The best way to enslave a man is to convince him he is free!

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'This is going to be more an small blog'

Going to talk about :

  • My Website
  • Alien Races
  • Upcoming

My Website "Nikem"

New Me

Nikem is more about anything and everything.You chose your topic that you would like to talk more about i listed some topics out of my head in the introduction blog. The name will be maybe a little more similar then my first blog on moddb ;) Its more about or suppose to be gathering our minds at one agreeable consciousness that can summarize the best conclusion at the every topic.

Here are some topics that i listed in the introduction blog called "Become more then a Human 2.0"

  • Consciousness
  • Subconsciousness
  • Guardians Angels
  • Spirits Guides
  • Emotions
  • Chacras
  • Aliens
  • Ancient Civilization
  • The Gods Of Egypt
  • The Gods Of Greece
  • The Gods Of Rome
  • Law of Attraction
  • Laws of the Universe
  • The Universe
  • Religion
  • Thoughts
  • Attitude in general
  • Positive Energy
  • Spirits
  • Entities-Good-Neutral-Bad
  • The Hollow Earth
  • Flat Earth
  • Holographic Universe
  • History of mankind
  • Creation of Everything
  • Success
  • Dimensions
  • Other Realms
  • Higher beings
  • Technology
  • Dreams
  • Lucid Dreams
  • Astrail Projection
  • Out of body Experience
  • Council of Five
  • Federation of Light

So Nikem is more about to gather peoples thoughts about things that are not discussed by normal people or even professional politicians but i guess for them thats just normal in this time of society to not talk about things that are a little more important then eating peanut putter.

Hope you will join my journey at

Alien Races

We are not gonna talk about all alien races because it takes me more blogs to do so or at least one huge blog with all of it but this is more an small blog to stay updated with you guys.Not gonna talk a lot about them too but soon i will be back with a lot of contestant.

Btw they are all humanoid but the sense of having arms and legs and so on but what i met here is more looking like a human being.Like having blond hair being talk, white skin or not soon.

Humanoid races:


Nordic 2

More looking like normal humans beings. More like swedes, blond,tall. Scandinavian type of people. The Brain is the same as the humans one as in the form of size and looks but their midbrain area, where they are allowed thanks to that area to use their telepahtic and telekinetic skills. That explains things like their psionic powers by the nords they are 2 meters in height and the females being 1.7 meters. Females dont have any sweat glands. The skin allows moisture to be drawn from the air as well as moisture to penetrate and the bones are harder.

The Pleiades:


Erra main planet of the Pleiadeans suppose to be terrain. Plus they are the suppose to be the first humanoid race that develop hyper-space travel.They say they live up to 3000 earth years.They are a lot spiritual.

Non Humaniod races:



Classic movie type alien small and big head with huge eyes. They suppose to be an clone race that are slaves to the annunaki. Their race is dying so they are trying to get more dna from the humans, so that they can combine something and replace their old dying dna with something more functional for expending their existens as a race.



I refer to them more like the reptiliens becaue argonian sounds more like an dragonlike but they look like an reptile by their faces.

Some say they are controlling the world by being in the 13 family of the Illuminati organization controlling everything with manipulation of frequency and other methods like banks,money. They say that they are inside reptilians but have their skin form as an humen and that even the rolay bloodline in UK are reptiles and that almost all rolay bloodlines are reptilian. Some argue that they maybe not be exactly reptilian inside like an physical mean but more that in another dimension they are controling the body they poses in the humen form.



A race that came to earth a long time ago to Africa because of the gold. They say that they even breed with our women because they found them attractive and then the rolay bloodline of the earth. They need gold because of in their planet Nibiru that suppose to be in our solar systam but it only comes close to our orbin every 2000 or 3000 years.

Other races Origin,Procyonians,Mib'sTall Grays,Dracos, Reptilians, Agharians, Aghartians, Alpha-Draconians, Altairians, Amphibians, Anakim, Andromedans, Anunnaki, Nimrod, Antaries, Atlans, Al-Gruualix, Airk, Akart, Alabram, Baavi, Bernarians, Blue People, The Blues, Buttahs, Cetians, Tau Cetians, Chameleon, Chirons, Deros, Dracos.


What i met is what are my plans on upcoming blogs, i would love if you guys could give me some ideas that you want me to talk about more. Like specific on it or in general. Deep detailed or just an intro and then if you like it then more about to or both make an blog with intro and then deep detailed information.

Hope you guys give me some ideas what you want me to talk about if not i will just add some stuff that i think you will like :)

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Hey Don ! Amazing stuff you brought
Always liked your profile and everything in it
I'll gladly read all of this

Good wishes to you in life and such

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Hi again Don

Hey , please check my group called Polytheism , i got lots of conspiracy information that holds tons of knowledge , you can please check them out anytime you want
As well i hope you too have checked my works that can be found at my profile blogs , images and mod area

Thanks ! I would definitely visit Serbia one day , try all foods and shop a lot
too !
Music i mostly listened to Milica Pavlovic , i like her songs and there's another singer called Sandra Afrika but not more than them
If you got cool serbian music to share please ! (:

I wish you good things Don
Btw i always think of you as Don from Fast & Furious movies because same name :D

See you around

Had to reply down but it showed up here :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hi !

I hope you are fine DonBre
Is been a while since i visited my friends

I wish you well

PS : Dang i think i should learn serbian one day :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
DonBre Creator

hey friend!

Had a lot of things to do irl and still do so cant be that active as before but will still try to be moore active :D

i am fine just chilling in Serbia and you? everything fine?

ps. Better try first Serbian food then maybe the language xD

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Vidim da volis Crusader kings 2, ta igra bi bila mnogo bolja kad bi se igrala na poteze, kao turn based strategy game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DonBre Creator

Jako brutalna igrica! volim je i ovako ali turn based strategy game system na njemu bi bilo cudno ali zabavno isto vremeno sto nikad se niije desilo, bilo bi extra da to uvedu u neki kao mod ili tako nesto.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Moj ti je savet da igras europa universalis 4, isto je kao Crusader kings 2 samo imas ceo svet a ne samo evropu.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DonBre Creator

EU4 je najaca od njih svih meni a da do duse CK2 je drugi stil nacina igra, a u eu4 mozes da napravis svoju koloniju sa srpskom kulturom reciko ameri ali kao srbi ameri bas vrh fora

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Поздрављам вас

Hey Don why are you silent ? Thanks for joining on the Polytheist group
If you wanna contribute with stuff let me know and i will give you rights
My group deals with similar stuff that you have on your profile

I hope to see you around and share good stuff there

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
DonBre Creator

Hey ⧊⋂≬∩⧊ its an happy news to hear you again after a long time thats for sure! i am just doing some irl stuff but i am going to be back really soon with a huge boom with it ;) i love your group! its really awesome that you made something like that and make me happy. Of course it would be an huge honor to have more rights on the group but for me it doesnt matter :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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