features several game modes, each requiring its own special brand of cunning to master. Do battle on a tropical island for control of bountiful treasure. Appease your gods by spilling the blood of your enemies deep within a Mayan temple. Conquer your foes by taking control of precious badlands territory. But most importantly, have FUN!


  • Three teams with 9 unique player classes
  • Fun, skill-based combat
  • Swords, axes, guns, and explosives
  • Unique voice acting for every character
  • A variety of gorgeous levels
  • Whimsical and challenging achievements
  • Command-able attack parrots
  • 100% FREE!

Unique Combat System:
The combat system is something you will not find in other games. Melee is based off of directional charged attacks and blocks,
far from the usual click and slash method found in most games. Each class has their own set of unique weapons
(When we say unique, picture a trained attack parrot) and play styles, as well as class specific special attacks that can be
unleashed once the meter is filled.

Multiple Game Modes:
Each map features a game mode that you'll find both unique and entertaining. Game modes include Booty, Trinket Wars, Last Team Standing, Territory, Objective Push and Team Deathmatch. Many more are planned for future releases.

Each team sports its own set of unique classes. Each class offers its own play style and is most effective in different situations.
If you enjoy getting together with people and having an exhilarating time, Pirates, Vikings and Knights II should be top on your list of mods to try!
For more information on the game, visit our site and forums at Pvkii.com

Be sure to join our official Steam Community to participate in events and receive announcements.


We have surprises planned for those who choose to join!

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Calling All Photoshoppers! WAVE 2


Art this wave will be requested before deadline of July 1 2016 24:00 EST/GMT - 5. Achievements may be updated in game spontaneously, in a minor patch, and/or in major update in the near future. This is an artistic outlet for you to contribute to the future of PVKII! We're now open again to receiving new art for the Achievements!

We will decide on the best icons based on several factors such as: clarity, consistency, and hilarity!

This thread is not for achievement suggestions, just art for the respective wave! For achievement suggestions please visit that thread in our forums.

Contribution Info
If you can create something special for our game than we're willing to let you try! All art submissions are pending approval from Developers. Don't worry if one attempt doesn't make it in game, try again! All art created for this contribution event is property of the original creator, and you will be permitted to feature in game contribution in your portfolio if you have one. You will be recognized for your work on the PVKII Team page as a part of the Contributor group. Yes, the submissions are open to current Developers, and Testers as well, although it would be great to see what talent has yet to be discovered in our community.
You may submit one or more submissions. You may submit art for one or more achievements. So if you only feel like doing five from list and focusing solely on them - that's ok!

Achievement Image Info
Achievement icons should be vector-based, and include a greyscale copy for each image. Please submit the source file (psd etc) and clear image format to this forum thread. The source files can be larger to ensure highest quality!

How to Submit
Complete your icon then upload it to a site like imgur or dropbox. Submit all achievement art here.

Check back to the thread regularly for updates, community submissions, and witty banter! We'll post more achievements every so often and we'd love to have the community help out, so stay on the look out for notice about more ways you can help shape the future of PVKII!

Make sure the achievements fit in with the style of our current public achievements.

Example Achievement Art & Colour Guide by Links121995:

Art of Defense

Posted Image

Colour Guide

Posted Image

WAVE 2 Achievements - Choose achievement(s) you fancy and do up some art to be featured in game!

Game Modes
1. LTS - Half Measure - Wipe out 4 players by yourself on lts in one round (12+ players) - The Team Killer
2. LTS - Full Measure - Wipe out 8 players by yourself in lts in one round (12+players) - The Massacre

3. bt_townsquare - Tug The War - Raise the cage on Townsquare for your team and have your team capture all of the chests at the start of the round - The Big Cheese
4. bt_townsquare - City Merchant - Win a round on Townsquare while your team has control of all chests – the Merchant
5. bt_townsquare - Medieval Justice - In Townsquare, kill an enemy with the cage – Title: The Mouse Trapper
6. tw_desertruin - YeeHaa! - Win 10 rounds in tw_desertruin – Title: The Sandman
7. tw_frostbite - Once Bitten, Frost Shy - Win 10 rounds in tw_frostbite Title: The Cliff Hanger
8. te_tortuga - Captain's Quarters! - Win a game on te_tortuga in under 6 minutes – Title: The Evil Taxi
9. te_tortuga - Keeper's Finders - Capture and hold at least one territory for an entire round on te_tortuga. – Title: The Settler
10. tw_tortuga - Feeding Fishies - Win a round in Tortuga by getting the last kill with the shark or piranhas - The Master Baiter
11. tw_fort - Garrison Fort - Cause someone to die by releasing the death barrel in tw_fort – Title: The Fugitive
12. tw_fort – Holdin' Down The Fort - Win 10 rounds on tw_fort – Title: The Reborn

13. Skirmisher - Early Bird - Be the first one to capture a territory or booty on your team by yourself as a skirmisher – Title: The Boy Scout
14. Skirmisher (MrMoho's Suggestion) - Premature Detonation - Kill 2 Enemies with a Keg by shooting it with the Flintlock - Title: The Impatient
15. Captain (Popemaster's Suggestion) - Watch Me Right Hook! - Kill 100 enemies with the punch - Title: The Boxer
16. Sharpshooter - War Has Changed - Dominate enemy archer – Title: The Master
17. Beserker - Go Beserk! - Destroy 3 shields in one life. Title: The Wrecking Ball
18. Beserker - Green Streak - Kill 3 enemies in a fart cloud using your dual wield - The Envious
19. Huscarl - House of Wolves - Assist 100 kills with throwing axes – Title: The Elite
20. Gestir - Old Age Doesn't Come Alone - Conquer a territory with 4 other Gestirs – Title: The Senior
21. Gestir (Beroxardas' suggestion) - Fifty Shades of Gestir - As Gestir kill a single enemy by using all of your weapons on him - Title: The Fetishist
22. Heavy Knight - Pinned Down - Block 10,000 ranged damage with the shield – Title: The Wicker Man
23. Heavy Knight - Coup De Grâce - Kill 4 enemies affected by a single Man-at-Arms special - The Opportunist
24. Archer - War, War Never Changes – Dominate an enemy Sharpshooter – Title: The Vault Dweller
25. Archer - Spamalot - Land 15 consecutive arrows - The Determined

Now get scribin' ye scurvy dogs,
Octoshark Studios

PVKII 3.4 Update & Changelog

PVKII 3.4 Update & Changelog

News 2 comments

This update features new gameplay features, game mode improvements, new HUD elements, plentiful of bug fixes and new achievements with the art contributed...

Ground-Vlog Day Feb 2016

Ground-Vlog Day Feb 2016

News 1 comment

We've released a new video of WIP Bondi gameplay and tw_temple update progress by Schatzmeister, along with a sneak peek of animation work done by Links...

Happy New Vlog Jan 2016

Happy New Vlog Jan 2016

News 0 comments

We decided to provide our fans with a more up-to-date snippet at how things are coming along. We've released a new video of gameplay on bt_glacier by...

Calling All Photoshoppers & Artists!

Calling All Photoshoppers & Artists!

News 0 comments

Calling All Photoshoppers & Artists! Now introducing a new artistic outlet for you to contribute to the future of PVKII. We're now open to receiving new...

RSS feed Downloads
2009 Mapping Competition Winners

2009 Mapping Competition Winners

Multiplayer Map 3 comments

The winners of our 2009 Mapping Competition have polished up their maps and here they are! Read the .txt file included in the rar for installation instructions...

PVKII Ultimate Surf Map Pack

PVKII Ultimate Surf Map Pack

Multiplayer Map 1 comment

Contains all 11 Surf Maps! Go to the description for full info and credits!

Custom Maps Pack 2

Custom Maps Pack 2

Multiplayer Map 1 comment

Custom Maps for Pirates, Vikings and Knights II Includes: pvk_colony - By Odhin pvk_falls_beta1 - By Lord Trilobite pvk_museum_beta1 - By Lord Trilobite...

PVKII Custom Maps Pack1

PVKII Custom Maps Pack1

Multiplayer Map 4 comments

This pack includes 11 custom maps for Pirates, Vikings and Knights II. Also includes loading screens for all 11 maps.

Beta 2.2 Client (Old Version)

Beta 2.2 Client (Old Version)

Demo 24 comments

This is the 2.2 version, for the latest updates, visit store.steampowered.com/app/17570/

Comments  (0 - 10 of 637)
Colonel-Sanders Creator

Woohoo 3.4 is out!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

well made guys good job!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Now when i click play it loads but then goes back to desktop giving me this error message:

client.dll init() in library failed

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Best HL2 mod ever. I vote for you guys! Vikings FTW! :]

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Guys how to make a custom map ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.



Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
AubeSangante Online

I can install this mod if i have TF2 installed ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


Reply Good karma Bad karma-3 votes
Colonel-Sanders Creator

The mod is 100% Free. Just download Source SDK Base 2007 in the tools section, and the game will work! Stay tuned for more features!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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It's fast, frantic, fun and it's on Steam. One of the most unique and entertaining mods on the Source engine to date! Unlike the average melee weapon in Source games, that basically behave as a gun with a very short range, PVK II boasts a fully fledged melee weapon system. The direction of your swing actually matters and can be blocked by a proper parry in the right direction. If you swing a large weapon around, you can hit multiple targets in a single hit. PVK II also has a very interesting set…

Nov 4 2010 by Torabi

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After steam release, this mod is no longer acceptable.

Dec 1 2010 by KortalMombat


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